God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 380

Right at this time, Zheng Minghe brought his men as they came to Yue Zhong and saluted: “Leader!!”

“Follow me!” Yue Zhong looked at Song Miaoyi and spoke indifferently, before bringing Zheng Minghe and Ming Jiajia towards Bai Xiaosheng’s side of the battle.

Song Miaoyi heard the commanding tone from Yue Zhong, and hint of displeasure shone in her eyes. However, she looked at Yue Zhong and his troops, and stamped her foot, before tagging behind Yue Zhong.

Following the trail of corpses, Yue Zhong soon brought his team along until they saw Bai Xiaosheng engaged in battle against 5 Law Protectors. Both sides were facing off, but neither had the upper hand.

The Law Protectors from the Heaven Sect could not catch Bai Xiaosheng, not a single one of them could match up to his speed. However, at the same time, if Bai Xiaosheng truly went after any one of them, he would have to face the joint assault from all 5, which would be risky, and hence both sides were just eyeing each other right now.

Bai Xiaosheng spoke out with a little embarrassment: “Leader! You’re here! I’m sorry! These bunch of guys are too troublesome, I haven’t managed to take care of them!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Bai Xiaosheng, before he stepped forward and commanded coldly: “Those opposite, listen up! Surrender immediately! I’ll only give you 10 seconds to consider! Those who refuse will die!”

One of the Altar Lords shouted: “You bunch of devil-worshipping heretics, you dare to go against Heaven Sect! You’ll definitely face a terrible fate, and after your death, you’d be sentenced to the deepest depths of hell with no chance of reincarnation!! Surrender to us now and we’ll baptize you, and cleanse you of your sins, and help you back into God’s grace!! As long as you accumulate merit for the Sect, you can ascend to Heaven, and enjoy yourself!!”

“Kill the heretics! Kill the devils!!”

“Kill the heretics! Kill the devils!!”

The disciples began to chant upon hearing the Altar Lord’s words. With their blind faith, their morale was also rising!

“Kill them!” Yue Zhong eyed the zealots and gave the order to Zheng Minghe.

“Open fire!” Zheng Minghe relayed the order.

The remaining soldiers had already prepped their artillery and set their aim. Upon receiving Zheng Minghe’s orders, they started firing, as huge explosive rounds landed on the positions of those zealots who were hiding behind cover.

Hong! Hong!

Following the rapid loud explosions, disciples of the Heaven sect found their bodies blasted to pieces. The Altar Lord who had gave the rallying call about killing heretics were also caught within the blast radius, and was instantly pulverized.

Under the blanket of artillery fire, to the extent of 2 consecutive rounds, the disciples who had no experience in modern warfare collapsed, as they lost all will to fight, and tried to escape towards the back after retreating from their cover.

At this time, the IFV and the machine-gun mounted vehicles started firing wildly at those escaping disciples, and the bullets tore into the disciples, turning them into sieves full of holes, as they fell to the ground.

Within 10 minutes, the disciples surrounding the 5 Altar Lords to protect them had been annihilated, and 3 of the 5 Altar Lords had been blasted to death.

The 2 remaining Altar Lords were Agility-based Enhancers, and they took the opportunity to rush out from their hiding place, as they retreated towards the back. They knew that staying here would spell death, and they disregarded everything as they made a mad dash to run from it all.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Stinger, as he opened fire at the 2 escaping Altar Lords. Their heads were immediately blasted to oblivion and their headless corpses fell to the ground.

“Continue the advance!” Yue Zhong ordered indifferently.

Under his orders, even though they had little men, they were all elites, and they made their way forwards in an orderly fashion, exhibiting the disciplined and strong bearing of soldiers.

Song Miaoyi observed this small troop of Yue Zhong and was thoroughly shocked: “So strong!! This troop is really strong!!”

Song Miaoyi was confident of handling any one soldier from within this troop. However, if the entire troop was to launch an assault on her, she would not even be able to withstand a single minutes assault before she would be killed.

Yue Zhong and his troops quickly arrived at the location that the remaining personnel under Zhen Yeyang were using as a hide out.

Zheng Minghe hollered at the people hiding within the building: “Those inside listen up! Surrender now! Otherwise, we’ll not treat you nicely!”

Inside the building, Zhen Yeyang had a grim look as he grabbed a tribesman and pushed him to the window, while placing a blade on this abductees neck: “The whole lot of you better retreat! Otherwise I’ll kill the hostages! There are 31 hostages here with us. If you don’t retreat! I’ll kill the whole lot of them!!”

The disciples of the Heaven Sect seemed to have been overcome with a madness, as they pushed the hostages to the windows, and placed their weapons at their necks. Anytime Zhen Yeyang gave the order, they would immediately slaughter the hostages to join them in death!

“6th Uncle!! 8th Uncle! 17th Uncle!” Seeing those tribesman, Song Miaoyi’s eyes flashed with fear, and could not help but call out. Those were the elders that had watched her grow up before the apocalypse, and after the apocalypse had set in, everyone had banded together to survive up till now. These elders were like her own family, and she could not bear to see them die in front of her.

Yue Zhong eyed the huge building, as he ordered coolly: “Get ready to attack! Storm the front! Snipers get ready to switch to grenade launchers!”

Song Miaoyi’s face fell, as she ran to Yue Zhong and spoke shrilly: “No!! You can’t do that! Those hostages will definitely die if you do that! Those are human lives!!”

Yue Zhong’s heart was hardened, as he returned her look with an ice-cold stare: “I’m sorry! Miss Song Miaoyi! I can understand your feelings, but I need to eradicate the remnant forces of this Heaven Sect! As for those hostages, they have nothing to do with me, I can’t waste time here because of them! Please make way!”

Song Miaoyi grabbed her black spear tightly as her face turned pale, and she stubbornly glared: “No! I won’t allow this!!”

With a single swishing motion, 20 soldiers raised their guns and aimed at Song Miaoyi, the moment she made a random move, they would punch her full of holes! Although she was a beauty, in their hearts, following orders was the most important thing. A single beauty would not be enough to sway the hearts of these elite soldiers.

Even the frivolous Bai Xiaosheng was holding a gun to Song Miaoyi’s head, although his eye flashed with a hint of pity. If she truly died, he would feel a tinge of regret. However, if he went against Yue Zhong’s wishes, then the person to die would be him.

Under the pressure of having multiple weapons aimed at her, Song Miaoyi did not relent as she stubbornly glared at Yue Zhong, like an epiphyllum that would wilt at any time.

Yue Zhong frowned, as he waved his hands, and the 20 over soldiers lowered their guns.

Song Miaoyi knelt down as she pleaded: “Please! Please save my tribesmen!! As long as you do so, whatever you ask of me! I’ll be willing to do so!!”

For her tribesmen, Song Miaoyi was willing to put down her pride to kneel in front of Yue Zhong. This was because her tribesmen were extremely important kin to her, and she did not want them to perish at such a place.

Yue Zhong looked at the kneeling Song Miaoyi as he frowned. He pondered a while, looking at the building in the meantime, before he slowly replied: “Bai Xiaosheng stay! The rest, retreat!”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s order, all the soldiers retreated.

“Song Miaoyi, remember what you said today! Follow me!” Yue Zhong looked at Song Miaoyi as he indifferently reminded her, before entering a small alley with Ming Jiajia.

Song Miaoyi followed closely behind.

Bai Xiaosheng immediately sighed, as he played with his dagger and followed behind Yue Zhong, disappearing into the alley: “What a pity! Another beauty had been conquered by leader!!”

“How is it? Have you contacted headquarters?” Zhen Yeyang saw the soldiers retreating, as he heaved a sigh of relief, before asking a subordinate beside him.

The disciple swiftly replied: “I’ve already notified headquarters!! They have arranged for 2 Elders to bring reinforcements! However, they said we will have to fend them off for 2 hours. Reinforcements would arrive by then.”

Zhen Yeyang took a few deep breaths, as the stone weighing on his heart was lifted: “2 hours? As long as we can hold out for 2 hours, it’s our victory!! Those heretics would definitely be dealt with by the Great Elders!!”

At this time, with a single ‘bang’, the door to the room Zhen Yeyang and the captives were in was kicked wide open.

Yue Zhong strode into the office, taking in the details of the room in a single look, before firing the .03 rifle in his hands 10 times consecutively within a second, and directly killing all the Heaven Sect’s disciples.

Beside Yue Zhong, Ming Jiajia had already summoned out her 5 Shadow Wolves, appearing behind 5 of the disciples, and biting their necks.

As the attention of everybody in the room was focused on Yue Zhong and Ming Jiajia, Bai Xiaosheng came swinging into the room from the room upstairs, landing within the group of disciples. The blade in his hand flashed, and a total of 7 disciples found their hearts pierced.

In just mere seconds, 22 disciples had died at the hands of Yue Zhong’s group of 3, causing chaos to erupt.

Song Miaoyi also made use of the opportunity to rush into the office, her spear flashing as she leapt about like a leopard, killing 3 disciples with her profound spear skills.

The Heaven Sect’s disciples in the office had been wiped out save for a few, everyone of the remaining members lost their gall, as they abandoned battle tried to escape.

One of the Altar Lords saw that things weren’t going well, and he tried to escape from the window. Just as he made his move, Bai Xiaosheng chuckled grimly, and shot forwards like an arrow, stabbing into the back of the Altar Lord, killing him.

Bai Xiaosheng might be tied down when facing against a group of strong enemies, but facing single enemies, very few were considered his opponents. He was like a shadow that flitted about, as he slaughtered his enemies easily, and few could withstand an attack from him.

“I surrender!!” Zhen Yeyang’s mind spun, as he threw the Tang Replica Sword to a side, and raised his hands to shout out.

“I surrender!!”


When the head surrenders, the rest of the disciples had no intention to resist longer, as they abandoned their weapons and shouted out as they trembled.

Bai Xiaosheng then walked up to these disciples, and started to tie them up.

“6th Uncle! 8th Uncle!” Song Miaoyi ran to the hostages, as she helped them out of their ropes, and called out emotionally. This time, she had dragged many of her close kin in the attempt to assassinate Niu Xinghe, and it caused her endless worry. If it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of Yue Zhong, she would not have known what to do.

2 of the men with wrinkles on their foreheads and tanned skins looked at Song Miaoyi, their eyes pleased: “Lass! It’s good that you’re fine!!”

Yue Zhong confirmed news with Zhen Yeyang: “After an hour, the reinforcements from the Heaven Sect will be here. Are you certain about this?”

Zhen Yeyang had a solemn expression as he replied: “It’s true! If I were lying, you can execute me!”

The information about the reinforcements coming, everyone within the room knew about it. Zhen Yeyang wanted to use this piece of information to gain Yue Zhong’s trust. He had not much faith in the Heaven Sect in the beginning, and joining them was for the sake of a better life. When he landed in Yue Zhong’s hands, he had immediately switched to a different tune, and worked towards gaining Yue Zhong’s trust.

“An hour?” Yue Zhong pondered, his eyes flashing with a hint of decisiveness.

On a small frozen road, 800 Heaven Sect disciples were currently marching forward.

Within the human crowd, there was a Rolls-Royce moving forwards quietly.

A fat middle-aged man was asking his skinny companion at his side: “Old Luo! Heard that Old Niu had fallen at the hands of some heretics! What do you make of this?”

The fat middle-aged man was called Chen Shenggang, and was the 7th Elder in the Heaven Sect. The skinny man was called Luo Kui, and he was the 5th Elder, both of them were considered to be experts within Heaven Sect.

Luo Kui replied coldly: “What else to think? Old Niu had always been too violent and brutal! He had so many enemies, it’s not a surprise that he’s dead. However, to be able to kill Old Niu, the enemy must be pretty formidable himself.

Luo Kui laughed icily: “For the sake of a few hostages, they actually stopped their assault. Regardless of their abilities, it seems like they have weaknesses as well.”

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