God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 395

Chapter 395 – Blackmail! Mu Xiangling!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

In truth, if they weren’t in Guilin City, Yue Zhong would have exterminated them early on. Inside Guilin City, he could not just go on a killing spree and rid the world of such scum, as even though they were hooligans, if there was a sudden surge of deaths, the government would act as well.

“I’ll do it myself!” Green Scorpion cried out in alarm, as he could feel the resolute intent from this terrifying man in front of him, and knew that if he didn’t do it himself, both his arms would be immediately broken. At that point in time, he would become a true cripple.

Green Scorpion’s right arm shook as he grabbed the blood-stained machete, and in a furious bellow, he hacked his own left shoulder, chopping his left arm off.

“Ah!!!” Green Scorpion cried out in pain, and kneeled on the floor, his forehead glistening with perspiration as he stared venomously at Yue Zhong and spat out: “Are you satisfied now?”

Yue Zhong looked at him coldly and asked: “Who told you to come after me?”

“It’s that Dan Hong’s son, Dan Yu!! He told us to come and fix you!!” Green Scorpion betrayed Dan Yu without a moment’s hesitation, as he was currently filled with equal hatred and anger at Dan Yu for causing him to meet this devil in front of him!!

Yue Zhong maintained his cold gaze and said: “So it truly is him! You can scram now!! Don’t appear in front of me again, otherwise, you guys won’t live to see another day!”

“Let’s go!!” Green Scorpion cried out to his men, afterwhich, he grabbed his dismembered arm and ran out.

Those who had lost their arms to Yue Zhong also quickly grabbed their arms and left.

Medical procedures had long since advanced to a stage where reattaching broken limbs was possible even before the apocalypse, by grabbing their arms, there was a chance for recovery.

Yue Zhong glanced at the store owner and his staff who were shivering while looking at him, and he pulled out a Tang Replica Sword and left it on the table: “My apologies for causing problems for your store! Treat this Tang Replica Sword as my compensation!”

This single Tang Replica Sword was easily worth 50 tonnes of rations. Even if it were on sale, it would command at least 10 tonnes of rations. 10 tonnes of rations was enough for this store to open up another 2 more branches.

The store owner’s eyes gleamed as he rushed to grab the Tang Replica Sword, and he gratefully reminded Yue Zhong: “Esteemed hero!! The Green Bamboo Gang don’t have a single decent person, since you have thoroughly offended them today, please take care of yourself! There are powerful Enhancers amongst them as well!”

“I got it! Thanks!”

After which, Yue Zhong left the store with big strides.

“Brother Green Scorpion!! What do we do? Do we just forego this? I’m unwilling to let this go!!” One of the hooligans spat out with extreme anger.

Green Scorpion’s face was also twisted in anger as he roared out: “Of course not!! Bastard!! That bastard dares to go against us! The Green Bamboo Gang!! I must bury him!!”

Green Scorpion growled poisonously: “Go notify Court Leader Hu!! Let Court Leader Hu deal with him!! We must kill this bastard!!”

With the absence of a limb, Green Scorpion’s combat ability was reduced by half. His position within Green Bamboo Gang would definitely drop and his future was looking bleak. His heart was currently filled with bitterness and anger. He had never once thought how his victims had feel when they faced the same plight, instead he only knew that he had been crippled by someone stronger, and he was filled with thoughts killing Yue Zhong and Dan Yu.

After leaving the store, Yue Zhong came across a young pretty girl of about 11 – 12 years, her hair tied up in pigtails. Her eyes were big and watery, her skin fair and tender. She was about 1.48m, and her limbs were slender and beautiful, giving her a frail appearance, that sense that with a good squeeze her bones might snap any moment.

The little loli blocked Yue Zhong’s path and exclaimed: “Big Brother!! I lost my teddy bear! Can you help me find it?”

Yue Zhong glanced at the little loli and asked: “Where did you lose it?”

The loli pointed to a dark alley and said: “There!! I dropped my teddy bear somewhere there!”

Yue Zhong’s mind was on alert, but he put on a smile and said: “Sure! Let’s help you!”

This loli came out of nowhere and was suspicious, thus Yue Zhong suspected that she could be part of a trap set for him by his enemies. He wasn’t afraid, however. As long as he was on alert, even if an enemy that was stronger than him was to appear, it would be hard to deal with Yue Zhong.

The loli just gave Yue Zhong an extremely sweet smile and said: “Thank you Big Brother!!”

“It’s alright!” Yue Zhong naturally patted her shoulders. If she was an enemy, there would be a reaction from that seemingly harmless pat.

However, Yue Zhong’s hand reached the shoulder of the loli without resistance, and as long as he willed it, he could crush her neck instantly.

“Big Brother?” The loli had no strange reaction however, and just turned around innocently to look at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong continued without skipping a beat: “There was a worm on your shoulders earlier!”

“Oh! Thank you Big Brother! Xiangling’s most afraid of bugs! Oh right Big Brother, my name is Mu Xiangling! What’s your name?” Mu Xiangling tilted her head curiously and asked Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong replied: “I’m Yue Zhong!”

“Oh! So it’s Yue Zhong-gege!”

Mu Xiangling and Yue Zhong came to the small alley, when she suddenly leapt into Yue Zhong’s embrace, and used those huge round eyes of hers to look at Yue Zhong, her face an expression of shyness as she spoke: “Yue Zhong-gege! Xiyu, Xiyu likes Yue Zhong-gege!! Yue Zhong-gege!! You must like Xiyu too right!”

Mu Xiangling had pounced into Yue Zhong’s embrace, and her hands reaching for Yue Zhong’s zip with practiced ease.

“What’s going on?” Yue Zhong was filled with questions, he had not sensed any killing intent from Mu Xiangling, and he was questioning himself if had suddenly become heaven-defyingly handsome, as why would there be a random loli that just pounced on him?!*

Just as Yue Zhong was at a loss, Mu Xiangling pulled out a handphone and quickly took a picture of them, before leaping off his body, and her face instantly changed to one of disgust, spitting: “It’s enough now! Perverted lolicon! You can get up!! A 100-jin ration ticket!! Give me that and I’ll forego this matter, otherwise I’ll go develop this picture and start handing it out! You will be scorned by the people here and will never have a place in society again! Even the police will keep looking for you!!”

Mu Xiangling spoke with scorn: “A 100-jin ration ticket in exchange for a secure position in society! It’s a decent bargain! You’d better not think about using force to snatch my phone away! On the other end of this street, there’s a police post! If I were to scream out now, and then tear my clothes, you will become a pervert who tried to rape a child! Although there are many useless bums at the police post, there are a few decent ones there. I’m sure you don’t want to be caught! The moment you’re caught, you’re dead meat!!”

“Blackmail!!” Hearing those words, Yue Zhong finally understood what had happened to him. He was tricked into an extortion scam by this shrewd little loli.

Yue Zhong glanced coolly at the loli who had seemingly become a different person, as his expression turned black, asking: “Seeing how smooth you were, you must have done this countless times?”

Mu Xiangling’s eyes flashed with anger, as she used a tone that belied her age anf she spat out: “Men are all perverted creatures! Treat them a little nicely, and their true colours are shown, they even feel good about themselves. You really think you’re the reincarnation of Pan An? Wake up! The heavens would not drop freebies for the likes of you. Hand up the 100-jin ration ticket obediently, and I will delete the photo in front of you. I’ve always conducted my business properly.”

“Who would have thought that I would be schooled by a little loli!! However, Mu Xiangling, you seem to have gotten something wrong! About who’s the hunter, and who’s the hunted!!” Yue Zhong stared at Mu Xiangling, as his pupils shrunk, and he activated his [Art of Fear].

The tyrannical Spirit attack launched at Mu Xiangling, and she was instantly enveloped in a terrifying illusion, as her body froze in terror, so much so that she could not move. Although she could see what happened to her, her body had no way of responding.

Yue Zhong casually retrieved the handphone from Mu Xiangling’s hands and deleted the photo, before stuffing it back into her hands, and deactivating the skill.

“So your a high-level Enhancer!!” The moment Mu Xiangling was pulled out of the illusion, she muttered with dejection.

Enhancers were powerful existences. Mu Xiangling was an ordinary human, and had no way of retaliating.

“That’s right! I’m a high-level Enhancer!” Yue Zhong chuckled lightly, and in a wave, Mu Xiangling’s handphone had appeared back in his hands. In that second, he had easily snatched her phone right in front of her.

Yue Zhong reached out and pinched her cheek, before giving her 3 candies and a 20-jin ration ticket:” Brat! Don’t do such things in the future! Not everyone is reasonable like me! If you had really met those strong perverts, you would not be able to do anything in front of them. This is for you! Go home and lead a proper life!”

After this, Yue Zhong turned around to leave the alley. Everyone had their own principles and way of life, and while he had stopped her once, he could not stop her every time. There were many things he had to do, and could not waste time on a random loli he had just met.

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