God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Spar

Yue looked at Zhang Xiang, and lightly said: “Chi Yang, show some mercies, don’t kill him.”

Chi Yang nodded and walked out. He then reached toward Zhang Xiang and said: “You first! Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Hearing Chi Yang echoing Yue’s word only made Zhang Xiang even angrier. His eyes were filled with hostility, with a cold laugh, he then walked in front of the Chi Yang.

After walking in front of Chi Yang, Zhang Xiang lifted his hands before his chest, as if protecting it. He then bent his body slightly forward, with his feet pressing hard against the ground. Staring at Chi Yang like a cheetah staring at its prey.

Zhang Xiang was a secret master of the black fist before the world changed.. Seven people have died under his fists. Although he is arrogant, it is because he have the strength to back it up.

Chi Yang quietly stared at Zhang Xiang, not making any movement.

Tiger Wang carefully observed Chi Yang for a moment, then frowned and said: “Little brother Yue, are you sure you really want Chi Yang and Zhang Xiang to spar? Zhang Xiang’s fists is not weak.”

Tiger Wang have read countless people, but he could not see why Chi Yang was so confident. He did not want to ruin his plan of recruiting Yue because of Zhang Xiang. He has already seen Yue’s strength. With such talent under him, it would greatly increase his chance of achieving his ambitions.

“Boss Tiger! You can rest assured. This competition was presided over by you.” Yue laughed slightly and said. Chi Yang was already promoted to level 10 and changed his job, making him even more powerful. Yue had also given the 2nd Degree Protective Garment to Chi Yang for him to wear. Chi Yang is the strongest in the team after Yue, ordinary people are no match for him.[Translator Note: Was meaning to use Boss instead of Big brother, since it’s easier to understand that way. But I forgot. Going to change to Boss when everyone calls him, except his 3 leaders/brothers.]

Tiger Wang seeing Yue so confident, looked to Zhang Xiang and said: “Aright! Match begin!”

“Boy, you’re a dead man!” Zhang Xiang smiled ferociously, like a cheetah looking at its prey. He rushed forward with terrifying speed, and mercilessly threw a punch at Chi Yang’s nose.

Seeing Zhang Xiang rushing forward like a Cheetah, Chi Yang took a step to the left, evading Zhang Xiang’s punch. He then punched Zhang Xiang severely in the stomach. , after strengthening the power of instant broke out.

Zhang Xiang suddenly double over while holding his stomach from the pain, curling up on the floor.

Watching Zhang Xiang getting defeated so easily by Chi Yang, Lei Chen who was sitting next to Tiger Wang, narrowed his eyes. He was the strongest on Tiger Wang’s side, even he couldn’t knock down Zhang Xiang that easily.

Tiger Wang looked at Chi Yang, a light flashing in his eyes, clapped his hands and smiled, then exclaimed: “good skill! ”

“I’m flattered.” Chi Yang returned to Yue’s side after saying those words.

Tiger Wang clapped his hands, and a beautiful women about 25 years old walked in.

Tiger Wang looked at the women indifferently and said: “Wang Ying, help the 3rd master to go rest.”

Wang Ying quickly went over to help Zhang Xiang.

“Go away! Don’t touch me, dirty whore!” Zhang Xiang’s face contorted, and backhand Wang Ying in the face. He then stood up, looking at Yue and Chi Yang with venomous eyes, and immediately headed to the back.

Wang Ying was slapped by Zhang Xiang, but she did not dare get angry. Just that her eyes were red, looking like she would cry at any moment.

Tiger Wang acted like he did not see Wang Ying getting slapped, and coldly said: “Withdraw! Wang Ying!”

Wang Ying whispered some words, and then left the place: “Yes! Boss Tiger!”

Tiger Wang looked at White Bones standing next to Yue, eyes flashing with desires and said: “Yue, can you tell me, how did you get this skeleton?”

Tiger Wang saw the battle between Yue and Chen Si. He saw how White Bones was completely fine when hit by those rifle’s bullets. On the other hand, White Bones was much more agile than an ordinary person. If Tiger Wang did not surround the two trucks and use the the girls as hostage, White Bones by himself could have kill Chen Si’s group.

Yue smiled, and did not hide anything: “This is my skill!”

It was not some kind of secret, anyone could have guess it as long as they weren’t a fool.

Tiger Wang continues to asked: “How can I obtain such skill?”

Lei Chen and Chen Yan also pricked up their ears, wanting to hear the answer to this question. In these last days, only those with great power can survive easier. Everyone wants to get such special skills.

Yue said: “After battling zombies and killing them, there is a chance that they will drop a skill book. Using those skill’s books, you will be able to gain special skills. I was using the skills in those books to obtain such abilities.”

It is no secret. Everyone in Yue’s team knew this. But knowing it is one thing, and doing it is another matter. Very few people would dared fight the zombies in close combat. After all, as long as you get a wound from the zombies, you would be and infected and become a zombie.

Listening to Yue’s words, Tiger Wang, Lei Chen, and Chen Yan all frowned while eyeing each other. They have killed many zombies, but fighting zombies in close combat is not something they have done. After all, if there are guns, who would use a wooden rod to fight zombies in close combat, isn’t that idiotic?

A tall, fat, simple, and honest looking middle-aged man came up to report to Tiger Wang: “Boss Tiger, the food is ready.”

Tiger Wang nodded, smiled at Yue and said: “Yue, it has been a long and hard day of travel for you, come enjoy a meal.”

Tiger Wang clapped his hands softly, a beautiful woman wearing a cheongsam came in carrying tray of foods and placed it on the table. [Translator Note: A cheongsam is the Chinese dress you see Chinese girls wearing in movies. They typically have a slit on one/both side down the legs.]

The dishes were divided into two sides before the six people of Yue, Chi Yang, Wang Shuang, Tiger Wang, Lei Chen, and Chen Yan. There was the white cut chicken which was rare to encountered in this apocalyptic world, stir-fry vegetables, stir-fry mollusc, sautéed frog legs, big bowls of white rice, and steamed buns.

On the all girls table of Ji Qing Wu, Lu Wen, and Chen Yao, there was gruel made from corn, cooked rice and vegetables.

Yue and the other five were inside the house having dinner. While Ji Qing Wu and girls were having dinner outside in the yard.

The uninhibited Zhang Xin picked up the gruel and took a sip, and a sour smell came up to her nose. She was disgusted and couldn’t help spitting out the gruel: “Bah! How do you eat this stuff? This is something that people eat?”

Ever since she was saved by Yue, Zhang Xin never had to starved. Although the food was not as good as before the end of the world, but there was no shortage of white rice and instant noodles.

The other girls also took a sip, then spitting it out. It was not something that people would eat.

Seeing the girls spitting out the gruel, the kids that were secretly hiding besides the house ran over. The kids picked the vegetables up from the floor, wiping it on their clothes, and then put it into their mouth. [Translator Note: Not a very nice imagery 🙁 ]

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