God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 413

Chapter 413 – Killing Chen Hongye

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Larman’s expression changed a few times, as he struggled a while before replying solemnly: “Chen Hongye! I’m sorry, I’m now Yue Zhong’s subordinate. I need to follow the code of professionalism! Guys, take up your weapons, and prepare to take the enemies of Boss down!”

Hearing his orders, the 30-plus ex-Judgement Corps members hollered once, before taking up their weapons and started to fire at the 20 elite members of Chen Hongye’s troops.

Under the intense and fierce firepower of the 30 or so soldiers, 4 of the elites under Chen Hongye were immediately killed.

The remaining 16 experts of Chen Hongye immediately dove for cover.

Chen Hongye’s eyes flashed with desperation: “Damn!! Larman, have you forgotten the honour and glory of the mighty Kingdom of God? We should pledge loyalty to that, isn’t it?!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a chilly gaze, as he suppressed his pain, and raised his stinger at Chen Hongye’s head: “Chen Hongye! As a Chinese, you dare become a foreigner’s dog. You deserve to die!”

Chen Hongye’s face turned ugly, before he disappeared in a black light, and appeared 10m away from his original spot.

“What’s so bad about it!! The foreigners can give me more money! I get better treatment with them as well, so what’s bad about being their dog! Within our country, people like us who have no background, aren’t we also the dogs of people with background? Being a dog to power and prestige is better than leading life as a normal person!!”

“The fact that this Daddy became a dog for the foreigners, even the officials in our country have to be deferential to me! As a foreigner’s dog, I’m seen as a higher position than those in our country! What are the normal people in our country considered? Nothing more than ants! If a rich kid accidentally killed someone, nothing will happen to him. However, if the person that died happened to be a foreigner’s dog, the entire government and police force will come after that rich kid!”

“Yue Zhong! Those who stay within the country aim to be officials! Elites! Celebrities! Famous people! Those with capabilities all aim to go overseas anyway! I’m just going with the flow! Yue Zhong, the Kingdom of God is not something you can afford to stand up to! Come with me and be a foreigner’s dog, if we combine our forces, we can become an overseer of the Asia region!!” Chen Hongye had a twisted and feverish expression as he spoke loudly.

When Chen Hongye was younger, his sister had been raped by a government official’s son before. However, because he had worn a condom, just based on that ridiculous reason, he had managed to dodge the punishment and judgement of the law. From that moment on, Chen Hongye’s personality became twisted, and worked hard to slog for the foreigners. After the apocalypse, the first thing he did was to join the Kingdom of God, and worked wholeheartedly for them.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly as he activated his Shadow Steps, and wielded his Black Tooth Blade, slashing it at Chen Hongye: “Chen Hongye! If you want to be a dog, that’s your problem! I couldn’t care less about your past! I just know that since you’re in my way, you’re my enemy! So, you have to die!”

Chen Hongye’s eyes flashed with a look of pity, as he raised his blade to block Yue Zhong’s attack: “What a shame! Yellow-skinned people are really a lower lifeform! You still won’t listen!!”

As they exchanged blows, the force of the collision knocked Yue Zhong back by one step, his Strength could not compare to Chen Hongye.

Chen Hongye laughed out grimly, as he stepped forward: “With this little bit of strength? And you want my life? What confidence.”

At this time, 3 sharp bone spikes shot out from Yue Zhong’s waist towards Chen Hongye’s own waist.

Chen Hongye’s face fell, and the Black Swiss Blade in his hands shot out a few blade beams, splitting the 3 bone spikes apart.

Yue Zhong took the chance to slash towards Chen Hongye’s body.

As he hadn’t recovered from the previous strike, he gritted his teeth and forcefully used his left shoulder to block the attack.

The moment Yue Zhong’s blade landed on the left shoulder, his 6-times Strength exploded, causing Chen Hongye to fly back 5 metres.

Chen Hongye’s left shoulder had a few broken bones, and the Type 2 Mutant Beast hide on his shoulder had a little tear as well. He endured the pain as he though: “Damn! That bastard’s strong!!”

Yue Zhong’s attack did not stop there, as his movements flowed one after another like water. His pupils narrowed, and he activated his [Art of Fear]. A powerful Spiritual blast bombarded Chen Hongye’s consciousness.

Chen Hongye was instantly enveloped by a horrifying illusion, causing his body to stop still.

In the next moment, a sharp bone spike came from behind Yue Zhong, piercing Chen Hongye in between his brows, and nailing him to the ground.

“The Chief is dead!!”

“Beast!! We must seek revenge for Chief!!”

“Kill them all!! We must avenge Chief!!”


The remaining soldiers became enraged when they saw their Chief killed, as they roared out and started charging at Yue Zhong. These were the closest aides to Chen Hongye, and were loyal to a fault. They had turned mad with his death.

Yue Zhong looked at them, and his eyes flashed with a cold light, ordering White Bones: “Kill them!”

White Bones leapt towards these soldiers, and its right hand opened, shooting 5 bone spikes out, piercing the heads of 5 of the soldiers, killing them instantly.

Yue Zhong raised his Stinger and opened fire on the other soldiers.

Following the sounds of gunshots, 3 of them had their heads blasted to smithereens and their lifeless corpses fell to the floor.

As they witness this, 3 of the Elders retreated to nearby cover.

White Bones charged into the midst of the remaining shoulders, executing its whirlwind move again, and some of the beasts that were summoned from the summoner inside the group were immediately shredded. It also held out its huge axe, instantly slashing the stomach of the summoner, separating his legs from his upper body.

One Caster-class Enhancer was in the middle of a chant, when a sharp bone spike pierced his brain and nailed him to a wall behind.

In a short span of less than a minute, the frenzied soldiers of Chen Hongye were all killed by White Bones, as broken bones and fresh blood were all over the ground.

From behind a cover, one of the Hong Triads’ Elder called out: “Yue Zhong!! We’re willing to surrender! Please promise our wellbeing!!”

By now the struggle was over, Chen Hongye had perished at Yue Zhong’s hands, they had no hope of obtaining victory anymore. Therefore, they chose the wisest choice available. They were not steadfast soldiers that would die for Chen Hongye after all, and they had their own plans.

Yue Zhong replied casually: “Fine! As long as you surrender! I can guarantee no harm would come to you! But if you guys think of resisting, then you’ll have to pay the price!! Come out!”

There were Mutant Beasts everywhere, and if he could gain the aid of 3 more experts, it would make his job easier as well.

The 3 Elders came out from behind the cover after exchanging looks, as they came in front of Yue Zhong.

The 3 Elders all bowed to Yue Zhong, with a slightly perturbed manner: “Wei Hua Ning (Wu Wen Sheng, Gan Chi Hai) greets Boss Yue!!”

Yue Zhong had a broken left arm, and the 3 Elders were uncertain if Yue Zhong would blame them for it. In this world, the strong often oppressed the weak, with no reason at all sometimes.

Yue Zhong ordered the 3 of them: “Wei Hua Ning, Wu Wen Sheng, Gan Chi Hai, the 3 of you will become Larman’s subordinates temporarily, and defend this place. As long as there’s no breach, I’ll consider it as a merit, and after the battle, I will reward you accordingly.”

These 3 Elders had just surrendered, and we’re naturally untrustworthy, but Yue Zhong couldn’t care about such. He was in dire need of experts, and he had no qualms using whoever he could get his hands on.

If Chen Hongye’s soldiers had not been so stubborn and loyal, Yue Zhong had in fact planned to absorb them.

“Yes! Boss Yue!!” Hearing his orders, the 3 Elders heaved a sigh of relief, and knew that Yue Zhong would not harm them since he needed them. Earlier, the viciousness of White Bones and Yue Zhong had left them with a deep impression, and they did not dare harbor any ill intent.

Chen Hongye’s Shattering Cut could penetrate even the hide of a Type 3 Mutant Beast, its power was obviously immeasurable. In the past, no one could even defend against that strike from him. Although Yue Zhong had lost an arm, he was still alive, and managed to turn the tide to strike back at Chen Hongye, exhibiting his might in the meantime.

Wei Hua Ning hesitated a while, before warning Yue Zhong: “Boss Yue! You must be wary of Di Ya!! He’s filled with killing intent against you! This time, Chen Hongye had hidden amongst his troops to infiltrate the town to ambush you.”

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed: “So it was him!!”

Yue Zhong did not falter as he replied: “I got it! Go on with your business!”

It was a crucial period right now, and even if Yue Zhong knew that Di Ya had been in cahoots with Chen Hongye, he could not do anything. If 2 tigers were to fight, both would definitely be injured, even if he killed Di Ya now, he would be short of one more cannon fodder for the Mutant Beasts.

Wei Hua Ning made his way to the frontlines after replying: “Yes!”

At a distance, within the post of the Heavenly Dragon Triad, the experts were displaying their own abilities, keeping the Mutant Beasts at bay.

A huge wall of earth condensed out of mid air, and blocked various parts, leaving only narrow alleys. When those Mutant Beasts followed the paths, they were immediately culled by the experts of the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

There was an expert who also possessed the [Ground Manipulation] skill, and he could use it to change the way the ground looked. As long as his Spirit did not run out, he could maintain the shape for a decent amount of time.

“Did he succeed?” Di Ya looked towards Yue Zhong’s direction as he muttered.

“Chief! Don’t worry! Chen Hongye is definitely not simple. Even if he failed, Yue Zhong would not be in any good shape. Regardless, we will not have suffered!” A short, ugly man chuckled beside Di Ya. This wretched-looking man was Di Ya’s adviser, Song Xin.

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