God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 417

Chapter 417 -Absorbing the Scattered Troops!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

“Heal me!”
The moment Yue Zhong went back to his camp, he immediately summoned Mu Xiang Ling.

With the Level 4 Regeneration ability, as long as Yue Zhong wasn’t forced to a point where it was a fatal injury, he could recover extremely quickly. The leg bone that was broken by the bite from the Type 2 Mutant Green Snake would be healed within a day, based on his current Vitality. However, in such a dangerous situation where anything can happen on the battlefield, moving with a broken leg bone was affecting Yue Zhong’s combat ability.

Mu Xiang Ling’s eyes flashed with concern, as she pressed lightly on Yue Zhong’s wound with both hands, activating her [Treatment of Bone Injuries] ability, and a white light entered Yue Zhong’s leg. “En!! Yue Zhong-gege, please be careful! I can only heal you once for today!”

With the help of the skill, Yue Zhong’s left leg began to heal quickly, and within a minute, the broken bone had finished repairing.

Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings, and saw that with the combined efforts of his subordinates, as well as the constant repair of the fortifications, they had managed to repel the never ending waves of Mutant Beasts.

It was also mainly due to Yue Zhong hunting a number of the Type 2 Mutant Beasts, causing the hordes to be without leaders, therefore dispersing. Adding on the fact that Lightning had joined in the fray with its little brothers, the defence was sustained.

Even so, the current situation was extremely perilous. Yue Zhong had only 10 subordinates who were above Level 30, while the rest of the 200-over were mainly constructing fortifications, their enhancement levels not high. They had no combat skills, and their fighting experience was lacking.

Getting those with no skills and experience to focus on the fortifications was still manageable. If they were sent to face any Mutant Beasts, they would definitely lose their lives. They were not like Xin Jiarou, who was well equipped and was an Evolver to boot. These were just ordinary humans, and getting them to challenge Mutant Beasts that were more ferocious than them was out of the question.

Yue Zhong glanced at Ning Yu Xin standing beside him, and threw a number of those Level 3 Skill Books to her, at the same time handing her a set of system equipment, saying: “Learn them. After that, put on these!”

Ning Yu Xin’s performance so far was considered decent, and at this critical juncture, it was better to have an additional subordinate with strength. Yue Zhong had only a handful of people he trusted, Ning Yu Xin could barely be counted as one of them.

Ning Yu Xin received the few books and the set of equipment, and her eyes immediately brightened up, as she smiled at Yue Zhong: “Thank you!”

With a set of decent equipment, and powerful skills, one could go through a total transformation, and gain levels to challenge the wilderness. Xin Jia Rou had been able to take on higher level Mutant Beasts because she been supplied with equipment from Yue Zhong.

Mu Xiang Ling eyed the few books that Ning Yu Xin obtained from Yue Zhong, and could not help herself as she grabbed Yue Zhong’s arms and whined: “Gege! You’re biased!! Xiang Ling wants them too!”

Yue Zhong ruffled her hair as he consoled her: “It’s not the time now! Let’s see how it goes in the future!”

“En!” Mu Xiang Ling also just pouted a little, but did not hold it against Yue Zhong.

After healing his wounds, Yue Zhong pulled out his Divine Spring Tea, and took a sip. Although the Divine Spring Tea could not enhance Yue Zhong’s Spirit further, it could quicken his recovery speed. In the current circumstances, regaining his Spirit was definitely important.

In the town, as the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad had abandoned their posts, there were numerous Mutant Beasts prowling about.

A Level 45 Violent Ape had just grabbed an escaping Enhancer and directly swung him harshly against the floor, smashing his brains.

6 Mutant Civets pounced on one Enhancer and directly ripped his throat off, as they begun to chomp on his corpse.

A number of Mutant Lizards came crawling across the various buildings, pouncing as they chased after the human Enhancers, directly ripping them apart!

A certain burly man who was wielding a huge mace that was way above hundreds of jin was currently swinging it about like a tornado, defending 7 other people. As long as any of the Mutant Beasts were unfortunate to get caught by his mace, their bodies would immediately explode from the force of the impact, and knocked back.

This valiant man was the leader of a small triad called the Great God Triad in Guilin City. His name was Zheng Tu and he was a Strength-based Evolver, brave and overbearing in his combat ability,

Zheng Tu was slaughtering the Mutant Beasts as he cursed out loud: “Fuck Di Ya and all his ancestors!! If this daddy can make it back to Guilin City alive, I will fucking slaughter the whole lot of the entire Heavenly Dragon Triad!!”

Due to Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad’s betrayal, numerous Mutant Beasts had made it past their areas, causing chaos amongst the rest. 8 of Zheng Tu’s subordinates had also lost their lives.

Currently, only Zheng Tu and his 7 other good brothers were alive, and he was filled with hatred and fury towards the 2 Great Triads.

One of his subordinates, whose entire body was covered in blood and had suffered a number of broken bones, looked at Zheng Tu as he gasped out in misery: “Chief, you should escape!! Don’t care about us! We won’t make it! If this goes on, you will die here as well!!”

Zheng Tu bellowed back coarsely: “Enough with the nonsense!! Is this daddy the type of person who abandons his brothers?”

Zheng Tu had been a butcher prior to the apocalypse. When it happened, he had awakened as an Evolver and set up his Great God Triad with a number of brothers. Although the triad was small, the camaraderie between all the brothers were especially great. Zheng Tu wasn’t someone particularly ambitious as well, and he had established the Great God Triad in a bid to protect himself, as well as his brothers, and he treated them all very well.

Hearing those words of Zheng Tu, 2 of the men sighed, as they took up their Replica Tang Swords, and began to slaughter the Mutant Beasts that had surrounded them, helping to alleviate some of the pressure on Zheng Tu.

Right at this moment, a number of Mutant Cows had formed a herd, and were rampaging over. Seeing those Mutant Cows in the middle of their charge, the 7 of them were filled with a sense of despair: “We’re finished!!”

Although Zheng Tu was obscenely strong, to defend against the charge of those Mutant Cows, it was definitely not feasible. Yet if he decide to dodge, then the 4 injured brothers behind him would definitely perish.

Right at this time, a vigorous body flitted past the herd of Mutant Cows, as a blade flashed about, and the heads of the Mutant Cows were instantly sliced apart. Their lifeless bodies slumped to the ground.

Zheng Tu saw the dead Mutant Cows and his heart went cold: “Expert!!”
The blade continued to dance about, and in just a few breaths, the numerous Mutant Cows were killed off entirely, and the shadow revealed himself in front of Zheng Tu. It was Bai Xiao Sheng.

Zheng Tu gazed at Bai Xiao Sheng, and offered his solemn thanks: “This brother!! Many thanks! I, Zheng Tu, will never forget your grace!!”

Bai Xiao Sheng gazed at the small group and replied mildly: “No thanks needed! I’m Bai Xiao Sheng from the Green Stone Triad! I was assigned by my boss to come gather the experts in the town. You’re called Zheng Tu right! Bring your brothers to the Green Stone Triad’s post! There’s still hope for your brothers there. Otherwise, they’ll definitely die! I’m going to get other people, smell ya later!”

After which, Bai Xiao Sheng went off, heading further into town. If there were no women for him to spend his energy on, everything else that Bai Xiao Sheng did was swift and curt. He was truly suitable to be a powerful expert.

One of the soldiers hesitated as he asked Zheng Tu: “What shall we do, Chief? Are we going to go join Yue Zhong?”

Zheng Tu did not hesitate, as he swung down his mace, saying with determination: “Go!! Of course we’re going! Even if Yue Zhong wants our Great God Triad, it isn’t an issue, as long as everyone of us stay alive, that’s more than enough!”

Zheng Tu had swiftly made his decision and immediately brought his brothers towards the direction of Yue Zhong’s Green Stone Triad.

When Bai Xiao Sheng entered the town, he continually saved various Enhancers, and advised them to gather at Green Stone Triad’s location.

When those Enhancers who were running around like headless chickens heard that Yue Zhong and the Green Stone Triad were still holding the fort, they began killing their way towards them.

There were a total of 3,000 Enhancers who had decent combat strength and were experts in their own right, but without a facilitator, a lone person’s strength could not possibly match up against the Mutant Beast horde. If Yue Zhong was to fight the Mutant Beasts himself, he would also not be able to hold on for long.

When those experts began to pour into Yue Zhong’s site, he organized them, setting the injured and those who had expended their Stamina to rest temporarily, while those who still had fight left in them were deployed to the frontlines to face the Mutant Beasts.

With the participation of those experts, under Yue Zhong’s command, the battle became more controlled. Some of the experts with the [Ground Manipulation] skill caused a few earthen walls to be erected, blocking the paths of the numerous smaller Mutant Beasts. Those with control of ice blanketed parts of the surrounding area with ice, which affected the agile-type Mutant Beasts, leaving them vulnerable and open to slaughter.

While commanding them, Yue Zhong focused on changing and maintaining the terrain. The other experts had done it differently, trying to make use of the skills to kill the monsters. Any large Mutant Beasts that could threaten the terrain around the site were disposed of by Hu Yi and a small team of Evolvers. The smaller Mutant Beasts were not strong enough to affect the grounds. The once seemingly endless horde were finally beginning to be held off under Yue Zhong’s command of the experts, as well as the strengthening of the defences.

Just when Yue Zhong was about to take a breather, Ying Kaishan came to Yue Zhong with a strange look on his face: “Boss!!! The Scarlet Phoenix Triad had just arrived!!”

When Yue Zhong heard that, he frowned, “They’re here?”

Of the 4 Great Triads in Guilin City, the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad had chosen to abandon their posts and retreated into town.

Now that the Scarlet Phoenix Triad had joined his side, Yue Zhong wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good or bad thing. After all, the Scarlet Phoenix Triad was still one of the big 4s, and had the qualifications to vie for leadership.

Yue Zhong mulled for a while, before heading to the direction: “Let’s go! Bring me to see Ding Lei!”

Yue Zhong came to the place they were at, and saw a hundred of the Scarlet Phoenix members, currently all of them were covered in fresh blood, many of them with heavy wounds. They were gasping for breath, and looked extremely miserable.

The Scarlet Phoenix had brought 200-over members of their core group on this hunt, but even before the Type 3 Mutant Beast had made its appearance, they had lost over a hundred of their sisters, their losses unbearable.

Their preparations weren’t as comprehensive as Yue Zhong, and they didn’t have the aid of a Type 2 Mutant Beast like Yue Zhong had with Lightning and its little brothers. When the Heavenly Dragon Triad and the Green Bamboo gang had abandoned their post, the Scarlet Phoenix Triad were swamped from all directions, and after a long battle, they were only left with a hundred of their members. The rest had died in battle.

Ding Lei walked up to Yue Zhong and immediately said: “Yue Zhong! The Scarlet Phoenix Triad is willing to listen to your command! However, please let my sisters rest a while!! I hope the injured can get treatment!”

Yue Zhong saw the Ding Lei was straightforward, and he immediately nodded and gave an order: “Good! Chief Ding, please bring some of your troops to support the frontlines, to let them rest!”

“Sisters! Come with me!” Ding Lei glanced at Yue Zhong once, before calling out to 30 of her female experts.

Very quickly, Ding Lei brought her subordinates to the frontlines, as they tagged out the exhausted soldiers.

In a part of the town, as most of the Enhancers had congregated at Yue Zhong’s site, a large number of Mutant Beasts were currently circling the Heavenly Dragon Triad, slaughtering them by the numbers.

“Ah!!” A soldier of the Heavenly Dragon Triad bellowed, as he slashed a Mutant Monkey with a blade. In the next moment, a Mutant Violent Ape leapt out and viciously pummeled that same soldier, causing his head to explode.

A Mutant Civet had pounced on the body of another Heavenly Dragon Triad member, crushing his windpipe in between its jaws and sharp teeth. As it’s teeth sank in and fresh blood splattered onto the Mutant Civet, it began to obtain an even more horrifying look.

“What do we do? Song Xin!!” Di Ya saw his subordinates dying one by one as he questioned in exasperation.

Song Xin surveyed the surroundings, as he lowered his voice and told Di Ya: “Boss! With the situation now, retreat is the only option! As long as you’re still alive, we can still make a comeback!! We should quickly leave now!”

Di Ya’s face turned grim: “What? You want me to leave the brothers behind and leave on my own?”

Song Xin made his point passionately: “Boss! If you don’t leave now! There won’t be a chance later on! You are the chief of our Heavenly Dragon Triad! Without you, the Heavenly Dragon Triad is nothing!! The rest can die but you can’t die!! For the sake of the Heavenly Dragon Triad, you must live on!!”

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