God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 418

Chapter 418 -The Warriors come to Submit!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Di Ya’s eyes flashed with agony, as he patted Song Xin’s shoulder: “Fine!! For the Heavenly Dragon Triad!! I can only retreat with shame!! Even in troubled times, the loyal subject still stands by his king. Song Xin, I will never forget your loyalty. Upon returning to Guilin City, I will confer upon you the title of an Elder!!”

Song Xin’s expression was one of delight: “Thanks Boss!!”

Di Ya glanced at the members of his Heavenly Dragon Triad who were fighting with their lives on the line, and he abandoned them as he charged towards a corner of the Mutant Beast horde.

For the escape this time, Di Ya finally exhibited his true prowess befitting of his status as chief of the Heavenly Dragon Triad. There were six pure steel circular sawtooths floating about him, and as long as any Mutant Beast got close to him, they would immediately be sliced and diced by those serrated blades.

The few trusted aides by Di Ya’s side also unleashed all their strongest techniques and abilities to assault the Mutant Beast horde.

All of a sudden, a huge shadow appeared behind the number of experts, and a huge coarse tongue swept by, dragging one of the trusted aides into its mouth.

Di Ya glanced at the huge beast, and his face fell. He turned around and pushed his speed to the limit, quickly disappearing into a patch of forest.

That huge beast did not stop jumping about, its tongue continuously sweeping those unfortunate Heavenly Dragon experts into its mouth as it gobbled them up.

Other than a few experts who managed to escape, the rest were swallowed entirely by that extremely huge beast.

After the beast had swallowed them, it seemed to have no interest towards Di Ya and the rest who escaped, as it made its way towards the town.

“The Chief has escaped!!”

“Damn it! Di Ya that bastard, he actually abandoned us!!”

“I knew he was unreliable! Fucker!!”


Quite rapidly, the news that Di Ya had brought a number of his trusted aides to escape was made known to the rest of the Heavenly Dragon Triad members, and they were immediately filled with fury and anger as they cursed out loud.

The remaining 4 Evolvers had swiftly gathered to discuss their options. When they had retreated into the town earlier, one of them had died surrounded by Mutant Beasts, and they were the only 4 Evolvers left of the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

One of the man, who was skinny and had fairly dark skin, with hands full of calluses looked at another who had decent features, and looked extremely outstanding, as he asked: “What do we do? Xia Ming Da!”

Xia Ming Da’s eyes flashed with a chill light: “That Di Ya was callous, so he can’t blame us for being heartless! Wretch! I want to bring the brothers to go join Yue Zhong! What about you guys?”

One of the Evolvers, Huang Heng, a 20-something young man with blond hair and multiple piercings, complete with the look of a hooligan, asked worriedly: “Yue Zhong!! What if he treats us like cannon fodder?”

The Heavenly Dragon Triad had constantly used the smaller triads as cannon fodder before, that was why Huang Heng was fearful.

One of them, Sun Ming, a middle-aged man who was bald and burly, his face bearing a white tiger tattoo replied solemnly: “I’m in favour of joining Yue Zhong! We don’t have too much time to consider! If we drag on, our brothers will die!”

The Heavenly Dragon had also brought over 300 people on the hunting mission this time, but after a cruel battle, they were only left with about 100 of them.

Sun Ming’s words caused everyone to quieten down.

Sun Ming Da surveyed the surroundings and directly smacked the floor, saying: “Alright! Things are going to get worse! Let’s go join Yue Zhong now!!”

The other 3 Evolvers had no further opinions, and they immediate brought the rest of their men as they slaughtered their way towards Yue Zhong’s direction. After paying the price of another 20 lives of their subordinates, the remaining warriors finally arrived at Yue Zhong’s area.

Xia Ming Da and the rest neared the site, and they immediately sought Yue Zhong out.

“Amazing! Di Ya truly cannot compare to Yue Zhong!” Along the way, Xia Ming Da saw the various fortifications Yue Zhong had set up, and seeing the closely packed defences that were efficient against the smaller Mutant Beasts, the whole lot of them marveled at Yue Zhong’s tactics.

Upon catching sight of Yue Zhong, Xia Ming Da immediately stepped forwards: “Boss Yue! I’m Xia Ming Da from the Heavenly Dragon Triad! These here are Zhang Wei, Huang Heng and Sun Ming! We’re all Evolvers, and have decided to join Boss Yue in these dire times, we hope that you can accept us!”

Yue Zhong chuckled and replied: “Good!! Since you have brought your troops here to join me, I won’t neglect you guys as well. Since you were Elders back at the Heavenly Dragon Triad, you can become Hall Leaders, and your subordinate are still yours to lead!”

If it was Yue Zhong who brought his men to conquer the opposing party, he would definitely bring reforms to the entire faction. However, since Xia Ming Da and the rest had taken the initiative to join him, he had to leave them with some benefits. Otherwise, who would be willing to throw their lot in with him. Furthermore, it was a situation that required careful treading, and if Yue Zhong insisted on reorganizing them, it would just cause more problems, and the men would be unwilling to fight with everything they’ve got. Hence, Yue Zhong decided to leave their troops alone.

“Many thanks Boss Yue!!” Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, the 4 of them became reassured.

Yue Zhong then directly gave the order: “Xia Ming Da! Zhang Wei! You go and assist Larman to go swap out Ding Lei and the rest! Huang Heng, Sun Ming, go bring your men and rest first!”

“Yes! Boss Yue!!” Hearing that they were fighting alongside Yue Zhong’s direct subordinate Larman, they were at ease, after all Yue Zhong could not possibly be sending his own men to be cannon fodder.

Yue Zhong’s current group was like a gemstone that attracted the remaining Enhancers in town to join. Soon, the group had swelled to about a thousand in size.

With a decent-sized fighting force, and under his commands, the defence post was becoming steadier gradually, and there were signs of expansion.

With the flash of a blade, an agile Type 2 Mutant Civet’s head was chopped off as it landed on the floor. With a 2m-long green greatsword Qing Yun Sword in her hands, she appeared beside the corpse and picked up the equipment and survivor coins.

“Go die!!! Haha!!” Hu Yi’s eyes were bloodshot as he laughed out maniacally, using all his strength as he swung his sword about, causing the head of a Type 2 Red-Faced Monkey to be sent flying.

As expected, the moment the Type 2 Mutant Red-Faced Monkey died, the rest of the Red-Faced Monkeys fled.

A sharp bone spike shot out explosively, as it drilled at a rapid speed into the head of a Type 2 Vietnamese Golden Monkey, piercing its skull and nailing it to the ground, killing it instantly. White Bones then stepped forward and picked up the Skill Book and survivor coins dropped.

Amongst the Type 2 Mutant Beasts, there were stronger and weaker types. The Type 2 Mutant Vietnamese Golden Monkey and Type 2 Mutant Red-Faced monkey belonged to the weaker evolved species. As for actually dealing with these weaker Type 2 Mutant Beasts, there were currently enough strong Evolvers taking care of them.

Yue Zhong deployed his experts, and they began systematically taking out those weaker Type 2 Mutant Beasts. As they died one by one, their lesser variants would lose all order and start to flee. Some of them even began to attack the other Mutant Beasts the moment they lost their leaders.

Everyone present knew that it was a matter of life and death, and no one held back, utilizing all their skills to support the entire site from being overrun by the Mutant Beasts.

Under the joint efforts of all the experts, the different hordes of Mutant Beasts started to collapse, and bit by bit, they dispersed.

If the Mutant Beast horde that had assaulted the town was of only one race, then even if Yue Zhong and the rest gave their all to fight, they would not have a chance, as there would be too many Mutant Beasts.

However, because there were different types and races, with the deaths of their individual leaders, there were cracks appearing as some of the Mutant Beasts began to engage one another due to their innate nature. The number of beasts also gradually lessened.

Just as there were about 12 more Mutant Beasts groups to be dealt with, a sudden earth-shaking roar resounded from the distance, causing everyone to be shocked with fear.

“It’s here!! The Type 3 Mutant Beast!!”

Hearing that tremendous roar that could stop the heart of an ordinary person, everyone felt their hearts sink, and they knew the main character of tonight had finally appeared.

Currently, after going through such a horrendous battle, the number of experts that Yue Zhong could still utilize only numbered about 900-plus. While he gave his all to ensure the lives and safety of them, there were still a hundred plus who perished at the jaws of the Mutant Beasts. The remaining experts had suffered large and heavy wounds, and their Spirit and Stamina were close to their limits.

As they watched, a gargantuan python-like beast appeared, its body over 90m-long, and 2m-wide. It had a long blue horn, and its sinuous body was completely covered with vibrant green scales. The beast had menacing vertical slits for eyes that gave the watching people a terrified feeling, like suddenly they had all become prey before its most natural predator. As it exited the forest, it was emitting a terrifying aura that coincidingly made it seem much more difficult to breathe.

“Level 80 Strange Beast, Type 3 Mutant: Green Jiao-Python.”

From afar, Yue Zhong stared at the huge python, and it also stared back at him through its vertical eyes. From that exchange, it gave Yue Zhong an overwhelming sense of terror.

Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold, as he had an extreme bad feeling: “What a terrifying Mutant Beast!!” *1

Beside the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, there were 4 other Mutant Beasts following closely. One of them was a black toad that was roughly 4 metres tall, its body covered with a layer of mucus, and its skin dark-grey. Under the mucus, one could see the skin covered with various boils. Another beast was a huge ape, with a height of 5 metres, its body covered with flashing red hair, and its eyes radiating a bright red light. The third beast was another huge python that was slightly smaller than the Mutant Green Jiao-Python, and the last was a pangolin that was 3m-tall, 10m-long and its body was covered with a thick layer of scales.

*1 Ulamog: there used to be a particular free to play text adventure I played( It still exists and is great fun! www.sryth.com )
Where enemies are ranked by color as you battle. I remember a particular black ranked boss that is almost not ment to be killed : “must roll +18 to damage” D20. “This opponent could kill you by glancing at you rather hard” xD

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