God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 402

Chapter 402 – Counter Attack

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

There was a secret rail mechanism below Liu Xuan He’s chair, and it would allow him to escape from this place.

“That is why you must die!!” Following a fierce growl, a sharp spike came shooting out from the ground, piercing Liu Xuan He’s entire body like a giant bloody meat skewer.

Liu Xuan He’s eyes flashed with resentment, as he spat a mouth of blood out, resentfully he stared at the sharp spike that had come bursting out of the ground.

Bai Xiaosheng swung his blade casually, and chopped off Liu Xuan He’s head.

The floor of the building split, as Chen Shenggang appeared with the support of a rock pillar, and he gazed at the headless corpse and asked: “This is Liu Xuan He?”

Bai Xiaosheng kicked the head of Liu Xuan He, and coldly replied: “Yep! I’ll leave the clean up to you!!”

Chen Shenggang took a glance at the 3 dead bodies, before stepping on the ground hard. The earth split open, and swallowed up the 3 corpses.

With Liu Xuan He’s death, the entire Yangtze Gang soon fell apart. The majority of the gang members were absorbed by men brought by Yue Zhong, and those who resisted were immediately killed and buried. At the end, only a dozen other core members who were out searching for resources managed to escape the ordeal.

Within Guilin City, such matters between triads were extremely normal and frequent. In this apocalyptic world, as long as a strong and capable Enhancer served as the backbone, a triad could be quickly formed. However, Yangtze Gang was after all a huge triad with over a 1000 members and over 20 Enhancers of at least Level 20. Such a triad was actually annihilated, and it sent shockwaves throughout Guilin City.

Over at the Green Bamboo Gang headquarters, a male came up to Gao Minghao’s side and said slowly: “Leader! Yangtze Gang was just taken down!”

Gao Minghao put down the book in his hands, as his eyes widened with shock: “Tang Shi. Who did it?”

Tang Shi replied solemnly: “It was the Green Stone Triad!”

Tang Shi continued softly: “Who the leader is, no one knows, it is only known that amongst their upper echelons, there’s a Yue Zhong. Those who actually went to massacre the headquarters were these guys called Bai Xiaosheng, Ying Kaishan and Chen Shenggang! Those who saw them act were all killed, and as for their abilities, other than Bai Xiaosheng being extremely fast, the rest are unknown. But, it’s certain that they’re all high level Enancers.”

Gao Minghao sighed, as his fingers touched the tabletop gingerly: “Yue Zhong right? Seems like another hungry wolf has appeared in our Guilin City!”

Tang Shi asked in a low voice: “Leader! Shall we touch him?”

Gao Minghao shook his head: “There’s no need! The Yangtze Gang wasn’t easy to annihilate! They had taken it down just like that, there would be others who would naturally act! There’s no need for us to move!”

After absorbing the Yangtze Gang, Yue Zhong’s Green Stone Triad doubled in size overnight, and became a huge triad that had over a thousand people. The main backbone of the group was still only the 30+ trustworthy Enhancers that he brought in. However, the intel and reach he had within Guilin City had naturally increased by a very large degree

Within 2 days of taking over Yangtze Gang, groups of policemen charged into the various ex-Yangtze Gang’s territory, and conducted raids. Any gambling dens, restaurants, bars, or entertainment spots, were subjected to the raids, and business was affected. Over 200 members of the Green Stone Triad were arrested and thrown in jail after being charged with various offences.

Yue Zhong just brought the upper echelons of the Green Stone Triad to hide and wait out the storm, not squaring off against the police in Guilin City. However, with this decision, the Green Stone Triad that he formed lost faith, and almost collapsed immediately.

The Glorious Golden Jade was a 5-star hotel in Guilin City, and every night, it would be lit up with countless lights, and cars would be in and out of the place. In this apocalyptic world, even though fuel was precious, and the rental of vehicles was expensive, the number of luxurious cars here was still staggering.

Within a smoke-filled lavish room.

A suave-looking middle-aged man with golden hair and dressed in a black suit was currently toasting a fat old man opposite him, who was flanked on either sides by 15,16-year-old girls as he said: “This time, it’s truly thanks to you, Superintendent Dan! We could clear up the poison that is Green Stone Triad thanks to your help! Here, I shall toast you!”

The golden hair male with a sturdy and suave look was called Ma Li Tie, and he was an Elder of the Freemasons, one of the four big triads in Guilin City! The Hong Triad here was different from the one in Vietnam, as it was a coincident that they both had the same name. The name Hong Triad was powerful and distinct, and many wildly ambitious underground people had chosen the same name when establishing their own triads. *1

The Yangtze Gang was a subsidiary group of the Hong Triad. If the forces were to combine, Hong Triad could be considered to have over 10,000 people. To prevent the government from clamping down on them, they had chosen to separate their forces, and convert the remaining into subsidiaries. The Yangtze Gang was one such subsidiary, incidentally, also their biggest one.

The old fat man with the protruding belly was precisely Dan Hong, the superintendent of Xin Yang District. As the Xin Yang District was flourishing and had high human traffic, the director that was sent from there had a sizeable amount of power as well. Dan Hong happened to be the trusted aide of the Mayor of Guilin City, Chen Ying, and in another few months, he would be able to become the Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau. Within the police force, he had huge presence and influence.

The fat Dan Hong reached for the skirt of the girl younger than his son with his pudgy hands, and touched her inappropriately, as he replied with a bureaucratic air: “That Green Stone Triad dares to open up gambling dens and engage in prostitution, trading underaged children, such heinous crimes! As government officials, we are honour-bound and rightfully due to deal with these despicable sort of illegal groups!”

Beside Dan Hong, there was a bespectacled man of about 26 or 27 who chuckled lightly at Dan Hong’s words before speaking. “That’s right! Superintendent Dan, I implore you to officially announce an arrest warrant for Yue Zhong, Bai Xiaosheng, Ying Kaishan and Chen Shenggang! We must get rid of these hooligans, and retain peace and security in Guilin City!”

The young man was Ma Li Tie’s trusted aide and general Jiang Li Hong! He was a crafty individual with cunning ideas, and was known to others as the Bespectacled Snake.

The moment the police force were to issue that warrant, then Yue Zhong and the other 3 would become enemies of the entire Guilin City. They would be forced to live underground, and the Green Stone Triad would become the target for the cleanup of the government.

Dan Hong replied with disinterest: “This! I would still need to go back and discuss with the leader!!”

Dan Hong was extremely clear on these sort of games. If he were to really issue that warrant, he would become the target of these 4 high level Enhancers. By then, it was either the death of Yue Zhong and the rest, or he would be killed by them.

Regarding high level Enhancers, unless it was to a non-salvageable situation, the police force would not just casually force them into a corner as well. The moment they did that, the government special forces would step in, and annihilate these offenders at all cost. Hence, if one wanted to point their fingers at the Enhancers, there had to be concrete proof of their negative effect on society, only then could the warrant be issued.

Any warrants issue for the arrest of Enhancers required the approval of the higher ministers within the government. As a superintendent of the police force, Dan Hong was allowed to arrest them, but if it was discovered that he had a hand in the shady dealings, then he can forget about everything in his career. Dan Hong could deploy the police to capture Yue Zhong’s men, but he could not casually issue the warrant of arrest of the Enhancers. Since this would affect his livelihood, he naturally wasn’t as interested.

Jiang Li Hong chuckled, and handed over a cheque over: “Superintendent Dan. As long as you settle this for us, this would be yours!”

Dan Hong glanced at the cheque, and his heartbeat quickened. The figure on the cheque was a 1,000 tonnes of rations. Dan Hong’s monthly salary was only a 100-jin of rations, to get a 1,000 tonnes of ration, he would have to slog for at least a 1,000 years. This 1,000-tonnes of rations was comparable to a billion RMB prior to the apocalypse, if not more. He had seen a number of ration tickets, and knew that this was real.

Jiang Li Hong clapped twice, and a beautiful lady in revealing clothes pushed a metal cage into the room, and within the cage, there were 2 girls who looked exactly the same, both wearing white dresses, their ages about 11 or 12.

The moment Dan Hong saw the twins inside the cage, he inhaled sharply, and excitement could be seen in his eyes. He liked such arrangements, and the 2 girls inside the cage were the best he had ever seen.

Jiang Li Hong stared fixedly at Dan Hong who had a beast-like expression and chuckled: “Superintendent Dan, as long as you help us once, this pair of twins would be yours. They’re still virgins, no man had ever touched them. I think, you must like them alot.”

Dan Hong licked his lips, and kept the cheque in his pocket, his eyes fixed on the twins like an excited hunter, saying: “Good!! I’ll promise you!! Send them to my room!!”

Ma Li Tie looked at Dan Hong with contempt and laughed coldly, he had seen plenty of such lustful perverts. The Hong Triad had taken in many such beauties, and had set them aside as gifts to various governing officials. As long as Dan Hong accepted the twins, he could control Dan Hong, and naturally, Dan Hong would become his dog.

One Hong Triad member suddenly burst into the room reporting to Ma Li Tie: “Elder!! Yue Zhong is here!! He’s currently inside our casino!!”

“Yue Zhong? Why would he be here?” Ma Li Tie’s expression changed, and immediately stood up to go to the security room.

Inside the casino of the Glorious Golden Jade, there were people bustling everywhere, as gamblers gathered and excited engaged in different tables, waving chips and dealing cards. In any era, as long as there was stability, gambling would occur. The gamblers were here to bet and win money, but more so to release the stress and fear of the uncertain future.

Yue Zhong brought Ning Yuxin and walked into this casino, and most of the gamblers here were already feverish, not noticing them.

Ning Yuxin grabbed Yue Zhong’s arm, as she looked around at the people with a crazed expression in their eyes, and frowned: “Why are we here? Yue Zhong! You will lose 9 out of 10 times, don’t pick up this bad habit!”

Yue Zhong laughed indifferently, and went to a table which bet only on “Small, Big *2”, and threw chips that he had exchanged for 100 tonnes of rations onto the table, coldly calling out: “I’m betting big! This time you must give me big!”

“100 tonnes!!”

“What a large sum!!”

“This guy has capital! He actually bet with a 100 tonnes of ration off the bat!!”

“That chick beside him sure is pretty!”


A bunch of gamblers around Yue Zhong started engaging in discussion.

Yue Zhong stared at the dealer, activating his [Art of Fear]: “Shake it! I need to win!”

A huge oppressive Spiritual attack overwhelmed the mind of the dealer, causing him to engulfed in an illusion. His hand shook, as he tried to shake according to how he was trained, before opening the dice cup, and the result made him feel like he was doused in a bucket of ice.


“It was Big!! Damn it! This brat sure has luck!!”

“If I had known I would have bought Big as well!”


At this side, all the gamblers exclaimed with regret upon witnessing the scene.

“Big!” Yue Zhong continued, tossing the 200 tonnes-equivalent of chips on ‘Big’, before coldly staring at the dealer again.

The poor dealer had no way of controlling himself as he tossed the body according to Yue Zhong’s orders again.

“It’s Big again!!”

“What the shit!! How is this possible?”


Those gamblers started getting excited, after ‘Big’ had opened twice, this caused them to become excited.

“Continue, Big!!” Yue Zhong kept his eyes on the dealer and exclaimed.

The dealer just stood there like a frigid body and followed Yue Zhong’s orders and shook another ‘Big’.

“Hot damn!!”

“Master!!! This is the God of Gamblers!! He definitely is the God of Gamblers!!”

“God of Gamblers!! Please accept me as your disciple!!”


Those gamblers around Yue Zhong started to look at him with a look of reverence and admiration.

Yue Zhong called out indifferently: “Continue! Big!”


“I want ‘Big’ as well!!”


Most of the gamblers immediately threw their money on ‘Big’.

The dealer again rolled the dice under Yue Zhong’s orders, resulting in a ‘Big’.

By now, the casino had lost 2,000 tonnes of food, and all the gamblers whooped in excitement.

“Continue, Big!” Yue Zhong’s face did not change at all, as he commanded coldly. He wanted to make use of this dealer before he was swapped out.

This time, all the gamblers had thoroughly admired Yue Zhong like he was a god, and threw all their money on ‘Big’ as well. Some other gamblers came from the other tables as well to join in the fray.

The dealer rolled a ‘Big’ again under Yue Zhong’s support.

By this time, Yue Zhong had fleeced arounda 3,600 tonnes of rations’ worth of chips, and the rest of the gamblers had their gains as well.

*1: Freemasons will now be known as Hong Triad.

*2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sic_bo

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