God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 401

“Ah!!!! Help!!! Save me!!” Liu Zi Ning screamed out in agony.

Yue Zhong kicked out viciously, his foot connecting with Liu Zi Ning’s abdomen, sending him flying back into a clothes’ rack, before he slumped to the floor.

“Young Master!!” Right at this time, 2 Enhancers who had decent levels charged forwards, helping Liu Zi Ning up.

Liu Zi Ning was arrogant and despotic, and his father being worried that he might one day have his just desserts, assigned for 2 experts to guard him. It was precisely because of the existence of these 2, Liu Zi Ning had not tasted hardship before!!

Liu Zi Ning looked at his broken right hand, and screamed out in madness: “My hand’s broken!! Kill him!! Kill him!! I’ll bear all responsibilities!! Bring his head here!!! Don’t hurt the woman beside him, capture her alive!!”

“Yes, Young Master!!” The 2 experts exchanged a look, as the gleam in their eyes turned dangerous, and pulled out daggers from their shirts. They then shot towards Yue Zhong explosively.

The weapons control in Guilin City was strict, and thus, fights between gangs usually involve only melee weapons. As long as anyone made use of firearms, it would be considered an act of revolt against the government, and the Special Forces, armed police and Army would all deploy, and take down the threat. Therefore, unless it concerned the survival of the triad, no one was willing to risk using firearms.

The only circumstance when guns were allowed was the hunting parties left the city to scavenge. Even then, each firearm would require a large number of ammunition, and had to be left in the possession of guarantors. The moment something went wrong, these guarantors would be dragged down as well. Lastly, the most threatening weapons that could be loaned out were only the rifles. Heavy artillery weapons would never be issued.

Yue Zhong took a step forward, reaching out his hands and easily grabbing the head of one of the experts. He swung viciously to the right, sending the expert right in the path of the other guard, and their heads smashed together violently, before they crumpled to the ground.

If Yue Zhong had not shown mercy, those 2 experts would have been killed already.

“You want to kill me?” Yue Zhong’s eyes blazed as he took slow steps towards Liu Zi Ning.

“Don’t come over!! Yue Zhong!! Don’t come over!!!” Liu Zi Ning saw the devil-like Yue Zhong nearing, and became frantic, as he scrambled backwards.

At this time, 7 men came over and saw the pathetic appearance of Liu Zi Ning, as one of them came up to ask, his face bearing a knife scar: “Young Master Liu! What happened?”

Liu Zi Ning saw the scar-faced man and immediately shouted: “Good timing!! Huang WeilI!! Go kill that man!! Kill him!! I will get my father to promote you immediately!! I’ll gift you 5 virgins and 20 tonnes of rations!!”

“Yes, Young Master!!” Huang Weili was immediately hooked by that proposition, as he got excited and raised his head to look towards Yue Zhong as he began to yell: “Which bastard….”

“Young Master Yue? My apologies! My apologies! Sorry! Sorry!! I deserve to die!! I was a fool!! Young Master Yue, please have mercy, and forgive my stupid mistake!!” The moment Huang Weili saw Yue Zhong, his expression changed, and he kneeled immediately, trembling as he pleaded.

The 6 other subordinates of Huang Weili also had similar expressions, as they knelt down at once. Back then, when Bai Xiaosheng wanted to silence them, his expression was extremely natural, obviously having silence countless people before. They did not dare go against that group of people who easily wiped the village of zombies clean.

“Who is he exactly??” Gao Xiaoyun looked at the those people kneeling in front of Yue Zhong, and her heart was filled with shock and regret.

“Bai Xiaosheng!” Yue Zhong called out indifferently.

“Boss!! What’s the matter?” His voice had just resounded, when Bai Xiaosheng suddenly appeared in front of everybody, and other than Yue Zhong, no one knew where he appeared from.

Seeing Bai Xiaosheng, Huang Weili and his group became even more terrified. This man was numb to killing, his methods ruthless, and his ability shockingly high. If they had acted against Yue Zhong earlier, they would have become a pile of corpses.

Yue Zhong pointed at Liu Zi Ning, Huang Weili and the rest: “Yangtze Gang wants to lay a hand on me! Since it’s like this, let’s take them down!! Go bring some men and kill them. Since our Green Stone Triad is about to make its debut, we will need a stepping stone to bring us into the limelight. Let Yangtze Gang fill that role. This is the Liu Zi Ning, the son of the leader Liu Xuan He. Bring these 6 men with you, they should know loads about Yangtze Gang.”

Bai Xiaosheng became excited and replied: “Hehe!! Great! Cooping up at home these past few days have been so boring, my bones have become rigid! Oh yes, after we take down the Yangtze Gang, if there are any women, give me one or two ok Boss?! I’m almost bored to death!!”

Although Bai Xiaosheng was lustful and indulged in the company of beauties and hated complications, as an Evolver, his blood was also filled with the thirst of battle. Other than having sex, only fighting and killing could give him the same adrenaline.

“Don’t you have to get going by now??” Yue Zhong raised his eyebrow at Bai Xiaosheng.

“Yes Boss!” Bai Xiaosheng shot forwards, and kicked out at Liu Zi Ning’s head, causing him to faint.

Bai Xiaosheng grabbed Liu Zi Ning’s hair, and dragged him like a dead dog as he turned to face Huang Weili and the rest, commanding in a cold tone: “Those who don’t wish to die at my hands, Come with me!”

Huang Weili and the rest felt their body shiver, as they stood up, and followed Bai Xiaosheng docilely.

Mu Xiangling came to Yue Zhong’s side, and had a curious look: “Yue Zhong-gege! Are we about to fight?”

Xin Jiarou looked at Yue Zhong with a resolute expression: “Master! This battle, let this slave fight for you!”

Yue Zhong declined immediately: “No, Your current level is only 1! It’s not time for you to join in battles yet”

Although Xin Jiarou had huge potential as an Agility-based Evolver, and had gained some equipment from Yue Zhong, causing her stats to be almost the same as a Level 20 Enhancer, her combat experience was simply too low. If she were to face off against those Enhancers, she would definitely lose. Hearing Yue Zhong reject it, Xin Jiarou did not press the issue further.

Gao Xiaoyun looked at the pure and elegant looking Ning Yuxin, as well as the absolutely charming and mature Xin Jiarou, and her eyes were filled with endless jealousy. Those 2 absolute beauties were existences she herself would never be able to compete with, and Yue Zhong had gained their approval, on top of that, that Bai Xiaosheng had appeared. The expressions and behaviour of Huang Weili and the rest had shown her clearly that Yue Zhong was not simply just the son of a lowly civil servant.

“Let’s go!!” Yue Zhong brought the 3 ladies out, without so much as glancing at Gao Xiaoyun.

Gao Xiaoyun opened her mouth to say something, but the words got stuck in her throat, as her eyes turned red, and she started wailing in anger and hatred.

Yangtze Gang was one of the biggest triad in Guilin City, with about a 1000 people under them. There were about a hundred plus of them who were actual expert fighters as well. They had carved out a living for themselves engaging in black market dealings, and they earned a huge amount of ration tickets each day.

In a lush nightclub within the Yangtze Gang’s territory.

Liu Xuan He was currently bellowing in rage: “What?! Zi Ning had been abducted? Which bastard has such guts, and actually dares to abduct my son?”

One of the smaller leaders, Li Qin replied solemnly: “It’s the Green Stone Triad! Young Master was abducted by them!! There’s a high-ranking leader in there called Yue Zhong, and he’s the son of a small civil servant!”

Li Qin was usually in charge of gathering intel, and the moment Liu Zi Ning was captured, he heard of it quickly and sent people out to investigate.

Liu Xuan He roared out in anger: “Green Stone Triad!! I want you all in hell!!”

Every dragon had a reverse scale, which could not be touched. Liu Zi Ning was Liu Xuan He’s reverse scale, whoever touched his only son, he would never let the person go.

Right at this time, an ordinary Yangtze Gang hooligan came running into the room pathetically: “Boss!! Boss!! Someone came to mess with us!! The various guards have all been killed!!”

The moment the hooligan just pushed open the door, the flash of a blade appeared by his neck, and his head was sent flying, landing on the floor, as fresh blood spurt all over the place.

At almost the same time, a gunshot rang out, and before Li Qin had even caught sight of the intruder, there was a bullet hole between his brows, as he crumpled lifelessly to the floor.

Killing Li Qin and the hooligan within a breath, Bai Xiaosheng walked in as he smiled in an extremely terrifying manner at Liu Xuan He: “You must be the leader of the Yangtze Gang! I’m Bai Xiaosheng, one of the elders of the Green Stone Triad! Today I shall use your head to exchange for 2 beauties with my boss!”

Liu Xuan He stared back at Bai Xiaosheng with an extreme chill in his eyes, as he asked solemnly: “I’m Liu Xuan He! Our Yangtze Gang and your Green Stone Triad never had any conflicts, why the sudden clash?”

Bai Xiaosheng’s body disappeared in a flash, and appeared behind Liu Xuan He in an instant, as a blade came rushing down towards Liu Xian He’s head: “Simple! You being alive is a threat to us! So you have to die! Old fogey, I let you live for a few seconds more, you should be appreciative of that!”

Liu Xuan He pressed a button under his table, and the chair he was on immediately retracted. At the same time, a pressure weighed down on Bai Xiaosheng, causing his speed to slow significantly.

Liu Xuan He stared at Bai Xiaosheng and his eyes were filled with venom: “Green Stone Triad!! Yue Zhong!! Bai Xiaosheng!! I will remember you guys. This time, as long as I’m alive, I will definitely not let you guys have an easy life. I will hunt you down, and cause you to live forever in fear of my coming retribution!!!”

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