God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Fleeing Lei Jiang City

After arriving back at the apartment, Yue in a serious voice said: “Everyone immediately start transporting supplies. Move all the supplies from the apartment to the trucks.”

Seeing Yue so serious, all the girls in the room were nervous.

Zhang Li came over and asked: “Yue, what’s the matter!”

Yue in a deep voice said: “We’re going to leave here at once, and go to Long Hai survivor enclave.”

Wang Fang reluctantly said: “Can we go tomorrow? Everyone is so tired from transporting the supplies today.”

Wang Fang’s words also expressed the voice of most of the girls in the room. Their body was very tired moving the supplies from the trucks to the apartment.

Yue frowned, and coldly said: “People who do not want to leave can also stay.”

Seeing that Yue was angry, all the girls are afraid to say anything, and immediately began to transport the supplies.

Zhao Li was looking out through the window, she saw Yue’s party transporting the supplies from the apartment to the trucks. She could not help but feel startle: “They are leaving?”

Zhao Li have been observing Yue’s party the last several days and found that were fairly kind hearted people, as they were willing to give her food in this post apocalyptic world. If Yue’s party is gone, she really did not know how she would survive.

Resident Evil is a classic movie, Zhao Li has also seen it. She was very cleared on how terrible the virus that zombies were carrying. With just a scratch, you will become infected and turned into a zombie. If Yue’s party were to leave, in essence, she did not have the ability to find food to feed her son and herself.

Zhao Li gritted her teeth, then quickly dragged a suitcase from the room along with her son and rushed downstairs.

Downstairs, Yue sat there and quietly watched the girls transported the supplies.

Zhao Li one hand dragging the suitcase and the other hand holding her son, walked in front of Yue and said: “This student, I am Zhao Li. May I have your name?”

Yue looked up and lightly said: “I’m Yue Zhong, is there something you need?”

Lu Wen who was resting nearby, came over and curiously asked: “Big brother Yue, what does this woman want from you?”

Lu Wen, Chen Yao, and Ji Qing Wu belongs to the group that did not have to transport supplies, since they can provide medical treatment and contributes to the fighting force.

Chen Yao also went over to Yue’s side, curiously looking at Zhao Li.

“Yue, please take my son and I to Long Hai survivor enclave. As long as you take us with you, then these are for you.” Zhao Li opened the suitcase, revealing neat stacks of Yuan inside.

Chen Yao looked at the suitcase, then at Yue. She estimated that there was more than a million Yuan in there. Her family background is excellent, $1 million is nothing for her. But $1 million in cash is not a small number, most people are not able to resist the temptation of $1 million Yuan.

Yue glanced at the suitcase full of money, and coldly said: “I’m not interested in the money.”

The world has changed, the most useful is food. Without merchants, these Yuan are useless, even too rough to use as toilet paper.

Zhao Li face was paled, she gritted her teeth, then put down the suitcase from her arms. She then pulled a small case and opened it, revealing three gold bars.

Zhao Li pushed the small case in front of Yue, and with a pleading face said: “I will also give you this. Please save the both of us. Take us to the survivor enclave in Long Hai City. I will repay you.”

Buy gold in troubled times and collect antiques in periods of prosperity. Gold is the world’s currency, even in the midst of troubled times, they possessed great values. Zhao Li is a wise woman, she knew that the Yuan will become a pile of papers, but as long as there are people and governments, gold would not lose its purchasing power. So she hid the gold bars, only taking it out at the last minute to give to Yue. [Translator Note: The first sentence is an old Chinese saying. It means that in prosperous times you should collect antiques as their values will appreciates. But buy gold in trouble times as every governments in the world is backed by gold.]

Yue coldly said: “I have no need for gold.”

Zhao Li immediately turned even paler, that gold was her last resort. She did not know what else to offer him, since he did not even want the gold.

Yue looked at Zhao Li, and lightly said: “I can take you and your son to the survivor enclave in Long Hai City. To come with us, you will need to agree to a few conditions. First, before arriving in the survivor enclave, you must obey my commands, and no arbitrary action. Second, you must work and do what your are able to. Third, we will give you food, but not necessarily enough to eat. We will give you food according to your efforts. Fourth, I will try to keep you safe, but if I’m unable to fend off the danger, I will give priority to protect my other companions over you two. If you can accept these four conditions, you can come with us. If you are not able to accept, then I won’t force you.”

After hearing the four conditions, Zhao Li immediately nodded: “I accept! I’ll agree to it!”

Yue in a deep voice said: “Go transport the supplies. Don’t waste time.”

Zhao Li quickly took her son and walked towards the stairs. This was an opportunity, a chance to survive, she would not give it up.

Chen Yao watched Zhao Li’s desperation, with a complex feeling in her mind.

Under the women’s combined efforts, after two hours, they finally transported all the supplies upstairs to the trucks.

“Drive!” Yue ordered without any hesitation.

Wang Shuang stepped on the gas, and the two large trucks immediately whisked far away.

The next day, in Lei Jiang most bustling commercial district, tens of thousands of zombies quietly began moving toward the city in all directions.

The zombies flooded in all directions, and soon the whole city of Lei Jiang was fully covered by zombies. By devouring human flesh, the zombies began to evolved. L1 zombies, S1 zombies, and even other kinds of zombies had evolved.

Before a small supermarket, five scattered zombies stood there quietly.

From an alley, a survivor rushed out holding an Imitation Tang Sword in his hand. He activated his High Speed Movement skill, and jump among the five zombies like a ghost. With the light of the sword flashing, the five zombies was soon beheaded.

After five balls of white light flew into his body, his eyes lit up: “I’ve been promoted! I’ve finally been promoted to level 10.”

Just as the survivor was celebrating, among a unit in the building, a crimson zombie opened his big mouth, and a fireball from the zombie’s mouth flew out like a rocket hitting the survivor. It blew off the upper body of that survivor. His blackened body then fell to the ground.

From the side, two S1 zombies swift jumped out. They landed on top of the survivor’s body, and began devouring it.

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