God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 384

Chapter 384 – Heaven Sect’s Sect Leader

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Wen Fuxin had high-level Enhancers within his troops as well, and the moment they entered the fray, they displayed their prowess. They joined forces with the ordinary soldiers to hunt the experts of the Heaven Sect, and the killing on both side increased in intensity. The Heaven Sect was slowly but surely being forced back.

As the heavy artillery rained down, a majority of the normal disciples started to break down, and they tried to escape, with no intentions of regrouping or reorganizing themselves.

“We won!!” Wen Fuxin looked at his troops pushing in, and the Heaven Sect defence crumbling, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Long live the Sect Leader!! Long Live the Sect Leader!!”

“Long live the Sect Leader!!”


Right when the defences of the Heaven Sect seemed to break down, a group suddenly started calling out excitedly.

A ordinary-looking man, with normal looks and long straggled hair, wearing a golden cassock came walking out of the group of people. His eyes shone with radiance, and he was the Sect Leader of the Heaven Sect, Linghu Xiangru.

Behind him, there were 4 extremely radiant holy lights that seemed to shine towards the sky, and there were also 40 Sword Apostles by his side.

Linghu Xiangru’s voice reverberated like thunder as his eyes flashed coldly: “You heretics, today, I shall pass judgement on you on behalf of God, and send you to Hell, without the chance of reincarnation. Repent for your sins today by kneeling!! Repent!! Drop your resistance and accept your death. This way, you may have a chance to leave Hell in the future.”

With those words, the militants suddenly had feelings of regret and fear.

Yue Zhong had already arrived at a small corner of Long An County by this time, and he heard the words of Linghu Xiangru, and could perceive a strong Spiritual force affecting his mind: “This is Spritual AOE skill!! With this skill, there’s no wonder he managed to become the Sect Leader, with so many people worshipping him!”

Linghu Xiangru’s voice was like that of a powerful deity that seemed to command everyone to cease their resistance: “Drop your weapons!! Stop resisting!!”

With that powerful command, the militants near him suddenly cried out in pain, as they lost all fighting will. They loosened their grips and the weapons in their hands dropped.

The 40 Sword Apostles shot forwards and waved their Tang Replica Swords, directly chopping off the heads of those militants.

“Long live the Sect Leader! He’s blessed and invincible!!”

“Long live the Sect Leader! He’s blessed and invincible!!”


When the disciples witnessed such a strange sight, they grew excited, and began shouting out with fervor.

Peng! Right when the people present were in excitement and joy, a sniper from afar aimed and fired a shot at Linghu Xiangru.

The bullet shot towards Linghu Xiangru in a flash, but suddenly stopped 3m away from his body.

“I’m an Apostle of God! As the hand of God, I am invulnerable and impervious to any attack! Nothing can harm me, and those who seek to harm me will taste their own medicine!” Linghu Xiangru’s voice travelled across the entire battleground, as he locked on to the sniper position, and the bullet in front of him instantly shot back, and penetrated the sniper’s head!

Linghu Xiangru’s voice reverberated within the entire area: “My people, use the weapons in your hands to kill these heretics!! They are the scum of the earth, and are devilish existences that God hates. Kill them, and you’ll have earned more merit for yourselves. After your death, you will be reborn in the kingdom of God, and you get to enjoy pleasures!!”

“Kill!! Kill the heretics!!”

“Kill!! Kill them all!!”


With the Spiritual pressure weighing down, the Heaven Sect disciples started to get riled up, and their eyes turned bloodshot, as they started to charge at the militants like crazed demons.

Linghu Xiangru continued advancing like a divine being, his voice filled with the strong oppressive Spiritual pressure exuding out: “Enemies of mine, put down your weapons! Repent!! Cease your resistance and await the chance to be reborn!!”

The militants with weaker wills immediately lost their resolve to fight after hearing those persuasive words from Linghu Xiangru. They kneeled and began crying, their weapons dropping on the floor, and they were then slaughtered by the frenzied Heaven Sect disciples. Those militants who had successfully pushed in were wiped out in almost an instant.

“Fire your cannons!! Blast them to pieces!!” Luo Leihu bellowed loudly.

Heavy rounds began firing at the location Linghu Xiangru and his faithful worshippers.

Huge explosions rang out continuously, and the location where Linghu Xiangru stood was enveloped by the blast, a few of the disciples were instantly incinerated or blasted dead.

While these militants did not have great aim, and could not compare to proper trained soldiers, they had gained the “Artillery Skill” from battles, and weren’t too bad. They managed to create a devastating effect from the grouping of the heavy artillery rounds.

Luo Leihu looked towards the cloud of dust in the distance, as he thought to himself: “Did we finish that guy?”

Linghu Xiangru’s abilities were truly astonishing. Luo Leihu had never come across someone who had the ability to affect people in such a wide radius with just words. In front of such a terrifying ability, the 3 battalions had almost been wiped out.

Who would have expected, Linghu Xiangru stepped out from the scene of destruction and carnage without even a speck of dust on his body, as he looked coldly and order: “You guys have tried to attack an Apostle of God! Such a heinous sin! Commit suicide now!”

“Yes! We’re sinners!” Under that pressure, those militants’ eyes went blank as they took their own guns and pointed them in their own mouths, and pulled the triggers.

Following a few gunshots, those militants had bullet holes in their heads, their bodies falling lifelessly onto the ground.

Luo Leihu was after all a Level 46 Enhancer, and after Linghu Xiangru’s words fell, his body trembled, and he almost could not control his own trembling as he pulled the Dark Magic Blade from his waist, as he started to place the blade on his neck.

“No!! I can’t die!!” Right when Luo Leihu was about to slash his own neck, his mind suddenly regained its clarity, as he bit down harshly on his own tongue, breaking the tip, and the huge sense of pain woke him up.

“How terrifying!! What a strong opponent. I’m not his match!!” Luo Leihu could think clearly now, and he immediately retreated backwards, his entire back covered in cold sweat, as he could not muster the courage nor will to contend against Linghu Xiangru.

Linghu Xiangru watched the retreating Luo Leihu, and his brows furrowed. The holy light behind his back flashed, as the bullets that were fired at him stopped within a 5m radius.

Linghu Xiangru then swept the surrounding with a glance: “Those who seek to harm me, will suffer consequences!”

The bullets that were suspended in mid air around Linghu Xiangru immediately flew backwards into the darkness, piercing the very people that fired the bullets, and 20 militants died instantly.

“Enemies of mine, put down your weapons! Repent!! Cease your resistance and await the chance to be reborn!!”

After killing the 20 militants, Linghu Xiangru continued forwards like a divine being, uttering the same words over and over like a curse as he took each step.

With the enveloping of that pressure, groups of militants began to lose their composure, as they started kneeling, and were executed by the disciples.

“Linghu Xiangru, what a evil existence!” Wen Fuxin saw his own troops giving up and being killed, and his eyes flashed with a strange glint before ordering: “Activate the demon-killing plan!!”

Under Wen Fuxin’s command, his subordinates began their preparations.

Facing that ability of Linghu Xiangru, Wen Fuxin’s subordinates began to retreat backwards like a flood, as they abandoned their posts, and a huge amount of weapons and ammunition was thrown, becoming the spoils of war for the Heaven Sect. The disciples continued their frenzied charge, hunting down and slaughtering the troops without restraint.

Just as they retreated a distance of 200m, Wen Fuxin’s troops suddenly began their counter-attack, numerous guns firing from all directions at the disciples who had chased over. The dense rain of bullet struck the disciples and they fell to the ground. 2 Altar Lords that had given chase were also killed with a shot to their heads.

Those Heaven Sect disciples had not much experience against modern weaponry, and hurried to hide behind positions with cover, and occasionally firing back at Wen Fuxin’s troops.

In that intense gunfight, there would be some disciples from the Heaven Sect that were killed every second, and the same could be said for the militants.

“Enemies of mine, put down your weapons! Repent!! Cease your resistance and await the chance to be reborn!!”

Linghu Xiangru continued walking about the battlefield, his voice ringing out like a demonic curse.

“Quickly escape!!” The moment Linghu Xiangru appeared, the troops of Wen Fuxin would lose their composure, and immediately retreat backwards. On their left shoulders, there were long slashes, obviously they had used the pain to withstand the spiritual attack from Linghu Xiangru! However, even if they injured themselves on purpose, they could only defend against the spiritual attack with difficulty. If the distance was too close, then they would be helpless against his attacks.

Linghu Xiangru’s brows furrowed slightly, as he stepped out, and immediately crossed a distance of 5-6 metres, chasing after the troops of Wen Fuxin. He was adamant on wiping out these elite soldiers.

Beside Linghu Xiangru, 38 Sword Apostles followed closely behind, they were his personal guards, and his trusted and fanatical worshippers. The intense battle had cost them 2 of their comrades, but the number of soldiers belong to Wen Fuxin that had died at their hands numbered in the hundreds.

Linghu Xiangru brought his men and slaughtered an entire battalion and more, and the other soldiers under Wen Fuxin could only watch on with horror and run whenever they could, otherwise they would definitely die.

“Commit suicide!!” Linghu Xiangru spent 5 seconds to catch up to those soldiers of Wen Fuxin who ran, as he coldly ordered.

By this time, he was within a 20m distance from those militants, and it was this radius where his Level 3 [Vocal Assertion] ability was at its strongest.

With that single command from Linghu Xiangru, the 20 militants immediately stopped in their tracks, seemingly bound, as they lost all sense of rationality and pulled out their own weapons before killing themselves.

“Die!!” Right at this time, a sense of danger welled up in Linghu Xiangru’s heart, as he looked towards the direction, only to see Luo Leihu who he had been chasing for so long smiling grimly, pressing a button.

Hong! Hong!! Hong!!

Huge explosions occured at Linghu Xiangru’s current position, as a few remote-controlled bombs hidden at a corner detonated at the same time. The fearsome blast consumed the entire area, causing even a few buildings beside to be destroyed.

“Fire the cannons!!” Luo Leihu saw the carnage and called out madly.

A few mortars were immediately fired at the location where Linghu Xiangru was, continuing to rain destruction on the land.

Luo Leihu himself hoisted up a grenade launchers and fired a few more grenades into the area without rest.

“All of you deserve death!!!” At this time, an incredibly enraged voice rang out from the fiery blaze of destruction, as Linghu Xiangru stepped out with bloodshot eyes, his entire appearance having undergone a drastic change. His golden cassock was blasted apart into pieces, revealing a Type 3 Mutant Beast hide underneath, his holy aura was down to only a single beam, while his long hair was burnt off leaving only a short patch. His ordinary face was red and swollen, as a few shrapnel pieces had lodged in his face.

Those 10 remote-controlled bombs were set up specifically by Wen Fuxin specifically to deal with Linghu Xiangru, and he had sacrificed a few elite soldiers as bait just to do that. However, Linghu Xiangru’s abilities far surpassed Wen Fuxin’s expectations, even under such extreme conditions, he had not died.

Luo Leihu watched Linghu Xiangru rushing over to him and started firing his grenade launcher again.

“Return!” Linghu Xiangru’s eyes flashed with a glint, as he activated his Level 3 [Reverse Trajectory] ability.

In an instant, the grenades fired were immediately sent back towards Luo Leihu, 2 of them landing on his body directly and with a ‘hong’, Luo Leihu was instantly blasted into pieces.


三级技能弹道逆流: Level 3 Reverse Trajectory – This skill is effing imbalanced. It literally returns any ballistic projectiles fired at him back towards the person who shoots it. It’s not a psychic ability, based on the name.

If anyone has a better suggestion for the above skills, please do let me know!

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