God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 420

Chapter 420 – Fighting the Green Jiao-Python!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

The fist of the Type 2 Mutant Violent Ape was huge, yet its speed was not slow, and it brought along a tremendous force, capable of even turning an armored car into scrap metal.

Yue Zhong activated his [Shadow Steps], and dodged to the right, evading that fearsome punch from the Type 2 Violent Ape.

“Boss! I’ll help!!” Xia Ming Da saw this and bellowed out in fury, waving his Dark Magic Blade as he slashed towards the Type 2 Violent Ape.

Xia Ming Da was a Strength-based Evolver with the Level 3 Blade Technique Specialization, and his blade swings were extremely deadly. Coupled with the usage of the Dark Magic Blade, he could easily slaughter any weaker Type 2 Mutant Beast.

The Type 2 Violent Ape roared in anger, as it unleashed another terrifying punch towards Xia Ming Da, landing heavily on the Dark Magic Blade. The blow knocked the Dark Magic Blade aside and caused Xia Ming Da to be sent flying back towards a tree violently, smashing into a sloppy meat pulp.

In the end, even a Strength-based Evolver had no way of contending against a top-tier Type 2 Mutant Beast in terms of strength, and the only merit from Xia Ming Da’s efforts was that he left a blade wound on the hand of the Type 2 Violent Ape, as a thin line of fresh blood flowed from the wound.

Each and every Type 2 Mutant Beast had their own strengths and abilities, and could not be underestimated. If caught off-guard, even someone as strong as Yue Zhong would be easily annihilated.

After killing Xia Ming Da explosively, the glint in the Type 2 Violent Ape’s eyes turned even more violent, as it pounced towards Yue Zhong.

On the other side, the Type 2 Mutant Pangolin was also charging at Yue Zhong like a tank.

Even the head of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python had swiveled to look towards Yue Zhong with its cold vertical eyes.

Facing the combined assault of the 2 Type 2 Mutant Beasts, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, and pushed his [Shadow Steps] ability to the limit, dashing towards the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python.

If he allowed the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python to unleash its devastating attacks, everyone that Yue Zhong had brought would die without a doubt.

The 2 Type 2 Mutant Beasts were currently going to attack Yue Zhong, when all of a sudden, a layer of slippery ice condensed on the ground.

The Type 2 Violent Ape was caught unprepared as it stepped on the slippery ice, causing it to heavily fall, smashing a huge rock by the side of the road into smithereens.

The Type 2 Mutant Pangolin on the other hand had reacted immediately, extending its sharp claws as it grabbed the ground, maintaining its stability. However, as a result, its speed slowed down considerably.

Hu Yi walked towards Ying Kai Shan with a huge stride as he laughed: “Beautifully done Deadface!!”

Ying Kai Shan was constantly unemotive, and thus when Hu Yi had met him, he had immediately assigned a nickname to him.

Ying Kai Shan frowned as he muttered: “Hu Yi! I’m called Ying Kai Shan, not Deadface!!”

Hu Yi roared with laughter: “Haha!! I can still kill one more, after which I’ll be spent! The remaining one will be left to you!”

Ying Kai Shan replied solemnly: “Then go get rid of that Type 2 Mutant Pangolin!”

“Fine!!” Hu Yi’s eyes danced, as he shot forward, and again became one with the blade. An unparalleled blade beam came slashing down on the Type 2 Mutant Pangolin.

That tremendous blade beam instantly sliced through the tough carapace of the Type 2 Mutant Pangolin, splitting in two, as its innards and blood splattered out, dying Hu Yi’s body red.

The moment he disposed of the Type 2 Mutant Pangolin, Hu Yi’s complexion turned extremely pale, and he started to breath raggedly, before pulling his blade out and retreating. He was currently extremely weak, and had expended all he had, even a normal Mutant Beast would be able to wipe him out easily.

Yue Zhong continued to rush towards the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, as he swapped to a PF98 swiftly. A grilled it out he immediately began aiming at it and firing.

With a flash, the rocket landed on the gargantuan body of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python and exploded.

With that explosion, fresh blood splattered as scales flew apart. Unfortunately the rocket had actually only caused a fist-sized hole in the side of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong sucked in a breath of cold air: “What a terrifying defence!!”

If it was an ordinary Type 2 Mutant Beast, that single attack from Yue Zhong could cause the body to be blasted in two, however, all it did for the Type 3 Mutant Beast was cause a small fist-sized bloody wound, it was obvious that the defence of the Type 3 Mutant Beast was much tougher than that of a Type 2 Mutant Beast.

Of course, when the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python received that rocket from Yue Zhong, it emitted a roar of pain that sounded like a tiger or leopard, at the same time, it opened its huge jaws, and activated its innate ability, spitting out a huge green ball of poisonous mist that enveloped itself.

Yue Zhong then pulled out another PF98 and fired at the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python.

This time, when the rocket had just arrived near the body of the Green Jiao-Python, it was almost instantly disintegrated due to the strong corrosive poison mist, dissolving into a puddle.

The Type 3 Green Jiao-Python shot Yue Zhong a look, as its body started moving.

When it moved, its speed was extremely fast, even quicker than that of Lightning which was an agile-type beast, and in just a few breaths, it had reached in front of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed as he instantly activated a layer of [Devil Flame] around him, and when the poison mist around the Green Jiao-Python came in contact with Yue Zhong’s [Devil Flame], it began to sizzle and turn into wisps of vapour.

If it wasn’t for the protection of the [Devil Flame], Yue Zhong would had instantly been dissolved.

The degree of poison belonging to the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python seemed to totally overcome any close-combat Enhancers. Without ample protection against the highly corrosive poison, one would be guaranteed to dissolve the moment one got too close.

Yue Zhong then activated his [Body Encompassing Armor], as White Bones turned into a black orb of light and formed a black carapace that seemingly shined with a metallic luster.

The Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python opened its huge jaws, and bit down towards Yue Zhong at a lightning speed.

Yue Zhong activated his [Shadow Steps] and his speed reached 15 times that of an ordinary person, and while it was not comparable to the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, it gave him leeway to react.

Just as the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python started to bite down, 2 sharp bone spikes shot out from Yue Zhong’s leg that was covered with the [Body Encompassing Armor], propelling him upwards into the skies.

The Type 3 Green Jiao-Python took a bite out of Yue Zhong’s original position, instantly crushing the 2 bone spikes Yue Zhong shot out into dust. If Yue Zhong had been just a little slower, he would have been crushed into bits.

The moment the bone spikes were destroyed, Yue Zhong took the chance to leap onto the head of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python.

However, just as he had gotten on its back, the beast shook its head wildly, and a huge force transmitted, coupled with the layer of slippery mucus on the beast’s body, flinging Yue Zhong away by tens of metres.

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed, as the Devil Flame in his right hand danced, and the long, all-conquering Devil Flame Spear appeared. He tossed it out strongly, and the Devil Flame Spear shot towards the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python extremely fast, breaking the sound barrier. ***

The Type 3 Green Jiao-Python’s eyes widened, and it opened its huge jaws to counter the Devil Flame Spear by spitting a dense green glob of poison at it.

Poison vapour rose to the skies, before the Devil Flame Spear penetrated that huge ball of poison, reaching the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python.

Although the ball of poison had not managed to stop the Devil Flame Spear entirely, it had worn down the strength of it, and the remaining power behind the Devil Flame Spear was not enough to threaten the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python.

Once it had disrupted Yue Zhong’s attack, the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python opened its jaws again, and started firing balls of poison at a rate of 1 per second, continuously shooting them at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s body flitted about in a bid to dodge those rapid-fire balls of poison. As those poisonous balls landed on the ground, they started to corrode the ground, leaving multiple holes.

The might of those poisonous balls was enough to engulf an area that neared half of a football field, and under the continuous firing of poison spit, the entire area was now covered with a dense green poisonous fog, and all living things within the area had already been dissolved into puddles.

If those poison balls had been fired on the site where Yue Zhong and his men were defending, it was definitely more than enough to completely wipe out the hundreds of experts.

Yue Zhong flitted about, dodging continuously like a spectre, and the Devil Flame covering his body burnt away any poison fog that neared him. Wisps of poisonous vapour sizzled towards the skies.

“Damn it!! What an annoying beast!” As Yue Zhong evaded, his heart was crying bitterly. This Type 3 Green Jiao-Python truly possessed formidable combat strength, and was forcing all his trump cards. Even then, he lacked the confidence for victory.

“I’ll have to bet it all, otherwise we’re going to die here.” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a resolute glint, and he held his breath, then started to rush towards the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python. In order to defend against the assault of the poisonous fog, he had to expend a huge amount of Spirit to maintain the Devil Flame around himself. If this went on, he could defend against the poisonous fog for a limited time only, as after his Spirit was expended fully, he would lose his defence as well.

In just 3 seconds, Yue Zhong had managed to rush to the front of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python, the Devil Flame dancing in his hands. He expended another 60 Spirit and 20 Stamina to condense a 2m-long Devil Flame Sword. This was, by now, the most that he could afford already.

Yue Zhong had just reached the body of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python, when its eyes flashed fiercely, and bit out towards Yue Zhong in a vicious manner.

Yue Zhong caused a few bone spikes to shoot out from his right side, pushing him away by 6m, and the jaws of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python landed on empty ground, cause a few cracks to appear in the surroundings.

Yue Zhong then quickly propelled himself towards the head of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python, before he used the Devil Flame Sword to viciously strike at and puncture the eyes of the enormous beast.

The blazing hot Devil Flame Sword penetrated the eye, causing the mucus near the eyes to be burnt into nothing, and the might of the Devil Flame exploded out, instantly burning the insides of the eye.

The beast let out an earth-shaking roar of pain, and thrashed about with its strength, instantly knocking against Yue Zhong’s body.

Yue Zhong felt like he was struck by a train as he was instantly knocked back dozens of metres, and even with his layers of protection and defence, he could feel almost 20 of his bones snapping, his internal organs shaken, as he spat out a huge amount of fresh blood.

When he landed, his body felt like breaking apart, his head dizzy, and the degree of pain almost unbearable to the point where one would wish for death. He coughed out once, and another huge mouthful of blood came rushing out. His condition was truly terrible.

This was under the fact that Yue Zhong was partly an Endurance Evolver! Naturally he had large amounts of Endurance, if it was an ordinary person, even if he were to don everything Yue Zhong had on, that single blow from the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python was enough to shatter the insides of the person. Thankfully, Yue Zhong’s body was sturdy enough, hence he managed to survive the blow. Barely.

Yue Zhong gritted his teeth as he tolerated the pain, taking a look at the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python.

Only to discover that the Devil Flame was currently burning the right eye of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python, as it writhed about in pain, however, with the enveloping mist of poison, the Devil Flame was diminishing slowly. If this continued on, the beast would definitely be able to recover.

“No! I can’t go down like this!! I need to get rid of that piece of shit!!”

Yue Zhong sucked in a deep breath, swallowing a Life-Saving Grass, and directly threw a Type 2 Mutant Beast blood essence into his mouth. With a thought, 2 spikes shot out from behind him, propelling his body towards the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python.

While the blood essence of a Type 2 Mutant Beast had no more enhancing effect on Yue Zhong’s Vitality, it provided a huge boost in terms of his recovery.

The moment the Type 2 Mutant Beast blood essence entered his body, it diffused and started nourishing his body. At the same time, his Level 4 [Regeneration] skill kicked in, helping in the rapid repairing of his body. This enabled him to regain his mobility even after suffering several broken bones.

When Yue Zhong reached the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, he pulled out his Stinger, and aimed at the right eye of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, firing 6 consecutive shots.

The fearsome Stinger bullets penetrated the wounded right eye of the beast, forcefully entering its body before exploding, causing a number of the nerves to be destroyed as a result.

By this time, the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python had become thoroughly enraged, and started twisting its massive body, spitting out poisonous balls rapidly in all directions as part of its rampage.

Facing the enraged Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, Yue Zhong could only use guerilla tactics such as dodge and hide.

As the spittles of venom shot out in all manner of directions, the moment it landed on any living thing, be it human or Mutant Beast, the unlucky victim would immediately be corroded and dissolved.

After spitting out more than 100 balls of poison, the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python became sluggish, after all, using its innate ability with such disregard would be tiring to even a Type 3 Mutant Beast.

Upon seeing that the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python was becoming sluggish, he propelled himself by extending a bone spike, before leaping onto the head of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python. He used his right hand to shoot 4 extremely sharp spikes which formed a drill like shape as they pierced the wound, and began to spin rapidly.

TN: Yue Zhong you nasty.

Dedition: “Breaking the speed barrier” For anyone interested, this is 343 metres per second or 1234 km/h.

Also, question: Does the amount of exclamation marks bother you or do you think it adds to the story?
I sometimes try to swap out the exclamation marks if I feel the line needs a more solemn tone or whatnot, but I want to know if this is just me being picky or you guys agree.

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