God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 416

Chapter 416 – Continuous Level Up!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Ever since Yue Zhong had subdued Lightning, he had developed a bond with Lightning, and when that howl had sounded, he could feel the fear rising from Lightning.

Yue Zhong’s heart immediately fell, and could guess the true nature of the beast: “That was definitely at least a Type 3 Mutant Beast!!”

The 4 Great Triads had at first intended to bring men to clear up the smaller Mutant Beasts, before slowly hunting the Type 3 Mutant Beast. However, they did not expect the Type 3 Mutant Beast they thought was their prey to make a move first! This Mutant beast was obviously smart enough to control the large portion of the Mutant Hordes in the mountain range to launch an assault, planning even, by sending the Type 2’s to battle, causing almost the entire town of humans to be killed.

A small poisonous snake suddenly emerged from a dark corner, darting towards Yue Zhong’s legs.

Yue Zhong’s reaction was quick, and his foot immediately came down on the Mutant Poisonous Snake’s body, squashing it directly with Strength.

“So you’re attacking here now?” Yue Zhong looked towards the surroundings, and with his Night Vision, he could clearly see countless Mutant Snakes gathering around him, their levels of varying degrees, and there were even larger hordes of Mutant Snakes slithering towards his site.

“This won’t do! I need to get Lightning to act! Otherwise, we’ll lose!” Yue Zhong’s mind spun and he quickly let out a sharp howl towards the skies.

Lightning, who had been hiding in the forest, received the order and replied with an angry howl of its own. It charged out, leading its 600+ little brothers, as they raced towards Yue Zhong’s location.

On the other side, White Bones was currently darting about, its bone blades flashing enchantingly. Within 10m of its body, all the Mutant Snakes were currently being slaughtered or nailed to the ground.

Countless Mutant Snakes of varying sizes were currently slithering towards Yue Zhong, and in the dark where moat couldn’t see well, with countless snakes on the ground slithering about, it was a really skin-crawling scene.

The numerous snakes intended to seal Yue Zhong’s route of escape, as they started to gather, and shot towards Yue Zhong with a lightning speed.

“Go to hell!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, and conjured his Devil Flame at the first moment, as a huge ball of his Devil Flame emitted outwards from him. It continued to spread to a distance of 20m, instantly turning all the Mutant Snakes into ash.

Right at this time, a 30m-long Mutant Python opened its jaws wide, shooting towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong pointed a finger at that giant Mutant Python, as a fire arrow shot out, piercing the jaws of the snake and exploding upon contact. It started to burn and in a few moments, it turned the entire head of the Mutant Python into mush.

With the ever increasing strength of Yue Zhong’s Spirit, the Devil Flame in his hands had obviously become alot stronger and much more threatening. As of now, he had reached a level of control with the Devil Flame that was natural as flipping his hands.

After the death of the Mutant Python, another 10 green Mutant Snakes came out of a corner and darted towards Yue Zhong, but just as they entered the radius of his body, they were immediately burnt to crisp by the Devil Flame.

A large number of the Mutant Snakes started to pounce continuously towards Yue Zhong, using their own bodies to wear down Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame armor.

Suddenly, 40 30m-long Mutant King Cobras appeared in all directions, opening their jaws and firing their innate ability, which was a dark poisonous spit, aiming at Yue Zhong!

Yue Zhong’s expression fell, and increased the output of the Devil Flame around himself further. The black poison spit launched by those Mutant King Cobras landed on the Devil Flame and sizzled out in a dense poisonous cloud.

Yue Zhong then held his breath, before activating his Shadow Steps, and shot himself towards one of the Mutant King Cobras in a manner of seconds. The Devil Flame Sword in his hands danced, and the Level 43 Mutant Beast was immediately chopped in two by a single swing.

On the other side, White Bones was entangled with the Mutant Snake horde, as the dozens of sharp Bone Blades from its body sliced the heads off 10 of the Mutant King Cobras, sending them flying.

White Bones had just slaughtered a full 10 of the Mutant King Cobras, when a variant turned up, its length 40 metres, its body scales shining with a metallic luster, its jaws opened wide as it shot towards White Bones.

“Level 65 Mutant Beast: Type 2 Mutant King Cobra! It possesses immense strength and a dangerous venom!”

Yue Zhong shot a glance at the huge beast, and saw that White Bones had been bitten on the right leg by the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra.

When snakes launched an attack, their speed was the fastest then. Although White Bones possessed a speed that was 10 times that of humans, it could not dodge the attack of the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra.

With a single bite of gargantuan strength, the sound of breaking bones resounded, White Bones’ entire right leg had been ground into powder!

The fiery demonic eyes of White Bones flashed, as 2 sharp bone spikes appeared from its brows and directly pierced the eyes of the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra.

When the sharp bone spikes pierced the eyes of the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra, a large amount of blood and mucus spurted out from the wounds.

Using the bone spikes, White Bones supported itself and removed itself from the mouth of the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra, landing on the ground.

With its eyes blinded, the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra was thrashing about with pain, twisting its body and causing a number of the smaller Mutant snakes to be squashed to death.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong condensed another Devil Flame Spear in his hands and tossed it forcefully at the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra, piercing its head and exploding. The brains were instantly incinerated.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 56, you have gained 2 points of attribute to be allocated!”

Following the sound of notification, the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra slumped to the ground, dropping a green treasure box and 100 Survivor Coins.

Yue Zhong added the 2 points into his Agility, and went to open up the treasure box.

“Level 4 Treasure: Ring of Poison Fang. Upon equipping, Spirit + 10. It comes with a poison attack skill. When using the skill, you can imbue your melee weapon with a thorny venomous attack.”

Yue Zhong instantly blinged himself up of course, and his Spirit was enhanced yet again. Now his spirit reached an incredibly terrifying level of 193 points!.

The power of the Devil Flame was dependent on Yue Zhong’s Spirit, and with his Spirit increasing all the time, his Devil Flame would become even more powerful. It was due to his current Spirit that he had been able to casually execute 2 Type 2 Mutant Beasts. If it was someone else, even with the Devil Flame skill enhanced 3 times, they might not be able to kill a Type 2 Mutant Beast so easily.

With the death of the Type 2 Mutant King Cobra, the Mutant King Cobras that were under its control began to disperse, escaping in all directions.

Right at this time, Lightning had arrived with its 600+ brothers, and under It’s command, they began to pounce on and kill the remaining Mutant Snakes.

The Mutant Leopard Cats were considered agile Mutant Beasts, and their movements swift, adding on to the fact that the Mutant Snakes had lost their leadership, they became delicious food for the Mutant Leopard Cats.

Lightning had swallowed the Type 3 Mutant Beast nuclei that Yue Zhong had given it, as well as the numerous Type 2 Mutant Beast nuclei that Yue Zhong bought from the market, but it still had not evolved into a Type 3 Mutant Beast. However, its strength had increased a lot, its level reaching 67. The moment it entered the battlefield, it shot about like a spectre, and in a manner of seconds, it had killed 3 of the weaker Type 2 Mutant Snakes.

After killing those 3 Type 2 Mutant Snakes, the rest of the snake horde collapsed, as they began to slither away, and the huge gathering of snakes was almost instantly dispersed by half.

Yue Zhong darted about and killed a number of the enormous Mutant Snakes, when suddenly a green shadow leapt out from the snakes, biting down on Yue Zhong’s thigh viciously. Even his 115 points of Agility did not give him enough time to react.

“Level 60 Mutant Beast, Type 2 Mutant Green Snake! Possesses an uncanny speed, and a dangerous venom.”

A sharp pain shot up from the bite, Yue Zhong’s left leg bone had been shattered by that Type 2 Mutant Green Snake.

“Fuck!!” Yue Zhong bellowed in pain and activated his Gravity Manipulation, causing a few jins of gravity to weigh down on the Mutant Snake. He then swung his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, immediately slicing the head of the Type 2 Mutant Green Snake off.

By all rights, with the powerful venom of that Type 2 Mutant Green Snake, Yue Zhong was faced with certain death. However, as luck would have it, the bite had went past the trousers, and although the clamping force was enough to break Yue Zhong’s leg, it was not enough to pierce the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, hence, he wasn’t poisoned, and managed to escape with his life intact.

“Congratulations on achieving level 57, you have gained 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

The death of the Type 2 Mutant Green Snake gave rise to another huge orb of experience to Yue Zhong, allowing him to promote another level yet again.

At the same time, the Type 2 Mutant Green Snake dropped a skill book and 100 Survivor Coins.

Yue Zhong directly enhanced his Agility, before picking up the skill book to take a glance.

“Level 3 Skill Book: Feline Transformation! After learning this skill, one can turn into a cat person. 6 Attributes would gain a huge increase, compared to the other beast-type transformations, Agility would be enhanced more, whereas Strength and Endurance are enhanced lesser.”

The body of the Mutant Green Snake was small, and they were numerous, and was one of the main forces of the snake horde. With the death of the Type 2 Mutant Green Snake, the rest of the green snakes started to disperse, and the snake horde again was decreased by half.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. Although the Mutant Green Snakes were small, they were numerous, and they were as threatening as any large Mutant Snake, now with their retreat, the pressure on Yue Zhong was lessened yet again.

With the situation somewhat more under control, Yue Zhong started to limp back towards his camp.

TN: I wonder how Yue Zhong has been fighting with one arm.

Ulamog: Veeeery Carefully.


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