God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 406

Chapter 406 – [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform Design!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South] Chapter 406: Spoiler Title At Bottom

Mauritius continued: “I’ll be waiting on the 22nd Storey!”

“Boss, what do we do?” Zheng Minghe turned to ask Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he ordered: “Continue the assault! All the way to the highest level! Crush their resistance entirely!”

Receiving Yue Zhong’s orders, White Bones shot towards the 19th storey like an arrow.

The 19th storey was the entertainment level for the Hong Triad, and there were many beautiful women in revealing clothes on that level. There were Chinese, and 8 foreigners as well, although the 8 foreign women were ordinary looking.

When the women saw White Bones charging up with its entire body covered in blood and some flesh, their bodies trembled, while fear flashed in their eyes.

White Bones surveyed the surroundings, and charged into the 20th storey after ascertaining that there was no threat on this level.

There was nobody left on the 20th or 21st storey by this time, and when Yue Zhong reached the 22nd storey, he saw Mauritius seated with proudly behind a big desk staring at him coldly.

Beside Mauritius, there were 13 blond-hair foreigners, every single one of them will a powerful stature, and they emitted a powerful aura, obviously looking dangerous and unwise to provoke.

Mauritius looked at Yue Zhong, before coldly barking: “I’m Mauritius, you must be Green Stone Triad’s Yue Zhong? Who’s the leader, bring him to see me!”

In Mauritius’ eyes, asians were lower beings, and he was only willing to speak to the leader of the Green Stone Triad. Talking to Yue Zhong was equivalent to throwing his face and lowering his position.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and he waved his hand, and fired his Stinger directly once.

Peng! A single gunshot rang out!

One of the foreigners standing beside Mauritius had his head blasted, and fresh blood splattered on the ground.

Yue Zhong coldly replied: “This is my turf! You’d better be obedient! If you want to die, I don’t mind sending you on your way!”

One of the foreigners immediately bellowed in fury, reaching for his gun at his waist: “Bastard!! You dare to kill Mooney!! I won’t let you off!!”

With another peng! The level 30-plus Enhancer had not even reached his gun, and his brains were similarly blasted apart, his lifeless corpse slumping onto the ground.

Yue Zhong swept his gaze across the remaining 11 experts and coldly barked: “If you want to die! By all means, move as you like! Otherwise, stay the fuck still!”

White Bones, standing beside Yue Zhong, was wielding its huge axe and staring at the experts as well. The moment there was any strange movements from them, it would charge forwards without hesitation.

The remaining 11 foreigner experts looked at Yue Zhong and White Bones, their hearts beginning to feel a tinge of fear, as they trembled slightly, and not daring to move.

Mauritius forcefully suppressed the building rage inside him and spoke slowly: “Yue Zhong!! We came to your China in a bid to extend our hand in helping you guys!! Is this how you treat your foreign friends who came in peace? The Chinese government would definitely not tolerate these terrorist actions of yours that destroy such relationships between countries. If you leave here now, it’s still not too late! Otherwise, I will definitely lodge a complaint with the Chinese government, and get them to apprehend you!”

When dealing with the Chinese, the best method was to threaten government action. Be it before the apocalypse or after, Mauritius worked this tactic like a charm.

There was a tradition of the government being mindful of the westerners, even when there were foreign rapists who raped women in broad daylight, they would at most get 15 days of detention. These foreign rapists did not have any backing in the first place.

Mauritius differed because he was sent by an European conglomerate, and the government had to attend to his every request, hence he could twirl them around his fingers.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, and he fired once more.

With a peng! Another foreign expert lost his head.

Yue Zhong coldly replied: “Mauritius, you are full of bull! Whatever you have said, is bullshit! If you have the capabilities now, go activate the army to surround me! Otherwise, anymore of your nonsense and I’ll finish you off!”

Yue Zhong threatened: “Mauritius, you have only one chance now. Take your men, stand down, and surrender. Otherwise, I’m going to kill you all!”

“Damn you, you yellow-skinned monkey!! I’ll kill you!!” Mauritius was cursing inwardly, it was the first time that he had received such treatment from a Chinese person. As someone who was used to being revered, it was tantamount to humiliation.

Mauritius could not hold his anger in, and he barked out furiously: “In your dreams!! Damn monkey! You want me to surrender to you, impossible!! Charge!! Kill him!!”

Just as Mauritius bellowed in rage, 6 gunshots rang out almost simultaneous succession, and 6 of the experts had their heads blown off.

Of the 4 remaining experts, 2 of them had just twisted slightly out of their original position, when 2 sharp bone spikes pierced their heads, nailing them to the wall!

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!” One of the younger experts was shaking with fear as he screamed out.

The other expert also threw his weapon down, his hands raised high as he hugged his head and kneeled.

Mauritius had just stood up, when a sharp bone spike shot out, piercing his body through his right shoulder, nailing him to the wall.

Mauritius screamed out in pain as he cursed out loud: “Ahh!! Fucking monkey!! You will definitely regret this!! Once my master comes to China, he will definitely kill all you bitches and burn you to death!!”

Mauritius wasn’t an Enhancer, and was just an ordinary person. He could become the vice-chief of the Hong Triad purely because he had a number of experts under him, as well as the Judgement Corps.

Yue Zhong stared at Mauritius coolly and asked: “Who’re you people? What group are you from?”

Mauritius looked at Yue Zhong and revealed a grim smile, before spitting at him: “Peh!! You will never get the answer you want!!”

Ying Kaishan walked up at this moment, glancing at Mauritius before saying: “Boss! Hand him to me! I will make him spit out everything he knows!”

Yue Zhong replied in a cold tone: “Good! I’ll hand him to you! If he dies or whatever becomes of him, it doesn’t matter! I just want the information in his brain!”

“Yes, Boss!”

Ying Kaishan smiled sardonically, and walked up to Mauritius. He grabbed his body and pulled him forcefully from the bone spike, dragging him into another room.


In a few moments, the tragic and pitiful screams of Mauritius could be heard within the room.

“I’ll speak!! I’ll speak!!! I’ll tell you everything!! Ah!!!!!”

Mauritius had not been able to withstand even 20 seconds of the torture and had collapsed entirely at Ying Kaishan’s hands.

The 2 remaining foreigner experts were shaking, not knowing what exactly had happened to Mauritius.

Yue Zhong, meanwhile, had went to the desk and rummaged through the items, seeing if he could discover any important or interesting information.

Just as he pulled out a drawer, he came across a set of designs:” Ah! What’s this?”

“Level 5 Treasure [Raven] Standard military combat equipment bionic nano – combat service design. [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform is manufacturable, with khaki as its chosen colour, dotted with camouflage, anti-radiation, 7.62mm bullet-resistant, increasing all attributes by 3 points. Manufacturing requires the blood of a Type 2 Mutant Beast….”

The moment Yue Zhong laid hands on the set of design, a huge amount of information regarding it was transmitted to his brain. This set of designs detailed the instructions on manufacturing the [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform!

The main component of the [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform was the Type 2 Mutant Beast blood, the rest of the materials were pretty ordinary. The manufacturing process wasn’t too tough as well, while it was cumbersome, as long as one followed the instructions, anybody could create the [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform.

Yue Zhong grabbed it tightly and became excited: “This is great! With this, I can create an Enhancer army!”

While the [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform’s defence could not compare to the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, it had an extremely useful effect, which was the +3 to all attributes, and thus it was a quality System equipment.

The drop rate of decent equipment was very low, and under Yue Zhong, there were only about 20 people with Level 2 Enhancing equipment. There was one other who wore a Level 3 Enhancing armor, and only Yue Zhong himself wore a Level 4 defence equipment.

If he could manufacture this [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform, Yue Zhong’s subordinates would all gain a huge boost to their abilities. +3 to all attributes was equivalent to a total of 18 points of enhancement.

The reason why the Judgement Corps had been so domineering was partly due to these [Raven] Nano Combat Uniforms.

Yue Zhong held the [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform designs tightly as he thought to himself with a feverish passion: “Type 2 Mutant Beast blood eh? What a pity, I have not thought to harvest them in the past. Seems like I need to go hunt a few Type 2 Mutant Beasts!”

At this time, Ying Kaishan pulled Mauritius out of the room and reported: “Boss!! It’s done! He’s told me everything!”

Yue Zhong’s brows arched as he said: “Oh? Speak!!”

Ying Kaishang then proceeded to repeat whatever Mauritius had told him to Yue Zhong. Hearing it, Yue Zhong’s spirits were dampened, as though his heart was being weighed on by a huge stone.

Mauritius hailed from an organization called the Kingdom of God. It was a group that was made up of a number of European conglomerates that existed prior to the apocalypse, coming together when the apocalypse happened, with a united plan for true World Domination…

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