God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 403

Chapter 403 – Bringing Down The House!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“Wait a moment!” Right at this moment, the manager of the casino came running forward, his face full of perspiration, and he brought a few security guards with him.

“What! Is your place not going to pay up after losing?” Yue Zhong glanced at the manager and his security guards, barking out coldly while smirking.

“Fuck! This daddy had lost over a tonne of ration tickets! I’ve just started to make back my loss and you guys don’t want to pay?”

“I didn’t say anything when I was losing, now that your casino is losing you want to ignore us?”


The various gamblers around Yue Zhong started to curse out loud, and the entire casino became tense.

Yue Zhong hugged Ning Yuxin close to him with one arm as he observed the events unfolding while smiling coldly. There was no need for him to act, and these gamblers who had just chanced on a windfall would automatically band together to make a ruckus.

The manager glared at Yue Zhong and said in a solemn voice: “Sir! I suspect that you’re cheating!! You must be an Enhancer! This casino doesn’t allow Enhancers to gamble!”

“I did not see any of such announcements anywhere! Your casino is obviously unwilling to pay up! Everyone, let’s trash this place! We must snatch back our money!!” Yue Zhong laughed coldly, before suddenly exploding out and kicked out explosively at the manager, causing him to fly back 6-7 metres, knocking a few tables over.

After taking out the manager with a single kick, Yue Zhong shot forward and sent out a flurry of punches at the security guards, the punches so quick that only shadows could be seen. The guards were knocked back explosively, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The moment Yue Zhong acted, the whole casino plunged into chaos, and screams rang out. Within the big hall, many tried to escape. Some gamblers who had lost terribly saw that no one was paying attention to them, and made a beeline for the chips exchange. They beat up the service staff, before stealing those ration-tickets and running for the exit in a frenzy.

Right at this time, a burly young man with an eagle-like gaze and the snarl of a wolf came into the lobby floor with a number of subordinates, as he barked out coldly: “Who dares to cause trouble at my place, are you tired of living?!”

This fierce looking young man was one of the 10 strongest fighters in Hong Triad, the Blade Demon Han Wen Li! His enhancement level reached 40, and he had killed a huge number of Mutant Beasts, zombies as well as human opponents. The strongest fighter of the Green Bamboo Gang Wang Wen Shen was killed by him.*1

Yue Zhong glanced at Blade Demon Han Wen Li and issued an order coldly: “Kill them all!”

White Bones, who had been posing as an ordinary gambler, suddenly launched its assault. 10 sharp bone spikes shot out from its body, aiming for Han Wen Li.

Han Wei Li’s vision and attention was fixed on Yue Zhong, and when he was ambushed by the sudden assault from White Bones, he was taken aback.

However, he was after all still an expert that had been through countless battles, and he quickly condensed a few blade shadows to deal with the bone spears.

After the sounds of metal clashing, the 10 bone spears were actually blocked by Han Wei Li.

Peng! Just as Han Wen Li managed to defend by a narrow margin, Yue Zhong had already pulled out his Stinger and fired a shot at Han Wei Li’s head.

In that instant, Han Wei Li, who had expended his all to defend against the 2 of them, had his head blasted into smithereens, as the ever familiar red and white pulpy chunks splattered on the floor. As he fell, his lifeless body was instantly pierced by a bone spear.

After penetrating Han Wei Li, the bone spear that was dyed red by the blood grew forward in a line and pierced through the subordinates that had followed in. In an instant, the dozens of Hong Triad members found their bodies sliced in two, as their innards and blood gushed out onto the floor. Blood curdling, miserable, hair-raising screams resounded throughout the entire casino both from the victims and bystanders.

Witnessing the gruesome and terrifying scene, all the gamblers, dealers and service staff felt intense fear, and began to run for their lives.

Ning Yuxin looked on at the horrible plight of those Hong Triad members, and her face turned paler than a sheet. It was the first time she was witnessing a one-sided fight of this level of cruelty!

Yue Zhong shot a look at the security cameras and smirked, doing a ‘cut throat’ motion, before following Ning Yuxin and White Bones out of the place.

Ma Li Tie watched the events through the security cameras, and saw the countless corpses, his eyes filled with intense fury and he screamed: “I will kill him!! I want to kill him!”

Dan Hong saw the numerous Hong Triad members who had their lower bodies sliced off, and his heart was filled with regret, as his fat body trembled.

Jiang Li Hong’s brows creased gently, as he thought: “What’s going on? Is he giving up just like this? Impossible, he’s definitely not like this!!”

In the Glorious Golden Jade, security was tight, and there were many hidden weapons and traps. If Yue Zhong was to forcefully charge in, Ma Li Tie felt that he would be able to thoroughly teach Yue Zhong a lesson.


At this time, the entire hotel shook, as though a giant had knocked into the building with extreme force.

With that huge sound, the Glorious Golden Jade began crumbling and collapsing unto itself, as the building broke apart. Over 200 Hong Triad members were buried within the debris.

Bai Xiaosheng patted the man beside him on the shoulder shoulder and laughed as he watched the building fall. “Chen Shenggang, this time, you did great! With this, I’m sure that at least ¾ of those filthy trash inside are dead!”

Chen Shenggang wiped the perspiration off his face. His expression was one of pride, yet he humbly said: “It’s all due to the Boss!! If it wasn’t for his idea, I wouldn’t even know that my ability could be used like this! Furthermore, Boss had been in there for some time drawing their attention, otherwise I would have practically no way of utilizing my skill!”

The collapse of the Glorious Golden Jade was precisely due to Chen Shenggang making use of his [Earth Manipulation] skill that forcefully caused the foundations of the building to give way, in turn resulting in the entire building being destroyed.

The attention of Ma Li Tie and the rest were all on Yue Zhong, and this gave Chen Shenggang the needed time to cast his skill.

“Chen Shenggang! Come here!”

“Yes!” Under Yue Zhong’s orders, Chen Shenggang quickly came to his side.

“Separate this area!” Yue Zhong pointed to a huge pile of debris.

On top of that very pile of rubble, was a Shadow Wolf standing watch. In fact, it could be used to sniff out the scent of people who were still alive inside the debris.

Chen Shenggang walked over, and activated his skill. The ground started to open up, revealing 2 Hong Triad members. Both of them were entirely drenched with blood.

Yue Zhong only gave them a cursory glance and White Bones shot out 2 sharp spikes into their chests. Killing them immediately was always the best plan, so as to remove later potential threats.

With the guidance of the Shadow Wolf, the ground opened up a number of times after that, and the remaining Hong Triad survivors were killed by White Bones without mercy.

The ground split open again, but this time, a huge wolf-like claw shot out, slashing towards Chen Shenggang.

At the same time, White Bones exploded out with a sharp bone blade that directly slashed at the wolf claw, chopping it off and causing blood to spray out!

Chen Shenggang’s face flashed with shock and fear, and retreated a few steps. If it wasn’t for White Bones, his neck might have been snapped by that huge wolf-like claw.

From the rubble, Ma Li Tie’s agonized scream of fury rang out: “Yue Zhong!! I am Hong Triad’s Elder Ma Li Tie!! You can’t kill me!! Otherwise, the entire Hong Triad will come after your blood!! You won’t have a place to live in Guilin City at all!!”

Within the rubble, Dan Hong’s trembling voice also sounded: “Yue Zhong!! I am Dan Hong!! The superintendent of Xinyang District!! You can’t kill me!! If you kill me, it’s tantamount to slaying a government official! The government would definitely not let you off!!”

Inside the rubble, Jiang Li Hong was currently breathing raggedly, blood dripping from the side of his mouth. Besides him, it was only Dan Hong, the pair of twins trapped in the metal cage, as well as Ma Li Tie who had transformed into a werewolf that were still alive.

When the building had started to collapse, Jiang Li Tao had immediately activated his ability [Air Barrier], and made use of the metal cage to block some of the falling debris. Otherwise they would have all died, or at the very least, been permanently crippled.

The collapse of the Glorious Golden Jade had seriously spooked Ma Li Tie, Dan Hong and the rest. It was the first time that they had skirted the edge of death.

Yue Zhong looked at the pile of rubble and barked out coldly: “Get out all of you! I’m giving you only 20 seconds. If not, I’m going to lob a grenade in there!”

As of now, a single hand grenade would be able to decimate the rubble and killing everyone within it. There was absolutely no cause of worry that these people wouldn’t immediately go to heaven, or hell.

With the threat, Ma Li Tie and the rest climbed out from the rubble gingerly.

Ma Li Tie, who had turned into a 3m-tall werewolf earlier, and having an arm that was chopped off, looked at Yue Zhong and slowly spoke: “Yue Zhong! This time, I recognize your strength! As long as you let me leave here alive! Everything in the past will be forgotten by the Hong Triad. The Green Stone Triad would also be considered our good friends!”

Ma Li Tie only wanted to live right now, as to future plans, he would leave it to only after ascertaining he had a future.

“Seal his movements!” Yue Zhong eyed Ma Li Tie and ordered detachedly.

White Bones suddenly shot out 3 sharp bone blades and sliced off Ma Li Tie’s remaining right arm and both legs, crippling him, as his limbless body fell to the floor.

“Ah!!! Yue Zhong!! I’ll kill you!!” *2 Ma Li Tie screamed out in agony and burning hatred.

Seeing Ma Li Tie’s wretched appearance, Jiang Li Hong, Dan Hong as well as the 2 lolis inside the cage shivered with immense fear.

Dan Hong looked at Yue Zhong and trembled visibly, as he stammered: “You can’t kill me!! I’m a government official!! If you kill me, the government won’t let you off!!”

Yue Zhong threw a Dark Magic Blade in front of Dan Hong, pointing to Ma Li Tie, and held his Stinger to Dan Hong’s head, threatening: “Dan Hong, Chop off his head, and work for me. I will then leave you with your life! Otherwise I can immediately blow your brains out! *3
You have 5 seconds to decide! 5…!”

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