God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 410

Chapter 410 – Mountain Range

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

It was as though they caught the scent of humans, because there was a rustling of the grass, before Mutant Rats the size of pigs came charging out of the forest, making a mad rush for the group of Enhancers.

“Level 18 Mutant Beast: Mutant Mountain Rats! They possess sharp teeth and formidable strength, which can bite through even steel!” The moment Yue Zhong saw those Mutant Mountain Rats, the information about them popped up.

When they saw the incoming horde of Mutant Mountain Rats, many Enhancers charged forwards with their weapons drawn. These were one of the weaker groups of Mutant Beasts residing in the range, and was perfect for low-level Enhancers.

“Xin Jiarou, go kill that!!” Yue Zhong pointed to one of the Mutant Mountain Rats that has charged over with the intention to maul them, as he threw a Dark Magic Blade to her.

“Yes!! Master!!” Xin Jiarou eyed the Mutant Mountain Rat, as her scalp turned numb. She was someone who had not even killed a chicken prior to the apocalypse. However, for the sake of her daughter, she still held up the Dark Magic Blade, her body trembling slightly as she faced the Mutant Mountain Rat.

Yue Zhong spoke behind her: “Don’t fear! As long as you calm yourself down, it is not your match! Your strength is way above it, but remember, no one will help you! Only you can help yourself. Even if you really died, I wouldn’t lend a hand.”

Yue Zhong had handed a lot of equipment to Xin Jiarou, and although she was only Level 1, her attributes were even higher than that of a Level 30 Enhancer. Once she learnt to get past the psychological barrier, slaughtering the Mutant Mountain rats wouldn’ t be an issue.

Xin Jiarou held the Dark Magic Blade tightly as she shivered, her heart full of fear.

The speed of the Mutant Mountain Rat was fast, like a galloping horse, and it charged towards Xin Jiarou with a fearsome aura, pouncing towards her viciously.

“Am I going to die?” Xin Jiarou was frightened stiff, and she could not move, her mind going blank.

“Mama!!!!!!” Just as Xin Jiarou was about to be knocked down by the Mutant Mountain Rat, the piercing scream from behind jolted her awake.

Xin Jiarou twisted with all her might, and the sharp claws barely touched her shoulder, but the paw managed to hit her shoulder, slapping her viciously, and a tremendous force sent Xin Jiarou sprawling to the ground.

Under that immense assault, Xin Jiarou’s shoulder was broken, and her heartbeat dulled, causing her to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Even with the protection of the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, Xin Jiarou’s body constitution was too weak, and she could not withstand even the force of a Mutant Mountain Rat. This was the weakness of Agilty-based Enhancers, their DPS was high, and they could dodge well, but the moment they were hit, their defences were pitiful.

Mu Xiangling saw that her mother had fallen to the ground, and her face turned pale, as she struggled in Yue Zhong’s arms and screamed: “Mama!! Mama!! Mama!! Yue Zhong!! Yue Zhong-gege!! Please help, save my mother!! If you don’t, she’s going to die!!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes were cold as he held Mu Xiangling tightly, sealing her movements, and not allowing her to make any rash moves: “No! You’d better open your eyes and watch carefully! She needs to start relying on herself to get past this obstacle! In the future, if you want to become an Enhancer, you’ll also need to overcome your fear like this!”

After which, Yue Zhong glanced at Ning Yuxin as well, and she trembled slightly, knowing full well that Yue Zhong was talking to her also. If she wanted to become a powerful Enhancer, she had to overcome her initial fears.

When the Mutant Mountain Rat injured Xin Jiarou with its mid-air leap, the moment it landed, it turned around swiftly to launch a second attack.

“I can’t die here!! I can’t die!! If I die, what’s going to happen to Xiangling? I must live!!” With the threat of death looming over, Xin Jiarou’s eyes turned bloodshot and she managed to muster her potential.

Xin Jiarou saw the Mutant Mountain Rat flying over, and she exerted her maximum speed, enabling her to take in the movement of the Mutant Mountain Rat. She adjusted her body slightly in response, and used her right hand to sweep the Dark Magic Blade upwards to slice at it.

The Dark Magic Blade was extremely sharp, and the Mutant Mountain Rat had no way of defending against that hit, as it was instantly sliced in two, fresh blood and its innards splattered onto Xin Jiarou, making her look hideous.

“Congratulations on reaching Level 2……”


“Congratulations on reaching Level 5, you have gained 2 attribute points to be allocated!”

After killing the Mutant Mountain Rat, Xin Jiarou instantly soared to Level 5, at the same time, a skill book and 10 Survivor Coins dropped in front of her.

Xin Jiarou wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth, as she picked up the skill book and survivor coins and offered them to Yue Zhong. She spoke with a new hint of resolution in her eyes: “Master! I’ve accomplished my task.”

After killing the Mutant Mountain Rat on her own, Xin Jiarou had gone through an earth-shattering change, she has already shedded her image of a weak woman, and was on her way to becoming a strong female warrior.

Yue Zhong took out a packet of Life-Saving Grass and threw it to Xin Jiarou, before taking the skill book and survivor coins: “Eat this! Take a rest first!”

Xin Jiarou swallowed the packet of Life-Saving Grass and stood quietly beside Yue Zhong.

“Level 2 Skill: Treatment of Bone Injuries. Skill only allows bone injuries to be treated. No effect on other injuries. Usage expends 8 Spirit. Non-doctors, priests, paladins and other healer classes can only utilize skill once a day.”

“This skill, which of you wants to learn?” Yue Zhong held it up in front of Mu Xiangling and Ning Yuxin, as his own path was that of a combatant, and every skill had to be geared towards fighting. Furthermore, he possessed the Level 4 Regeneration Skill, hence he didn’t need another healing skill.

Mu Xiangling took a look at the book and immediately exclaimed: “Me! I want to heal my mum!!”

Without any hesitation, Mu Xiangling took it and immediately learnt it, when suddenly, her face fell and she groaned: “My Spirit is not high enough! I only have 7 points of Spirit, I can’t activate the skill!”

Yue Zhong thought for a moment, and then pulled out a Fireball Ring from his pocket and gave it to Mu Xiangling.

She immediately brightened up, and kissed Yue Zhong’s hands, as she put it on, and thanked him profusely: “Thank you Ge-ge~~! Ge-ge is the best~~!!”

Upon equipping the Fireball Ring, Mu Xiangling immediately activated the healing skill, and a white light shot into Xin Jiarou.

Under the combined effects of the white light and the Life-Saving Grass, Xin Jiarou’s broken shoulder blade recovered quickly.

When the light dissipated, Xin Jiarou tested her shoulder gingerly, and her eyes flashed with joy, and reported to Yue Zhong: “Master! My body is healed, I can continue to fight!”

“Then go take care of that Mutant Mountain Rat!” Yue Zhong pointed at another one casually, as he told Xin Jiarou.

The Green Stone Triad was currently occupying a huge region, and the rest of the Enhancers did not dare get too close.

This was also part of the agreement, that the 4 Great Triads would claim the best spots and resources. They could monopolize them and thus, increase faster in strength and gain more Enhancers.

As for those solo wanderers and smaller factions, they could only gobble up the leftovers, or risk their lives by venturing further into the mountain range to hunt bigger Mutant Beasts.

After killing one Mutant Mountain Rat, Xin Jiarou had increased confidence and experience in dealing with them, and she pumped everything into Agility. She raced forth, and in a flash, appeared in front of a Mutant Mountain Rat.

The Mutant Rat pounced towards Xin Jiarou, who lightly dodged the attack, and slashed out with the Dark Magic Blade, instantly severing the unfortunate beast in 2. Compared to her earlier pathetic performance, it was as though she had completed some arcane transformation into another person, one who was extremely comfortable with hunting.

After killing the Mutant Mountain Rat in one slash, Xin Jiarou shot forwards and slashed down at another Mutant Mountain Rat that had just appeared.

The status as an Evolver coupled with the ample equipment that Yue Zhong gave her, with the various enhancements and her own talents she was well prepared. She started a killing spree and grew stronger without stop, as her level increased again and again.

Not long after, the Mutant Mountain Rat horde was wiped out by the huge gathering of Enhancers, with only 6 unfortunate fatalities had been ripped apart, and another 30 who suffered various degrees of injuries.

Once they cleared the horde, the huge troop decided to leave the mountain range temporarily, setting up camp at a nearby village about 5km away. They had already rushed for an entire day, and many were exhausted.

Furthermore, battling against the Mutant Beasts in the dark of the night was tantamount to suicide. At night, the humans suffered a decrease in their abilities, but the Mutant Beasts could employ more of their strength. There were very few like Yue Zhong who were suited for fighting at night.

“Master! My current level is 14!” Inside a room of the town, Xin Jiarou exclaimed with excitement and a little exhaustion to Yue Zhong.

Growing from a Level 1 to a Level 14 within a day, such a speed vastly outstripped Yue Zhong. However, this was because Xin Jiarou was an Evolver, and she had gained the boost of equipment from Yue Zhong, allowing her to reap such benefits and results in a day’s worth of combat.

Without all the various enhancements from the equipment, Xin Jiarou would not be able to kill so many Mutant Mountain Rats.

Upon hearing that Xin Jiarou had grown to become a Level 14 Evolver, Ning Yuxin’s eyes shone with envy. She had also killed a few Mutant Mountain Rats with the help of White Bones, but her enhancement level was only 7. Those aided forms of enhancement were slower, and thus the slower growth.

Mu Xiangling leapt into Xin Jiarou’s embrace and giggled: “My mama is the best! Hehe!”

Xin Jiarou hugged Mu Xiangling back as she ruffled her hair, eyes filled with motherly love.

Yue Zhong watched the 2 of them, and his face broke into a smile. Xin Jiarou had proved today, that his investment in her was not wasted. As long as she continued fighting on, she would quickly grow to become a terrifying existence.

“Yue Zhong!!! I want your life!!!” In the town, at a corner of an alley, a man who was dressed in a black cloak cursed out under his breath, his eyes filled with a look of utter hatred and venom.

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