God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 398

Yue Zhong became silent again, before sighing lightly.

Hu Yi had joined the Green Bamboo Gang, and was conferred the Court Leader status, from a moral standpoint, he could be considered as a huge hooligan, a degenerate.

Yue Zhong looked at Hu Yi and said: “Give me the details about the strength of the Green Bamboo Gang!”

Hu Yi became alarmed, as he looked at Yue Zhong, and asked slowly: “Bro, what are you thinking of doing?”

Yue Zhong’s pupils shrunk and he stared fixedly at Hu Yi: “I want to destroy Green Bamboo Gang! Are you going to help me, or going against me?”

Yue Zhong had been best friends with Hu Yi, Chi Yang and the rest, but the human heart was susceptible to change. He was not sure how much of a bond still existed between this best friend from those years ago and him.

Hu Yi looked at Yue Zhong in a grieved manner and said: “Bro! The leader of Green Bamboo Gang Gao Minghao is my benefactor!! I can’t betray him!! If you really want to destroy the Green Bamboo Gang, I can only choose not to help either sides! And, don’t tell me what you’re about to do! Even if you succeed, all I ask is for you to spare Gao Minghao’s life!!”

Hu Yi had exchanged blows with Yue Zhong, and could tell Yue Zhong’s prowess. He had known Yue Zhong for so many years, and knew that underneath that calm and collected exterior, there was a bloodthirsty nature. Back then, there were a few seniors who had spoken out of line and made Chen Li cry, Yue Zhong had then snuck into the hostel that very night, and used his fists to pummel the head of that senior, causing him to be hospitalized and required 3 stitches. If it wasn’t for Chen Li’s dad and his connections, Yue Zhong could have been expelled for his violent behavior then.

Yue Zhong looked at Hu Yi, and assured him with a smile: “Fine! I’ll promise you that! If I do exterminate the Green Bamboo Gang, I will leave Gao Minghao alone!”

Yue Zhong knew that Hu Yi was extremely loyal, and when they had fought in group fights in the past, while he was trembling for fear, without a word from Yue Zhong, Hu Yi had never ran away on his own before.

Gratitude must be repaid, and vengeance must be carried out! This was the sort of man that Yue Zhong befriended and valued! He would naturally not make things difficult for this brother of his.

Hu Yi heaved a sigh of relief and offered: “Bro!! It’s not like the enmity is beyond salvageble! Why not let me mediate between both sides?”

On one side, there was his brother for life, on the other, was the boss that had trusted him and given him a new lease of life after the apocalypse. Hu Yi wasn’t willing to let these 2 come to a clash.

Yue Zhong looked at Hu Yi and replied with a proposition of his own: “En! That’s fine! On account that it’s you, I’m willing to take a step back. Oh yea, Little Leopard, you wanna come over to my side and help me? I have a base at Hunan, with over 100,000 survivors and a regiment of troops. If you come over now and earn some merits, I can give you a good position.”

Although Hu Yi had picked up the bad habits of the underground, he was still someone Yue Zhong could trust. If he came over, as long as he performed, Yue Zhong would reward him accordingly.

Hu Yi became excited: “100,000 survivors!! Amazing!! You never disappoint Brother! But, I’m currently still indebted to Gao Minghao, and can’t go over there in the short term. Once I’ve performed enough, I will definitely join you!!”

Yue Zhong did not press the matter further, and directly gave him a Snake Birth Fruit juice and ‘Ou Ming Ver 1’, saying: “Suit yourself! The one of the left can help a person become an Evolver! However, when you consume it, you will be incapacitated for a day. Find a quiet place to drink it, keep the location secret. Or get someone to keep watch over you. The one on the right can help evolve any skill of an Enhancer above Level 30 into a 2nd Order Skill. Drinking it also causes an entire day’s worth of discomfort. You handle it yourself!”

Hu Yi received the 2 precious medicine and laughed, directly consuming the Snake Birth Fruit juice: “Thanks Bro!! Hehheh! I knew Bro would not neglect me! Haha! With these 2 babies, I’m invincible!! Haha! Bro, I’d have to trouble you to protect me!”

The moment the contents entered his abdomen, it transformed into a hot surge of energy and circulated within Hu Yi’s body, causing him to pass out and burn with a fever.

Yue Zhong looked at the unconscious Hu Yi and laughed bitterly, before hoisting him up onto his back and left the nightclub.

Yue Zhong carried Hu Yi back to his own place, and when Ning Li saw it, she frowned: “Yue Zhong, isn’t that Hu Yi? He’s a member of that Green Bamboo Gang. They are not decent people, don’t follow suit.”

Yue Ming had just arrived home as well, he glanced at the unconscious Hu Yi and said solemnly: “Lay him in the room first then we’ll talk.”

Yue Zhong then proceeded to drop Hu Yi in his room, before coming out to the living room and sat down.

Yue Ming spoke seriously: “There’s sense in your mum’s words, but they’re not entirely correct! You and Hu Yi can be considered to be childhood friends. However, under no circumstances should you join that underground group. Joining those groups will ruin your future!!”

Yue Ming had a very traditional mindset, and viewed those gangs with contempt, and would definitely not allow his own child to join those places.

Yue Zhong nodded: “En! I got it!”

Yue Zhong was not planning on joining the triads, in fact, if they weren’t smart enough to get the hint, he didn’t mind exterminating them.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong had just stepped out of his home.

A suave-looking young man of about 27, 28, dressed entirely in white, sporting a short hairdo, and eyes filled with intellect, walked up to Yue Zhong. He smiled and said: “How do you do Yue Zhong! I’m Gao Minghao!”

Yue Zhong returned the greeting as he looked at the handsome man, his eyes narrowing: “Hey! Yue Zhong here!”

Gao Minghao gestured to one side and asked: “Is it ok if I have a moment of your time?”

Yue Zhong nodded and followed Gao Minghao towards a small stall and they sat down.

Gao Minghao eyed Yue Zhong, as he smiled with a vibrant charm: “Yesterday’s matters. I need to give an answer to my men!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, and he replied indifferently, “So are you here to kill me?”

In this world, human life was cheap. Someone could lose his life over the simplest bun. Not to mention for the sake of resolving a conflict.

Gao Minghao smiled: “You and Hu Yi are good friends! He is my most trusted subordinate. I don’t want to make things difficult for him. But, at the same time, I need to seek some redress for my men. Why not join us? As long as you perform some merit, I’ll handle Green Scorpion and the rest.”

Yue Zhong glanced at Gao Minghao and directly declined: “No way! I will not join the Green Bamboo Gang!!”

Gao Minghao frowned a little, “En! Things might be a little difficult then!” However, he soon smiled and said: “Oh right, our Green Bamboo Gang just discovered a Type 3 Mutant Beast! We’re preparing to go deal with it, Yue Zhong, if you’re willing to lend us a hand, all the matters will be considered solved. Also, you won’t be working for free, we’ll offer the necessary compensation. How about it?”

“Type 3 Mutant Beast! The Green Bamboo Gang actually dares to face a Type 3 Mutant Beast?! Their guts are sure something!” When he heard this news, Yue Zhong was shaken, and he took a careful look at Gao Minghao, his pupils shrinking.

A Type 2 Mutant Beast was fearsome enough, and the hides of Type 2 Mutant Beasts were enough to withstand even the rounds from 25mm cannons. As strong as Yue Zhong is, he had no confidence that he could deal with a Type 3 all by himself.

Yue Zhong thought carefully before agreeing: “Sure! I’m in! But, I want a share of the blood essence, the Beast meat, brain matter and nuclei from the Type 3 Mutant Beast.”

Gao Minghao shook his head and rejected: “The blood essence is ours. Other than that, the hide, bones, blood and meat are ours as well. However, if you contribute more strength, then we can share the hide, bones, blood and meat with you.”

“Great!” Yue Zhong immediately agreed with the suggestion. He had seen a number of Type 2 Mutant Beasts already, but as for a Type 3, he had only seen one once, and it had teleported him to Vietnam. He did want to hunt a Type 3 with these people.

“It’s a deal then! 4 days later, I’ll send someone to notify you.” Gao Minghao chuckled, and stood up to leave.

Yue Zhong thought silently to himself: “Seems like I need to reconsider my plans for the Green Bamboo Gang.”

After a while, Yue Zhong managed to find his back to Mu Xiangling’s place.

At this time, on the bed, there was a beautiful housewife of about 27, 28 who was lying, her hair black and lush, her skin shining with a lustre, and her features exquisite.

In front of that housewive, Mu Xiangling was gripping her hand tightly not letting go.

“Mr Yue Zhong, you’re here! How’re you, I’m Xin Jiarou, I’m Xiangling’s mother!” The housewife saw Yue Zhong and struggled to get up, as she looked straight at Yue Zhong, her eyes showing a resolute gaze: “I’ve heard everything between you and Xiangling yesterday. Please let Xiangling go!! She’s still young!”

Yue Zhong’s pupils shrunk, and his tone became incredibly cold: “You guys are trying to renege on the deal!”

At that instant, 2 sharp Bone Blades extended out from White Bones’ body, and in an instant, the blades appeared at the necks of the mother-daughter pair. With a single order from Yue Zhong, it would immediately decapitate the 2 of them!

Yue Zhong stared coldly at Xin Jiarou, saying: “Miss Xin Jiarou! I gave your daughter the choice yesterday. At that point, she had the option to decline. Now, you guys have used my evolving medicine, and want to back out. I’m sorry then, even if it’s a waste, you guys will have to die! You wasted my damn medicine!”

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