God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 409

Chapter 409 – Mutant Sparrow Flock!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Even if Di Ya had the abilities of the Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles, upon hearing those words of contempt from Yue Zhong, he could not help flaring up: “Yue Zhong you!”

Yue Zhong continued in a challenging tone: “How? Do you want to have a go? If you want to! We can go right now!! Ming Hao and the chief of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad can act as witness!”

Di Ya’s mind was in a flurry, as the grim look in his eyes flashed by. He hesitated a while, and in the end, did not choose to engage Yue Zhong. He had no information on him, and did not want to die without knowing why.

Di Ya retreated, as he shot a look at Ding Leo and Gao Minghao: “Ding Lei! Gao Ming Hao! Are the 2 of you just going to stand there, and allow this insult to me from this Yue Zhong? If it’s like this, I’ll announce that the Heavenly Dragon Triad will back out from this hunt.”

Hearing his words, Ding Lei and Gao Minghao both had change of expressions. If Di Ya’s Heavenly Dragon Triad were to really pull out, then they would have no choice but to leave more experts back at base. Like this, the hunt of the Type 3 Mutant Beast would definitely increase in difficulty by countless times.

Gao Minghao stepped up and tried to mediate: “Yue Zhong! Treat it as giving me face! Each of yall take a step back, and let’s forgo this matter!”

Yue Zhong looked at Di Ya coldly, before retreating back to his side.

Mu Xiangling leapt onto Yue Zhong’s back like a little kitten, and giggled as she teased Yue Zhong: “Heard that? You perverted lolicon!! Hehe!! Now you’re famous oh~!! Big~~~Ge~~~Ge!”

Yue Zhong shot Mu Xiangling a look and said: “Mu Xiangling, if you’re going to be this playful, do you believe that I’ll leave you alone at home?”

This time, because Mu Xiangling had been pestering him non-stop, Yue Zhong had relented and brought her out. If there was a chance, Yue Zhong still wanted to try and make her into an Enhancer.

Mu Xiangling immediately scrambled down from Yue Zhong’s back and put on a docile and cute expression, saying: “Yes! I won’t dare anymore! I’m sorry! I will be good and listen!”

Yue Zhong frowned lightly, and was helpless against this little girl.

Mu Xiangling was extremely beautiful, and knew how to tease and be cute. She could act pitiful at times, and fake her crying, and basically any trick that most women knew, she could employ them perfectly. When it was time to be good, she was obedient, when she saw the chance to be mischievous she would leap on it. Yue Zhong could not bear to lecture her, and really was helpless.

Furthermore, Mu Xiangling was extremely smart, and picked up everything fast. Her talent was not lesser than the naturally awakened Evolver Yao Yao. Such an adorable loli was naturally liked by everybody, and she caused smiles everywhere she went. Even if she took some liberties, Yue Zhong did not take it to heart.

Gao Minghao looked all around him, before chuckling at Yue Zhong and said: “Since everyong is here! Let us set off!!”

Within Guilin City, even when all 4 Great Triads had already deployed most of their experts, the remaining smaller triads still did not pose too big a threat to any of them.

The fleet started to move, consisting of over 3,000 Enhancers and a few Evolvers, as they made their way into the distance.

Hunting Mutant Beasts allowed Enhancers to become stronger. Since Guilin City was considered safe and stable, and there was the army that had swept the nearby zombie hordes, this allowed for the Enhancers to frequently head out to hunt. If it was any other smaller establishments, surviving from the zombies would be already tough, not to mention hunting Mutant Beasts.

The strong became stronger! The weak became weaker! Such was the cruel way of the world.

That huge crowd of humans attracted the countless Mutant Beasts.

Before even reaching 10km after leaving Guilin City, the skies was suddenly filled with a black cloud of sparrows.

“They’re Mutant Sparrows!!”

Seeing the sky becoming dark with the Mutant Sparrow flock, a number of the troops on the ground reacted.

Since everyone had made ample preparations for the hunt, the moment they saw the Mutant Sparrow flock, they went into their vehicles for cover.

Those Mutant Sparrows were one of the common avian mutant beasts, and the best way of handling them was to take cover within huge vehicles. Not many people were willing to take on these critters, mainly because they were low level, high in numbers, and if one was not careful, they would be swallowed up by them.

The dense flock soon landed on the ground and a disaster seemed to strike at the humans gathering, causing the vehicles to be rocked about.

If there were no large vehicles, if these 3,000-over Enhancers didn’t give their all to defend, at least half would die being pecked alive.

In a hummer, Mu Xiangling was currently shivering in Yue Zhong’s embrace, her face pale white. She had just witnessed a Enhancer not making it in time into a vehicle, and in just 3 seconds, that enhancer was engulfed and became a skeleton.

At the same time, the Mutant Sparrows were ramming against the hummer, and the pattering noise was deafening. If the armor of the hummer was to break down, Mu Xiangling would not know what to do.

She glanced at Yue Zhong, and saw that his face was still serene, and her trepid heart regain some form of calmness: “He’s so collected! He’s really reliable, just a little too overbearing.”

In the midst of the Mutant Sparrow flock, White Bones was spinning about with its bone blades, grinding the Mutant Sparrows like a whirlwind.

Even though it seemed hopeless, those sparrows still attacked White Bones in droves, and they would be sliced and diced, but wearing White Bones’ Stamina down.

Right at this time, a line of fire suddenly shot out from one corner of the human gathering, entering the huge cloud of Mutant Sparrows, and a number of them immediately fell like rain, having been incinerated.

That fire seemed to be a signal, as immediately, wind blades, iron rocks, countless ice picks, vines, floating metal plates, and even summoned beasts appeared, and started assaulting those Mutant Sparrows.

Those Enhancers had grown impatient of waiting, seeing that the Mutant Sparrows were not leaving, and if they were to remain here for too long, they would definitely be buried here.

Yue Zhong saw the Enhancers rapidly casting their abilities and thought: “So many Enhancers! If only they were under me, how great that would be!!”

The more survivors there were, the more Enhancers that were bound to emerge. Amongst these 3,000 Enhancers, a number were even Evolvers, and most of these Evolvers did not belong to any of the 4 Great Triads, either establishing their own triads, or working as solo hunters.

If these 3,000 Enhancers were to be controlled by Yue Zhong, he had absolute confidence in dealing with Wuyan Hong and his Great Empire of Vietnam.

However, it was a pity everyone of them had their own ideals and thinking, if he wanted to get them to band together, it was going to be extremely difficult. Furthermore, those with capabilities were seldom willing to submit to another. In this apocalyptic world, the moment many gained strength, their ambitions also soared.

Under the relentless assault of those abilities, the body count of the Mutant Sparrows started to reach over 8,000, before the rest of the flock decided to flee.

Upon seeing that the Mutant Sparrow flock had finally left, many emerged from their vehicles, and started grabbing the bodies of those Mutant Sparrows. They were after all meat that was hard to come by. In Guilin City, meat was obtained like that.

Bai Xiaosheng came to Yue Zhong’s side and said: “Boss!! Shall we go and snatch some too?”

Yue Zhong shook his head and rejected: “No need!!”

Yue Zhong had brought along 20 huge trucks, but their purpose was to be stored with the bodies of Type 2 Mutant Beasts. He could not be bothered with these little critters.

Since the Mutant Sparrows were low levelled, their meat would not be able to strengthen survivors unlike the Type 2 Mutant Beast meat. However, to ordinary survivors, just the meat of a Mutant Sparrow was a hard to come by delicacy.

With the arrival and departure of the flock, they left 8,000 corpses. At the same time, 20+ Enhancers had been pecked into a pile of bones by them.

After picking up the meat, 200 of the Enhancers immediately withdrew from the operation, and brought the meat back to Guilin City. This amount of meat was enough for them to lead a comfortable life for quite a while, and they were naturally unwilling to risk their lives further.

After facing that attack, the fleet continued their advance, and along the way, there were a few other ordinary Mutant Beasts that were attracted by their scent. However, they didn’t amount to much against such a huge army of Enhancers.

After trekking for almost an entire day, the fleet finally came to their destination, a moderate sized mountain range.

After the apocalypse set in, the mountain range had undergone a huge change as well. There were mutant trees that grew everywhere, their trunks reaching up to 10m and above. All sorts of mutant vegetation and flowers covered the entire range as well, which became the resting grounds to various Mutant Beasts. From time to time, there would be mighty roars emitting from within the range that sent chills down one’s spine.

All hints of human constructions were already consumed and enveloped by mother nature, and most roads that were carved out previously were either covered by huge trees, or enveloped by the rest of the flora, turning the place into a overgrown, dilapidated scene.

In this mountain range, there was a large number of monstrous Mutant Beasts gathered, and this was the location that many expert from Guilin City chose to strengthen themselves.

Many Enhancers picked this place to continuously hunt and enhance themselves. Of course, hunting a Mutant Beast was no easy matter, and everyday, there would be Enhancers that die at the jaws of these Mutant Beasts, but there were those who had strengthened considerably through the training as well. It was a training heaven for the strong, and living hell for the weak.

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