God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 389

Chapter 389 – Evolve, Type 2 Skill

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

The moment Long An County was secured, Yue Zhong did not immediately bring his forces away. Instead, he arranged for another battalion to be deployed over from Tianxin District to stand guard at Long An County.

With the additional security of the elite battalion, Long An County truly became under Yue Zhong’s control. Even if the remaining forces from Heaven Sect were to make any funny movements, the elite battalion was more than enough to keep things in check.

Yue Zhong brought a vial of the ‘Ou Ming Ver 1’ and placed it into Ming Jiajia’s hands, saying: “Jiajia! This is ‘Ou Ming Evolving Liquid Ver 1’! After administering, it can help the ability of an Enhancer above Level 30 to evolve into a Type 2 skill. However, there are risks to this, and should the evolution fail, there could be a strong backlash as well! Do you want to take it?”

“Please allow me to!! I’m not afraid!” Ming Jiajia had a resolute look, as she took it from Yue Zhong’s hands, and immediately downed the contents in a single gulp.

In this apocalyptic world, to gain strength, one had to to take the risk. Ming Jiajia had long since understood that fact, and knew the chances to become stronger were already rare and slim. The moment she passed one up, it would be gone forever. Furthermore she wanted to stay by Yue Zhong’s side, and become an indispensable existence to Yue Zhong, strength was thus crucial.

The moment the liquid entered Ming Jiajia’s body, it became a hot surge of energy that rushed about in her body, as her blood started to heat up as though burning. She could not help but groan in pain, collapsing in Yue Zhong’s arms, and perspired profusely.

Other than that, as she was perspiring, blood started to ooze out from every single pore. That intense pain caused Ming Jiajia’s body to shudder involuntarily. She could only try to withstand the pain while groaning in pain like an injured kitten.

“What a powerful concoction!!” Yue Zhong held Ming Jiajia tightly as his heart pounded. It was the first time he witnessed such terrifying effects.

After an entire hour, Ming Jiajia’s torment came to a stop, by this time, her entire body looked as frail as a newborn, mixed with blood and grime.

Yue Zhong carried Ming Jiajia and brought her to the bath to clean up, before bringing her back to bed to rest.

Early the next morning, Ming Jiajia awoke, and Yue Zhong asked in concern: “How’re you feeling?”

Ming Jiajia closed her eyes and observed her changes quietly, before opening her eyes and said: “It’s fine now! My Spirit has gained 5 points of enhancement. My [Summon Shadow Wolves] skill has also evolved to [Summon Type 2 Shadow Wolves]!”

Yue Zhong’s pupils lit up in interest: “Let me see the extent of your new strength!”

Ming Jiajia nodded and waved her hands, activating the skill. In an instant, without any noise, a Shadow Wolf rushed out from Yue Zhong’s shadow and pounced towards him.

Yue Zhong’s heart tightened in wariness as he activated his [Shadow Steps], twisting his body and sending a powerful punch towards the Type 2 Shadow Wolf!

The Type 2 Shadow Wolf had no means of dodging in mid air, and received the powerful punch. It was sent back 6m, however, it did not seem to be injured in the slightest, and its eyes flashed furiously. The moment it landed, it shot towards Yue Zhong like a lightning bolt.

“What a crazy speed!!” Yue Zhong observed the Type 2 Shadow Wolf and his heart trembled. Its speed was actually faster than Lightning and himself! It was actually comparable to the Agility-based Evolver Bai Xiaosheng. Without any sharp weapons, even with a Strength of 6x normal, Yue Zhong had not managed to hurt it.

As the Type 2 Shadow Wolf pounced towards Yue Zhong, he activated his [Gravity Manipulation] and caused the Type 2 Shadow Wolf to plummet to the ground. He made a grab for the wolf, and slashed down with the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, cutting the Type 2 Shadow Wolf cleanly in two.

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed as he asked Ming Jiajia: “How many of these Type 2 Shadow Wolves can you summon?”

Ming Jiajia thought and replied honestly: “With my current Spirit, I can maintain 5 Type 2 Shadow Wolves for 10 minutes. After that, I can’t sustain the energy necessary to summon them.”

While these Type 2 Shadow Wolves could not compare to actual Type 2 Mutant Beasts, the differences weren’t that big. The fearsome thing was that they could be continuously summoned out, and Ming Jiajia could even summon 5 at one go. If Yue Zhong didn’t have any protection, and was suddenly ambushed by these wolves, he would definitely suffer quite a bit.

Yue Zhong currently had few experts under him that could contend against these wolves singlehandedly. That was to say, just based on single combat power, Ming Jiajia had already ranked amongst the top 10. However, her personal defence was still lacking, and without protection, a single sniper bullet could take her life easily.

Yue Zhong smiled and ruffled Ming Jiajia’s little head: “Very good! Like this, Jiajia you have become a powerful expert as well!”

Ming Jiajia revealed a bright sweet smile: “Hehe!!”

Since Ming Jiajia had successfully taken the ‘Ou Ming Ver 1’, Yue Zhong did not hesitate further and immediately gulped down the contents.

In an instant, Yue Zhong started to bleed from his pores, as a strong powerful surge of energy raged within his body, causing him to feel as though he was breaking apart. While Yue Zhong had a strong will, the pain caused him to feel like he was dying from the most excruciating torture you could imagine. After shivering uncontrollably for an extended period, he managed to recover somewhat, albeit slowly.

A strange light flashed within his mind, as it gathered around the [Summon Skeleton] skill rune, causing it to change. A few strange lines carved themselves onto the rune, before finalizing the fusion process and the skill rune shone with smallish dark pulses of light.

The moment the rune formed, a radiant light shot out from Yue Zhong’s mind where the Skill Rune was stored and landed on White Bones.

Under the blanket of that radiant light, White Bones started to undergo a change, its body turning entirely black, leaving not a single spot. Every part of its body started to sprout sharp spikes, giving it the hideous appearance of a killing machine.

“Congratulations on gaining 5 points of Spirit!” A bright sound of notification rang within Yue Zhong’s mind.

“Level 4 Skill: Summon Dark Skull (Type 2 Skill). Enhancing requires 2 skill points per enhancement.”

“Your Special Summon Skeleton has evolved and has gained enhancement in its abilities. Every skill has gained a +1 enhancement.”

“Dark Skull (White Bones) Level 42.

Agility: 91 (10)

Stamina: 91/91 (10)

Endurance: 153 (10)

Skill 1:

Skill 2:

Skill 3:

Skill 4:

Skill 5:

Skill 6:

Skill 7:

Skill 8: Basic Intelligence (+1).”

After the Special Summon White Bones evolved into the Dark Skull (White Bones), its 6 attributes had gained 20 points each. At the same time, every skill gained +1 enhancement. Its combat ability had undergone an earth-shattering change after evolution, even if it were to face Type 2 Mutant Beasts, it could hold its own. It was no longer helpless against those fearsome beasts


In the villa that used to be the headquarters of the Heaven Sect, Yue Zhong sat silently in a sofa, his hands holding the info of his various subordinates.

Ming Jiajia sat obediently beside Yue Zhong as she read an English book. She only originally knew Vietnamese and Chinese, but as she wanted to follow Yue Zhong for a long time, she started picking up various languages. English happened to be one of them.

Ning Yuxin, Sun Xueyan, and Xu Qian, these 3 beauties were currently sitting in front of Yue Zhong, and each of them held a magazine as they were absorbed in their own reading separately.

Yue Zhong looked at the details of his subordinates, as he frowned, before turning to the loli Ming Jiajia, as his eyes lit up: “Jiajia! Would you like to be the mayor of Long An County?”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Ning Yuxin, Sun Xueyan and Xu Qian abruptly looked towards Ming Jiajia, as they trembled slightly.

Especially Xu Qian, as intense jealousy could be seen in her eyes. The mayor of the county would have control over 7,000 people, calling their fates was as easy as flipping their hands. It was an incredible honor and prestige.

Prior to the apocalypse, Xu Qian was a small-time model, and had dealt with numerous people. She was no stranger to authority and power, and was attracted to a position of control. There was one time when she was competing with another model for an ad. Xu Qian had better qualifications, but just because the competition had a mayor as her backer, she got the job. Through this, Xu Qian learnt about the harsh ways of society. If it wasn’t for her personal principle on being a virgin to hook a millionaire, she would have long become a rich canary shared amongst other rich people.

While Ning Yuxin and Sun Xueyan were not as envious as Xu Qian, they were still shocked by the news.

Ming Jiajia tilted her head as she pondered, before replying in a resolute manner: “I don’t want to leave Master’s side! However, if Master requires me to stay here and manage Long An County, I would do so for you. When you’re gone I would definitely not allow anyone to snatch it away from you!”

Yue Zhong revealed a smile, and lightly pecked Ming Jiajia’s forehead: “Good! From now on, you’re the mayor of Long An County! I’ll leave it in your care then!”

Yue Zhong had groomed a number of experts, but he could only fully trust a handful. Ming Jiajia had been by his side ever since he crusaded across Vietnam. She had weathered almost everything with him, and was the most trustworthy. At the same time, her experience was not lacking, and she had the highest qualifications, as everyone knew she was the favourite general under Yue Zhong, and no one would dare contest her rule.

Ever since Wen Fuxin had slunk away in defeat, he had long since disappeared with his men. The world was wide and the boundaries were endless, Yue Zhong had no means to spare to chase him down.

After passing the command that Ming Jiajia was to assume control as the mayor, Yue Zhong reassigned some of the Heaven Sect’s experts into his own expert troops. They then proceeded to replenish their ammunition, and he only brought this bunch of elite soldiers with him towards Guilin City.

Xiama Village was a small village that was about 20km away from Guilin City, and before the apocalypse, it had about 300 inhabitants. Currently, it was the territory and home to over 300 zombies.

On this day, 2 Audis, 1 Santana, a bus, a truck, and 5 other cars came from the distance, stopping right in front of this village.

40 men stepped out of the 5 cars, amongst them, 2 of them were wielding rifles, and the remaining 30-over were holding machetes, long bats and other various melee weapons.

“Do it!!” A huge burly bald man, with a long knife scar on his face, held his Tang Replica Sword as he looked at Xiama Village and ordered solemnly.

The men started to get into action, as they hammered large wooden stakes into the ground, and started to tie some ropes to the stakes, constructing a simple trap.

Upon completion, the scar-faced man commanded a skinny male: “Zhao Jia! It’s your turn!!”

“Yes! Boss!” The skinny male had a pale look, as he pulled out a small knife, and cut his hand, causing a few drops of fresh blood to drip onto a handkerchief.

Zhao Jia then brought the blood-stained handkerchief and ran towards the entrance of the village, and shouting at the top of his lungs: “Zombies! Your granddaddy Zhao Jia is here! Get the hell out!!”

The zombies within the village caught scent of the fresh blood, as well as the noise Zhao Jia was making, and they started to shamble towards the source.

After Zhao Jia was done getting their attention, he quickly retreated. He didn’t dare to stay too long, as the biggest risk of his job as bait was, if he were to meet an S2, the bait would definitely die and become food.

Unfortunately, Zhao Jia didn’t have the necessary luck it seemed. Alas, he had just ran for a few metres, when an S2 suddenly leapt out from the crowd of zombies in a flash, chasing after him!

“Help!! Help!!” Zhao Jia saw the S2 and was frightened out of his wits, as he sobbed and ran while screaming.

His cries did not help him, as everyone stood near the trap and watched quietly, not daring to take a step beyond the limit.

The S2 reached Zhao Jia easily, and pounced on him, taking a vicious bite out of his throat, and chewed his flesh of his neck in a bloody mess…

Ulamog: well… That guy at the end is dead. Like Crackerjacks! Where’s my prize in the middle? *S-2 Shoves hand into throat*

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