God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 394

The young man, who was dressed in black, replied indifferently: “A Necklace only! I want a Level 3 and above Agility-based Necklace, trading One for one!”

Chen Qianhong thought for awhile, before she pulled out a Ring of Fireball from her bag, a Ring of Ice Pick, as well as a Dark Magic Blade, placing them in front of the young man in black and asked earnestly: “I don’t have a Level 3 Agility-based Necklace. How about I use these 3 items to exchange for that Sapphire Ring of yours?”

The young man immediately rejected it coolly: “Not exchanging!”

Dan Yu’s face turned ugly, and stepped forward to threaten: “Oei! What kind of tone is that! Do you know whos she is? Do you not want to live to see tomorrow’s daylight?!”

The young stall vendor immediately pulled out a Dark Magic Blade, as a dark force coagulated atop the blade, causing a sense of fear to arise in those who looked at it. The young man pointed the blade at Dan Yu, and barked out coldly: “Scram!”

A strong surge of killing intent billowed out from the young man, enveloping Dan Yu, who immediately turned pale. He retreated a few steps, and plopped down weakly on his backside, trembling as he stammered: “You can’t kill me!! My dad is the District Chief Dan Hong!”

Hearing this, all the stall vendors around gathered together, as they glared at Dan Yu with a ferocious glint in their eyes. The killing intent from all the stall vendors became extremely heavy, and the tension in the air was palpable.

In this 2nd Street of Xinyang, there was an unspoken rule, which was that regardless of background, whoever came here had to deal according to the vendor’s wishes. If anyone wanted to forcefully rob, use their authority to override the vendors, or even force a deal, all the Enhancers would immediately step forwards to get rid of the troublemaker. Hearing the retarded words from Dan Yu, each and every single Enhancer on site who was Level 10 and above, stood up to stare at Dan Yu and Chen Qianhong’s group.

“Friends! Please keep your weapon! This time, it was my friend that did not know the rules, and he’s ignorant! I will apologize on behalf of him.” Chen Qianhong bowed deeply towards the young man in apology.

Chen Qianhong then sternly said: “However! Guilin City is a lawful society! Please sheathe your weapon, and use your strength on the zombies and Mutant Beasts, not on your fellow humans!”

The young man in black stared coolly at Chen Qianhong, and kept his Dark Magic Blade, before sitting down quietly without a word.

The rest of the vendors scattered back to their stalls, not congregating together. After all, everyone wanted to earn a living here in Guilin City. As long as they weren’t forced to the extreme, they didn’t want to antagonize the government. Unless of course they were willing to abandon their life here and go back to the wilderness.

Chen Qianhong heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this. If these 100 some odd Enhancers were to band together, they were a force not to be underestimated. Especially since there were a number that were above Level 30. If they were to go crazy and create chaos in the city, it would definitely cause major problems.

Dan Yu stood up from the ground, as he thanked Chen Qianhong: “Thanks, Xiaohong*!!”

Chen Qianhong frowned as she snapped at Dan Yu: “Dan Yu! If you’re going to be like this, just stay away from me in the future!”

Dan Yu had grown up spoilt and was accustomed to being domineering over others. After the apocalypse set in, his dad had gained power, and it caused him to be even more overbearing.

“Yes!! Yes!!” Dan Yu recoiled, and hung his head. He was always bullying the weak while fearing the strong, and since Chen Qianhong’s father was more powerful than his own, he could only lower his head to her.

At this time, Yue Zhong came forward and brought out his Necklace of Hurricane, before handed it to the black-robed young man: “I have a Level 3 Necklace of Hurricane, to be traded for your Sapphire Ring. Will you exchange?”

The young man received the Necklace and inspected it carefully, before throwing the Sapphire Ring to Yue Zhong: “Deal!”

Dan Yu looked towards Yue Zhong, and his expression turned grim as he barked out “You again!!”

Yue Zhong did not even glance at Dan Yu, as he took up the Sapphire Ring and went to another store, treating Dan Yu as though he was air.

Chen Qianhong furrowed her eyebrows and reprimanded Dan Yu: “Dan Yu, for once, just shut up!”

When he was scolded by Chen Qianhong, Dan Yu immediately bowed his head, and his face twisted with fury. Anyone would be pissed when scolded like a dog.

Chen Qianhong looked at Yue Zhong deeply, before she turned around and left. She was extremely beautiful and exuded a noble aura, and her background was decent. Be it before the apocalypse or after, there was no shortage of men who tried to woo her, and she had seen all the different sorts of tricks men used to get her attention. To all those attention-seekers, she would only employ the best method, which was to ignore them.

Yue Zhong walked about the market for quite a while, and other than the Sapphire Ring, the majority of the stuff sold could not compare to his own equipment, and thus he had no plans of purchasing anymore.

Yue Zhong walked about idly, before settling at a small eatery that was popular with the crowd.

“2 bowls of dumplings!!”

“1 bowl of vegetarian noodles please!!”

The eatery was packed full of customers as they hollered their orders.

A number of the waiters and waitresses bustled about as they walked to and fro, serving the food and cleaning the tables of the customers who left.

Yue Zhong waited for quite a long time, before a bowl of meat dumplings were delivered to his table. He took a slurp of the soup, the aroma of the meat and broth wafting into his nostrils, and he felt vitalized. He took a bite of the meat dumpling, and the juiciness of the meat exploded in his mouth, assaulting his tastebuds with the simply delicious flavour.

“This is made from the meat of a Mutant Beast! No wonder it’s so fragrant!” Yue Zhong could tell immediately from a single bite, and he dug in with gusto.

Yue Zhong had already inhaled 6 of the dumplings, when a number of brutes wielding butcher knives and wooden bats entered the store noisily and shouted: “Make way!! Make way!! The Green Bamboo Gang is here on official business, those not involved scram to one side!!”

When those hooligans entered the shop, the customers were all frightened and ran out the shop.

The Green Bamboo Gang was after all one of the bigger gangs in Guilin City, and it was rumored that they were backed by a government official. They had numerous experts, and were extremely overbearing in their conduct of business. Ordinary citizens did not dare to antagonize them.

A slightly chubby middle-aged housewife rushed out from the counter with a cajoling smile, as she tried to persuade one of the gang members, a baldy with a scorpion tattoo: “This brother!! We have already paid our protection fee for the month!!”

The bald man with the scorpion tattoo stared at her and barked out: “We’re not here to collect protection fee!! Get lost to one side! Don’t hinder your father I from my business!”

When she was spoken to so explosively, the housewife trembled and ran to the kitchen taking the waitresses with her.

One of the hooligans present saw Yue Zhong sitting and enjoying his meat dumplings without a care in the world and immediately reported to Scorpion-Tattoo Baldy: “Brother Green Scorpion! That’s the one!”

Green Scorpion glanced at Yue Zhong and barked out an order: “It’s that kid. Go! Maim one of his hands!! Let him taste the consequences of offending those he shouldn’t have!!”

The hooligans immediately rushed towards Yue Zhong’s position. “Just because of a disagreement, you want a hand of mine! What tyranny!” said Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong glanced at the hooligans rushing at him, and his eyes flashed with a cold gleam. Casually reaching out with a speed like a striking snake, He grabbed the hand of one of the hooligans, twisting harshly with his 6-times Strength, breaking the hooligan’s arm with a clean and clearly audible snap.

“Ahh!!!” The hooligan immediately screamed out in agony at the overbearing pain.
Yue Zhong then lashed out with a kick, sending the hooligan flying back and knocking several tables away, before the unfortunate fellow spat out a mouth of fresh blood and fainted without any signs of life.

Yue Zhong then grabbed the first man’s dropped machete easily, swinging down viciously at a new target. The slash caused the arm of the newly targeted hooligan to be chopped off, and a jet of blood sprayed onto the walls in a violent manner. After his attack, he kicked out and sent that same hooligan flying into the wall.

“Enhancer!! He’s a high-level Enhancer!!” Seeing how casually Yue Zhong dispatched 2 of is comrades, the remaining hooligan shouted out with fear.

Enhancers possessed tremendous combat power, and weren’t existences that these ordinary gang members could afford to offend! Screaming, they scrambled away towards Green Scorpion.

“This won’t do! Leave something behind!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze was furious and cold, as he walked right in front of Green Scorpion, throwing the blood-stained machete in front of him, saying: “It’s your turn! You must be the instigator! Leave your own right arm behind! I can spare your life! Or do you want me to remove both hands myself?”

Green Scorpion looked at the blood-stained scene in the store, his body trembling uncontrollably, and he gritted his teeth and asked: “You’re too damn cruel!! How can you chop off so many people’s arms! Don’t you know this will ruin their lives?!”

Yue Zhong looked at him mockingly: “Scum like you dare speak of cruelty to me! When you chop off people’s arms, it’s very fun for you guys isn’t it? If I didn’t have the strength, I would have been the one to suffer under you scum! You can chop people, but other people can’t do the same to you? Since you aren’t willing to do so, let me help you then!”

TN: Adding a ‘Xiao’ before the last syllable of a chinese name is a common form of familiarity or endearment, like adding an ‘-er’ after. Chen Qianhong would be known as Xiaohong or Hong-er. Or Ji Qingwu would be known as Xiaowu or Wu-er. Depends on circumstances. Not everyone uses it.

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