God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 414

Chapter 414 – The Situation Gradually Collapses!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Right at this time, a Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar came crashing into the huge earth walls like a tank, causing a deep booming sound to resonate outwards. The maze that was created by the high level Enhancer immediately collapsed.

The Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar continued its charge into the camp of the Heavenly Dragon Triad, squashing anything that came in its way. A few of the soldiers who were standing near the earth wall hunting the Mutant Beasts were instantly grounded into meat paste.

The Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar was among the higher level Type 2 Mutant Beasts, and the moment it entered the midst of the humans, it opened its mouth to let out an astonishing shriek that caused the ground to shudder.

A large soundwave pulsated outwards with the Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar as the epicentre, and in an instant, all those Summoner-types and Spirit-types Enhancers without adequate Endurance were instantly killed by the soundwave.

The remaining Enhancers were also not spared, suffering varying forms of giddiness and blood flowed from their orifices, their movements dulled.

At that moment, a number of Black-Scaled Boars immediately charged towards the humans like tanks, causing a path of destruction as they squashed everything in their path, turning more than 20-over Enhancers into meat paste.

The moment the Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar had breached the defences and launched its soundwave attack, it had decimated over 20% of the Heavenly Dragon Triad, and was still rampaging about their camp.


When the Mutant Boar group just breached the camp, there was a huge earthquake, and a terrifying explosion instantly pulverized the numerous Black-Scaled Boars.

This was one of the last line of defences arranged by the Heavenly Dragon Triad. Di Ya wasn’t an idiot, and since he had ties with the military of Guilin City, he naturally possessed some talents who could create firepower ammunition. Explosives were one of his various means.

After the dust settled, a number of bungalows had collapsed, and there was Mutant Beast blood everywhere.

Seeing this, the people of the Heavenly Dragon Triad heaved a sigh of relief.

“Snakes!! There’re many snakes!!” Right at this moment, one of the Enhancers who possessed the [Night Vision] ability shouted out in terror, his face turning pale.

At almost the same moment, a huge horde of Mutant Snakes of all sizes and colours flew through the air as they landed amongst the Enhancers of the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

Some of the larger snakes were a few metres long, while the smaller ones could be as small as 20 cm, and they made their way towards the Heavenly Dragon Triad members by slithering through the rubble and buildings.

“Ah!!! I’ve been bitten!” One of the experts suddenly shrieked in agony, a 20 cm small snake with a green and grayish body appearing on his leg. He panicked and swiped towards the snake with his blade.

The small Mutant Snake slithered away quickly, dodging the blow from the Heavenly Dragon Triad member.

At the next moment, the right leg of the expert started to swell quickly, as a dark energy started to bloat up in his body.

“Save me!! Save….” The expert had only time to shout out twice, before slumping to the floor, dead.

“There’re snakes here too!!”

“Damn beasts!!”


Amongst the Heavenly Dragon Triad, there were screams being uttered everywhere, as the snakes came out from all sorts of covers and corners, and they had suddenly launched their assault, causing multiple casualties.

One of the Elder quickly came to Di Ya’s side as he asked nervously: “Boss!! What do we do? If we continue fighting, the brothers will all die soon!!”

By this time, the Heavenly Dragon Triad had been forced to their last resort. The 5 Evolvers that they had saved as their last trump card were currently already deployed at the frontlines, and through their joint efforts, they were barely keeping the large Mutant Beasts at bay.

However, no matter how strong the Evolvers were, they had a limit to their Stamina and Spirit, and everyone present was extremely clear on the extreme situation they were in. Collapse was just a matter of time!!

Di Ya replied in an incensed manner: “What else can we do!! Hold on!! Go tell Ji Qing and the rest, they had better hang on! Once we make it past this crisis, I’ll give them whatever they want back at Guilin City!!”

In the past, there were many Mutant Beast hordes that attacked the small town as well, but each time, the humans had made use of traps, fortifications and combat ability to retreat. This time, the difference of the attack was that it was launched by almost every single type of Mutant Beast horde out there. It wasn’t just a single assault led by a Type 2 Mutant Beast, but rather, wave after wave of attack, making it incredibly hard to defend against.

Di Ya was filled with dread facing this never ending Mutant Beast horde, and one of the Strength-based Evolver had already been dismembered by a Type 2 Mutant Beast and its horde. Di Ya was thus unwilling to go to the frontlines.

Song Xin suggested: “Chief!! Let’s retreat!! If we continue like this, the elites of the Heavenly Dragon Triad will perish here.”

Di Ya frowned, and his heart raced, but he still hesitated: “If we just retreat like this! When we go back to Guilin City, we will become the enemy of the rest of the triads!!”

Song Xin laughed coldly: “Chief. Today, we have all seen the might of the Mutant Beast horde. This is definitely not something the human race can defend against! If the 3,000 people inside the town were to defend with all their lives, after tonight, no one will be left alive! We need to break away now and leave this place of death.”

Song Xin laughed evilly and analyzed for Di Ya: “If there were people who miraculously survived, they must have abandoned their own posts as well. Like this, they have no right to point at us. If they all died, that’s even better! The 3 Great Triads have plenty of experts here, but our Heavenly Dragon Triad would have suffered the least, then the entire Guilin City would be ours!”

Di Ya was still hesitating: “There are so many Mutant Beasts outside now, if we charge out, it will still be suicide!”

By this time, there were countless Mutant Beasts gathered outside the town, going out now was guaranteed death. The inside of the town was instead safer.

Song Xin continued to provide diabolical suggestions: “We can retreat towards the town first! Let the Mutant Beasts breach in, since there are so many experts in town, they can distract them. We can then make use of the chance and escape!!”

Song Xin had an impassioned look as he looked at Di Ya and said: “Chief!! Let’s escape! If not now, we won’t have the chance anymore!!”

At this time, one of the members came up to Di Ya with a look of fear and shock as he reported: “Chief!! Luo Da Huan… Elder Luo has died in battle!!”

Luo Da Huan was a Strength-based Evolver under Di Ya’s command, and his combat strength was astonishing. When he heard the news of Luo Da Huan’s death, Di Ya came to a decision: “Alright! Convey my orders!! All members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad are to follow me back to town!!”

The moment Di Ya gave that order, the frontline collapsed, as the members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad made their way to town in a frenzy.

Without the human experts to block them, the Mutant Beasts poured into town like water from a broken dam, as they began to gobble up the humans that they saw.

Di Ya brought the experts of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and escaped for their post, causing a hole in the defence of the small town, and numerous Mutant Beasts began pouring into town, engaging the experts inside the town in combat.

Human nature was selfish, and after Di Ya brought his triad to retreat, many of the other experts who were fighting bitterly also decided to throw in the towel, as they made their way back towards the town, before they were surrounded and killed.

Without the clear command of a single leader, the human side was starting to collapse, and in the entire town, there were many experts trying to escape. They were still entangled with the Mutant Beasts, but without a clear command, they lacked the courage to survive and fight. Therefore, many decided to turn and run, not turning back. Even the Heavenly Dragon Triad had given up, the smaller lone fighters were even more unwilling to fight to the death.

“What? The Heavenly Dragon Triad had retreated!!! Are you sure?!” Over at the Green Bamboo Triad’s camp, Gao Ming Hao’s expression was extremely unsightly, and he could not care about his image anymore as he shouted in disbelief.

The gang member replied immediately: “Yes! Boss!! I saw everyone from the Heavenly Dragon Triad escaping towards the town after abandoning their post!!”

Gao Ming Hao gritted his teeth, as he slammed the table, causing it to split into pieces: “Di Ya, you insufferable bastard!!”

The Green Bamboo Triad and Heavenly Dragon Triad were defending locations that were close to each other, and with the retreat of the Heavenly Dragon Triad, the Green Bamboo Triad would be at the highest risk. If they didn’t retreat, they would definitely face a pincer assault from the Mutant Beast horde.

“What do we do, Chief?” The upper echelon of the Green Bamboo Triad looked towards Gao Ming Hao and asked nervously.

This concerned the life and death of the entire top brass of the Green Bamboo Triad, if they were not careful, the core power of the Green Bamboo Triad would fall here.

Gao Ming Hao’s brains worked at top speed, as he turned his gaze towards Hu Yi, his gaze narrowing: “Hu Yi! I order you and Liu Lie tio take 20 men and go take over Chu Ming He and the rest! As long as you can stall for 20 minutes, you’re free to disperse after that! If we get through tonight, once we’re back at Guilin City, I’ll reward you guys accordingly!”

Hu Yi heard those words, and a strange glint flashed across his eyes, he immediately stared back at Gao Ming Hao, pondering silently and only replying after 5 seconds: “Yes! Boss!!”

After which, Hu Yi and his trusted aide Liu Lie headed out, their shoulders squared. Without ample support, bringing 20 people to defend the area was a suicide mission.

Gao Ming Hao watched the leaving silhouettes of Hu Yi and Liu Lie, before his eyes flashed and he ordered solemnly: “My orders! All members of the Green Bamboo Triad are to immediately withdraw towards the town!”

“Yes! Boss!!”

Under the command of Gao Ming Hao, all the members of the Green Bamboo Triad immediately abandoned their posts and retreated towards the town.

As Liu Lie walked beside Hu Yi, he felt something amiss: “Hu Yi! Where’re you going? This isn’t the frontlines!”

Hu Yi’s eyes flashed with pain, as he slowly replied: “You’re right! I’m not going to the front lines! I’m going to join my big bro Yue Zhong! All of you listen up, resisting at the frontlines for 20 minutes is a death sentence! Gao Ming Hao is obviously abandoning us, to buy some time for their retreat! To think that I was loyal to him, only for such an end, it truly chills the heart.”

Hu Yi looked at his subordinates and continued solemnly: Brothers! You have followed me for so long. I won’t make things difficult for you, whoever wants to stay loyal to the Green Bamboo Triad and Gao Ming Hao can go to fight. You can go to the frontlines to your death. I will not force you! Those who want to follow me to join my big bro Yue Zhong, follow me!”

These 20 members had all antagonized the upper echelons of the Green Bamboo Triad at some point. This time, the fact that Gao Ming Hao had sent them out was precisely to get rid of them, and no one had spoken up for them.

A burly looking man with decent features, and an enhancement level of 27 walked up to Hu Yi and declared: “Hu Yi!! Gao Ming Hao he doesn’t want to die, we likewise, don’t wish for our deaths!! Since he had cut us off so decisively, we can’t be blamed! I, Gao Fei, am following you!!”

“That’s right!! That’s right!”


Everybody all hollered their agreement. No one wanted to die in this god-forsaken place.

“Then, Liu Lie!! Take care!!” Hu Yi turned towards Liu Lie, and spoke a single sentence, before turning and leading his men towards Yue Zhong’s site.

Liu Lie struggled for just a moment, before chasing up: “Wait!! I’ll come with you guys!!”

The entire party killed the Mutant Beasts that got in their path as they made their way towards Yue Zhong’s site. By the time they reached there, they had killed over dozens of Mutant Beasts.

By then, Hu Yi’s body was covered in blood as he came to Yue Zhong’s side and spoke with excitement: “Bro!! I’m here!!”

Yue Zhong eyed him and immediately asked: “Little Leopard! How come it’s you! What happened?”

Yue Zhong knew that this brother of his was extremely loyal, even when Yue Zhong had established the Green Stone Triad which went on to become one of the 4 Great Triads, Hu Yi had not immediately come to throw his lot with him, instead remaining at Green Bamboo Triad to contribute merits for Gao Ming Hao. Now that Hu Yi had brought his men here, there must have been a problem.

Hu Yi looked towards Yue Zhong and replied: “Bro! Gao Ming Hao sent us to our deaths, I wasn’t willing, so I brought my men here. The Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad have both retreated! Now there’s only you left on the outskirts of town! Bro, what are your plans?”

Yue Zhong pondered, as his eyes flashed with a resolute glint: “Guard here!! I will not retreat!!”

Liu Lie could not help but ask: “But why? Boss Yue! Both the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad have retreated! The Mutant Beast horde will come here shortly. Staying here will only mean death!!”

Yue Zhong replied: “We have constructed enough fortifications to hold the weaker ones off! If we go back to the town, the defences there are weak and non-existent! Going there would mean certain death! Little Leopard, go bring men and join the frontlines. You’ll be tasked with handling the large-types, is that ok? Any other problems, leave it to me to handle!”

Hu Yi chuckled: “Hehheh! Bro!! Leave the big Mutant Beasts to me then! Brothers! Onwards!”

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