God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 385

Chapter 385 – Yue Zhong Makes His Move!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“Kill yourself!!” Linghu Xiangru reached the dozens of mortar operators in a flash and coldly commanded.

With that order, those soldiers of Wen Fuxin directly pulled out their guns and shoved them in their own mouths, pulling the trigger.

Peng! Peng!

Following the sounds of gunfire, those soldiers had all killed themselves.

“You guys dare to injure me!! All of you must die!!” Linghu Xiangru had been agitated by his serious injuries, his face now an ugly mask of fury. His body flashed about, charging at the location of the troops throughout the battlefield like a demon.

“Kill yourself!!”

“Kill yourself!!”


Linghu Xiangru was like a demon as he charged at the troops of Wen Fuxin, any enemy that got in his way would be commanded to die with his Level 3 [Vocal Assertion] ability. Even a Level 30 Enhancer would find it tough to resist the command the moment Linghu Xiangru got within range.

Seeing such a strange phenomenon, the troops of Wen Fuxin lost their composure, as they cried and sobbed in their attempts to escape, abandoning their weapons and ammunition.

The remaining Elder, 5 Law Protectors and 23 Altar Lords led the other disciples as they charged towards the remaining troops, killing them and causing chaos and mayhem.

“We’re finished!!” Wen Fuxin saw his retreating soldiers and his face turned pale. This time, he initially had an 80% confidence of succeeding in his assault on the Heaven Sect. However, he had severely underestimated Linghu Xiangru’s combat abilities. He was like a death-defying being that could single-handedly crush the morale of his troops. If there wasn’t this Linghu Xiangru, Wen Fuxin would have long conquered Long An Province.


“Kill the heretics!!”



Every single disciple of the Heaven Sect had bloodshot eyes, the blades in their hand waving about in an unceasing motion, as they chased down the retreating militants. Although they lacked the technical know-how for operating modern weaponry, with regards to using the cold-hard melee weapons, they were naturally extremely comfortable!

Linghu Xiangru saw that the outcome was decided, and he heaved a sigh of relief, and started to make his way back. He had over exerted himself by continually using the Level 3 [Vocal Assertion] and [Reverse Trajectory] abilities, expending a huge part of his energy.

“Enemy!!” Just as he had just took a few steps back, he felt a sudden sense of danger, and he quickly activated his [Reverse Trajectory] ability again.

A rocket had managed to reach a distance of just 1 metre away from Linghu Xiangru, when it immediately turned and shot back towards where it came from, in a small alley, and exploded instantly.

At that same instant, Yue Zhong had activated his [Shadow Steps], his body flashing as he wielded his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, swinging towards Linghu Xiangru’s head.

Linghu Xiangru’s mind was currently going off with all sorts of warnings, as he hastily activated his [Vocal Assertion] ability: “Stop!!”

With a command that induces self-harm like suicide or self-mutilation, it was hard for people to resist such commands. Needless to say, the simpler ones like stop, or staying one’s hands was even harder to resist. Linghu Xiangru had a comprehensive understanding of the skill, and he had chosen to use a single command that was hardest to resist at the first instant.

A strong Spiritual pressure landed on Yue Zhong, and the Necklace of Clarity shone once, before easily dispelling the effect.

The force of the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in Yue Zhong’s hands did not seem to diminish, as it swung towards Linghu Xiangru’s head.

Linghu Xiangru’s face turned ashen, and with a thought, the remaining holy aura appeared in front of him. The 4 holy auras behind his back was the Type 2 [Buddha Protection] ability, and was a defensive skill. Earlier, the 4 holy auras had protected him, allowing him to survive those explosions.

Yue Zhong’s left hand shot out, while the blade is his right hand came in contact with the blade of holy light. The Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade was stopped in its tracks, but Yue Zhong’s left hand connected viciously with Linghu Xiangru’s abdomen.

The fist with a strength 6-times that of a normal person exploded out, as a force of almost a few-hundred jin landed, causing Linghu Xiangru to fly back 6-7 metres.

Linghu Xiangru was after all a Level 58 Spirit-based Enhancer, and after becoming the Sect Leader of the Heaven Sect, he had never been injured before. This time, even with the protection of the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, he still received a tremendous impact, causing his internal organs to rupture, as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. If it wasn’t for the strengthening of his Endurance through his equipment, he could have possibly been killed by this single fist of Yue Zhong.





Linghu Xiangru retreated backwards hastily, while trying anxiously to gather his Spirit, and casting the [Vocal Assertion] on Yue Zhong. He had ascertained from the light shining at Yue Zhong’s neck to be some sort of artifact that blocked Spiritual attacks. However, any equipment such as this had their limits, as long as he broke the limit, the equipment would lose its effectiveness.

“Go and die!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed furiously, his left hand exploded out with a ball of Devil Flame, and he swung viciously towards Linghu Xiangru, the Devil Flame threatening to envelop the latter.

Linghu Xiangru felt the overwhelming danger, as his pupils shrunk, and he activated his Type 2 [Buddha Protection] again, causing 4 holy auras to appear and cover him.

Although Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame could incinerate many things, including an armored tank that he could reduce to just a puddle of metal liquid, he had no way of burning through those holy lights in a short time.

While burning, Yue Zhong continually hacked at the 4 beams of holy light with his blade, with no way of cutting through.

“Kill yourself!!”

“Kill yourself!!”


Inside his protection, while backing up anxiously, he kept trying to cast his Level 3 [Vocal Assertion] and strong surges of Spirtual pulses kept crashing on Yue Zhong, wearing down the count of the Necklace of Clarity’s defence.

Under that relentless assault of Linghu Xiangru, the Necklace of Clarity began to wear down in terms of its defence, before the spiritual attack managed to enter Yue Zhong’s mind.

Linghu Xiangru casted his Spiritual blasts a few times, to no avail, as his eyes went wide with shock and he couldn’t help asking: “What the hell? How can you block my Spirit attacks??”

Linghu Xiangru suddenly thought of something, as he asked in a furious manner: “Don’t tell me you’re a Spirit-based Evolver!! Impossible! If you’re one, how can your speed be so fast?”

“You speak too much!! Die!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and with a thought, White Bones appeared out of thin air, swinging its huge axe viciously on the holy auras of Linghu Xiangru.

With a hong, the holy lights shimmered a little, and Linghu Xiangru’s face turned pale, as one of the beams disappeared.

While the defence of the Type 2 Buddha Protection was shocking, its energy expenditure was equally exhausting, and Linghu Xiangru had just been through a tough battle, having spent most of his Stamina and Spirit. This time, he was facing a joint attack by Yue Zhong and White Bones, which caused one of the holy auras to finally collapse.

“Attend to me!! Attend to me!! Quickly! Kill these 2 heretics, I’ll reward anyone who does it!!!” Linghu Xiangru was panicking by now, his face ashen as he looked at his damaged holy aura, and could not care less about his image as the Sect Leader, and ran to the disciples.

Yue Zhong and White Bones chased him down.

“Protect the Sect Leader!! Kill the heretics!!”

“Protect the Sect Leader!!”


The numerous disciples saw the Sect Leader that they had worshipped and thought invincible being chased by Yue Zhong and White Bones, and promptly went crazy with rage, charging over towards them.

Linghu Xiangru awkwardly ran past the human crowd towards the distance, he didn’t want to die, and still wanted to sit at the top of the Heaven Sect, and enjoy life’s pleasures.

“Kill the heretics!!”

“Kill the heretics!!”


Dozens of fanatics charged at Yue Zhong, their eyes filled with madness, with chants coming out of their mouths. Their single thought was to kill Yue Zhong and White Bones.

“Go die!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and he opened his hands, as a huge ball of Devil Flame shot towards Linghu Xiangru’s direction. Those poor souls who stood between Yue Zhong and Linghu Xiangru were instantly engulfed when the flame touched them, as they started burning and shrieking in agony.

In barely 2 seconds, the entire path that was blocked by the disciples had been charred black, and out of the 3 remaining holy auras surrounding Linghu Xiangru, one disintegrated.

When they saw the huge number of their fellow disciples being incinerated almost instantly, all the normal disciples had a change of expression, with only the zealous fanatics still charging at Yue Zhong without fear.

Yue Zhong’s body flashed, and in a few breaths, he managed to catch up to Linghu Xiangru, viciously slashing down at the 2 remaining beams of light, and with his 6-times normal Strength, he managed to do enough damage to finish destroying one more beam!!

White Bones had also caught up, as it swung its axe at the remaining beam of holy light, causing Linghu Xiangru to be knocked flying together with the beam.

Linghu Xiangru saw Yue Zhong make his way over with the determination to kill him, and his eyes flashed with fear as he called out: “Stop! I know a secret that can allow a normal skill to evolve into a Type 2 skill!! As long as you stop!! I will tell you this secret!!”

When Yue Zhong heard that, his eyes immediately shone, and he replied: “Get your men to stand down! Otherwise I have no choice but to kill you!”

Linghu Xiangru immediately turned and shouted at the disciples: “Stand down all of you!!”

With that, all the disciples immediately looked at one another, before quietly retreating.

Yue Zhong used his Crocodile Saw Tooth Blade to point at Linghu Xiangru and said deeply: “Speak!! If there’s the slightest falsehood, I’ll immediately execute you!”

Linghu Xiangru immediately pulled out a glass vial from his pocket, within it, there was a red, blood-like substance, that seemed to be shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere.

There’s someone like Linghu Xiangru in Singapore, minus the God & Devil abilities. He’s called Kong Hee. He had misappropriated funds used in worship for this megachurch called City Harvest Church. Look up “kong hee charged” in google and you’ll see what I mean. Worst part is, he still has followers that have been led to believe he truly is doing it for them.

Funny how sometimes blind faith can be used by wolves in sheep’s clothing to do many things. He gave Christianity a bad name at any rate.

If there’re any Singaporean readers who believe in Kong Hee out there, man, I feel sorry for you.


Kong Hee Info

[Ulamog]: At this topic I also feel sorrow but more for people who allow this kind of bad example to color their views of how real Christianity should be. I know that as the years pass we focus more and more on our goals and our own needs than we ever did even 10-20 years ago. The World is a changing place. Christianity was intended to HELP save people and get them through their issues, and to make people outgoing and loving and change the world one person at a time. Not to collect an offering or steal people’s money to fund music careers….. >.<

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