God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 377

“Elder Niu’s skills are unparalled! He’s undefeatable! Long live Great Elder Niu!!”

“Elder Niu’s skills are unparalled! He’s undefeatable! Long live Great Elder Niu!!”


Following the loud chants, on the sides of the road that had not completely thawed from the snow, there were 2 rows of people kneeling while chanting.

A middle-aged man with a ferocious look and a burly build sat in an ancient Chinese sedan*, and he was wrapped in thick clothes. Under his arms, there were 2 lithe young women.

Under the Chinese sedan, there were 4 extremely well-built and good looking women hoisting it. They were obviously Enhancers from their strength.

Surrounding the sedan, there were 300 men dressed in blue. After the apocalypse, there weren’t any clothes factories. Niu Xinghe could only find a storehouse and took their uniforms as the military uniform for his troops.

These 300 men wearing the same clothes looked pretty intimidating, if it wasn’t for the fact that they had the words [XX Aluminium] behind them.

The man seated amidst all this glory and fanfare was obviously one of the Great Elders of the Heaven Sect, Niu Xing He.

Bai Xiaosheng and Yue Zhong were currently hiding in a corner, and Bai Xiaosheng looked at the pompous manner which Niu Xinghe made his entrance, and could not help but muttered: “Wa! It seems like a clown had appeared!! Doesn’t he feel the least bit embarrassed?”

“Shame? I think he’s revelling in it! This is the so-called Sect!!” Yue Zhong looked at the ridiculous manner in which Niu Xinghe had appeared in, and could not help but think of the scenes where children had ditched classes in the past to watch the welcoming ceremonies of certain leaders, as the roads were cleared by the police.

Such a fanfare was obviously a poor attempt at trying to imitate the welcoming of leaders in the past.

Yue Zhong’s pupils shrunk, as he threw all thoughts behind his mind, as he stared hard at Niu Xinghe seated upon the sedan. The moment he killed this clown, the entire troop would be without a leader, and it would be easier to take them out.

Ming Jiajia furrowed her eyebrows, as she brought her lips close to Yue Zhong’s ears and whispered: “Someone’s coming! Seems like the number of them is not small!”

Yue Zhong’s heart skipped a beat, and decided to stay his hand.

Just as Niu Xinghe’s entourage passed by a small alley, all of a sudden, rifles pointed out from the various houses along the alley as they fired wildly at the troops.

Under that dense barrage of bullets, 30-over members of Niu Xinghe’s personal guards fell to the ground.

“Assassin!! There’s an assassin!!” One of the Law Protectors hollered out, as he raised his own gun and fired back at one of the houses.

Following the sounds of 2 gunshots, the firing from within the house ceased almost instantly. The Law Protector had the [Firearms Control] ability, and had enhanced it to Level 3, within a distance of 300m, he had the utmost confidence of firing a headshot at even an S2.

After hearing the gunshot, those Heaven Sect members who were kneeling by the roadside immediately stood up and charged towards the sounds of gunfire.

Niu Xinghe remained seated in his sedan, looking towards the direction of the attempt on his life. In front of him, there was a Law Protector, and he had activated an [Air Barrier], stopping every single bullet aimed at Niu Xinghe!

“Niu Xinghe! Scum of humanity! Today I shall rain judgement upon you on behalf of the heavens, and take your life! Answer to the innocent you have murdered!!” At this time, following a sharp cry, a beautiful lady appeared. She had her hair in a single ponytail, her hands wearing silver bangles, and she was dressed in a gorgeous pleated skirt. She was holding a black spear as she charged at Niu Xinghe.

Niu Xinghe had a grim look as he casually picked up a 2m-long huge axe, and laughed savagely, as he jumped down from the sedan: “It really is you! Song Miaoyi!! There are paths of life to choose from yet you insist on the road of death! You’ve killed so many of my brothers!! I’ll capture you alive today, and get every single one of my men to beat you up!! We will then raise you as a bitch!! So much so that you will not lead your life as a human, but as a dog!! You’ll become a bitch that allows a thousand to ride, and ten thousand to sleep with!!”

Song Miaoyi floated out from the smoke like a fairy, as she struck out with her spear without losing a beat.

The spear strike did not seem fast, but in fact, it was lightning quick, and had some profoundness to it. Just when the Law Protector wanted to activate his [Air Barrier] skill to defend against the strike, it had already penetrated his heart.

Song Miaoyi swung upwards, and the corpse of the Heaven Sect Law Protector flew, crashing into a wall.

“Kill her!!”

“Kill her!! The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!”

“The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!”


The personal guards of Niu Xinghe hollered out, as they brandished their blades, charging towards Song Miaoyi in a frenzy. Every single one of them was an Enhancer, and while the majority were only about Level 5 or 6, under the brainwashing of the Heaven Sect, they believed themselves to be invincible, and were truly fearless.

From the various windows, the insurgents fired their rifles, killing the personal guards of Niu Xinghe.

However, the 13 Altar Lords under Niu Xinghe brought their men and routed to the back of the assassins, firing non-stop at them.

The 13 Altar Lords were Enhancers above Level 20 and Level 30, at the same time, they had the advantage of numbers. As they progressed steadily, they managed to get back the houses one by one, and the flow of the battle was slowly turning against the assassins.

Song Miaoyi danced about with her peerless and exquisite spear skills, single-handedly decimating numerous members of Niu Xinghe’s personal guards.

Many of the personal guards were being slaughtered by Song Miaoyi, but these warriors were not afraid of death, and their eyes had a fervor to them as they charged at her, every strike of theirs with the intent to exchange their own lives for hers.

There were more than 200 people surrounding her from all sides in a craze, and she was forced to expend all her power, constantly wearing down her Stamina. She displayed her spear skills without stop, trying her best to kill as many of the soldiers as possible.

“The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!” One of the personal guards’ eyes flashed with an intense fervor, as he charged towards Song Miaoyi. However, just as his chant ended, he found his heart pierced.

“The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!” Before that soldier even fell to the ground, the next personal guard came from behind, charging at Song Miaoyi with the same look in his eyes.

“This Heaven Sect disciples are too scary!!” Song Miaoyi’s spear moves were indeed amazing, and there were 47 Heaven Sect disciples who had fallen under her spear, but she had been forced to exert over half her Stamina. The disciples on the other hand did not seem to lose their aggression, and this caused her heart to palpitate in fear.

Song Miaoyi had peerless spear skills, and she had intended to use her skills to take care of Niu Xinghe quickly, before taking her tribesmen to hunt the disciples who would be without a leader. However, she didn’t expect that she would be harassed and surrounded to this extent, while Niu Xinghe himself was sitting quietly and enjoying the show, not displaying the intent to fight personally.

Yue Zhong observed all these, and ordered: “Bai Xiaosheng! Route behind them! Take care of those attacking the assassins from behind. Ensure your safety above all else.”

“Yes! Leader!” Bai Xiaosheng flashed forwards, and in that small alley, he disappeared like a spectre. Borrowing the varied elements of a street battle, an Agility-based Evolver like him would be able to exhibit a truly fearsome combat strength.

In a matter of a few seconds, Bai Xiaosheng had already routed behind the Heaven Sect.

Behind the disciples of the Heaven Sect, there was a sudden flash of green light, and 7 disciples standing together found their hearts pierced within a second.

Their eyes shone with a fading light of disbelief, as their bodies lost strength rapidly and fell the ground. Before even hitting the ground, the last scene they saw was their fellow disciples being stabbed in their hearts noiselessly by a shadow.

Bai Xiaosheng was indeed a perverted man, but after being subdued by Yue Zhong, he truly fought hard. His combat abilities were shocking, and as long as he exerted his maximum speed, he was like a ghost, killing 21 disciples of the Heaven Sect in a matter of about 5 seconds.

He was like a terrifying hunter, noiselessly stalking and hunting his prey, and the 13 Altar Lords in front were focusing their attention on the battlefield, not noticing that he had already decimated a number of their disciples.

An Altar Lord bringing up the rear brought 6 other soldiers and guarded the rear.

Out of the blue, a spear suddenly pierced the heart of the Altar Lord, and his eyes flashed with shock, before losing their light.

A spectre-like figure flashed past, and before the soldiers beside the Altar Lord had the chance to react, they were killed in a similar fashion.

The fact that an Agility-based Evolver assassin had appeared, was devastating. The Altar Lord was a Level 32 Enhancer and he had not the chance to display any of his strength before he was picked off just like that.

“Wu Yang!! Bring your men over!!” Right at this time, the walkie-talkie resounded beside the Altar Lord.

Bai Xiaosheng eyed the walkie-talkie, as he muttered: “Seems like we can’t keep this under wraps for long! I’ve already killed over 68 people, let’s kill a few more before they notice something amiss!”

Bai Xiaosheng eyed a target at a distance and rushed over.

A clean-shaven man, with a knife-scar running down his lips said solemnly: “Seems like Wu Yang had been killed!! There’s an enemy behind us! It must be some top expert, and Wu Yang definitely must have been assassinated.”

The well built man with the scar was the leader of the 13 Altar Lords under Niu Xinghe, and his name was Zhen Yeyang. He was a Level 38 Enhancer, and his strength was truly overbearing. It was not below even some of the Law Protectors. However, there are many things that are not obtained just through power alone.

Zhen Yeyang ordered out: “Notify Song Mingtao, Wu Wen and the rest to be careful of their back, and get their troops to be on guard! We will continue our assault on these few buildings here! The enemy should be a few in number, as long as we take care of those inside these buildings, we can focus our power to take the rest of them out!”

“Yes!” One of the soldiers replied.

Very quickly, 5 Altar Lords mobilized about 42 disciples as they concentrated themselves in a circle, and began defending themselves. With the abilities of those 5 Altar Lords, as well as the defence of those 42 Heaven Sect disciples, they were like a porcupine, causing Bai Xiaosheng to be helpess.

Bai Xiaosheng had confidence that against a single Altar Lord, he would be able to take him out in a single strike. However, with 5 of them staying together, coupled with their strange abilities, adding on to the fact that they were protected by 42 crazed disciples, it truly caused him to have a headache.

Unless Bai Xiaosheng was willing to take the risk and fight it out with that entire troop by throwing his life away, he would be hard pressed to defeat all 47 of them.

“No! If I don’t leave now! I’ll truly be forced to stay!” Song Miaoyi had killed the 72nd soldier of the personal guards, and her breathing had already become erratic, her back drenched with perspiration, and the blood on her body was coagulating. She found her black spear becoming heavier and heavier, and could not brandish it as effectively as at the start of the battle.

Song Miaoyi continued to execute a few more moves, and killed another 3 more personal guards, before she tensed her feet, and leapt towards the skies, jumping towards a bungalow.

One of the Altar Lords with a crooked mouth standing beside Niu Xinghe chuckled coldly: “You want to leave? It’s too late!”

When Song Miaoyi was in midair, she suddenly discovered a number of translucent lines blocking her way, and her expression changed, as she struck out wildly with her spear, intending to break the obstruction apart.

“Surround her!” The Altar Lord laughed out coldly, and closed his fist, and the translucent fishing lines started wrapping around Song Miaoyi at an astonishing speed.

Song Miaoyi lashed out with her spear moves crazily, but she was in mid air, and could not exhibit her full force, and she only broke through 20 of the lines, before being bounded by the rest. She was instantly tied up and pulled down roughly from the skies, as she rolled to Niu Xinghe’s feet.

Niu Xinghe looked at Song Miaoyi with an expression of glee as he barked out: “Bitch!! Now you know the gap between us! I haven’t even made a move, and you have already lost bitch! Just based on your power, and you want to go against the Heaven Sect, you sure don’t know your limits!!”

Song Miaoyi gritted her teeth and cursed out: “Niu Xinghe, what are you! You’re just a beast!! Your Heaven Sect is full of sickos and perverts! If you have the guts, kill me now!! As long as I’m still breathing, I will definitely not let any of you bastards go free!!”

Niu Xinghe looked at her, as his eyes flashed with a cruel and vicious light and he roared with laughter: “Hahahaha! I won’t kill you!! After I’m done playing with you, I will tear off your clothes, and throw you into town, and let every single man come and ravage you! After that, I’ll rear you like a dog!!!! I want to see if you’re the beast, or I’m the beast!!*1 Haha!!”

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