God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Hijack

The whole city of Lei Jiang became a hunting ground for zombies as they were released from the shopping district. In Lei Jiang City, the roles of hunter and prey had switched. In the face of those evolved zombies, the humans who were strengthened by the magical system was killed one by one. Their flesh and blood swallowed by the zombies.

Lei Jiang City had became true hell. The strengthened humans that survived became more cautious, as their lives have become more difficult.

In the old days, there were many cars driving on this road, but now it was virtually uninhabited. There was only car wreckages and scattered zombies wandering this road now. On the road, two Dongfeng trucks were speeding through.

Yue sat in the passenger’s seat while looking out of the window at the dead barren scenery. Then looked at Wang Shuang and asked: “How much longer till we reach Long Hai City?”

Wang Shuang smiled wryly and said: “I’m not sure. I haven’t driven to Long Hai City before. However, according to the GPS, we are halfway to Long Hai City.”

Yue nodded slightly and said nothing, while looking out the truck. He looked around for the possibility of dangers?

Suddenly, 12 abandoned cars had completely blocked the lanes.

“Damn it! Blocked again!” Wang Shuang muttered some words, and stopped the truck.

The lanes blocked by abandoned cars, Yue had seen it many times. All the previous blocked cars were moved by Yue, only were they able to continued forward.

Precisely because the lanes were blocked everywhere by abandoned cars that they were moving so slowly. Even once because the lanes was blocked for so long, taking a long time to switched lanes.

The trucks stopped, and Yue had just gotten off from the truck, when six people came out from both sides of the road. They quickly rushed out while holding Type 81 rifles. They aimed at Yue and the two trucks.

One of them had a long scar on his face, bald and with an extremely fierce look. The bald man looked at Yue and shouted “Freeze! Or we’ll shoot.”

In the two trucks, the girls were scared after seeing the vicious men holding guns. Their eyes were full of fear, so they lay down lower on the seats.

Yue looked at the vicious bald man and frowned, immediately activating his Shadow Step skill. Then rushed towards the 6 armed men.

White Bones leapt down from the truck, and rushed towards the six armed men like a demon.

Seeing White Bones rushing at them, the six bald men were terrified, constantly shooting at White Bones.

The bullets that hit White Bones only embedded itself in the bones. The bullets did not have any effects on White Bones.

After activating the Shadow Step skill, Yue’s speed was to the extreme. He was now more than 5 times faster than an average person. He rushed in front of that scar-faced man, with the sword in hand, slashing towards the man’s head.

That scar-faced man’s eyes were full of fright seeing Yue rushing towards him. He ignored White Bones on the other side, aiming his gun at Yue and fired.

The moment that the scar-faced man pointed his gun at Yue, Yue’s body flickered, suddenly appeared behind the scar-faced man. Yue, with his sword in hand, slashing towards the scar-faced man’s head.

“Little brother, stop! Otherwise, I can not guarantee your companions life!” At this moment, came the voice of a confident man.

Yue swept across the areas with his eyes, seeing 20 men armed with Type 81 rifles and Type 79 submachine guns. The bald militant men had surrounded the two Dongfeng trucks. There were also two tractors in the rear, blocking off the two Dongfeng trucks retreat. Among the 20 well-armed militants, there was a fierce looking, middle aged man stand 1.8 meters tall. The man was quietly staring at Yue.

“White Bones, let them live!”

Yue ordered in his mind. Then placed the sword on the scar-faced man’s neck, immediately getting behind the scar-faced man, using him as a human shield. Yue then stared at the leader of those 26 armed militants.

The scar-faced man felt the coldness of the Imitation Tang Sword on his neck, immediately producing a chill down his spine. He did not dare to act rashly.

Receiving Yue’s order, White Bones did not used his axe, and instead, kicked the five militants. Kicking them like the wind of a storm and then strode next to Yue.

The leader of the militants looked at White Bones who was next to Yue and gave a little chuckle: “Little brother, you have an amazing ability there. I am Tiger Wang(Wang Guang Hu)! You can call me Tiger. What is your name?” [Translator Note: Hu means Tiger in Chinese, so I will just call him Tiger, plus all his men call him Tiger. My name means Dragon on the other hand lol.]

Yue stared at Tiger Wang, and in a deep voice said: “My name is Yue Zhong. Big brother Tiger, I do not know why you want to block our path? We don’t seem to have offended you?”

The firepower of the 26 militants was too great. Once there is a conflict, except for Yue, very few people will survive on his side.

Ji Qing Wu and Chi Yang after continuous strengthening, their physical abilities were far superior to the average person. Killing normal zombies was very easy for them. However, faced with the great firepower of the militants, their chance of survival is very low. Not to mention Lu Wen, whose defense is 0. Once the conflict begin, she may be one of the first to be kill. If not a last resort, Yue did not want to clash with Tiger Wang’s forces.

Tiger Wang stared at Yue, then slowly said: “Yue, this time I was out looking for supplies and searching for survivors. You all should follow me back to Always Bright Village. Always Bright Village have perfect protections, after returning to the village, I promise to keep you all well-fed. You also do not have to worry about the zombies outside.” [Translator Note: Just having fun with the name lol. The village name is Chang Guang/Zhang Guang.]

Yue directly refused and said: “I’m sorry, big brother Tiger! We want to go to Long Hai City survivor enclave.”

Tiger Wang slightly frowned. His frowned disappear soon after, and with a chuckle said: “To each their own. Yue, since you want to go to the survivor enclave in Long Hai City, I will not stop you. But coming out on this trip is not easy, I want the supplies on one of the Dongfeng truck.”

Yue who have been somewhat tensed, then relaxed and said: “Okay!”

As long as they do not die, everything else is easy. Based on their team’s abilities, there is no problem if they just carefully search for supplies.

Tiger Wang made a gesture, his men immediately lowered their guns. He walked towards Yue with a smile and said: “Yue, you now should also release my little brother Chen Si.”

Yue loosen his hand, and removed the Imitation Tang Sword from Chen Si’s neck.

Chen Si rubbed his neck, then faced Yue with a grin, and said: “You are really damn strong. Boy, besides big brother Tiger, you are the strongest person that I have met.”

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