God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 400

Chapter 400 -Conflict at the Market!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

With Yue Zhong’s orders, Green Stone Triad quickly established itself in Guilin City. Shang Lun easily recruited 300 male survivors from Carp Street.

Zheng Minghe then began the tough training of these 300 males, and used the military ways he learned, to whip the male survivors into shape. To outsiders, however, it was announced as militarized management. Even prior to the apocalypse, there were many jobs that required the military to oversee.

After the apocalypse had set in, many factions had switched to using similar management methods, and thus, it didn’t attract too much attention.

300 people was too small an amount to Guilin City that had almost 900,000 survivors. There were all sorts of factions within Guilin City, some nearing even thousands in their numbers.

Ying Kaishan, Shang Lun and Zheng Minghe were different from Bai Xiaosheng, and had decent leadership capabilities. Yue Zhong only had to busy himself for a day when setting up the Green Stone Triad, and was free after that.

“Yue Zhong-gege, let’s go shopping!! Mum and I have too little clothing!”

With Mu Xiangling’s constant pleading, Yue Zhong relented, and brought her, Ning Yuxin and Xin Jiarou to the luxurious shopping centre in Guilin City.

With the stabilizing of society, most of the inhabitants in Guilin City had gotten over their initial panic and fear, and there were people window shopping and walking around in the mall. However, the crowd was much smaller than before the initial fall of society.

Yue Zhong led the 3 ladies into the shopping mall, and instantly caught the attention of many people.

“So pretty!!”

“Cheh.” “3 roses stuck on a pile of shit.”

“Is that guy a lolicon? He must be…”


When Yue Zhong’s group strolled in the mall, they attracted countless envious and jealous gazes, many men were currently hating Yue Zhong in their hearts. 3 top beauties, if any ordinary person could get the attention of any one of them, it was already a huge blessing, but this guy actually had all 3 by his side, it was like being among stars, and they hated his good fortune.

However, most of them were smart, and did not dare step up to rile trouble. In this apocalyptic world, the moment there was conflict, sometimes a life would be just casually taken. Enhancers possessed huge ability, and there were cases of killings happening because some poor chaps had the ill fortune of offending strong Enhancers. That’s why, without finding out how powerful Yue Zhong truly was, no one dared to step on his toes.

“Yue Zhong-gege! Look! It’s a bikini!! Will I look good if I wear it?” Mu Xiangling came to the swimwear section, and her eyes brightened, as she grabbed a bikini and broke into a smile in front of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong lightly knocked her forehead: “You want to wear a bikini? You’re still early by 5 years!”

Xin Jiarou reached out and grabbed Mu Xiangling’s little hands, pulling her out of the swimwear section: “Time to go! Xiangling, we’re here to buy clothes! Not swimwear!”

They came to the underwear section, and Mu Xiangling immediately grabbed a black hollow revealing underwear and jumped in front of Yue Zhong. She opened her hands, as she pouted and blinked her eyes at Yue Zhong, speaking softly: “Hey! Yue Zhong-gege! Shall I change into this for you?”

Yue Zhong felt his heart race at the misunderstanding as he balefully stared at Mu Xiangling while threatening her sternly: “You little rascal, if you try and seduce me, I will spank your bottom!!”

Mu Xiangling laughed like a little fox and stuck close to him as she blew into his ear: “Hehe!! Yue Zhong-gege, you’re getting mad!! Ah! I know, you must be agitated right! Lolicon, pervert!! If you want to hit then just hit me, I’m your toy anyway.”

Yue Zhong was also helpless against this little loli, and naturally was not willing to punish her. His threat was also ineffective.

In just 2 days, the intelligent Mu Xiangling had completely understood Yue Zhong’s temperament. As long as she did not touch his bottom line, regardless of how she teased, Yue Zhong would not punish her. She would then try to take things further.

Xin Jiarou saw Mu Xiangling harassing Yue Zhong and sternly called out: “Xiangling, come over here!!”

Mu Xiangling did not dare to continue, and obediently went back to her mother’s side, at the same time throwing the black underwear to the side casually “Yes, Mama!”

Xin Jiarou looked at her daughter who had suddenly switched to being obedient, and was a little angry and helpless at the same time. She was truly at her wits’ end with this little bag of tricks, and each time she wanted to lecture her, she would remember how attentive and mature her daughter was when taking care of her, and thus… she could not speak the words.

Xin Jiarou took up a pair of white cotton underwear and told Mu Xiangling: “Go try this on!”

Mu Xiangling immediately scrunched up her face and complained: “Mama! This type of underwear is so old-fashioned!! No one wears these nowadays. It’s not nice at all!!” Xin Jiarou’s eyes narrowed, and her face turned wooden.

“I’ll go get changed now!” Mu Xiangling saw Xin Jiarou’s expression and hurriedly dashed off after grabbing the cotton underwear.

After seeing her daughter enter the changing room, Xin Jiarou then took a set that caught her eye, and went into another changing room.

On the other side, Ning Yuxin had already chosen a set of clothes and had went to get changed as well.

The moment the 3 ladies left, Yue Zhong was left alone standing there, and he looked around with a bored expression.

“Oh, isn’t this Yue Zhong?” Right at this time, a familiar voice resounded.

Yue Zhong turned to look, and saw Gao Xiaoyun. She was wearing heavy makeup as well as a set of brand name clothes. Beside her, there was a 23 or 24-year-old man who was slightly on the shorter side, and his looks were insignificant, but his expression was one of supreme arrogance. They were walking over to Yue Zhong.

The short man whose entire face seemed to be the epitome of pride furrowed his brows, as he asked Gao Xiaoyun: “Xiaoyun! You know this person?”

Gao Xiaoyun glanced at Yue Zhong contemptuously, saying: “Zi Ning, this is the guy I was telling you about, the Yue Zhong who would not stop bugging me. I’ve told him clearly, I have someone in mind. I wanted him to call off the arrangement our parents made, but he’s pressuring my mother to force me to date him. What a lowly person!”

Liu Zi Ning stepped forward, and pointed at Yue Zhong as he threatened: “You’re Yue Zhong? Gao Xiaoyun is my woman!! You had better watch your damn self, if you keep harassing this daddy’s woman, this daddy will break your limbs!!”

Right at this moment, Ning Yuxin walked up behind Yue Zhong and slipped her hands through his arm. She was currently dressed in a pure white dress, and her simple beauty was practically radiating. She spoke coldly: “Gao Xiaoyun! Don’t try to sell yourself, Yue Zhong is MY boyfriend! Why would he harass you! Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror! You aren’t worthy of him at all!”

“Holy shit what a beauty!!” Liu Zi Ning saw Ning Yuxin standing beside Yue Zhong and his eyes were about to pop out from their sockets. It was the first time he had encountered such a peerless beauty, and his lustful nature was snared instantly.

Gao Xiaoyun looked Ning Yuxin up and down, and saw her voluptuous figure, as well as flawless aura, and her eyes were about to spit fire from the jealousy building up. This was a woman that she could not compete with no matter how much makeup she wore, or how much she tried. Although Gao Xiaoyun was considered decent-looking, when compared with Ning Yuxin, she was practically an ugly duck, and was completely overshadowed.

When Ning Yuxin berated Gao Xiaoyun, she started trembling with anger, and grabbed Liu Zi Ning’s arms. She used her breasts to press against him, and complained: “Zi Ning!! She bullied me!! You must help me!!”

“Get lost!!” Liu Zi Ning turned to look at Gao Xiaoyun, and suddenly felt that her makeup-heavy face was extremely repulsive, and he pushed her aside irritably, before looking back at Yue Zhong with disdain. He smiled at Ning Yuxin: “I’m Liu Zi Ning, the son of Liu Xuan He who’s the leader of the Yangtze Gang. Beauty, following this useless Yue Zhong would not spell a good future for you. Come with me instead.”

Liu Zi Ning continued to boast proudly: “My Yangtze Gang has over a thousand people, and we possess numerous experts. My father Liu Xuan He himself is a level 39 Enhancer, almost nobody is his match here in Guilin City! In this city, both sides of the law would have to give my Yangtze Gang face. What is this Yue Zhong? Isn’t he just the son of some lowly government worker? I could play with his life with just lifting a single finger. Following him would bring you nothing! If you come with me, I will immediately arrange a position in the government for you! If you don’t want to work, I can take care of you, and find 20 people to serve you. Every month, you’ll gain a tonne of rations to spend, and I will love you my whole life!”

After the apocalypse, Liu Zi Ning had used this line on countless women. Although it was tactless and extremely revolting, the underlying threat was real. Many pretty girls had no choice but to follow him in order to survive in this new world.

Gao Xiaoyun saw Liu Zi Ning trying to attract Ning Yuxin over, and her face turned as a pale as a sheet. At the beginning, she had followed him because he had power and money. However, now she was just tossed aside like garbage, and her heart was filled with hatred.

Yue Zhong eyed Liu Zi Ning and barked out coldly: “Scram!”

Li Zi Ning immediately flared up and stepped forward, intending to slap him viciously. “Fuck! You’re looking for death Yue Zhong!!”

Liu Zi Ning had been acting the oppressive tyrant in Guilin City, and was one of the 4 Tyrants of Guilin City. Those who offended him, were turned into corpses.

Yue Zhong’s brows creased slightly, and grabbed his incoming right hand, before his 6x Strength exploded out, immediately breaking his right hand with an audible crunching noise.

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