God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 421

Chapter 421 – Promotion!Level 60!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

The large drill started to spin rapidly, as it made its way towards the brains of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python. Soon after, the brain was pierced and the drill continued to spin rapidly, blending the internal brain matter into mush.

No matter how strong the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python was, with its brain destroyed it was done for. In its death throes, it tried to fling Yue Zhong, sending him flying, before it shuddered a while, and then finally slumped to the ground.

When Yue Zhong was sent flying by the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, his body also trembled non-stop, his internal organs suffering from pain. He gritted his teeth forcefully, sending 2 spikes out from his back, supporting him and preventing him from landing harshly.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 58! You have gained 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 59! You have gained 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 60! You have gained 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 60! You have gained 1 skill point to be allocated!”

With the death of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, Yue Zhong had immediately leapt 3 levels, becoming a Level 60 Enhancer. The notifications sounded one after another in his mind.

Yue Zhong thought for a while, before allocating all the points to his Agility, at the same time, strengthening his Devil Flame to +4.

“Level 3 Skill Devil Flame (+4) :……., its power is now stronger than the prior enhancement by 5 times!”

After Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame was enhanced, its power was truly raised by a huge margin, however it had not yet reached the level of a Second Order skill.

A Second Order skill was the next threshold, and its might would definitely surpass that of a normal First Order skill. Ever since White Bones had evolved to its Dark Skeleton stage, it could single-handedly deal with any elite soldier, and killing even the weaker Type 2 Mutant Beasts like nothing. That was how powerful a Second Order skill was.

Yue Zhong was intending to raise his Devil Flame to its Second Order stage as quickly as possible, that way he would have something that could deal with the defence of a Type 3 Mutant Beast.

Yue Zhong looked towards the corpse of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, and discovered a green treasure box as well as 300 survivor coins: “I wonder what precious treasures would be dropped?”

Yue Zhong bent down to pick up the green treasure box and opened it, as a green radiant line shone out, and a green cloak appeared in his hands.

Level 5 Treasure: Green Jiao-Cape. By wrapping it around one’s body, they can completely protect against even the incoming attack of a 37mm cannon. Upon equipping, Agility +12. Accompanying skill: Summon Green Jiao-Spirit. Skill description: When using the skill, a Green Jiao-Spirit with the combat ability rivalling that of a Type 2 Green Jiao-Python will appear to battle alongside user. Ability duration 1 hour. Cooldown 24 hours.

Yue Zhong donned the cape, and his Agility got raised by another 12 points. By this time, his Agility had reached 135 points. Many of the lower-levelled Agility-based Evolvers could not match his speed at all.

Yue Zhong glanced at the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python’s corpse, and deactivated the Bone Encompassing Armor.

He then issued an order to White Bones: “Go retrieve its blood essence and nuclei for me!!”

To any ordinary Enhancer, the thing that was most beneficial to them would be the blood essence of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python. The blood essence could raise their body constitution, and while it did not help the combat stats, it was still extremely important. After all, of the 6 major attributes, there was not one that was useless.

When it received the order, White Bones immediately burrowed Into the corpse of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, retrieving the necessary items and handing them to Yue Zhong.

The moment he killed that Green Jiao-Python, the rest of the horde started to lose all signs of their order, many of the bigger ones immediately gobbling up the weaker ones. Even more started to escape in all directions.

Even the Type 2 Violent Ape that was clashing against Ying Kai Shan suddenly left him alone and started to run towards the Mountain Range. These Type 2 Mutant Beasts had developed some sort of sixth sense, and would retreat the moment things seemed bad.

“We won!!”

“We’re alive!!!”

“Thank God!! We’re alive!!”


When all the experts who were beyond exhausted saw this, their hearts began to relax, and at the next moment, people began to whoop in delight and excitement.

This time, when the Mutant Beast horde had swarmed them, their numbers were nearing in the 800,000s. It was a force that was almost 20 times larger than the humans, and if it wasn’t for the chaos in between the different races or their leaders being killed before the horde collapsed, the town of humans would definitely have been killed. Many of them were already prepared to die, and when the ending came and they were still alive, they could not help but cheer in relief.

Some of them had literally fainted on the ground the moment they saw the Mutant Beasts dispersing. They had been at battle for so long, and had pushed themselves beyond the limits of their Stamina and Spirit.

“Long live Boss Yue!!”

“Boss Yue you’re awesome!!”


Not long after, Yue Zhong, Hu Yi and the rest slowly appeared at the town entrance. All the surviving experts immediately erupted in a earth-shaking cheer when they saw them. Passionate and thankful gazes fell on them.

Against the beast horde, if it wasn’t for Yue Zhong’s superb command of the situation, as well as his courage and bravery, even taking care of the Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python, no one in the town would have been left alive. This was truly a heartfelt appreciation from every expert present.

Amidst the cheers, the upper echelons of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad had a complicated look as they gazed at the party.

One of the Scarlet Phoenix Elders, Liu Ling Ling whispered to Ding Lie: “Boss!! Now is the time where he’s at his weakest! Shall we take him out!”

Anyone could see that Yue Zhong’s party had been through a gruelling battle, and were at their limits. It was truly their weakest condition. The Scarlet Phoenix Triad had managed to establish themselves in Guilin City precisely because they were not some merciful or kind people. Taking advantage when their opponents were weak had been a normal occurrence in their manner of handling things.

Ding Lei gazed at the party for a long while, before shaking and saying: “No! If we act now, we might not be able to kill him! If we can’t get a sure kill, we will suffer from his retaliation.”

As the cheers went on, Yue Zhong went back to his own site and began to rest, after fighting in so many life-and-death battles consecutively, he was also feeling extremely exhausted, instantly falling asleep when he laid down.

The rest of the experts also left for their own places within the town to rest.

As for the 200+ ordinary soldiers that Yue Zhong had brought specifically to help construct defences, under Larman’s command, they began to sweep up all the corpses of the Type 2 Mutant Beasts, the other higher-level Mutant Beasts and kept watch over them, including the Type 3 Mutant Beast corpse. These were after all valuable treasures.

On the second day, when most of the experts had just woken up, they were summoned by Yue Zhong to the main square.

In the open square of the town, the human experts gathered one by one.

Over 3,000 people had come on the hunt for the Type 3 Mutant Beast, as of now, only 900 of them remained. The rest of the 2,000 plus people had died at the jaws of the Mutant Beast horde. However, for the surviving experts, almost everyone of them gained a huge increase in their combat abilities.

Zheng Tu also brought the rest of the Great God Triad towards the square and found a spot to sit down.

“Where’s the Scarlet Phoenix Triad?” Zheng Tu swept his gaze left and right, but did not discover them, and he started to feel uneasy in his heart.

Right at this time, a chief of the Divine Dragon Triad, Zhang Zhi Hao, whose looks were insignificant, came up to Zheng Tu and said: “Old Zheng!! Seems like something’s off!! Looking at the crowd, don’t tell me Boss Yue wants to absorb all of us?”

While this Divine Dragon Triad sounded extremely valiant, and could be confused with the Heavenly Dragon Triad, in truth, they were comprised of 7 core members, who were good brothers, as well as a few other outer members. The Chief, Zhang Zhi Hao, had a so-so strength, and his enhancement level was 33. However, his character was smooth, and he had a lot of connections, and he had some form of bonds with Zheng Tu.

Zheng Tu eyed Zhang Zhi Hao and spoke solemnly: “Yesterday, it was all due to Boss Yue, that we’re all alive now. If Boss Yue wants to take all of us in, then there’s nothing wrong with it, just treat it that we’re giving our lives to him.”

Zhang Zhi Hao’s expression turned frigid as he replied: “Bro Zheng. Yes, it’s true that he saved us. But our businesses had been based on our own efforts. If he wants to take them all, isn’t that inappropriate?”

When Zheng Tu heard those words, he also could not help but turn silent. Modern society was like this, even though Zheng Tu was grateful to Yue Zhong for saving their lives, but the thought of handing over his business, even Zheng Tu felt a little reluctant.

In the square, the majority of the people began to engage in discussion, guessing Yue Zhong’s motives for gathering them here.

At this time, Yue Zhong strode onto the stage in the middle.

Behind Yue Zhong, there was Xin Jia Rou and Ning Yu Xin. On his sides, there were 2 neat rows of soldiers who had an extremely intimidating aura.

Yue Zhong sat down, sweeping his glance across the entire square, before opening his mouth: “Today, I’ve gathered everyone here, to discuss something important!”

Yue Zhong glanced around a little after pausing, then continued: “The Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad went back on their words, abandoning their posts at a crucial time. This is a heinous crime. I’ve decided that when I head back to Guilin City, I will exterminate them according to the agreement! However! While the Green Stone Triad has that wish, we may not have the strength! So I hope that all of you here will help me, Yue Zhong, out!”

“That’s natural!! The Heavenly Dragon Triad! Green Bamboo Triad! Those bastards!! Kill them!! Boss Yue!! I, Zhang Zhi Hao, will definitely support you!!”

“Destroy them!!”

“Kill those bastards!!”


After those words of Yue Zhong, everyone present exploded out in fury. Everyone had a deep hatred for those 2 triads. If it wasn’t for their betrayal, many of their brothers and friends wouldn’t have died needlessly. Revenge was something they agreed on.

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