God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 375

Chapter 375 – Grain Tree???

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“You may go!!” After Yue Zhong heard what Wu Shanshi had to say, he pondered a while, before giving the signal to his subordinates aiming at the Nine Holes people, who then put their guns down. The women and children were also released to rejoin their families.

Bai Xiaosheng walked over in a relaxed manner and asked Yue Zhong while laughing: “Leader!! How about we go and decimate the Heaven Sect? Since they have over 8,000 members, there must be at least a dozen of beauties right? The most beautiful ones will naturally belong to Leader, as for the rest that don’t suit your taste, I’ll gladly take them off your hands!!”

Bai Xiaosheng was naturally strong, but had zero governing abilities, and only seeked to fulfill his desires. This was how Bei Mingyang had easily recruited him into his ranks, and became his top fighter. Even now that the leaders have changed, a leopard can’t change its spot and he still lusted after women.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently: “No! The Heaven Sect has 8,000 members after all! If we want to eradicate them, we would need to spend a huge amount of time! We don’t have that kind of time to waste. Shang Lun, adjust our route!”

The Heaven Sect was also nothing in Yue Zhong’s eyes. Without any heavy weapons, Yue Zhong estimated that 5 tanks and an fully equipped infantry battalion would be enough to wipe them out.

If it wasn’t for the uncertain weather, as well as the difficult progress for the troops, Yue Zhong would have deployed some people to wipe out this unorthodox sect.

Shang Lun replied: “Yes! Leader!”

The soldiers from the fleet then disembarked and gathered the weapons and resources from the corpses of the Heaven Sect members, and made preparations to leave.

When Wu Shanshi saw this, his face fell, and looked at Yue Zhong before he came before him and dropped to his knees. He started begging: “Sir!! I beg you, please save my tribesmen!! I’m kneeling and begging please!! Those animals took our people and will engage in blood sacrifice! We have lost over 30 over people to them, if you don’t go and save them, they will definitely die at the hands of those bastards!”

Yue Zhong replied apathetically: “I’m very sorry! I don’t have the time to spare! Since those animals have kidnapped your people, you guys should go save them yourselves!”

Yue Zhong only had the objective of rushing towards Guilin City on his mind now, and did not want to entangle with the Heaven Sect.

In this post-apocalyptic world, there were poor souls everywhere. If Yue Zhong were to help each and everyone of them seek justice, even till the day he died, he would not be able to solve every single problem. Furthermore, he had no relations with this Wu Shanshi, he wasn’t willing to waste time for a stranger.

Wu Shanshi gritted his teeth, if someone of his calibre were to head to Heaven Sect, he would fall before saving anybody. Only the young man in front of him had the capability to rescue his tribesmen, but he was obviously not interested.

Wu Shanshi continued in a low voice: “Sir!! If you can bring your men to save my people, we’re willing to do anything for you. We’re willing to offer you a tribe treasure, the Grain Tree.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, and asked directly: “Grain Tree? What’s that?”

Wu Shanshi then revealed the biggest secret of the Nine Holes Camp: “Grain Tree, it is a huge tree that can produce grain! There are a few such trees in our Nine Holes Camp, each tree could produce a few hundred jin of rice. The people of our tribe have been relying on these to survive till now.”

In this post-apocalyptic world, rice was indefinitely more valuable than gold. Most of the seeds of the pre-apocalyptic world had no way of germinating currently, only a handful of mutated seeds had managed to grow.

Because of this, the agriculture industry crashed entirely, and there were no new ways of farming yet. If what Wu Shanshi said was true, then the dozens of Grain Trees at the Nine Holes Camp could become the cornerstone of the farming industry. If it were really the case, the dozens of trees would be more valuable than a few thousand tonnes of rations.

Yue Zhong’s gaze was piercing, as he became a little excited and asked: “Is what you said for real? If it’s true! I can deploy troops to save your people! However! If you’re lying, you and your tribesmen will have to pay a painful price!”

If Yue Zhong managed to obtain that Grain Tree, then he could begin mass planting of such trees, and he would solve the problem of rations.

Wu Shanshi nodded profusely and swore: “It definitely is the truth! Should there be the slightest lie in my words, you can shoot me dead!!”

Yue Zhong eyed Wu Shanshi and the corners of his mouth lifted: “Fine! Go bring Lu Ningshui over!”

Mahogany Town was a small rural town, and within the town, other than a shopping mall, there no other tall buildings.

In a room within Mahogany Town, there was a man dressed in a few layers of clothes, while his face was flushed red from the cold, and he was carrying a huge axe on his back. He cursed out: “Making me work in this damned weather! Fucking troublesome!!”

Another young man who was dressed similarly and had decent features replied: “Zhao Lin! Suffering is a blessing! Since we can slog for the Heaven Sect, when we get to the Kingdom of God, we get to enjoy 3 times the blessings! This was promised by the Altar Lord Zheng after all! You must cherish it!”

“Yes! Yes! I got it!!” Zhao Lin agreed on the surface, but innately, he was cursing: “This idiot! Still calls himself a university student! Must have damaged his brains through his studies, to be brainwashed so completely. What a fool!”

Zhao Lin then turned to another guy lying in bed, wrapped in blankets, as he asked: “Old Wang!! Didn’t Li Sheng, Zhou Xu and the rest catch a bunch of pigs*? Amongst the group of them, there’re some good looking ones! Wanna go and play with them?” *(referring to the captives)

Old Wang shook his head: “The good-looking chicks are to be offered to the Altar Lords, Law Protectors, Great Elders and the Sect Leader! If we were to fool around, we might get banished to Hell.”

Zhao Lin urged: “I know! But other than those extremely pretty ones, the rest should be fine! Let’s go find a few young ones to have fun with, even if the upper guys know, they won’t say much.”

Old Wang was tempted when he heard this, in such cold weather, hugging a young woman’s body to warm oneself was a sort of bliss, and while he didn’t dare touch those picked out by the top, the rest were in fact no problem.

The young man frowned, and barked out sternly: “What’re you guys thinking of? Those are pigs, demons!! If you were to yoke with them, you will be tainted. In the end, you’ll go to Hell!!”

Zhao Lin and Old Wang exchanged a glance, and both felt that the fanatic in front of them was beyond hope.

“Zhao Lin! Open the door!!” At this time, a voice resounded from the entrance of the town.

Zhao Lin looked out the window, and saw Lu Ningshui bringing a bunch of people to the entrance of the town.

“Hot damn! Such quality goods!!” Zhao Lin saw Ning Yuxin standing beside Lu Ningshui and was instantly captivated. He had only seen beautiful women like this twice!

Zhao Lin hurried to let the group in, and stared hungrily at Ning Yuxin while saying: “Old Lu! How did you get such top quality goods! You have struck it rich this time. If you offer her to the Sect Leader, he would probably be so happy and confer you the title of an Altar Lord!”

The fanatic Xu Heng came over, speaking in a righteous manner: “Zhao Lin, don’t smear the Sect Leader! My Heaven Sect is upright and moral, and test one’s faith and contributions! We don’t operate on desires and lust!! If you continue to smear the Sect Leader, take care that I will go report this to Altar Lord Zheng!”

After lecturing Zhao Lin, he looked towards Lu Ningshui who had come back alone with Yue Zhong, Bai Xiaosheng, Shang Lun, Ming Jiajia and Ning Yuxin in tow, and could not help but ask a question out of suspicion. “Lu Ningshui! How come it’s only you! Where’s Zhang Yu and the rest? Who’re these guys?”

Lu Ningshui’s face turned stony and scolded back: “Xu Heng! Who do the hell do you think you are! On what grounds are you questioning this daddy! When I fought the war in the south and battled in the north, you were still not part of Heaven Sect yet! I’m a high-ranking disciple, while you’re just a apprentice-level disciple! Your offence this time, do you want to be banished to Hell?”

Xu Heng bit his lip and lowered his head to apologize: “I’m sorry!”

Lu Ningshui coughed, before resuming a proud look: “I was separated from Zhang Yu and the rest. I caught these pigs when I was wandering! Bring me to Li Sheng and the rest!”

“Yes!” Xu Heng replied, and brought them towards the centre of the town.

Along the way, Ming Jiajia grabbed Yue Zhong’s hands, revealing the locations of the various soldiers hidden within the town.

Yue Zhong had already obtained intelligence from Lu Ningshui, and this town was just a sentry outpost. It had over 300 disciples, and most of the members would use it as a base before heading out in all directions to attack, and bring the captives there. There were a few scattered tribes around this area, and the disciples would specially head out to catch these tribes.

Along the way, with Ming Jiajia’s directions, Yue Zhong had already grasped the positions of the various sentries, the moment he lashed out, he was confident of taking them out.

With Xu Heng’s guidance, Yue Zhong and the rest came to a French-styled villa.

In the great hall of the villa, there were 24 males lounging about, every single one of them with a ferocious air. They had various weapons by their sides, including loaded rifles, Tang Replica Swords and various other weapons strewn about. To an unobservant person, these men all appeared to be relaxed and lazy, The key point though, was that they were all right within arms reach.

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