God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 381

Chen Shenggang had a look of apprehension: “However, Old Niu is truly dead! Are our forces going to be enough?”

Chen Shenggang was a burly look man with plenty of both, fat and muscle on his body, and he truly looked fierce. However, one cannot be judged based on appearance, and he happened to be a coward actually. He could become a strong Enhancer purely by luck, as he had gained an incredible Level 3 skill at the onset of the apocalypse, hence he could survive for so long.

Luo Kui glanced at Chen Shenggang, his eyes flashed with a hint of contempt: “We have 800 people here, and 500 guys over at Mahogany Town. Didn’t Zhen Yeyang give his report earlier? There are only about 100 enemies, and even if they have experts, we just have to send our men and it would be enough to squash them.”

Chen Shenggang continued in deep thought before his frown slowly eased, as his face revealed a smile: “That’s true! We have 800 disciples here. Of them, there are 200 zealots. With them, we have no need to fear any enemy!”

Inside a forest, Yue Zhong watched the 800-strong army walk into his ambush without a single wariness, as he gave the order: “Attack!!”

Under Yue Zhong’s command, an IFV led the fleet of machine gun-mounted vehicles as they charged out from the forest, and started to launch an assault on the right side of the Heaven Sect’s reinforcements.

All the armored vehicles were unleashing their bullets with a frenzy, causing a large number of the disciples around to be punched full of holes, fresh blood splattering the entire area. Many of them fell down dead, their bodies full of wounds.

“The Heaven Sect is undefeatable!! Kill the enemy, become a saint!!”

Facing such a sudden raid, the 200 white-robed disciples began to get worked up with a madness in their eyes, as they charged at the vehicles without a care for their own lives. They were the zealots previously mentioned, and thoroughly had faith that as long as they fought and died for Heaven Sect, they would be able to enter God’s kingdom. Therefore, every single one of them was fearless, and were extremely ruthless in their attacks.

These fanatics formed the main part of the Heaven Sect’s attack force, as their passionate and staunch faith allowed them to charge into battle without a hint of fear nor regret, even if they knew they had to die, it was with willingness. Many of them even saw death as a blessing.

However, regardless of how strong one’s faith was, a normal person’s body would not be able to repel bullets, much less be impervious to it. The IFV and machine gun-mounted vehicles sprayed their guns at the 200 disciples, and they were felled as easily as wheat being sowed. Fresh blood dyed the entire ground, and there were moans of agony uttered everywhere.

These fanatics might be a threat to close combat Enhancers, but in front of modern warfare weaponry, their blood and fervor would only serve to send them faster to their deaths.

Luo Kui had sensed danger at the first moment, and had opened up his palms, activating a Psychic Barrier, as a transparent barrier appeared in front of him, deflecting the majority of the bullets coming his way. He was a Level 46 Enhancer with the [Telekinesis] Ability, and could defend against the damage from those 12.7mm bullets that could pierce even armored vehicles.

Countless bullets were deflected off Luo Kui’s barrier, and that sort of imagery pushed the morale of the disciples up quickly. Many of them gathered close to Luo Kui, as they hollered with conviction: “The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!”

As the IFV adjusted its gun and line of fire, the ZPT90 that has been kept aside was aimed at Luo Kui, and unleashed hell and carnage.

The bullets from the heavy machine gun landed explosively on the Psychic Barrier, and were actually blocked. However, the barrier only managed to withstand about 3 seconds of continuously being impacted by bullets.

After 3 seconds, the barrier disintegrated into pieces, and Luo Kui spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, while the heavy rounds landed on his body, sending him exploding backwards for a few metres. He fell to the ground, his body crumpled, and his orifices bleeding profusely, before he died.

Luo Kui had worn a Type 3 Mutant Beast hide to protect himself, and while the rounds were insufficient to penetrate the hide, the fearsome impact could not be negated, unless his resistance was as tough as Yue Zhong who had pumped so much in Endurance.

With Luo Kui’s death, the Psychic Barrier disappeared, and the Heaven Sect’s disciple were like unwilling pigs waiting for slaughter, as they started to escape frantically in various directions.

Yue Zhong glanced at those disciples that have lost their composure and ordered Zhen Yeyang: “Zhen Yeyang! It’s your turn! Kill those who won’t surrender!”

“Yes! Leader!” Zhen Yeyang had an extremely complicated gaze in his eyes as he responded.

“Brothers! Let us charge!! Time to earn some merits!!! Let the leader witness our sincerity!!!” Zhen Yeyang shouted to his fellow disciples that had been captured earlier.

“Kill!! Kill! Kill!” Those Heaven Sect disciples who had already surrendered to Yue Zhong took up their weapons, as they followed Zhen Yeyang’s lead and charged towards the dispersed Heaven Sect members with bloodshot eyes.

If Yue Zhong had gotten those ex-disciples to charge first, and treated them like cannon fodder, the majority of them would definitely have defected again.

However, now that with Yue Zhong slaughtering the 800 of the Heaven Sect’s disciples, these ex-disciples were not fervent supporters in the first place, and due to their thirst to prove their loyalty, they charged forwards like ferocious tigers and wolves, killing their past comrades without a shred of remorse.

On the other side, Song Miaoyi had brought her tribesmen as they charged at the scattered Heaven Sect disciples, killing them with a passionate fury.

The Heaven Sect had been terrorizing the surrounding areas in recent times, and had treated these tribesmen as slaves, or blood sacrifices. This had cause enmity to be sown, and Song Miaoyi would naturally not be merciful when dealing with them.

“I surrender!!”

“I surrender!! I surrender!! Don’t kill me!”


With the 3 groups chasing and hunting, the Heaven Sect’s side was destroyed beyond recognition, and a majority of the disciples pleaded for their lives. Those who didn’t surrender were killed off by the ones that had defected to Yue Zhong, as well as the tribesmen.

Yue Zhong strode over to the escaping disciples, with the Stinger in his hands, as long as he saw an expert whether hiding or not, he would immediately fire a shot to destroy their heads.

Bai Xiaosheng was like an unsheathed blade that bathed in blood, waving in and out of the human crowd, his daggers flashing about, and a number of the Altar Lords and Law Protectors were assassinated without a sound. His abilities made it hard for him to deal with a tightly packed group in defence, but against single unorganized enemies, there was almost nobody that could stop him.

The IFV and machine gun mounted vehicles had stopped shooting as well, they just maintained their inactivity but exuding a pressuring aura on the battlefield. Yue Zhong had brought a limited amount of ammunition, and to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances, he had to use them sparingly. Otherwise, without any ammunition, his IFV and machine gun-mounted vehicles were just normal vehicles.

Not long after, the reinforcements from the Heaven Sect fell entirely into Yue Zhong’s arms.

Song Miaoyi gripped her Level 3 Treasure Black Gold Spear, as she looked at those tied-up captives, her eyes shone with disbelief: “Did we win just like that?”

Song Miaoyi could not help but look towards Yue Zhong, her eyes filled with a look of wonder and awe. When they had heard that the Heaven Sect had sent reinforcements of about 800 disciples, Song Miaoyi and her uncles had panicked, and were in favor of retreat. However, this man in front of her had remained calm and planned a counter-attack, and had easily caused this 800-strong reinforcement to collapse, without much casualty on their own side! It was almost a miracle.

Zhen Yeyang had an excited look as he walked about the captives. He had led his men and captured over 400 captives, contributing largely to the success, and Yue Zhong had already assigned him a platoon commander role. He had hence become a officer under Yue Zhong’s command.

Just as Zhen Yeyang was patrolling, he suddenly caught sight of a familiar person, and he could not help but spit out, as he backed up a few steps warily: “Elder Chen??”

The man who was called warily by Zhen Yeyang, was precisely the 7th Elder of the Heaven Sect, Chen Shenggang. As an Elder of the Heaven Sect, Chen Shenggang was a Level 40 Enhancer, and if he suddenly went on a rampage, killing a few normal people wasn’t an issue.

Chen Shenggang squeezed out a flattering smile as he said: “I’ve surrendered! Zhen Yeyang, can you bring me to meet your leader?”

Zhen Yeyang looked at Chen Shenggang, feeling a little strange as he nodded and said: “Follow me!”

The moment Chen Shenggang came in front of Yue Zhong, he immediately knelt and kowotowed: “This small one Chen Shenggang was an Elder of the Heaven Sect. As long as this esteemed leader can spare my life, this small one is willing to do anything for you!!”

Yue Zhong was a little speechless, as he looked at Zhen Yeyang and asked: “Was he really an Elder?”

Zhen Yeyang nodded and ascertained his background: “Leader! He truly was the 7th Elder of the Heaven Sect! I’ve seen him at the headquarters a few times.”

Yue Zhong immediately gave the order: “I’ll accept you! Chen Shenggang, show me your abilities!”

As long as he knew Chen Shenggang’s abilities, Yue Zhong could then make the appropriate measures. Chen Shenggang would then not be a threat to him.

Chen Shenggang stood up and responded loudly: “Yes! I can manipulate the ground!! Please observe!”

Chen Shenggang’s pupils shrunk, as he activated his [Ground Manipulation] skill, and a 3m spike shot out from the ground. He then bellowed, as 6 consecutive small spikes shot out from the ground.

Yue Zhong observed Chen Shenggang’s display, and his heart turned cold.

The skill of this Chen Shenggang was truly tyrannical, if he was a little less cowardly, and had charged towards the IFV while releasing this skill, the IFV would have been overturned. It might even have been penetrated by the ground spikes.

Chen Shenggang lowered his head and bowed, with an honest look: “Leader! This is my ability! It has a limited range, and can only create such sharp spikes within a 100m. If it’s beyond a 100m, then I would need more time, to create spikes with enough threatening power!”

Chen Shenggang’s ability was not weak, but his courage was truly too small, the moment he saw Luo Kui being blasted apart, he had lost all will to fight. After that, he had seen how casually Yue Zhong and Bai Xiaosheng slaughtered those experts from the Heaven Sect, and had not dared to risk anything. He just hid behind a cover, and acted as a normal disciple, and surrendered.

If it wasn’t for Zhen Yeyang discovering him, Chen Shenggang had wanted to pose as a captive, before finding an opportunity to escape. Although he did not dare to fight against Yue Zhong and his troops, he had confidence in escaping. He had the [Ground Manipulation] ability, no cell could contain him. Unless it was those specially constructed cells that were meant to counter his ability, which would mean that his ability was useless.

Yue Zhong stared at Chen Shenggang and asked slowly: “Are these all the reinforcements sent?”

Chen Shenggang nodded as he bowed: “Responding to Leader! There’s only us!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze was like a knife that pierced into Chen Shenggang’s heart: “You guys must have set off from Peaceful Heart Town right!”

“Yes!!” Chen Shenggang looked at Zhen Yeyang beside Yue Zhong, and did not dare life, and directly responded.

Yue Zhong continued asking: “How many troops are at Peaceful Heart Town?”

Chen Shenggang replied with full honesty: “There’s only a Law Protector, 7 Altar Lords, 50 zealots and about 170 normal disciples there. In Peaceful Heart Town, there are about 20 rifles, 25 handguns, and the remaining weapons are all obsolete melee weapons!”

Yue Zhong stared at Chen Shenggang coldly: “Bring us to Peaceful Heart Town! After we take it down, I’ll raise you to become a platoon commander!”

Chen Shenggang did not dare reject as he responded soundly: “Yes! Leader!!”

Peaceful Heart Town was different from Mahogany Town, and was one of the actual headquarters of the Heaven Sect, and was only about 20km away from the central base in Long An Province. There were 2 Elders stationed there, and over a 1000 disciples as their force, and could respond to any situation in the nearby towns, at the same time, they could send reinforcements back to the main base if need be.

The force of a hundred people soon came to Peaceful Heart Town.

“Who is it?” The disciple stationed at the entrance saw this 100-strong troop, his heart became wary, as he raised his gun and questioned.

Chen Shenggang came out from the crowd and stared at the disciple coldly: “You can’t even recognize me? By using your gun against me, are you thinking of flouting the rules?”

“Oh, it’s Elder Chen!!! Your subordinate didn’t know it’s the return of Elder Chen, if this small one had offended you, please do not take it to heart!!” The disciple had turned ashen, and immediately threw himself to the ground!

The 4 disciples at the gate immediately kneeled and called out loudly: “Long live Elder Chen!!”

Chen Shenggang threw a haughty gaze as he commanded: “Go bring Law Protector Ning as well as the 7 Altar Lords, and the heavenly troops to gather at the Green Garden! I have something to tell them! I’ll get others to stand guard here. Go!”

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