God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 383

Chapter 383 – Internal Strife

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

The moment those white-shirt fanatics charged into the midst of the militants, they started slashing in a crazy manner. They seemed only intent on killing any unfortunate soul to meet their blades.


“Ah!! Help!!”


The white-shirt zealots were like devils that had unleashed carnage upon those militants, causing them to lose their fighting will in an instant. Many abandoned their weapons and started to retreat backwards.

“A motley bunch!” Yue Zhong looked at the performance of the militants, and thought silently to himself.

The militants had the upper hand with their modern weaponry and could have overcome them, but they were frightened of the enemies who had a stronger zeal and fighting spirit.

“The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!”

“The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!”

The fanatics were hollering out at the top of their voice, charging at the militants like crazy demons, and killing them like sheep as the militants were steadily retreating.

“Kill!! Kill!! Kill!”

“Long live Sect Leader!! Long live Sect Leader!!”


Seeing those militants being slaughtered by the white-shirt fanatics, the disciples within the city walls also regained their morale and started to chant.

An Elder with a strong build and riding a motorcycle, with a lightning-like gaze he came leading 50 men, every one of them riding a motorcycle as they charged out from the city, and rushed at the militants.

5 Altar Lords took the initiative to coordinate and lead 300 of their subordinates as they charged out as well.

Right at this time, a group of warriors decked in a black suit came out from the midst of the retreating militants. They aimed as they each held a grenade launcher, and started firing rapidly at the zealots.

Grenades landed one after another in the midst of the zealots.

As long as those white shirted zealots were hit by the grenades, they would be immediately blasted dead. This was true even if they were wearing Type 3 Mutant Beast hides, as it could not completely negate the impact of the blast. As for those who had no defence, their bodies were immediately blasted apart.

At the same time, the gunfire that had stopped due to the retreating militants restarted again, as all sorts of heavy fire rained down upon the militants and white shirted zealots alike.

Under that frenzied spray of gunfire, the militants who had abandoned their weapons were punched full of holes together with the zealots, everyone turning into flesh sieves.

The backup weapons that had been lying in wait also kick started their firing, causing carnage to come down on those disciples and troops that had just left the city gates.

The motorcycles were destroyed by the bullets, and their riders were also killed by the fearsome rain of metal.

The 5 Altar Lords that had brought their men out were killed almost instantly. Only the hardy Elder managed to dodge the bullets and retreat back into Long An County.

“What a ruthless fellow!!” Yue Zhong saw this, and his heart turned cold.

The commander behind these militants had obviously had designated these weaker militants as baits and cannon fodder, to force out the power of the disciples, and once they were hooked, he had ordered the deaths of the militants and zealots without batting an eyelid. It could be seen that this commander was truly vicious and decisive.

With over 400 zealots being annihilated, it was huge blow to the Heaven Sect in Long An County, as out of those 400 fanatics, there were over 10 Sword Apostles, and they had died to the exploding grenades. This was a huge blow to the morale of the Heaven Sect.

While the militants did manage to wipe out a number of the zealots, they had lost 200 warriors themselves. However, the other militants came out from their places of hiding and started their assault in the direction of Long An County.

“This is an entire battalion!” That is to say, the commander most likely still had another battalion or two somewhere as backup!
“These are all proper military equipment! They must have opened up one or 2 military camps.” Yue Zhong came to this conclusion when observing them, and he frowned. He was also someone who warred frequently, and could tell the tactics and some strategy of the person behind the scenes.

This time, it was the Heaven Sect on defence. They had rifles as well, and a number of snipers were hidden on high grounds, sniping the militants from their points of cover.

A number of the militants were shot in the head.

With the threat of the snipers, the militants ducked for cover. At the same time, the snipers on the militants’ side also began their own counter attack against the snipers in Long An County.

In the intense gunfight, both sides started to lost their snipers rapidly.

On the other side, the militants were still using their heavy weapons to continue their assault on Long An County. The different key locations of the Heaven Sect were starting to get compromised. The Heaven Sect was lacking the proper equipment to contend against the militants.

When the militants came to within 200m of the city gates, an burly Elder wielding blades burst out from the wreckage and piles of bodies.

He charged into the midst of the enemy, the Dark Magic Blades in his hands flashing about with a black light, as he started slaughtering the militants. He leapt about in the battlefield, seemingly without equal, and in a short span of time, he managed to kill 8 militants.

After suddenly killing those 8 militants, his body flashed, and he disappeared.

At another location, a dozen militants were currently making their way forwards carefully, when all of a sudden, 10 ice picks condensed in mid air, and nailed 10 militants to the ground, killing them instantly. The remaining militants began firing at a nearby building, however, all they did was break some windows, and they didn’t manage to hit the Elders of the Heaven Sect at all.

If modern weaponry could dominate the battlefield, then street-fighting was considered the forte of those experts of the Heaven Sect. Unless the heavy artillery could flatten the entire ground of Long An County, otherwise the advantage belonged to those Heaven Sect’s experts, who could make use of the terrain.

With the harassing of the experts, many militants met their tragic ends, and the remaining had no choice but to stay close together as they made their way into the town.

At the same time, a fully equipped battalion was making their way from behind a hill, as they entered the town, and joined in the battle.

Chen Shenggang watched the situation in Long An County with an alarmed expression as he asked Yue Zhong: “Leader, what do we do?”

Chen Shenggang was cowardly by nature, and was reluctant to join the fray.

“We wait!!” Yue Zhong replied solemnly as he continued observing.

Yue Zhong currently had 800 people, which was about 2 infantry battalions. However, if he wanted them to just jump into the heat of battle, they would likely perish in a short time.

“Boss! What now?” On a small hill, a burly-looking man built like a bear was looking at another younger bespectacled man, who had looked thin and gentle as he was asked this.

The cultured looking young man was the leader of the militants, Wen Fuxin, and the bear-like man was his sworn brother Luo Leihu!

A strange glint passed in Wen Fuxin’s eyes, as he sighed and said: “I miscalculated!! I never expected the fighting morale to be so high, and they can still put up such a fight!”

In Wen Fuxin’s initial calculations, after decimating the fanatics, they would be able to use the modern weaponry to take down the defence of the Heaven Sect easily. However, the reality was that things did not proceed as planned, and after sending two battalions, it was only barely enough to suppress them, but not to the point of overcoming them.

Long An County had become a meat grinder of sorts, with both sides sustaining casualties almost every second. It was the first battle that Wen Fuxin was facing such a loss.

Luo Leihu suggested: “Why don’t we retreat first!! Today can be considered a draw. We can always come back and annihilate them!”

Wen Fuxin’s eyes flashed with a dark look: “No!! It’s already so late, if we were to retreat now, those from the town will definitely chase us down. We might get hit badly! Plus, they have gained some of the weapons we lost, the next time, our attack would not be as smooth already!”

Luo Leihu started to become anxious: “Then what now?”

Wen Fuxin took a deep breath, before solemnly ordering: “Convey my order! All troops are to attack Long An County! Today, even if we are down to our last man, we cannot retreat!! There will only be one side that lives today!!”

Upon receiving that drastic order, the last battalion awaiting further instructions also set off for Long An County.

A Heaven Sect Elder suddenly burst out from a window, and the long blade in his hands flashed about, taking the heads of 3 nearby militants.

Just as he was about to leave, he found himself suspended in mid-air. His eyes flashed with shock, and he turned his gaze to discover 3 Enhancers looking at him coldly, their hands outstretched, casting their ability on him.

“Go die!” Luo Leihu hoisted a rocket launcher and fired a shot directly at the Elder.

With a ‘Hong’, the rocket landed explosively on the body of the Elder, causing him to be blasted into tons of itty-bitty juicy pieces.

When the third infantry battalion joined in the fray, the forces within Long An County started to be beaten back.

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