God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 415

Chapter 415 – Yue Zhong’s Combat Strength!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

In the hunt this time, Yue Zhong had brought along 300 of his subordinates, and amongst them, the majority were just fresh ordinary humans who had received a little training.

While they were unable to defend against the assaults of the Mutant Beasts, they could construct defences, fortifications and lay traps. It was because of their help, that Yue Zhong managed to lay his entire site with various fortifications, killing a number of the lower level invading Mutant Beasts.

These simple constructs had sharp steel beams, and barriers with spikes, stacked sandbags, and various other little traps. While they were ineffective against the Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar, to the ordinary Mutant Beasts, these simple traps could harm them fatally, to the point of taking their lives.

Many of the Mutant Mountain Rats would smash into sharp steel beams, as they struggled painfully. When some of the quicker Mutant Civets stepped on the jagged wires with force, it would cause their paws to be directly sliced off. With the numerous sandbags acting as blockades for the important channels, only one or 2 Mutant Beasts would be able to enter at any one time.

With the aid of these fortifications, Yue Zhong’s side could easily slaughter the Mutant Beasts under the command of the various experts, withstanding the seemingly endless assault of Mutant Beasts.

It was just that these fortifications were effective against the lower level Mutant Beasts, against the bigger Mutant Beasts, it was a bit of a stretch. A simple charge of a Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar could destroy the entire defence!

The large-type Mutant Beasts were the enemies and counter to these simple fortifications, and just a herd of them could cause mayhem and destruction. Without the cover of the defences, his subordinates would find it infinitely harder to defend against the Mutant Beast horde.

At this moment, in front of Yue Zhong’s site, a large number of the Mutant Civets had suddenly dispersed, giving way to 20 Mutant Pangolins with thick armors that were charging over.

“Fire!!” Larman looked at the 20 Mutant Pangolins and bellowed angrily.

The 10 heavy machine guns proceeded to unleash a fiery carnage, as the bullets that could pierce tanks only served to bounce off the armor of the Mutant Pangolins.

Seeing this, everyone’s faces turned white.

Right at this time, Hu Yi roared out as well as he leapt forwards, with the Black Tooth Blade that Yue Zhong handed to him, charging towards the Mutant Pangolins as he shouted: “Leave them to me!!”

“Die!! Die!! Haha!” Hu Yi charged into the midst of the 20 Mutant Pangolins, as he laughed out maniacally, his blade flashing about. The 20 Mutant Pangolins were instantly sliced apart, blood flowing.

After taking care of those Mutant Pangolins, Hu Yi immediately retreated back behind the defences. He had to conserve his Stamina, and leaving the smaller and weaker types to the rest was the best choice.

“Bai Xiaosheng!!” Yue Zhong saw that things had come under control, and immediately summoned Bai Xiaosheng.

“What’s the matter Boss?” Bai Xiaosheng came with a bored expression as he asked. As one of the top experts under Yue Zhong, he hadn’t taken any action yet. Seeing the soldiers on the frontline giving their all, his heart was ignited and he was getting restless.

As an Agility-based Evolver, there were still differences in power. Bai Xiaosheng’s combat strength was naturally stronger than Cai Mingliang by a huge margin. If they were to fight, Bai Xiaosheng could kill Cai Mingliang easily.

Yue Zhong ordered solemnly: “Go into town now, any scattered lone Enhancer or those who are running away, get them to rely on us! Tell them to join us!”

Bai Xiaosheng guffawed and dashed away in a flash, not before saying: “Making use of the opportunity to swallow the other powers!! Boss you sure are crafty!! Haha! But I like that! I’m going!!”

Yue Zhong gazed at Bai Xiaosheng leaving, before he turned his attention towards the newly gathered 20+ Black-Scaled Ferocious Boars making their way over under the lead of the Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar.

It was that same Type 2 Ferocious Black-Scaled Boar that had destroyed the defences of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and caused them to be routed. If it wasn’t for the Type 2 Ferocious Black-Scaled Boar, the Heavenly Dragon Triad would definitely have been able to hold out longer.

Yue Zhong looked at that tank-like beast and it’s followers, took a deep breath, his eyes showing a resolute glint, and began charging forwards towards them with White Bones by his side. He was not the weak Yue Zhong like he was back then, and he had already Evolved to a level where he could definitely take them. This fight, he would definitely win.

White Bones leapt over Yue Zhong, suddenly exploding out with a bone blade when it was in front of the herd of Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boars. It easily crossed one of the Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar, slicing it in two as it passed by.

Currently, White Bones’ Sharpening ability had caused the bone blades from its body to become extremely sharp, adding on to evolving into a Dark Skeleton, and the skill further enhanced +1, the sheer piercing power of the blades were truly terrifying. It could easily cause a high-level Mutant Beast like the Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar to be sliced to death. Even a Type 2 Mutant Beast with a slightly lower defence would not be able to withstand a single slash from White Bones.

White Bones was like a tyrannical killing machine. Its bone blades extended in all directions, and the 20 Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar could only be sliced into pieces of bloody meat when faced against it. It was exhibiting its fearsome might after having evolved into the Dark Skeleton.

When the Type 2 Black-Scaled Mutant Boar saw its little brothers being slaughtered, it immediately bellowed in anger, and a strong, oppressive soundwave was released in all directions.

Under that destructive soundwave attack, Yue Zhong’s body slightly shuddered, it could be said that the soundwave attack did cause him some discomfort, otherwise he was fine. After all, he was a dual-attribute Evolver, possessing the Spirit and Endurance growth attributes! His body was truly sturdy beyond belief, even a bullet would not be able to harm him overmuch.

The Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar was just recovering from its sound wave attack, when Yue Zhong condensed a Devil Flame Spear in his hands after expending 40 points of Spirit and 10 points of Stamina.

“Burn for me!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he tossed it out with all his strength. The sharp Devil Flame Spear whistled through the air, and buried deep in between the brows of the Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar.

The terrifying might of the Devil Flame Spear immediately exploded out, piercing deeply into the armor, and penetrating the brain, before instantly enveloping the entire head cavity, incinerating the contents.

“Congratulations on reaching Level 54, you have gained 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

“Congratulations on reaching Level 55, you have gained 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

Following the 2 repeated sounds of notification, the mountain-like Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar toppled over, dropping a skill book and a hundred Survivor Coins.

Yue Zhong chose to allocate all 4 points into Agility, before walking over to pick up the items.

Agility was extremely important to a warrior, it could allow the person to react instantly. If the Agility wasn’t strong enough, then there would be a lack of capability to deal with instantaneous changes. A high Agility was also needed to deal with any decently skilled Agility-based Evolver, otherwise, he could be easily taken down by said Agility-based Evolver.

“Level 4 Skill Book 2nd Order Strength Consolidation! Learning this skill will permanently increase Strength by 50. Requires Strength Consolidation to be enhanced thrice.”

With the death of the Type 2 Black-Scaled Ferocious Boar, the remaining 40 some Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boars scattered around the town began to escape rapidly, some of them even exploding in anger! The finished swallowing a number of the weaker Mutant Beasts around, before they ran towards the Mountain Range.

All of a sudden, a dark shadow shattered a number of glass shards as it pounced towards Yue Zhong with a speed that exceeded Bai Xiaosheng.

On the battlefield, Yue Zhong was extremely perceptive, and the moment the dark shadow moved, he had felt it, and retreated immediately, while keeping an eye on the attacker’s movement. It was a Type 2 Leopard Cat, similar in nature to Lightning.

Yue Zhong had retreated quickly, but the speed of the Type 2 Leopard Cat was faster, in just a short breath, it managed to pounce on Yue Zhong, knocking him to the ground, opening its jaws in an attempt to bite down on Yue Zhong’s head.

At this moment, a sharp bone spike pierced the Type 2 Leopard Cat from the side, nailing it to the ground.

Following that, another bone spike shot out almost instantaneously, piercing the body of the Type 2 Leopard Cat.

Yue Zhong immediately took out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and slashed the head of the Type 2 Leopard Cat viciously, immediately splitting it open. A large orb of experience floated into his body, along with huge amounts of scorching blood splattering on him, but it wasn’t enough to level up.

The Type 2 Leopard Cat dropped a Level 3 Skill Agility Consolidation and 100 Survivor Coins.

“It’s a Good chance!!” After killing the Type 2 Mutant Leopard Cat in a single slash, his mind raced, and he immediately emitted a long howl towards the skies.

In a forest outside of the town, there was a roar of reply, filled with threatening might.

Under the threat of that furious roar, the remaining 500+ Mutant Leopard Cats inside the town immediately retreated towards the forest.

Following the new source of strength was the fundamental law of the Mutant Beasts.

Seeing the retreat of the Mutant Leopard Cats, Yue Zhong’s heart was relieved. After all, Lightning, who was hidden in the forest, was one of Yue Zhong’s hidden trump cards. Now, with the addition of another 500+ Mutant Leopard Cats coming under Lightning’s command, the strength of his hand had increased yet again.

Right at this time, there was a horrifying howl that resounded, sounding neither like a tiger or leopard. The sound was so terrifying, as though it was a sound not possible on this earth. Everyone who heard it immediately trembled, their hearts filled with an uneasy premonition.

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