God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 407

Chapter 407 – xcx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South] Chapter 407: Kingdom of God!

CMT Group was among those conglomerates as well, and all these major corporations had huge amounts of assets as well as technology. They were spread out all over different countires, and had as many as over a million employees.

After the world has changed, countless leaders and army generals have become zombies. A large number of these corporate giants managed to survive however, and they came together and formed the Kingdom of God, with its unique religion and gained a foothold in many places.

Among these huge conglomerates, there were some who had control over satellites. And because of this edge, with the control of the satellites, the Kingdom of God could reach anywhere in the world.

Mauritius happened to be the envoy for the Kingdom of God based in Guangxi’s area. The Hong Triad was also a means that he created to enter and take control of Guilin City slowly. With the Hong Triad as a cover, he had been establishing and growing his power without stop, while patiently waiting for a chance. As long as Guilin City became unstable, he would make use of the opportunity to deploy the Judgement Corps and take over.

The Kingdom of God was a rigorous and secretive, with clear division of labor as well as adequate manpower. They were advanced in technology, and had over 3 million survivors under them, as well as an army size of 300,000. On one hand, they sought to unite and control the entire Asia region, at the same time, for the future, they have begun to make moves all over the world. Be it in Africa, North or South America, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, they had people establishing power and biding their time.

The city of Berlin, according to rumors, had been swallowed by them and became their main headquarters already.

In comparison, Yue Zhong had only about 200,000 survivors under him, and his army of 10,000 was separated in 2 different provinces. He could only manufacture rifle bullets and other light firepower. When compared to the Kingdom of God, Yue Zhong was basically no different from a beggar.

Yue Zhong had recently harbored the intent to unify the whole of China, however, there were simply too many people. In Guangxi alone, there were already 50 million people, and the zombies were also about 40 million. With that many zombies, subjugating the entire Guangxi region was going to be extremely difficult.

Furthermore, it was the apocalypse era now, and there were all sorts of characters about, everyone had their own ideals and ambitions. No one was willing to offer up their own establishments. Even Yue Zhong himself, if someone wanted to wrestle the bases he had painstakingly built up, he would not be willing to give up.

“My capital is still too small!!” Yue Zhong clenched his fists tightly and sighed. He was just an ordinary university student prior to the events of the apocalypse, and he had been slogging nonstop to reach where he was currently. As for the Kingdom of God, they were already established multinational companies that came together, sharing talents, technology and resources among themselves. The starting point of both parties was simply not on an equal level. Yue Zhong’s current achievements would still be nothing compared to them.

This Hong Triad was just a small pawn in their grand scheme of things, amongst their thousands of establishments. Even if Yue Zhong destroys it, it wouldn’t affect them much.

Yue Zhong adjusted his train of thought, and threw the looming threat of the Kingdom of God to the back of his mind: “Forget it! I’ll deal with it as it comes! I need to make the most of whatever I have now!! It’s best to live to the fullest!”

After conquering the Hong Triad, Yue Zhong had gained the set of designs for the [Raven] suits, as well as 3 battalions’ worth of equipment, 15,000 tonnes of rations, and a huge number of melee weapons.

At the same time, the rest of the subsidiary triads and territory came under the Green Stone Triad’s control.

When the surrounding triads saw Hong Triad collapsing, they also acted in a rush to snatch up territory, as though there was a precious feast, and everything of the Hong Triad was gobbled up cleanly.

Yue Zhong’s Green Stone Triad gained a huge footing, and in one leap, it became a huge triad of over 5,000 members. Many solo wanderers and Enhancers also requested to join the Green Stone Triad, adding on to their forces.

News of the Hong Triad’s downfall spread like wildfire, shocking the entire Guilin City.

The remaining 3 big triads, the Green Bamboo Triad, Scarlet Phoenix Triad and Heavenly Dragon Triad all bolstered their defences. They were extremely cautious and wary of this new contender that was filled with aggression and vicious tactics.

With Dan Hong acting as the backer behind Green Stone Triad, no one else came to cause trouble for the gang anymore.

Yue Zhong also made everyone within the triad undergo training to toughen themselves and sharpen their claws. Day in day out, he made use of militarized training regimes to push them like mad.

Without training, they would just be a motley bunch of hooligans, only after proper training would they resemble an army.

“Open up!” Yue Zhong came to a dark and dingy jail cell, and he ordered one of his soldiers.

“Yes! Boss!” The soldier took out a silver key and opened up the cell.

Yue Zhong strode into the centre of the cell, and looked at a burly foreigner, who was dressed raggedly and his hair in a disheveled mess.

Yue Zhong gazed at the man, who was Larman, and spoke slowly: “Larman! I’m Yue Zhong. How about working for me?”

Larman was an Enhancer of above Level 40, and had been one of the commanders of the Judgement Corps. He had the leadership and combat abilities. His blade skills could put him on par with Bai Xiaosheng who surpassed him greatly in speed. It was because he was no match for the combined efforts of Bai Xiaosheng, Ying Kaishan and Shang Lun, that was how he was captured alive.

Larman glanced at him: “I’m someone from the Kingdom of God, this you know. Yet you still want to recruit me?”

Yue Zhong laughed: “Not an issue! As long as you promise to become my subordinate, and be loyal to me. I have done my investigations, you’re not a white supremacist. Your character is upright, and you’re strict on yourself, and have never done anything to humiliate the fairer sex. Such a person, I admire, and can accept as my underling.”

Larman stared at Yue Zhong for a while, before shaking his head: “I won’t work for you! You should go!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Larman and spoke indifferently: “Larman, don’t tell me you don’t want to see your wife or son anymore?”

The moment he heard this, he seemed to turn into an enraged bull as he struggled against his chains with bloodshot eyes, and bellowed in rage at Yue Zhong: “What have you done to them? They’re innocent!!!”

Yue Zhong stared back and retorted coldly: “I’ve not done anything yet! However, as per military rules, they’re considered family members of captives. According to martial law, they would become slaves, and given to those who contributed. Since you’re not willing to work for me, I won’t force you. However, after today, your son and his future descendants, should there be no accidents, will become slaves to others for generations to come.”

Larman was thoroughly furious as he spat: “You devil!! You dare to cast my son as a slave!! Do you still have a moral code?!”

“Moral code! You don’t have the right to speak to me about that!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and his tone became extremely chilly: “I’ve discovered over a dozen girls that have not even reached 12 years in your judgement corps facilities! There were even 7 corpses! Such beasts, and you dare speak to me about morality? What a joke! If you were so righteous, why didn’t you stop those bastards? Don’t spout bullshit like ‘I’ don’t know’!”

By this time, Larman’s expression had turned extremely pale, as he mumbled: “I didn’t know!! I truly didn’t know!! How did it come to this? Hooooow??”

It was not that Larman did not know, it was just that he did not care. He was after all, not the leader of all the foreigners. The true leader was Mauritius, and he had treated Chinese as garbage, and most of his subordinates had the same attitude.

Compared to the rest of the foreigners, Larman and a few others were considered decent, but they minded their own business and didn’t butt into other people’s matters. He knew a few of his fellow countrymen had raped women, but he didn’t know that there were actual deaths, and no one bothered to tell this pedantic soldier.

Yue Zhong glanced at Larman and turned to walk away: “Those men, I have chopped them in two! Maybe you might think that I’m brutal. However, to me, they deserved it, and this is the way I handle things around here! For protecting 6 of my countrymen, I can set your wife free! I’ll let her leave here alone. But you must be clear, in this world order, the moment she leaves my protection, a lady all by herself, would definitely be devoured with nothing left. I’ve said my piece, and since you’re not willing to submit to me, I won’t force you. You can stay here for your entire life, as a punishment for being my enemy!”

“Wait a moment!!!” Just as Yue Zhong turned around to leave, Larman’s voice sounded from behind him.

Larman spoke with resolution: “I’m willing to work for you!! Yue Zhong!! However, I have a condition. My blade will never be used against my fellow countrymen! If you want me to fight against them as enemies, I will never help you slaughter them!”

In order to protect his own wife and kid, Larman made the difficult decision to submit to Yue Zhong. With his character, the moment he decided on throwing in with someone, he would definitely give his all, and not think twice about it. That was why he had that condition.

Yue Zhong smiled faintly and agreed: “No problem!!”

After Larman agreed to help Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong handed control over the remaining 32 Judgement Corps soldiers to him. They had also agreed to submit to Yue Zhong. With the lead of their original commander, their combat abilities recovered to a certain degree.

Larman brought the soldiers and they swore fealty to Yue Zhong, causing the fighting ability of Yue Zhong’s subordinates to rise substantially. This group of Judgement Corps was enough to devastate even a company of soldiers.

When Yue Zhong had just finalized the arrangements, Gao Minghao sent the message to request for his help.

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