God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Tiger Wang

Yue smiled and said: “Excuse my offence!”

Chen Si quickly strode towards Tiger Wang. White Bones then stepped forward, blocking his way.

Chen Si frowned, then turned to look at Yue and said: “Yue, what do you mean by this?”

Yue lightly said: “It’s nothing. Once big brother Tiger allows us to depart, you will be able to leave my side.”

Tiger Wang looked at Yue, smiled and said: “Chen Si, you will temporarily stay by little brother Yue’s side.”

Chen Si stood next to Yue and said: “Yes! Big brother Tiger!”

Yue said: “Big brother Tiger, I will now let my people move the supplies for you.”

Tiger Wang said: “It’s not urgent, our vehicles can not carry so much supplies. Why don’t you make a trip back to Always Bright Village with me. Let me show you our hospitality. Yue, I admire your strength, I hope we can become friends. Won’t you give me some face?”

Yue’s eyes shrank slightly, thinking for a moment, and then nodded: “Okay! We will take a trip with you. But big brother Tiger, as I have stated before, we’re going to Long Hai City survivor enclave, we can only stay for a day at most.”

Tiger Wang laughed heartily: “No problem, you’re my friend! Of course, you’re free to come and go.”

Four Hummers and two farm tractors were hauling the two Dongfeng trucks, while surrounded by 26 militants. They slowly made their way to the small village.

The small village was not far from the highway. The village was not big, having only a little bit more than 50 families.

The village’s gate were man by two bored militants armed with Type 81 rifles on the side.

Outside the village, several dozen kids ranging from 8 to 13 years old, were digging in the fields of vegetables. They were covered with mud, like little monkies.

“Brother Tiger!”

“Brother Tiger!”

The lines of vehicles entered the village and parked in the square. Six militants with Type 81 rifles gathered around Tiger Wang, started chatting and laughing.

Tiger Wang looked at Yue, smilingly said: “Little brother Yue, tell your people to come down.”

In order to show good faith, Tiger Wang took the initiative and walked to Yue’s side.

“Everyone come down!” Yue looked at the people on the trucks and said.

Only now did the people on the Dongfeng trucks dared to come down.

“What a pretty little girl!”

“Very pretty! Nice and tender!”

“That chick has such long legs, must be great to be sandwich between them! ”

Seeing all the women getting off the Dongfeng trucks, the perverseness began to show in those militants eyes. Those perverted gaze, wantonly judging the women. This caused all women on to be frightened.

A thin, monkey looking militant walked near Tiger Wang, and flatteringly said: “Brother Tiger, you’re great! You brought back so many good stuff this time. We all can have a good time!”

A thin and tall militant also came over smiling, his eyes constantly looking back and forth at Yuan Ying’s breast, as if wanting to tear off her clothes: “Yes! Brother Tiger! So much good stuff, you should leave some for us to enjoy too!”

Yuan Ying, Wang Qian, Zhang Xin, Su Ru Xue were all beauty. Chen Yao was like a princess. Ji Qing Wu was also a stunning beauty. These militants had not seem this many beauties, so they were salivating while looking at these beauties.

Tiger Wang frowned, and shouted in a deep voice: “Everyone be quiet!”

After Tiger Wang said this, the surrounding militants were quiet again.

Tiger Wang in a deep voice said: “This is Yue Zhong little brother. I recently befriended him. These women belongs to Yue, not you. Go back to work! Puppy, go find people to move the supplies from one of the trucks. Black Face, you arrange things, I want to eat a good meal with little brother Yue.”

Hearing that they have no part of those beautiful women, the dissapointed militants began leaving in droves.

Only now that the girls were relieved.

Tiger Wang smiled, and invited Yue: “Little brother, this way!”

Yue nodded, and followed Tiger Wang.

A group of people went into a small villa that Tiger Wang had people built inside the village.

After entering the villa, they divided into 2 sides and sat down. Tiger Wang took a look at Chi Yang and Wang Shuang besides Yue, and asked: “Yue, these two little brothers are?”

Yue looked at Tiger Wang and said: “This is Chi Yang, and this is Wang Shuang.”

Tiger Wang look at the two, amiably smiled and said: “Hello.”

Chi Yang lightly said: “Hello!”

Wang Shuang nervously said: “Brother Tiger, Hello!”

The people beside Tiger Wang were the leaders of over 40 armed militants. Their movements caused great pressure to Wang Shuang.

Tiger Wang pointed to the three people at his side, and introduced them to Yue: “I introduced to you, this is Zhang Xiang, Lei Chen, and this one is Chen Yan! The three of them are my closest brothers.”

Zhang Xiang is 1.8 meters tall with an imposing and burly body, a fierce looking face, and mouth covered with a long beard. He was an aggressive looking man. Lei Chen is 2 meters tall, strong as a bear, thick hands with calluses. With a strong jaw that looked like he came from a family of martial artists. Chen Yan wore glasses, looking like a very nice young man.

Zhang Xiang, Lei Chen, Chen Yan are Tiger Wang’s confidant. They hold the most power in the village after Tiger Wang.

Yue looked at the trio and said: “Hello!”

Zhang Xiang looked at Yue, eyes filled with provocation and defiant, then said: “You are Yue Zhong! I heard brother Tiger say you’ve got a lot of skills. How about we spar a bit?”

Zhang Xiang is Tiger Wang second strongest man, second only to Lei Chen. It was the first time that he have seen Tiger Wang so hospitable to a person. It made him full of jealousy, worrying that his position would be threatened by Yue.

Tiger Wang frowned and said: “Zhang Xiang! Yue is my guest and friend. You must not cause him trouble!”

Zhang Xiang looked directly at Tiger Wang and said: “Brother Tiger, I know that you value him and wants him to join. You’re the boss, your words must be obeyed. We brothers, naturally do so. But to convince me, he has to win against me.”

Chi Yang coldly stared at Zhang Xiang and said: “You are not a match for Yue, I’ll fight you.”

Zhang Xiang looked at Chi Yang’s thin body, laughing with anger, said: “Well well well! The world really has changed, even the small fish are so arrogant. Yue, I will tell you, my fist is very strong. If you don’t personally come out, it would be embarrassing if your brother get hurt.”

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