God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 387

Chapter 387 – Ying Kaishan!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong brought Bai Xiaosheng and 20-over soldiers with full equipment as they went towards the central headquarters of the Heaven Sect. There were still a few loyal worshippers and devotees ensconced there.

The central headquarters was in a lavish looking villa. As Linghu Xiangru had been a ordinary person before the apocalypse, after gaining power, he had also enjoyed himself. Therefore, the headquarters was set up in the most luxurious part of the county.

“Chang Li!! Just surrender! If you continue like this, you’ll only die!!” Zhen Yeyang brought a group of 100+ disciples that had surrendered as they stared at the villa, shouting loudly.

Within the villa, the Altar Lord Chang Li shouted out in fury: “Zhen Yeyang! You traitor!! You betrayed the Heaven Sect, and have become the claws for them to act against us! You will definitely not have a good ending, after your death, you’ll not be able to reincarnate and shall surely suffer your burning skin peeling from your thick face in Hell!! Let your new master come and meet me!! Otherwise, I’ll burn this entire villa, and you’ll only gain our corpses!!”

“Well said!! Chang Li, you’re undoubtedly a central pillar of our Heaven Sect! You have a backbone!!” Following a furious roar, a man dressed entirely in black leapt out, as he charged towards the villa.

Zhen Yeyang recognized the newcomer, as his face changed and he quickly bellowed: “Open fire!! Open fire!!”

The troops of Zhen Yeyang raised their guns and started firing at the middle-aged man, but their bullets only got deflected.

Chang Li took a look at the man in black, as his eyes lit up in joy: “Elder Ying! You’re here!!”

This man dressed in black was called Ying Kaishan, and was the leader of the 8 Elders in the Heaven Sect. He possessed a fearsome strength, and was the number one under Linghu Xiangru. Such an expert had arrived, and caused Chang Li to celebrate, there was finally someone they could rely on!

Ying Kaishan swept his eyes around the surroundings, and discovered only 23 disciples. He frowned and asked: “Are there only you guys here? Where’s the rest?”

Chang Li replied respectfully: “I had deployed the rest to the other parts of the villa, to guard the important areas.”

Ying Kaishan furrowed his brows and reprimanded: “Dumbass!! We’re low on numbers, how can we still divide our strength? Go get the rest back, and bring those beauties that the Sect Leader kept over here as hostages! If they don’t retreat, we’ll kill a woman every minute! Until they retreat, then we’ll make use of the chance to escape from here, and wait for a chance to get our revenge!! We must stay alive, and seek vengeance for the Sect Leader!!”

Chang Li immediately responded: “Yes! Elder Ying!! I’ll go get them now.”

Not long after, following the sounds of crying of women, 300 bound up but different beauties were dragged in by Chang Li and 20 other disciples.

When Linghu Xiangru had established the sect and set himself as the Sect Leader, the first thing he did was to set up his own harem court. As long as he saw a beauty that wasn’t the wife of his own subordinates, he would find ways to get them into his harem. When the higher-up stays happy, it spells the same for the subordinates. With Linghu Xiangru’s character, his subordinates would offer him beauties the moment they caught any grade A class beauties. Over time, he had gained over 300 such beauties for himself.

Ying Kaishan surveyed the environment, as he looked at the 46 disciples and asked solemnly: “Is this everybody?”

Chang Li looked at the 46 disciples, his face crunching in sadness as he gritted his teeth and replied: “Everybody’s here!! These are the remaining brothers who are willing to sacrifice it all for the Heaven Sect!”

Ying Kaishan’s face turned solemn and said: “Close the door!! Everyone come over here, I’ve something of utmost importance to say to everybody!!”

“Yes Elder!”

With the order from Ying Kaishan, the 46 disciples gathered around Ying Kaishan.

“Please enlighten us, Elder!!” Chang Li and the 46 disciples spoke out in unison.

“What I would like to say is… I want to use your severed , bleeding heads, to show and prove my loyalty to Leader!!” Ying Kaishan’s eyes turned cold, and sharp ice spikes shot out from his body, piercing through Chang Li and all of the 46 disciples, nailing them all gruesomely to the wall like some perverse game of pin the tail on the donkey.

“Why….Why!?!” Chang Li was pierced in his stomach, as he was nailed to the wall, shuddering as he asked Ying Kaishan.

Ying Kaishan’s expression was cold as he took out a Dark Magic Blade and cut off Chang Li’s head: “I need to use your deaths to gain the respect and approval of Leader. Don’t blame me! If you want to, blame yourselves for being stupid!”




When the 300 beauties saw this scene, many lost their composure and began to scream. It was the first time witnessing a slaughter for a few of them, and many were still not used to it.

Ying Kaishan stared at them coldly, and released an intense killing aura: “Shut up!! Keep quiet all of you!”

The 300 beauties immediately shut up after being intimidated by that killing intent.

Ying Kaishan pointed to 2 of the beauties and ordered: “You and you! Go open the door! Invite Leader in!”

Of the 2 beauties, one had long black hair, a full bottom, and a voluptuous figure coupled with incredible looks. The other was slightly shorter, but had fair skin, and defining features, and could be considered cute.

The 2 of them did not dare go against Ying Kaishan’s orders, as they went to the door of the villa and opened it.

The moment the door opened, Yue Zhong brought Ming Jiajia and took huge strides into the villa.

Ying Kaishan got down on one knee in front of Yue Zhong and proclaimed: “Salutations and welcome to the Leader!!”

“Welcome Master!!” The 300 beauties also got down respectfully and spoke out in unison.

When Linghu Xiangru established the Heaven Sect, he passed the rule that everyone had to treat him like the emperors of the past. Those who did not listen were immediately treated as blood offerings to God, and under that kind of treatment, many became obedient, or at the very least, on the surface.

Yue Zhong looked at Ying Kaishan and said: “Get up! Ying Kaishan, you did extremely well! You will be a platoon commander first, and your rank will be a second lieutenant for now.”

Ying Kaishan was a man who knew how to make use of opportunities, when he saw that the Heaven Sect had fallen, he had immediately lined himself with Yue Zhong. He was the one who had suggested this trap to wipe out the remaining devotees, to prove his loyalty.

“Yes, Leader!” Ying Kaishan’s eyes flashed with fervor, as he stood up swiftly.

Ying Kaishan pointed to the 2 ladies that had opened the door for Yue Zhong and recommended: “Leader, this lady is called Xu Qian, and this one is called Sun Xueyan! Both of them had just recently been offered to Linghu Xiangru within this month, however, Linghu Xiangru had been out hunting Mutant Beasts, and raising his own level. They should still be virgins! They have already undergone the strictest training to be prepared, and Leader you can use them as you wish now!”

Ying Kaishan was a keen person, and had his capabilities. He wanted to gain a high position in this establishment of Yue Zhong, and regardless of the methods, as long as it could be used, he would employ them where necessary.

Xu Qian was the voluptuous and alluring lady with the long black hair, and was about 21 years old. Sun Xueyan was the slightly petite and fair, cute beauty of about 16-17.

“En!” Yue Zhong swept a gaze at both the ladies as he replied indifferently.

Zhen Yeyang walked into the villa and reported to Yue Zhong: “Leader! There’s someone who wants to see you!”

“Who?” Yue Zhong furrowed his brows slightly while asking curiously. In this Long An County, he could be considered the single leader now, and possessed the authority to kill anyone. Everyone was in awe of him, and there shouldn’t be anybody who would seek him of their own accord.

Zhen Yeyang replied: “He’s a researcher! I have no idea what background he has, however he seemed to be researching a top-secret project for the Heaven Sect! Only Linghu Xiangru could enter as he pleased, and the location was always protected by the Sword Apostles. Even Elders could not go in! I think that Leader you should personally meet him!”

Yue Zhong frowned and replied: “Ok! I got it! Lead me!”

Zhen Yeyang brought Yue Zhong towards a separate villa from the headquarters.

The moment he entered the villa, Yue Zhong saw that the place had been remodelled into a research lab. Inside the lab, there could be various equipment seen, and within many glass containers, there were countless Mutant Beasts and plants.

In the research lab, there were also cages. Inside some of these cages, there were some L1s, S1s Mutant Cats, Mutant Pigs as well as other evolved zombies and Mutant Beasts locked up. Inside one such cage, there were even 2 Level 23 live Mutant Lizards.

A researcher dressed in white was currently busy scribbling and noting down some research, performing all sorts of tests, keeping extremely busy. The moment Yue Zhong stepped in, the researcher lifted his head and looked at Yue Zhong, before calling out: “Elder Ou! Someone’s here!”

A man in a white coat, with an incredibly messy hairdo and unkempt beard, of about 27-28 looked up from a microscope. He eyed Zhen Yeyang, before looking at Yue Zhong and said a little indifferently: “I’m Ou Ming! I was the 9th Elder of the Heaven Sect. Are you Yue Zhong?”

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