God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 376

The 24 men were currently either playing poker, or smoking cigarettes, or drinking. Everyone of them were relaxing in their own way. At a corner, 4 of them were pressed on top of 6 women, engaging in an orgy. The entire villa looked foul.

These 24 disciples were considered high-ranking disciples, everyone of them having fought many battles for Heaven Sect.

One of them, who sported an ugly beard, dishevelled hair, and golden teeth looked at Lu Ningshui, and chucked leeringly: “Lu Ningshui, your luck’s not bad! You actually gotten your hands on such amazing chicks! When you strike it big, don’t forget us brothers!”

One of the males glanced at Ning Yuxin and Ming Jiajia, as a steely gleam flashed in his eyes: “Not bad!! An adult and a kid, both top-notch! This time, Sect Leader is bound to reward you!!”

Another disciple looked at Yue Zhong and the rest beside Lu Ningshui, and frowned before scolding: “Lu Ningshui! How can you not know the rules! Forget about the women! Why didn’t you bring those 3 pigs to the holding pen, instead coming here?”

Yue Zhong looked around at the 24 high-ranking disciples, and ordered out coldly: “Leave 5 alive, kill the rest!”

Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s orders, Shang Lun immediately grabbed the throat of the fanatic Xu Heng in a vice-grip, and crushed down viciously, destroying his throat.

Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes flashed icily, and pulled out a Dark Magic Blade as he shot forwards into the crowd, waving his blade flashily, and 5 people were instantly beheaded. In just a second, he had taken care of 5 high-ranking disciples.

Ming Jiajia had also activated her ability at the first instant, and 5 Shadow Wolves leapt from the shadows of 5 other guys, biting them on the neck and killing them instantly.

Shang Lun shot forwards like an arrow, breaking into the crowd. He was extremely knowledgeable about the human anatomy, and chopped down accurately and precisely at specific spots of the disciples, like the back of the brain or neck, causing them to faint instantly.

Bai Xiaosheng on the other hand, was a killing demon. He laughed maniacally, as he slaughtered the disciples in a frenzy. Those poor sods didn’t even have the time to pick up any weapons before they were totally annihilated.

Barely 5 seconds had passed and within the huge hall of the villa, only Yue Zhong’s team as well as the captives required by Yue Zhong remained. The 6 women who were being ravaged were left alive as well.

After wiping out all the disciples, Bai Xiaosheng looked at the 6 ladies and chuckled coldly: “Ladies! Don’t scream! Otherwise, no matter how much I love women, I’d have no choice but to lop your heads off!”

Hearing the threats from Bai Xiaosheng, the 6 women all nodded in fright, as they covered their own mouths, not daring to make a sound.

“It’s too scary!!” Ning Yuxin took a look at the hall that was now dyed red with blood and littered with body parts, as she turned pale, and almost vomited. Although she had witnessed her fair share of executions, none came close to the sheer brutality and scale of the scene before her. The bloody place caused her to be revolted.

Yue Zhong glanced at Ning Yuxin and muttered: “This is the reality of the world outside! The victors are kings and the losers are bandits! Since you have left the comfort of that place, you’d do well to accept the cruelty of the situation!”

Most ordinary girls were after all good at heart, and were generally weaker than men, and hence weren’t suitable for battles on the forefront..

That was not to say that all women were like that, as within Yue Zhong’s army, there were numerous female soldiers, and they were the survivors he rescued from the hands of the Vietnamese. Those female soldiers had undergone all sorts of torment and were filled with hatred. They were not any weaker than the men during training, and when they fought, they had a ferocity like that of wild tigers. They could be considered a powerful weapon of Yue Zhong.

Ning Yuxin’s face was still pale as she took a look at Ming Jiajia who was calm and collected, as she said with resolution: “I know!! I will definitely brave this!!”

Lu Ningshui looked at the carnage that had just occurred in a matter of 5 seconds, and his heart turned cold: “Too overbearing…” Yue Zhong then ordered Bai Xiaosheng: “Bai Xiaosheng. Go kill the rest of the enemies within this villa!”

In the villa with its inconsistent interior, the varied terrain was extremely beneficial to Bai Xiaosheng with his insane speed. He could unleash it to a frightening degree, and slaughter his enemies easily.

Bai Xiaosheng charged further in as he shouted back: “Yes Leader! Remember to gift me with a few more beauties later on!!”

Yue Zhong stared at one of the captives that been awakened by dumping cold water: “Where are you keeping the survivors you’ve caught?”

The captive spat out obstinately: “Fuck your mother!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Lu Ningshui and coldly commanded: “Chop his head off!”

Lu Ningshui did not hesitate one bit as he swung his Tang Replica Sword at the neck of his ex-comrade, directly decapitating him. Fresh blood spurt towards the skies, as the lifeless head rolled over to another discple.

Seeing his comrade’s head, the disciple immediately trembled, as he retreated, his eyes filled with intense fear.

The other 3 disciples also could not help but tremble.

Yue Zhong then chose another disciple and asked simply: “Where are you keeping the survivors you’ve caught?”

The disciple trembled as he retorted stubbornly: “You devil, you’ll definitely go to hell….”

Yue Zhong could not be bothered to hear the rest as he waved his hands, and Lu Ningshui proceeded to cut off that disciple’s head as well. Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Yue Zhong moved on to the 3rd captive: “Where. Are. You. Keeping. The. Survivors?”

“I’ll say!! I’ll say it!! They’re kept in the basement under this villa!!!” The captive immediately broke down as he cried out while revealing the location.

Yue Zhong threw a Tang Replica Sword to him as he coldly barked: “Consider yourself smart! Go kill the other 2! I’ll let you leave!”

The captive looked at the Tang Replica Sword as he struggled internally for some time, before swinging it at his fellow disciple, and chopped his head off. This swing also signified his severing of his ties with the Heaven Sect.

The last disciple’s eyes widened in shock, as he screamed: “Don’t kill me!! I surrender!! I’ll tell you anything!! I’ll tell you anything!!”

“Great Elder Niu has arrived!! The disciples in Mahogany Town, come out to pay your respects!!”


All of a sudden, there was a resounding voice that came from outside of the town.

Hearing that voice, Lu Ningshui’s expression changed, as he started muttering while looking lost: “Great Elder Niu!! Shit! Why did he come here? Why now out of all times?”

The disciple that betrayed the Heaven Sect turned pale, as he also moaned: “No..no…no…Great Elder Niu has come! I’m dead this time!!”

The captive who was originally screaming to surrender immediately became excited: “Haha!! Bunch of traitors, you’re still not releasing me?! Let me go now, and offer up those 2 women, I can still input some good words for you in front of Elder Niu! Otherwise, all of you will be buried here!!”

“You talk too much!” Ming Jiajia’s face turned rigid, with a thought, a Shadow Wolf leapt out from behind the captive and bit him on his neck, crushing it in one bite.

Yue Zhong looked at Lu Ningshui and asked: “What’s the background of this Elder Niu! Why’re you so scared?”

Lu Ningshui replied palely: “His real name is called Niu Xinghe! His power in Heaven Sect amongst the 8 Great Elders ranks number 2. Under him, there are 6 Law Protectors and 13 Altar Lords. At the same time, he has a personal troop of 300 people. He’s fierce and cruel, any enemy that is caught by him would usually be tormented endlessly. The rumours are that he has tortured over 400 people to death.”

Yue Zhong frowned slightly: “300 personal guards! So excessive!”

300 personal troopers were not a small number. Furthermore, Yue Zhong did not know the true strength of their combat abilities. If they happened to be all experts, Yue Zhong would have to treat the issue seriously.”

Lu Ningshui continued with a face of fright: “What do we do? Leader? Shall we just escape first??”

Lu Ningshui was extremely afraid of landing in Niu Xinghe’s hands, at that time, traitors like him would definitely face a fate worse than death.

Yue Zhong replied solemnly: “What’re you afraid of! There’s me!”*

Lu Ningshui immediately quietened down, however, the look in his eyes betrayed his fear and unrest!

At this time, Bai Xiaosheng brought out a 100 or so survivors out from the villa, as he spoke to Yue Zhong excitedly: “Leader!! I found them!! This time, there are a few good-looking ones. Gift a few to me, eh?”

Yue Zhong glanced over at the survivors, and counted about 60+ women, 40+ men. Amongst the ladies, there were indeed a few beautiful ones.

Amongst them, there was a young girl of about 16-17, with fair beautiful skin, an oval-shaped face with cherry lips. Her features were defined and her body proportions stunning. Her eyes seemed like they could tell stories, while she looked fearful like the rest of them and looked about anxiously.

This young tribe girl was definitely not below Ning Yuxin in terms of looks and her aura, and was also a rare beauty.**

Yue Zhong ordered: “Get ready for battle! Shang Lun, give out weapons to the men! Let them prepare for the fight to come as well!”

Bai Xiaosheng’s pupils shrunk, as he asked: “Are the enemies here?”

“Yes! Bai Xiaosheng, come with me and let’s check out the enemy. Shang Lun, I’ll leave things here to you and White Bones!” Yue Zhong replied mildly.

With a bright flash in mid air, White Bones stepped out from the nether space, and stood in the great hall.

*Captain Planet, he’s the hero.
**Uh, in the past 10 chapters alone, I think there were almost 10 billion beauties from the way the author describes them. Almost seems like the backdrop of GDW Is the plastic surgery industry, every new girl he meets would definitely be fair-skinned and has an oval shaped face as well as a stunning hot bod. Or lolitas.

Ulamog: LOLita’s xD

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