God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 392

Chapter 392 – xcx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South] Chapter 392: Kin!

Ning Li looked at her son with a doting look and said: “It’s good that you’re back!! Your dad will help you get a job here! After that you can find marry a decent girl and bear me a grandchild!”

Ning Li was very traditional, and just hoped for her son to settle down, marry a girl, and leave on peacefully.

Yue Zhong did not want to turn his mother down at this juncture and only smiled and nodded: “Sure!!”

In the evening, close to 6pm, Yue Zhong’s father Yue Ming came home and saw Yue Zhong, before saying a single sentence mildly: “It’s good that you’re back!”

Yue Zhong detected Yue Ming’s body trembling, and could see that his father was suppressing his emotions.

Yue Ming had always been the pillar of support in the family, and could not easily lose his composure in front of his son. Men had always been less expressive of their emotions anyway.

Yue Zhong also responded with a sentence: “Dad! I’m home!”

“It’s good that you’re back!” Yue Ming looked at Yue Zhong once before he sat down on the sofa and his body trembled. He held up a newspaper to block himself, as even the usually stoic he could not help but shed a few tears upon seeing his long lost son.

Ning Li left the father-son pair in the living room, as she went to the kitchen and got busy.

Fried vegetables and roasted meat, these rare food after the apocalypse were displayed on the table, and there were even 4 buns and some dumplings. This was considered a sumptuous meal, and this single meal had been at the cost of half a month of Yue Ming’s meat and fuel wages.

Not long after, Sun Jie brought a young pretty lady with black, shoulder-length hair, a tall figure, with a pure and innocent charm to the Yue household.

The moment that demure lady entered the house, she greeted Yue Ming and Ning Li politely: “Uncle! Auntie!”

Ning Li smiled warmheartedly: “Come! Come! Yue Zhong, this is Gao Xiaoyun, she’s Auntie Sun’s daughter! She’s 18 this year, just slightly younger than you. You must take good care of Xiaoyun-meimei in the future! Xiaoyun, this is your Yue Zhong-gege!! You should hang out more with him.”

When Yue Zhong heard this, he understood the meaning of the dinner. Ning Li wanted to arrange marriage between the both of them. This meal was to introduce the 2 of them to each other.

Sun Jie also spoke up enthusiastically: “Xiaoyun, this is your Yue Zhong-gege! He was a university student, if you have anything you’re unsure about in the future, just seek help from him. Yue Zhong, the 2 of you youngsters should have a lot to talk about, we won’t bother you! Go on and have a chat. Go on!”

Gao Xiaoyun looked towards Yue Zhong and smiled gently: “How do you do, Yue Zhong-gege!!”

Yue Zhong responded with a smile: “How do you do, Xiaoyun!”

After that, Gao Xiaoyun proceeded to have her dinner quietly. Whenever Yue Zhong initiated a sentence, she would reply with a sentence. This continued all the way till the meal ended.

After dinner, Gao Xiaoyun looked to Yue Zhong and said: “Yue Zhong-gege! Can you come with me?”

Yue Zhong returned her look and said: “Sure!”

“Something’s happening!!” Sun Jie and Ning Li exchanged a glance, the pair of friends broke out in satisfied smiles. Their relationship was great in the first place, and had hoped to join through marriage. It was their wish to see Yue Zhong and Gao Xiaoyun get together.

Gao Xiaoyun and Yue Zhong walked below the apartment for a few steps before she turned around and spoke out: “Yue Zhong-gege! Can you go to my mum and turn the arranged marriage down? I have someone I like already!”

Yue Zhong looked at Gao Xiaoyun and replied indifferently: “These matters, you should be the one to tell your mum!”

Sun Jie and Ning Li were on good terms. If Yue Zhong said he was the one to turn Gao Xiaoyun down, Ning Li would feel extremely bad towards Sun Jie. Yue Zhong did not want to be the bad guy in this scenario. Although Gao Xiaoyun could be considered a pretty flower, compared to Chen Yao, Zhuo Yatong, or Ji Qingwu, she could not match them at all. In Yue Zhong’s heart, this Gao Xiaoyun was not even comparable to a single strand of hair on his mother’s head. He was naturally unwilling to cause his mother distress.

Gao Xiaoyun looked at Yue Zhong and retorted: “Yue Zhong-gege! Don’t be like this!! I won’t like you! Can you be magnanimous about this? If you want to try and hold on, it makes you look bad as a man! Guys should be cooler about this. Go tell my mum that you want to decline this relationship, and in exchange, I’ll get you a job. Although there aren’t any formal preparation, I can introduce you to the police post!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned cold: “Xiaoyun-meimei! You look too highly upon yourself! Please don’t get me wrong, I have no feelings for you! However, if Auntie Sun and my mum insists that we try, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. If you want to reject me, please go tell Auntie Sun yourself! I won’t pester you.”

In Long An County, Yue Zhong could easily find over a hundred girls with better appearances than Gao Xiaoyun. Initially he had thought she was refined and demure, however, he never expected her to be so narcissistic, and he lost all favourable impressions of her.

“Let’s conclude our chat here! Good bye!” Yue Zhong left Gao Xiaoyun alone and went home.

As Yue Zhong left, Gao Xiaoyun’s pretty face was distorted in anger, as she stared coldly at Yue Zhong’s back, before snorting and left for her own house.

The moment Yue Zhong reached home, Ning Li came to him and ask expectantly: “How was it, son? Xiaoyun’s pretty right!! Were there any feelings?”

Yue Zhong glanced at Ning Li and responded: “Mum! She said that she has someone already! We won’t have any chance!”

Ning Li grumbled and consoled Yue Zhong: “She already has someone she likes? How come I didn’t know that? Why didn’t she say so!! This Sun Jie also! Her own daughter has already fallen for someone else but she wants to introduce her to my son. Ah, son, your mum is to be blamed for not sorting things out properly!! However, since my son’s so outstanding, you’re definitely able to find someone much better than Gao Xiaoyun!!”

In the eyes of parents, their own offsprings would be the best in the world, and Ning Li was no exception.

Ning Li was depressed for awhile, before she suddenly brightened up: “Oh yes! Son! Didn’t you travel with that university schoolmate Ning Yuxin? Is she your girlfriend?”

Ning Yuxin had a demeanor that far surpassed Gao Xiaoyun, and in Ning Li’s eyes, she was the perfect candidate.

Yue Zhong chuckled bitterly: “Mum! Why did your thoughts go to her?”

Ning Li paced about and muttered to herself: “She’s too pretty though! I’m afraid it would be hard to keep her at home! If she marries in, who knows if she makes my son a cuckold. It’s too bad!! Actually Gao Xiaoyun would be just nice, not too pretty or ugly! What a pity, you guys don’t have the fate!”

Ning Li then said confidently: “While our household may not be rich, in this world, we’re considered better off than others! Son, don’t worry, with my connections, I’ll definitely help you find a good wife, better than Gao Xiaoyun!”

Yue Ming’s household wasn’t considered rich, but as he was a civil servant, he had a steady rice bowl, and it was considered decent.

It must be known that with the problem of tight rations, plus that everybody was still reliant on the mercy relief of gruel rations, in a society where many women would sell their own bodies for just a bun and the selling of one’s own children for food was common, marrying into a household with a steady ration was considered the dream of many ladies.

Yue Zhong saw that Ning Li was about to start nagging, and he massaged his throbbing head and changed the topic: “Mum! I’m going to bed!!”

“En! The mattress is ready! Go have a good rest!”

Ning Li just responded simply, before muttering to herself again: “The Chens’ daughter is still too young. As for the Qins…no, she’s not good looking. The young lady of the Luos’ can be considered pretty, but she’s a bit short. The Li’ daughter is too old, already hitting 26!”

It’s truly tough to be a parent. As Ning Li was pondering over the issue of a daughter-in-law, Yue Zhong was sleeping comfortably. He had been fighting non-stop and killed countless enemies. Even when he was in bed with the beauties in his life, his heart still longed to see his parents. Now that he has seen them alive and well, he slept extremely soundly.

“Time for breakfast!”

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong came to the table, and saw that there were 3 bowls of porridge and 3 half buns.

“Mum! These are items I found outside in villages!!” Yue Zhong looked at the contents on the table, before going back to the room, and pulled out flour, rice, various canned foods, digestive biscuits, milk, chocolates, cigarettes and other foods from his bag.

Ning Li looked in astonishment at the assortment of items, and smiled happily: “Great!! Great!! My son is truly capable! Haha!!”

Amongst those food in Yue Zhong’s bag, if they were to be measured against Yue Ming’s salary, it could be said that they were worth at least half a year of wages.

Yue Ming looked at the food that Yue Zhong brought out, and pulled out 4 green tickets and handed them to Yue Zhong: “Here’s tickets for 40jin of food! Go rest and have fun these 2 days! After that, I’ll bring you for interviews. Heading out to find stuff is too dangerous. If you’re not careful, you won’t make it back alive. It’s better if you stay inside here and find some work, and work hard. Next time, you can become a government personnel.”

Yue Zhong received the tickets, and smiled at Yue Ming, before turning and heading out: “I got it! I’ll be heading out first!”

After leaving his house, Yue Zhong pondered for awhile, and decided not to summon anybody as he left towards the market on his own.

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