God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 408

Chapter 408 – xcx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South] Chapter 408: The 4 Great Triads!

At the entrance of Guilin City, a huge vehicle fleet had assembled, and the atmosphere was bustling with excitement.

The hunting of a Type 3 Mutant Beast was a huge matter, and just the Green Bamboo Triad alone would not be able to cover the matter up. To ensure the success of the hunt, almost all the experts had been gathered.

Every part of the Type 3 Mutant Beast was definitely a treasure, as long as they successfully hunt it, they would gain countless benefits. If at that time, there were equipments dropped, they would also be likely to power up whoever picks it up.

A burly, middle-aged man with a cape on his back and his entire body decked in black tuxedo, his features defined and eye-catching, led 7 other subordinates as they came up to Gao Minghao and his voice rang out brightly: “Gao Minghao!! Long time no see!!”

When the other party saw the middle-aged man walking over, the 10 experts of Green Bamboo Triad standing beside Gao Minghao had a huge change of expression, their bodies turning rigid. They stared at the man with caution and alarm.

This man who was dressed in the black tuxedo was called Di Ya, and he was the chief of the Heavenly Dragon Triad. Although he looked like an easy-going hero, his temper was explosive, and he could just easily slaughter his enemies as and when he felt like it.

Gao Minghao returned the look, before exclaiming in an amiable fashion: “Di Ya! Long time no see!”

In this world, whose fist was bigger was the boss. Even a normal villager with no culture, after gaining strength, would be able to start something on his own and become the leader of a faction he established. It was not strange. As for people like Gao Minghao with the natural flair and charisma of a leader, not many were left.

Di Ya looked at his surroundings, and frowned, as he said loudly: “Is Ding Lei not here yet? What audacity! Women just can’t be punctual!! Cannot achieve anything, but good at spoiling things*!”

Right at this time, an absolute beauty with a killer body appeared, her delicate face seemed to be frosted over, and she was wearing a black leather suit, and emitting an extremely cold aura. She walked over as she stared daggers at Di Ya, coldly snorting: “Di Ya! Are you looking down on women? Shall we have a go? The Scarlet Phoenix and Heavenly Dragon, see who is the bumbling fool and who is capable enough?!”

This beauty who seemed to be the epitome of cold and who could freeze people with her looks was the chief of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad, Ding Lei. Beside her, there was a troop of ferocious looking female guards, who looked at men as though they were thrash. There were 20 of them, and while most of them were ordinary looking, their eyes were sharp and fierce, and their bodies muscular. Only 2 of them were beauties as well.

Di Ya looked Ding Lei up and down, taking in her incredibly hot figure, and teased: “Ding Lei! Why not, we have a huge war in bed!! Let’s see who wins, shall we? Hehe!!”

“Di Ya! Speak further if you want to die!!” Ding Lei’s eyes shot out a cold light, and she stepped forwards, disappearing from her position in an instant.

“Fast!! She has gotten faster since last time!!” Di Ya’s eyes flashed, as he raised his right hand and defended his right.

The black high heels landed viciously on Di Ya’s raised arm, knocking him back by 2 steps.

After an entire second, the rest managed to react, seeing Ding Lei standing in front of Di Ya.

Gao Minghao felt a chill as he stared at Ding Lei, his eyes narrowing: “What an insane speed!! She sure is worthy of the nickname Rapid Flying Phoenix! Genius dual-attribute Evolver!!”

Rapid Flying Phoenix was Ding Lei’s nickname. In Guilin City, amongst almost 900,000 survivors, naturally awakened Evolvers numbered only about a 100. Every single one of them could be considered geniuses.

And Rapid Flying Phoenix Ding Lei was a naturally awakened dual-attribute Evolver, a genius amongst geniuses. She had carved a way out in a male-dominated world through slaughter, and established a predominantly female Scarlet Phoenix Triad. Her strength was not a joke.

The moment Di Ya was forced back by 2 steps, the 10 soldiers beside him brandished their blades.

Di Ya growled and order as he raised his hand: “Don’t move!!”

Even if the 10 of them acted together, they would not be a match for Ding Lei. If they really acted against her, it might result in their deaths.

Ding Lei had been able to create a name for herself and established the Scarlet Phoenix Triad, it could be seen she wasn’t any merciful or weak opponent. The number of deaths at her hands had also reached the hundreds.

Di Ya smiled at Ding Lei: “My apologies! It was unbecoming of me! Shall we leave it at that?”

Di Ya had originally planned to provoke Ding Lei to test her strength. The moment he discovered that she had not remained the same, and instead, improved tremendously, he wasn’t willing to continue aggravating her and making an enemy out of her. It would spell disaster for him, as well as the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

Gao Minghao walked up and played the mediator: “Ding Lei! Treat it as giving me face, let’s forget about earlier! Di Ya’s also rash with his mouth you know that!”

Ding Lei withdrew her stance, and coldly snapped at Di Ya: “Di Ya, you’d better watch your trashy mouth! Otherwise, sooner or later, you’ll have to pay the price!” After saying this she turned and went back to her side.

Hearing those words, the gleam in Di Ya’s eyes turned cold multiple times over, yet his face still wore that casual smile. He waved his hands, and contained the temper of his subordinates who had been provoked by those words as well.

Di Ya glanced about, and did not notice any sign of Yue Zhong nor his members of the Green Stone Triad, and asked Gao Minghao: “The Green Stone Triad has guts eh? They dare to make us wait! Gao Minghao, I heard that the Elder Yue Zhong from there and your subordinate Hu Yi are good friends. How much do you know about him?”

Gao Minghao had a light smile on his face, not giving anybody any insight into his thoughts:” Hu Yi did not mention much to me! It’s the first for me also, knowing that his friend had such abilities, that they actually brought men and swallowed up the Hong Triad! They must be capable enough!”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s name, Ding Lei who was standing silently by one side, narrowed her eyes as well.

The Green Stone Triad that Yue Zhong established had become the focal point of the entire Guilin City. They had swallowed up one of the 4 Great Triads, the Hong Triad, and caused everyone to be wary of their own positions, at the same time, curious about this new contender on the scene.

Di Ya chuckled: “When Chen Hongye comes back with his men, and sees everything of his taken away, I wonder what his expression will look like? That Yue Zhong is lucky though, to think he actually had such a good opportunity. If Chen Hongye was back here, I don’t think he could have caused such a huge wave.”

To gain steady enhancement, staying back in the city isn’t a solution. Only by constantly heading out to hunt zombies and Mutant Beasts would there be chances to grow.

Therefore, there would always be Enhancers who would head out every once in awhile to strengthen and enhance themselves through hunting and fighting.

“Not cause a wave?” Gao Minghao laughed coldly in his heart when he heard that. He was extremely clear, that while Chen Hongye did bring a bunch of elites out to hunt, the defence of the Hong Triad back at base was not something to scoff at. Yue Zhong had still managed to break past everything and gobbled them up, it could be seen how powerful Yue Zhong was.

Gao Minghao and Di Ya had exchanged blows a number of times behind the scenes. He knew how Di Ya was innately, and hence, he didn’t think that Di Ya actually meant what he said.

Di Ya glanced at Ding Lei and added on: “Oh right! Ding Lei! I heard that Yue Zhong was a lolicon that knew no boundaries!! He would play with a young virgin every single day. Seems like he has already killed over 15 of them! Are you going to allow such a pervert to remain living on this earth?”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and a woman’s fury would be 10 times more poisonous than a man’s. Ding Lei had carved a road of slaughter on her rise to prominence, and her methods were vicious. She especially hated perverts who preyed on younger girls, and those perverts would either be cut in two or tortured or had their genitals removed. Their deaths were exceptionally cruel. Hence, other than the nickname ‘Rapid Flying Phoenix’, Ding Lei had another well-known nickname: ‘Cold Witch’.

Ding Lei’s eyebrows arched, and she shot a cold glare at Di Ya: “Di Ya! Shut your trap!”

Di Ya guffawed, and continued: “True! After all, the Green Stone Triad is now one of the 4 Great Triads. Even the Rapid Flying Phoenix would need to think twice before making a move on someone else’s Elder, otherwise trouble might come knocking. Who knows, if the Scarlet Phoenix Triad were to be wiped out by the Green Stone Triad, our proud Rapid Flying Phoenix might just become like the Ice Fairy. Hehe!”

Di Ya had not finished, but his underlying meaning was clear, and cold.

In this world, being a female leader was extremely tough, when she was strong, no one dared to take advantage of her. However, the moment she fell from power, her outcome would definitely be a lot worse.

Ice Fairy was an exceptional female leader before Ding Lei grew in power, and her strength was unparalleled. However, she was tricked because of love, and was caught in a trap by a pretty boy. Her triad was then swallowed up and herself, in the arms of other men, leading a life that was worse than dogs, with utter humiliation and shame.

While heroes could not resist against beauties, likewise, numerous beauties had fallen at the antics of good-looking men. Human nature was like that, and there hasn’t been any exception since time immemorial.

With the tragic plight of the Ice Fairy as an example, Ding Lei did not believe in love, nor men, and killed them like dogs. In her rise to prominence, she had recruited countless female experts as well, and the only men in the Scarlet Phoenix Triad led slave-like lives, not a single one was above Level 10.

When Ding Lei heard ‘Ice Fairy’, the temperature around her body seemed to plummet a few more degrees, as her hand shifted, and an extremely sharp blade appeared within her hand. She stared at Di Ya and spat out coldly through gritted teeth: “Di Ya! One more word! One more word and you’ll be sorry!!”

Di Ya could perceive the amount of killing intent and hurriedly changed the topic, while still smiling: “Hehheh! I’m not speaking!”

Di Ya knew his words had touched a sore spot of Ding Lei, and the moment Ding Lei was provoked, she would explode out. Of course, there was a possibility where the line was not yet reached, but to him, it was still not going to be a nice outcome.

Right at this time, Gao Minghao’s pupils narrowed: “He’s here!!”

Ding Lei and Di Ya both swivelled, looking towards their back.

They discovered Yue Zhong as well as Larman leading the Judgement Corps, and he was flanked by Bai Xiaosheng, Mu Xiangling, Ning Yuxin and Xin Jiarou.

When Ding Lei’s gaze travelled to Mu Xiangling, she turned once more to look at Yue Zhong, this time, the look in her eyes became much colder.

Gao Minghao cupped his hands and smiled at Yue Zhong, welcoming him: “Yue Zhong! You’re here!”

Yue Zhong chuckled back and received his welcome: “Chief Gao! I’m here!”

Gao Minghao laughed out brightly, and spoke in a gracious manner: “What Chief Gao! Just call me Minghao! Aren’t we friends?”

On the surface, Gao Minghao’s treatment of others was very broad-minded, and he had charisma. A number of experts of the Green Bamboo Triad had been won over by his attitude and sincerity.

Di Ya eyed the ladies beside Yue Zhong with envy and coldly provoked: “So you’re Yue Zhong!! You truly are a lolicon eh!! Even on the battlefield, you brought a little loli, you really know how to enjoy yourself!”

“You’re seeking death!! Trash!!” Bai Xiaosheng, who was standing beside Yue Zhong, immediately lashed out, and his body flashed, disappearing from his position, appearing beside Di Ya, with the intention to slash at his head.

Di Ya was not prepared in the slightest, and as Bai Xiaosheng’s speed was insanely fast, in that short distance, Bai Xiaosheng could easily kill any Enhancer of Level 40.

In that moment of crisis, Di Ya displayed his prowess, reacting by taking a step back, and his right hand surrounded by a shield of tornado, blocking his right, intending to use that whirlwind defence to block that slash from Bai Xiaosheng, while he condensed a ball of whirlwind in his left hand, preparing to unleash a deathly blow at Bai Xiaosheng.

Just as Di Ya was about to attack, Bai Xiaosheng had already leapt back and appeared beside Yue Zhong, while still cursing out loud: “Old fart! Clean your mouth! The next time you speak out of line, this Daddy will chop you up!”

With that provocation, Di Ya’s temper flared, as he took a step forward, only to see Yue Zhong stepping forwards as well, blocking his way.

Yue Zhong glared coldly at Di Ya, his tone icy: “Old trash! You want to set the Heavenly Dragon Triad against us Green Stone Triad?”

While Yue Zhong was asking that, White Bones had also appeared beside Yue Zhong, preparing to engage Di Ya in a pincer fashion.

Facing that intense intimidation, Di Ya’s brain worked quickly, as he suppressed the fury in his heart, and dispelled the whirlwinds in his hands. He took a step back and glared at Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong! I’m Di Ya, the chief of Heavenly Dragon Triad, your man actually dares to make a move on me! How do you intend to punish him?”

Yue Zhong eyed him coldly and retorted: “Why should I do that! You just insulted me. You, trash, insulted me, and the fact that I did not cut your tongue off is giving you enough face as it is!”

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