God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 405

Chapter 405 – The Judgement Corps!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“Die!! Die!! Die!! Haha!!” Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes were red with bloodlust, as he roared with mad laughter and charged into the midst of the enemies. He swung his blades unceasingly, cutting any unfortunate Hong Triad members that stepped up to face him into 2 pieces. *1

Bai Xiaosheng, Ying Kaishan and Zheng Minghe charged forwards, with their combined strength, even when some Enhancers from the Hong Triad appeared, they took them out easily.

Wave after wave of Hong Triad members appeared, only to be slaughtered by the trio, and pretty soon the 14th and 15th levels were cleared of guards.

Another foreigner with blond hair and dressed in a suit came up to Mauritius in a panic: “Mauritius, those yellow-skinned monkeys have already pushed to the 17th Level!! What do we do?”

Mauritius slammed the table, his face ashen, as he barked out: “What are you panicking about? Send the Judgement Corps out! Wipe the enemy out! Do not leave a single one alive! The Judgement Corps will be more than enough to deal with them!”

The spirits of the subordinate immediately lifted, as he became excited and left: “Yes!! The Judgement Corps!! That’s right!!”

Mauritius had a grim face as he cursed under his breath: “Damn monkeys, you dare challenge my authority! I’ll let you have a taste of civilized weapons!”

“Go to hell!! Haha!” Bai Xiaosheng was overcome by bloodlust, as he slaughtered the Hong Triad warriors without mercy. His face was a mask of mad laughter, as he led over 20 experts and charged into the 17th Level.

Just as Bai Xiaosheng brought his men to a corner of the 17th storey, out of the blue, a number of soldiers suddenly appeared. They were dressed in khaki-camouflage military suits, and they were holding M4s as they charged and fired wildly at Bai Xiaosheng and his men.

Blanketed by the sudden rain of bullets, Bai Xiaosheng’s troop of over 20 men were all of a sudden under assault, and some fell onto the floor.

The rest of the soldiers immediately dove for cover, or used their abilities to begin defending themselves. Out of the 10 experts that had been hit, 8 of them had quickly rolled to nearby points of cover, only 2 unfortunate soldiers had their brains exploded.

It was the first time Yue Zhong’s troops had faced casualties since coming to Guilin City.

Amidst those soldiers dressed in khaki-camouflage military suits, there were 4 of them supporting an anti-tank rocket launcher, and at the first moment, they had aimed at the soldiers who were using their abilities to create barriers, and fired.

Hong!! Hong!!

Following the sounds of explosions, 2 of the Enhancers who had the ability to create barriers were immediately blasted into pieces.

These khaki-suit soldiers were the Judgement Corps that Mauritius had as his trump card. Every single one of them had undergone the strictest training regimes of special forces, and had over 3,000 rounds of various ammunition on them. Every one of them was proficient in all sorts of modern weaponry, and they had used the System equipment to strengthen themselves. All of them were at least Level 15, and were well-equipped, as well as experienced in combat. At the same time, the force was made entirely of foreigners, and in this foreign land, they were incredibly united, their fighting will and morale high, and although they were only a company, their force was comparable to an elite battalion.

In just a short exchange of 20 seconds, Yue Zhong’s side had already lost 4 elite soldiers who had experienced countless fights. If it wasn’t for the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, there might have been more casualties.

After the Judgement Corps managed to impede the advance of Bai Xiaosheng and his troops, a few of them pulled out hand grenades and started to lob them over.

“Damn bastards!!” One of the soldiers had a [Wind Manipulation] skill and he activated it, causing a strong whirlwind to blow the grenades back towards the Judgement Corps.

“Time for your own medicine!” Bai Xiaosheng smirked coldly as he watched the grenades fly back.

Seeing as the grenades were about to land back in their midst, 5 of the Judgement Corps soldiers fired at the grenades coldly.

Hong! Hong!

Those grenades which were blown back exploded in mid air due to their precise aim.

“They’re all experts!” Bai Xiaosheng witnessed this, and his heart turned cold. That sort of gun control and marksmanship was unseen even amongst the 20 experts he led himself.

The Judgement Corps switched to their grenade launchers, seeing that the hand grenades are useless, and started bombarding the soldiers with explosives.

Hong! Hong! Loud explosions occurred continuously, and the various points of cover were destroyed. An Agility-based Enhancer was forced to leap out from his spot, as he activated his skill, intending to rush towards another location.

Bam! Bam! Bam! The moment the Agility-based Enhancer stepped out of his cover, 3 bullets penetrated his head, killing him instantly.

The entire Judgement Corps was like a powerful weapon of war that suppressed Bai Xiaosheng and his troops. The primary reason for this was that they relied mainly on melee weapons and a few handguns so they couldn’t fight back well.

Amongst Yue Zhong’s troops, there were a few sharpshooters of course, however, when those normal handgun bullets landed on the suits of the Judgement Corps, they just bounced off, not injuring them in the slightest.

The Judgement Corps was not arrogant nor impatient, fighting steadily and destroying points of cover systematically, forcing the soldiers out, before neatly picking them off. The tide of the battle was beginning to turn to their favour.

“Kill them all!”

Smash! Right at this time, following the sounds of breaking glass, 4 sharp bone blades swept through the necks of 4 Judgement Corps soldiers near the window, immediately decapitating them.

The pitch-black body of White Bones had appeared after it leapt in from the window, and without giving the enemy a second to react, it had created 10 sharp bone blades from its body and it started spinning madly. The spinning blades caused immense carnage amongst the Judgement Corps!

The soldiers around White Bones that were caught up in its whirlwind of deadly blades were all ripped to shreds, as flesh and blood splattered everywhere simultaneously. It was a most terrifying scene.

White Bones had single handedly killed 8 soldiers of the Judgement Corps with its initial attacks. It now raised its huge axe and charged towards the rest of them.

The commanding officer of the Judgement Corps looked at White Bones and shouted an order hoarsely: “Attack!! Kill him!! Kill him!!”

Not than 10 members of the Judgement Corps turned their aim towards the attacker and began firing wildly, as a dense barrage of bullets assaulted the fast approaching White Bones. Unfortunately, all they did was bounce off its resilient bones, not causing any form of damage.

White Bones displayed a speed that was 9 times that of a normal person, and in just a second, it managed to cross a distance of dozens of metres, as it rushed into the midst of the group of Judgement Corps. It did the same move when it appeared, turning in a furious whirlwind and slicing 6 of the Judgement Corps members into sloppy pieces.

White Bones dashed about the battlefield, this time appearing by the side of 4 other Judgement Corps soldiers, instantly turning them into meat paste.

“Ah!!! Freak!! Monster!!” Seeing this horrifying scene, one of the soldiers could not take it anymore and screamed as he fired wildly at White Bones.

In just a single second, White Bones leapt past that soldier, and his body was sliced into 6 or 7 pieces, as they slid onto the floor, blood flowing everywhere.

The officer commanding the Judgement Corps hurriedly reloaded his own gun as he shouted out: “Use grenades!! Don’t waste the bullets! He’s not afraid of bullets!!”

10 of the soldiers immediately loaded the grenade launchers and aimed at White Bones.

White Bones flashed about, walking on the walls like a ghost, and the 10 soldiers trying to operate the grenade launchers could not get an accurate aim on him.

Sharp bone spikes shot out from White Bones like arrows, directly piercing the heads of the 10 soldiers, nailing their now dead bodies to the ground.

Bai Xiaosheng watched all these, and his heart trembled: “Too strong!! Is this the true strength of White Bones?”

Bai Xiaosheng had always thought his speed was above White Bones, but if the two were to really clash, he would definitely be taken down in just a single exchange. White Bones was impervious to guns and blades, and its ability to shoot out bone spikes out from anywhere from its body was too fearsome.

Ying Kaishan looked at White Bones clearing the Judgement Corps by itself, and was shocked. That little ambition in his heart was also suppressed: “So strong!! He undoubtedly is Yue Zhong’s most loyal and trustworthy aide!”

White Bones was practically a meat grinder as it took the lives of the Judgement Corps one by one, in a short matter of 20 seconds, over 50 soldiers of the Judgement Corps had fallen at its hands.

“Go to hell!! Monster!!” The leader of the Judgement Corps, a Level 40 Enhancer, stepped forth and activated a barrier in front of him, stopping White Bones’ advance and its bone blades.

Another commander wielded a Dark Magic Blade and swung it viciously at White Bones.

With a flash, White Bones’ body disappeared from the 2 commanders’ view, and leapt to the dozen other soldiers, again spinning in a whirlwind with its bone blades, turning those unfortunate soldiers into meaty pulp.

White Bones’ intelligence had been enhanced once, and it had learnt to exercise its own judgement on the battlefield. Of course it would not just stay fixed on one single target when it could fight many.

Another 7 soldiers of the Judgement Corps had been killed right in front of their eyes, and by this time, the rest of the surviving soldiers were starting to collapse and lose their will. They fought to retreat, and one even jumped out of a window by the side.

“Kill!” Bai Xiaosheng was the first to charge out as he wielded a Dark Magic Blade.

By this time, the Judgement Corps had lacked all sense of a troop, and only the 2 commanders were still resisting.

Ying Kaishan waved his hand, and activated his [Freezing Cold] ability, as countless sharp ice picks formed out of thin air and shot towards the 2 commanders.

Of the 2, the one with the [Barrier] ability activated it again, easily blocking the ice picks. The other swung his blade rapidly, crushing the incoming ice picks.

“Kite! Be careful!!” The blade-wielding commander turned to look at his comrade as he was defending, and his face changed.

Bai Xiaosheng had made use of that small pocket of time when their attention was diverted to appear behind the commander with the [Barrier] ability.

“Too late!!” Bai Xiaosheng chuckled coldly, and the sharp daggers in his hands went straight through the throat of the commander.

The Judgement Corps’ commander slid to the floor, his eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

“Kite!!” The blade-wielding commander Larman, bellowed with grief and rage as he swung his blade towards Bai Xiaosheng.

Larmen had enhanced his Level 3 [Blade Technique Specialization] skill, and although his speed could not compare to Bai Xiaosheng, his blade skills could force Bai Xiaosheng to a standstill.

Zheng Minghe saw this and commanded his men to continue their advance.

Ying Kaishan and Shang Lun exchanged a look before they charged at Larmen. The soldiers behind continued upwards with Zheng Minghe in the lead.

Larmen was already beneath Bai Xiaosheng in power, as he was surrounded by Ying Kaishan and Shang Lun, his situation was looking grim. However, he was still a decent fighter, and they would need time to kill him.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!” On the 18th storey, a soldier threw his weapon and pleaded, after witnessing White Bones easily chopping his comrades up.

By this time, the entire Judgement Corps had suffered a tremendous loss, out of their commanders, 1 had died, the other was stuck, and the rest of the soldiers were quickly losing their will to fight. They could not see hope in the situation, and begged for mercy as a last resort.

The warriors from Europe were tenacious when battling, but the moment there was no hope to be seen, they would easily surrender as well.

White Bones’ eyes flashed, and the bone spear shot out, sparing the soldier who had just surrendered, before slicing the neck of another soldier behind him, sending the head flying.

“Surrender!! I surrender too!!”

“I’ve surrendered too!!”


The soldiers were all thoroughly frightened out of their wits, as they threw their weapons down, and hugged their heads kneeling on the ground.

“Strong!!” By the time Zheng Minghe had brought his men up to the 18th storey, they saw the numerous soldiers kneeling in surrender, and his heart could not remain calm.

The combat ability of those soldiers were truly fearsome, and Zheng Minghe had experienced it for himself. They complemented one another, their training was adequate, and their combat will was high. If it wasn’t for White Bones charging suddenly into their midst and causing them to lose their will, this battle would have been harder to win. Yue Zhong’s side might have paid a more painful price as well.

“The people from Green Stone Triad! I’m Mauritius! I hope to talk to your leader!! There must be a misunderstanding between us!!” At this time, a voice resounded on every level of the building.

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