God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 397

Chapter 397 – A Reunion of Brothers

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong looked at that Court Leader Hu and chuckled: “Who would have thought that we would meet like this! Little Leopard!!”

The Court Leader Hu guffawed, as his pupils shrunk, and a strong fighting intent billowed out of him, and he pulled out his huge sword from his waist, and shot towards Yue Zhong like a meteor: “Haha!! It truly is amazing!! Take my strike!!”

Yue Zhong instantly pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and raised it to meet Court Leader Hu’s strike, his 6x Strength exploded out, and the clash between the 2 weapons resulted in a huge grating noise.

Yue Zhong was sent one step back, while Court Leader Hu took 2 steps, it was obvious that in a contest of Strength, Yue Zhong had won.

“Hahaha! You truly have become even more powerful!! However, with just this little bit of ability, you’re not my match!” Court Leader Hu laughed and stepped forwards, the blade in his hand suddenly exploded with twice the speed, and his strike had a wind force that struck towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s pupils retracted, and his 11x Agility exploded out. The Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in his hand turned into a quick flash, meeting the strikes from Court Leader Hu, blow for blow.

In just a few moments, a hundred blows had been exchanged between the 2, and sparks continuously flew from the clash.

“So powerful!!” The surrounding Enhancers that had come to watch were all shocked in their hearts. Most of them were close-combat specialists, and not even 10 of them could withstand any one strike from either Yue Zhong or Court Leader Hu.

After over a hundred exchanges, both parties drew back, and smiled at each other, before sheathing their weapons.

Green Scorpion saw that things were taking an unpleasant turn, and hurried to Court Leader Hu and pleaded: “Court Leader Hu!! He’s an enemy of our Green Bamboo Gang!! 10 over brothers have been crippled by him!! You must seek redress for us!!”

Court Leader Hu’s facial expression immediately froze, and he lashed out with a furious kick, sending Green Scorpion flying back 7 to 8 metres: “Redress your mum!! He’s my big brother! You dare offend my big brother!! If he didn’t chop off your arms, I would have been the one to do it!! Scram to one side filth!”

“Hu Yi! You dare act against us just for an outsider. Do you still want to be a court leader? Go chop him apart now and I’ll ignore whatever happened today!” At this time, a normal looking young man with shifty eyes stepped forwards, a dozen Green Bamboo members moved forward behind him as he barked at Hu Yi.

Green Scorpion hurriedly crawled to the feet of the newcomer and cried: “Court Leader Sheng!! Hu Yi not only protected the outsider, he also lashed out at us from the Green Bamboo!! We seek Court Leader Sheng to help us clean up the murk of the Gang!!”

Hu Yi looked at Sheng Kexi and barked: “Sheng Kexi! This daddy doesn’t need your guidance in my matters! You’re still lacking if you want to strip me of my authority!! Na, you know what? Why don’t we settle it here! Whomever kills whomever will not need to bear responsibility! Do you dare? Little bastard!!”

Sheng Kexi was enraged as he led his men away: “Hu Yi! Bastard! Don’t think just because the Leader values you, you can do however you like! You better watch out. Today’s matters, I won’t let it go just like that. Let’s go!!”

Hu Yi spat at Sheng Kexi: “Pei! Little bastard! If it wasn’t for your big bad daddy, based on your abilities, how could you become a Court Leader!” He then turned to Yue Zhong and laughed: “Brother, let us go have a drink!”

Yue Zhong chuckled lightly: “I don’t drink!”

“Then a fruit juice should be fine right! Come on! My treat!!” Hu Yi laughed out and pulled Yue Zhong towards a lavish looking nightclub.

Currently, it was still daytime, but those nightclubs would still be operating, their neon lights flickering without stop, and on the dance floors, there were dozens of hot babes and dashing young men wearing revealing clothes as they gyrated provocatively.

A roughly 30-year-old lady pimp with a lingering charm and heavy make-up walked towards Hu Yi and teased: “Boss Hu! You actually came to grace us with your presence! This is an honour. Who is this?”

Hu Yi looked at the lady pimp warily and said: “This is my big bro!! Go find some pretty and clean young girls and fetch them over. Don’t bring some used goods to spoil this daddy’s mood, otherwise I might just slash you!”

“Yes!! Yes!!” The lady pimp was frightened and hurriedly retreated.

The moment the lady pimp left the room, there was only Yue Zhong and Hu Yi left.

Yue Zhong glanced at Hu Yi and spoke slowly: “Little Leopard, you’ve changed a lot!”

All those years back, Hu Yi was a coward who had been following Yue Zhong, now he had become part of the underground, and was even a person of power. His mannerism, his speech, all held thick traces of his underground links, calling out ‘this daddy’ here and there, even going as far as to threaten others.

Hu Yi looked at Yue Zhong and chuckled: “Bro! If we are to continue living in this world, how can we not change. Aren’t you the same Bro?”

Yue Zhong turned silent for a long while, as he sighed and nodded: “It’s true! I’ve changed plenty!”

In just a short year, Yue Zhong had morphed from a simple university student into a decisive killing machine with a heart of stone that showed no mercy to his enemies. His change could be considered the biggest of all.

Hu Yi’s eyes sparkled as he reminisced: “I’m always thinking about the past, and the years that we good brothers spent together. Although now when we look back, our actions seemed childish and flippant, even rebellious! But, it was the happiest moments of my life!”

Back then, Yue Zhong, Chi Yang, Hu Yi and a few others had banded together as they fought others, played truant, confessed to girls, and done a whole bunch of stuff to impress those very same girls. They had even fought for them before. In the eyes of the teachers and their parents, other than Chi Yang whose grades were considered decent, amongst the top 20 of the school, the rest of them were just barely scraping by.

Only when they reached their secondary 3 days*, due to a personal matter and Yue Zhong having suffered a blow, did he finally focus on his studies and managed to get into university.

After their final examinations, due to the different paths in life, these band of brothers were forcefully separated, and they could only get together again during their holidays.

Yue Zhong’s eyes glazed over with a slight longing for the past as well, as he asked Hu Yi: “Huang Ziming, Chen Li, Xie Manzhi, Lin Zixian, did you manage to discover their whereabouts?”

A hint of anguish appeared in Hu Yi’s eyes, as he muttered: “Huang Ziming’s dead!! I saw him turn into a zombie during the onset of the apocalypse. Chen Li is in Yanjing, Xie Manzhi is in Shanghai and Li Zixian is in Nanjing, as to their current situation, I’m unsure. As for their family members, I’ve searched around in Guilin City, only Uncle Chen is still alive, but he’s already gone mad!!”

In this apocalyptic world, other than the top government officials or military officers, ordinary citizens led very hard lives. After all, the army, armed patrol and police officers were the first line of defence for the various human settlements.

Actually, it wasn’t all that surprising. Even for Yue Zhong’s establishments, in times of crisis, his troops would attend to him and his subordinates first. Since time immemorial, there was not a single case where there was a deviant in terms of practices. That was why, even up to today, there would be a countless struggle for riches and power, because with riches and power, there would be privileges.

Yue Zhong hesitated before asking the tough question: “What about Chi Yang’s parents?”

Chi Yang was not only Yue Zhong’s closest buddy, but also the second-in-command that he trusted fully, and he hoped that there were good news for him.

Hu Yi hesitated himself before replying slowly: “I’ve searched the entire Guilin City! There is no news about his parents, I’m afraid they might already be dead!”

In the nearby vicinity, only Guilin City had some form of stability. If there was no news in Guilin City, then the chances of getting any news in the surrounding villages would be even lesser, almost zero.

Yue Zhong became sombre, the fact that he could reunite with his parents, was a huge blessing in itself. He could not possibly hope to find out the whereabouts of Chi Yang’s parents as well.

At this time, the lady pimp came back into the private room, as she revealed a teasing smile at Hu Yi: “Boss Hu, these are some new goods we just recently obtained. They are definitely untouched, take a look, who would suit your tastes?”

6 ladies who were on the skinny side and had sallow faces, stood beside the lady pimp. There was nothing too attractive about them.

Hu Yi laughed: “Bro, you choose first!!”

Yue Zhong eyed the 6 of them and declined: “There’s no need!”

Hu Yi glanced at the 6 women, and grinned, before waving his hands in a boss-like manner towards the lady pimp: “Right! They’re all subpar! Comparable to those cronies you have outside. You’re all dismissed! Don’t ruin the mood for us!”

“Yes! Boss!!” The lady pimp replied, and hurriedly led the 6 women away from here.

“There’s not a single good lady here! While there are a few good-looking ones, they’ve all been toyed with countless times already! I know you don’t like those, so I didn’t call them over.” Hu Yi explained to Yue Zhong, as he looked towards the dance floor, and grinned at Yue Zhong: “Bro! Wanna head over there and have some fun? Those chicks are not bad, they’re hot and can really dance!! Whoever catches your eye, just let me know. This is my turf, as long as I say the world, they would definitely abide by your wishes!”

Yue Zhong glanced at the dance floor, before furrowing his brows, and looked at Hu Yi and became stern: “Little Leopard, is fooling about with women all you can think about nowadays? If you continue to be like this, how are you different from those underground hooligans and scum?”

Hu Yi glanced at Yue Zhong and laughed bitterly: “Brother! Your words are truly unpleasant! Am I not a hooligan, a scum of the street already?”


Secondary 3: About 15 years? I think

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