God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 404

Chapter 404 -The Clutches of Foreign Forces!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“I’m sorry!” Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Dan Hong was filled with the fear of death, and he immediately grabbed the Dark Magic Blade and swung it towards Ma Li Tie’s head.

“Dan Hong! You can’t…..” Ma Li Tie had not finished cursing, and his head was chopped off, rolling away.

Yue Zhong eyed Dan Hong and chuckled coldly: “Good! Good! Well done!!”

With the swing, Dan Hong had severed ties with the Hong Triad. Like this, he had become a chess piece for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s gaze then landed on Jiang Li Hong, turning cold all of a sudden, and intending to get White Bones to finish him off.

JIang Li Hong looked at Yue Zhong, and a chill came over him, as he hastily cried out: “My name is Jiang Li Hong, and I was Ma Li Tie’s general in the past. I’m also a Protector of the Hong Triad! I’m a Level 32 Enhancer, and possess the ability [Air Manipulation]. I’m willing to denounce my past and swear loyalty to you, Sire! Please spare my life! I know a lot of information on the Hong Triad. I’m definitely of use to you!”

Yue Zhong eyed Jiang Li Hong and commanded in a low voice: “Bring them all away!!”

A few soldiers stepped up, and brought Jiang Li Hong, Dan Hong and the 2 girls in the cage away, disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Just as Yue Zhong and his group disappeared without a trace, the sounds of police sirens wailed from afar, and after a long while, a police car then arrived at the scene.

At a nearby apartment, Yue Zhong looked at Dan Hong: “Dan Hong! You have already killed Ma Li Tie. The Hong Triad would not let you go. I want you to issue out a warrant for the leader, vice leader as well as the other 6 Elders of the Hong Triad!”

Dan Hong laughed bitterly as he replied: “Yue Zhong! Issuing a warrant of arrest is not as simple as you think! To get the approval of the higher-ups is especially difficult. The leader , vice-leader and 6 Elders of the Hong Triad are all high level Enhancers, even the leader is an Evolver. Unless they had committed a huge crime like murdering over a number of people and causing the ordinary people to lead difficult lives, we can’t randomly issue a warrant for their arrest! Otherwise, it would definitely be rejected!”

The leader, vice-chief and the 6 Elders of the Hong Triad were not without any protection. Dan Hong had dared to flout the rules in a bid to deal with Yue Zhong earlier, but even he did not dare make any moves against those from the Hong Triad. Not to say just him, even the mayor himself would have to think twice before making a move on any of these huge triads.

Yue Zhong frowned, his gaze on Dan Hong turning unkind. If this was truly the case, then he had just saved a piece of trash that had no use to him.

Dan Hong felt his body prickling with needles when he was stared at by Yue Zhong, and started breaking out in cold sweat.

Jiang Li Hong offeree: “Boss!! The chief and 4 of the Elders are currently outside hunting Mutant Beasts and zombies. Ma Li Tie was also dealt with already! It could be said that the Hong Triad is at its weakest now! There’s only vice-chief Mauritius and Elder Bruce left at headquarters!! As long as you work together with Superintendent Dan, you can easily take down the Hong Triad!! According to my knowledge, Shen Ying or Mayor Shen has no favourable impression of the Hong Triad, if we were to eradicate them, he would definitely sit aside and watch without making a move!”

Dan Hing hastily chipped in: “Old Jiang is right! As long as any conflicts between Enhancers do not affect the rest of the city, Mayor Shen Ying would not intervene. He has always hated those Enhancers who have been a little out of control.”

Yue Zhong frowned and asked in a chilly tone: “The Hong Triad’s vice-chief and Elder are foreigners?”

Jiang Li Hong affirmed with a hint of indignation: “Yea!! The chief Chen Hongye was part of a multinational corporation called the CMT Group in the past. Mauritius and Bruce were part of the upper management as well. They had escaped from Nanning into Guilin City together, making use of their resources to establish the Hong Triad. Hong Triad is also the only gang with the most foreigners, and majority of the foreigners would choose to join Hong Triad. They’re all united, and hold high positions in Hong Triad, of every 3 seats, at least 2 belongs to the foreigners.”

In China’s territory, there actually was a triad that allowed foreigners to possess 2 out of 3 seats of authority, and this caused Yue Zhong to be taken aback.

Yue Zhong stared at Dan Hong and asked coldly: “Are his words for real?”

Dan Hong flinched, and replied without hesitation: “Yes! Not a single falsehood. This intel is only known to the upper management and powers close to Hong Triad. However, as for the fact that the Chief and his 4 Elders are out hunting, I have no idea whether that is true or not. Only the upper management of Hong Triad would know.”

Yue Zhong pondered deeply for a while, before ordering Dan Hong: “I’ve decided! Let’s go destroy the Hong Triad! Dan Hong! Go get people to round up the external members of the Hong Triad. I’ll handle the rest of it.”

Dan Hong was caught up with Yue Zhong’s intimidating aura and he just replied: “Yes!”

“Maybe I should backstab him!!” When Dan Hong left Yue Zhong’s establishment, that thought suddenly popped into his mind. However, the moment he remembered the state of Ma Li Tie, his heart jumped and he quickly squashed all thoughts of betraying Yue Zhong.

Dan Hong consoled himself: “In any case, Mayor Chen dislikes those triads. This time, the war between the Green Stone Triad and the Hong Triad can be said to be the best scenario for us. Even if the Green Stone Triad won, they would suffer huge losses. Let them whittle each other’s forces then!!”

Dan Hong wasn’t a heroic person who did not fear death, instead, he had relied on his father’s connections previously and his bootlicking to get to his current position. Naturally, he had no way of siding with justice or otherwise, choosing instead only to benefit himself.

Very quickly, under Dan Hong’s orders, numerous police vehicles went on the streets again, this time aiming for the territories of the Hong Triad. They started to apprehend the members of the Hong Triad and threw them into jail.

In this post apocalypse, the influence and authority of the police was stronger than the past by at least 10 times, no one dared to go against the police. Unless a person had a death wish, or he was a truly strong Evolver/Enhancer.

Every single jail cell was soon filled up with members of the Hong Triad.

Inside an office building, Mauritius, who looked about 36 or 37, with a huge built body and blond hair was currently hollering at another blond man, with a similar body built and short light blond hair. This other person was younger, looking about 20+, and had incredibly good-looking features. “Those damn yellow-skinned monkeys!! Bruce!! Did you actually use enough ration tickets to feed them?”

Mauritius was a white supremacist. To him, other than caucasians, every other race were lower class. He had come to China because he could enjoy a levitated position and treatment, as well as a fat paycheck. He looked down on the Chinese, and viewed the rest of Southeast Asians with contempt.

Bruce chuckled as though they were sharing a joke: “I’ve already given bananas to those monkeys! But I think they’re just disobedient. After all, since there’re so many monkeys, there will definitely be some who can’t sit still. Mauritius, don’t you worry. They just want to earn more cash. I’ve been dealing with them for so long, as long as you have the cash, and you’re white, you’re the closest thing to God in their eyes!”

CMT Group used to span across several countries, and was a huge conglomerate in Europe. Prior to the apocalypse, Mauritius would receive lavish treatment wherever he went in China. Those government officials could not wait to kiss his ass and seek his investment in their locations, allowing them to gain chances for promotions.

Mauritius calmed himself down, then spoke: “What a bunch of greedy monkeys! Bruce, go push them back!! These monkeys are low-class and stupid, but they’re useful cannon fodder! We must finish our task that Lord Apostle had assigned us, and we need those monkeys as the fodder.”

Bruce replied loudly: “Yes!” before heading out.

Mauritius continued to ponder: “Who is it exactly that is trying to go against us? Don’t tell me… the government knows what we’re doing? No, not possible, only we know of that secret. If the government of Guilin City has discovered, then our enemy would be an entire army.

“Lord Bruce, please wait!!” Just as Bruce was about to step out, and head to Level 1, there was a man who stopped him.

Bruce turned around to discover Jiang Li Hong and the 2 beside him, Yue Zhong and White Bones.

At that instant, White Bones released a sharp bone spike that pierced Bruce’s head, killing him instantly.

Bruce was a Level 45 expert, but under White Bones’ sneak attack, he had no chance to exhibit his ability before he was killed immediately.

6 other sharp bone spikes shot out in all directions of that level, causing 6 other members of the Hong Triad to be immediately killed.

“Boss! We’re clear! All the security cameras are under my control!!” One of the soldiers who possessed the ability [Communications Control] had gained access into the system security, and notified Yue Zhong with a smile.

Yue Zhong nodded lightly towards the soldier, before bringing Jiang Li Hong, White Bones and 20 other well-equiped soldiers as they charged up the stairs.

Bai Xiaosheng was leading the way as the vanguard, and he activated his own insane speed, flitting through the hallway and killing anyone who stood in their way. Almost any enemy that strayed into his path would immediately be decapitated.

Besides Bai Xiaosheng, Ying Kaishan and Zheng Minghe weren’t just decorative lamps, and they charged forwards killing those hooligans who lacked any order or command.

Under the combined assault from these 3, Yue Zhong and the other 20 soldiers did not meet much resistance all the way till they reached the 13th level.

That was when the entire building rang out with screeching sirens and wailing alarms!

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