God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 378

The breathing of the more than 100 disciples of Heaven Sect started to become ragged, as they stared at Song Miaoyi tied up with beast-like gazes, their eyes glinting with a dangerous gaze. They had not toyed with such a beauty before!

Niu Xinghe was sadistic by nature, however, he treated his subordinates extremely well. For the women that he had toyed with, other than a select few, the rest would be passed to his subordinates to have their turn, and it was a way of winning their support as well.

Hearing the words from Niu Xinghe, and feeling the lustful gaze from every single Heaven Sect disciple around her, a tinge of fear finally surfaced in her heart. She was not fearful of death, but she was definitely dreading the fate that was worse than death. She could feel the countless hungry looks on her, stripping her naked in their minds, and it made her skin crawl.

Song Miaoyi’s eyes flashed with an obstinate look as she stared at Niu Xinghe: “Even till the day I die! I would never submit to you!!”

Niu Xinghe revealed a sardonic smile as he threatened: “Bitch! If you’re looking for death, I’ll kill your entire tribe! I’ve caught a total of 76 people from your tribe! If you die, I will bring every single one of them in front of your corpse and chop their heads off, and inform them that their deaths were because of you!! Hehe!! If you die, your uncles and your brother will go to hell together with you! Only by becoming our bitch, can they stay alive!!”

Hearing those threatening words, Song Miaoyi’s eyes finally betrayed a look of fear, amidst the 76 captives, there was her brother, and she could not bring herself to be stubborn anymore, and her resolve was starting to crumble down.

Niu Xinghe waved his hands, and immediately, the clothes on his upper body were torn off, as he revealed a cruel grin and walked slowly towards Song Miaoyi: “Hahaha!! I shall have a turn with you!! Time to experience how a spear witch tastes like!! Haha!!”

“Elder!! Don’t kill her accidentally! Let us have our fun first before she dies.”

“Yea! Elder!! Don’t destroy her! Everyone wants to toy with this spear witch!”


The various Law Protectors called out, their gazes fixed on Song Miaoyi’s body, as though they couldn’t wait to gobble her up.

“Don’t get any closer!! Don’t come closer!!!” Seeing Niu Xinghe approaching her, Song Miaoyi finally started to show some fear, and she started to struggle, trying to twist her way backwards. However, regardless of how much she tried, it didn’t change a thing. Her futile attempts only served to push Niu Xinghe’s sadistic urges up a notch.

“Haha!!” Niu Xinghe watched the voluptuous and beautiful Song Miaoyi struggling helplessly in front of him and felt extremely excited. He had never messed around before with a peerless beauty such as her. The ethereal beauty coupled with her strength of personality and stubborn character, to him, made her the perfect specimen to subdue and conquer.

Seeing Niu Xinghe approaching closer, a desolate look appeared in Song Miaoyi’s eyes, as she could not help but wail in her heart: “Will someone save me!!!”

Just as Niu Xinghe was about to make a grab for her, he had a sudden change of expression, and retreated hastily, leaping back a few metres.

At that moment, a gunshot rang out shrilly, and a disciple standing beside Niu Xinghe’s earlier position had his body blasted by a Stinger shot, leaving his mangled body to fall lifelessly to the ground.

At the same time when the shot was fired, 4 Shadow Wolves pounced out from behind 4 of the Law Protectors, opening their jaws wide and snapping down on their necks viciously.

Of the 4, 2 had not enough time to react and were instantly killed by that sudden strike. The other 2 had more experience and caution.

One of them had pulled out 6 daggers the instant he felt the Shadow Wolf, and shredded it to pieces.

The other grabbed the Shadow Wolf and pulled with all his might, tearing the body in two, as the wolf turned into wisps of smoke and disappeared.

As that gunshot did not kill Niu Xinghe, Yue Zhong pulled out the PF98, and aimed coldly. He then started firing into the crowd of the disciples!

“The heavens protect us…..” Before a disciple finished his chant, the 12.7mm bullet exploded in his face, causing his brains to be blasted apart.

“The heavens protect us, we’re undefeatable!!” Another disciple roared out as he charged at Yue Zhong, before the heavy ammunition hit his waist, tearing his body in two, while blood and his innards splattered on the ground. He did not die immediately, instead shrieking in agony as he rolled on the ground.

The power of the bullet was terrifying, whoever was hit by the bullet, would be blasted into smithereens. When faced with the might of the heavy ammunition, they were like pigs and dogs awaiting slaughter, as their limbs were blasted apart, they became part of the heavy casualties.

When witnessing that scene of carnage, and their comrades that died a horrible death, many of the disciples finally lost their nerve. With the exception of 30-something fanatics, the rest quivered and ducked for cover.

Yue Zhong pulled out a walkie-talkie and ordered: “Storm the front! Annihilate all enemies that obstruct us!”

Zheng Minghe was currently poised to strike outside the town, and he relayed the order: “The leader has given the command! Attack! Annihilate anyone who obstructs us!”

With an IFV leading, the vehicle fleet carrying the fully equipped experts charged into Mahogany Town.

Within the town, as the Law Protector was disrupted from his ability, Song Miaoyi shook free from the loosened lines, and nimbly got to her feet. She grabbed the spear on the ground, taking a look at Yue Zhong, before immediately chasing after the 2 Law Protectors.

Song Miaoyi was intelligent, and knew clearly that if Yue Zhong had fired at her, she would be dead. However, his target was the disciple of the Heaven Sect, obviously there were mutual benefits in the alliance.

“Smart woman!” Yue Zhong took a look at Song Miaoyi, and praised silently.

“Who’re you?” Right at this time, Niu Xinghe’s infuriated and violent voice sounded from beside Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong turned his head, and saw the twisted expression of Niu Xinghe and easily met his ferocious gaze.

The congregation of Heaven Sect’s disciples had allowed a single round from Yue Zhong to heavily injure many of them and killed the rest, to the point where Niu Xinghe’s personal guards were almost wiped out. This caused Niu Xinghe to be extremely furious.

“Kneel! Or die!” Yue Zhong stared coldly at Niu Xinghe, as his pupils shrunk, and he activated his [Art of Fear].

In an instant, a huge Spiritual Blast encompassing Yue Zhong’s tyrannical Spirit launched towards Niu Xinghe.

However, under that immense pressure, Niu Xinghe only frowned slightly, as he revealed a sardonic smile: “An Enhancer that specializes in Spirit-based attacks? Today, I’ll mince you up, and fuck your women in front of your dying corpses!!”

Niu Xinghe chucked grimly, as he pressed down his feet, then shot towards Yue Zhong explosively.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed as he activated his Shadow Steps, pushing his speed to the limit, and raising his Stinger to aim at Niu Xinghe.

Niu Xinghe suddenly employed a weird foot technique, as his body started to sway and approach Yue Zhong.

“Is he a close-combat Enhancer? But if it’s like that, how did he manage to defend against my [Art of Fear]?” Facing that mysterious footwork, Yue Zhong had no way of aiming at Niu Xinghe, and could only fire off 6 shots instantly.

“Haha! Die!! Scum!” Niu Xinghe’s body flashed, and he dodged all 6 bullets in a strange fashion, appearing to Yue Zhong’s right. He was grinning maniacally, as he swung the huge 2m axe at Yue Zhong.

With a wave of his hands. Yue Zhong pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and parried the attack.

The axe swung downwards with immense force and met Yue Zhong’s weapon, and a shockwave spread outwards from the clash.

“What a strong fellow!!” Both parties had equal strength, and Yue Zhong was forced back a few steps from the collision. His right hand was numb from the impact, and if it wasn’t for his high Endurance, that blow from Niu Xinghe could possibly have shatter his right shoulder.

“Hahaha! Die! Die! Die!!” Niu Xinghe roared in mad laughter, and launched a flurry of swings on Yue Zhong after taking a leap to get close.

Yue Zhong used his [Shadow Steps] again, barely managing to cope, as he was forced back constantly by Niu Xinghe. Both his shoulders were numb from the constant blocking, and his defence could crumble at any moment. Against the furious assault from Niu Xinghe, Yue Zhong had no time to catch a breath, and he couldn’t even swing his blade.

Niu Xinghe maintained his attacks, as he tried to sway Yue Zhong with taunting words: “Offer your women to me! Become my dog! I will let you live!! Otherwise, I’ll have your head today!!”

Yue Zhong could maintain his defence for such a long time, and it was outside of Niu Xinghe’s expectations as well. He had always been able to slaughter his enemies within 20 seconds of engagement, however, this guy in front of him had already held on for more than a minute, which caused Niu Xinghe’s heart to slowly turn cold.

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