God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 422

Chapter 0422 – Di Ya’s Resolve

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong looked at everyone before slowly saying: “The Heavenly Dragon and Green Bamboo factions are large, their operations well organized. To eradicate them, we will need to work together. Without a single commander, it would be impossible, therefore I have decided to establish the Heaven Union, combining all our strength to wipe out the 2 triads!”

Yue Zhong wanted the experts present to work together. However, he knew that many of these experts had their own triads, and they would not be willing to just bring their men to join Yue Zhong, hence he came up with the idea of an union.

Zhang Zhi Hao immediately clapped his hands and nodded: “Good!! This idea’s good!! That’s great! I vouch for Boss Yue to be the Union Chief of this Heaven Union!!”

“That’s right! If it wasn’t for you Boss Yue, we would all have died!! Boss Yue, if you were to be the Union Leader, we would have no objections!”

“Those who’re not willing to join the Heaven Union must be dogs of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad! Let’s eradicate them!!”


Amongst those rallying cries, there were definitely some who were planted by Yue Zhong, but a number of them were shouting out heartfelt words as well.

After the tough battle against the Mutant Beast horde the previous night, Yue Zhong had absorbed a number of experts into his ranks, and these people would be able to bolster his fighting force, and naturally increase his might.

Under those passionate cries, if there were anyone who still hesitated, they could only keep silent and go with the flow.

Yue Zhong grinned, and amiably called out: “Fine! Since everyone has so kindly nominated me! I will gladly accept the position as Union Chief then!”

This Heaven Union was a way that Yue Zhong could utilize all the different triads. With this, it was more effective than forcefully absorbing the smaller triads.

Also, with the name of the Heaven Union, Yue Zhong could justify sending those smaller powers who were not willing to join him, to become cannon fodder to test the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad, wearing down their forces.

Zhang Zhi Hao was the first to applaud loudly: “Long live Union Chief Yue!!”

“Congratulations Union Chief Yue!!”


A wave of congratulations began to resound from the people present. Some of the more intelligent ones could tell that something was off, but seeing the numerous experts beside Yue Zhong, they kept their silence.

After establishing the Union to control the number of experts, Yue Zhong began to delegate duties for them to clear the numerous Mutant Beasts corpses. They were all valuable resources, be it their hide, their bones, their claws, they were all materials that could be turned into useful equipment. Therefore, everyone began to collect with a look of excitement on their faces.

Di Ya had managed to escape back to Guilin City in a pathetic manner. When he returned, he immediately summoned the remaining 2 Elders who stayed behind as he gave an order: “Immediately bring men to go get Yue Zhong’s father Yue Ming here!”

The 2 Elders were called Yan Liang and Lu Tao, and they were both Evolvers, possessing immense strength.

Yan Liang frowned as he asked: “Chief! If we kidnap Yue Ming, we will really be creating an enmity with the Green Stone Triad. Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Di Ya’s pupils narrowed as he coldly asked: “Elder Yan, are you trying to go against my orders?”

Yan Liang replied with. haste: “Your subordinate does not dare! It’s just that Chief, may I ask, what happened to the other Elders that went hunting with you?”

“Good! Good!! Good!!! Yan Liang you dare to question me?!” Di Ya laughed coldly, before suddenly brandishing the blade at his waist, slicing Yan Liang’s head off with the flash of his weapon. Yan Liang’s decapitated head flew through the air, landing on the floor with a thud, his eyes one of shock.

Yan Liang had never thought that Di Ya would actually act against him. Normally, even though the 2 of them had their conflicts, as Yan Liang was an Evolver, and his position inside the Triad wasn’t low, Di Ya had to give him some face as well. Due to this, Yan Liang did not foresee that Di Ya would suddenly explode and kill him in a single move.

Witnessing this, Lu Tao’s face immediately fell, and he could not help but retreated a few steps.

Di Ya stared at Lu Tao coldly, spitting: “Yan Liang committed insubordination, and was dealt with by me!! Elder Lu, are you going to obey my orders! Or do you want to disobey as well?!”

By now, within the Heavenly Dragon Triad, there were only Di Ya and Lu Tao left who were Evolvers. Yan Liang had been good friends with all 6 Elders that Di Ya brought out, and Di Ya was afraid that there would survivors from the town, and hence, to thoroughly seize control of his Heavenly Dragon Triad, he had taken care of Yan Liang at the first moment!

Lu Tao felt a chill in his heart as he replied: “Lu Tao is willing to strive for Chief!! I will bring my men to capture Yue Ming right this instant!”

With that, Lu Tao quickly left.

Di Ya then mulled for a long while, before carrying out various actions.

The entire Heavenly Dragon Triad was activated, as they went to attack the Green Stone Triad that Yue Zhong established.

Countless hooligans of the Heavenly Dragon Triad carried knives and wooden bats as they went into the different establishments, pillaging and damaging property, attacking anyone on sight. They strove to destroy as much of the businesses they could, while injuring many members of the Green Stone Triad.

Their attacks came without warning, and not long after, all 20 over shops under the Green Stone Triad were destroyed cleanly by the Heavenly Dragon Triad, and their casualties numbered in the 70s, some dead even. It was truly tragic.

One of the Hall Lords came crying in front of Zheng Ming He: “Elder Zheng!! Our 70 or more brothers had been pummeled by the Heavenly Dragon Triad!! You must help us seek redress!!”

“Have the Heavenly Dragon Triad gone crazy?” Zheng Ming He heard the report and frowned, he was different from the other subordinates of Yue Zhong. If it was the hot-blooded Bai Xiao Sheng, he definitely would have activated all the troops and fight it out with the Heavenly Dragon Triad without any consideration. As for him, he wanted to know the logic behind the actions.

One of the elites that Yue Zhong had brought over from Tianxin District came running in front of Zheng Ming He and reported: “Elder Zheng!! The main force of the Heavenly Dragon Triad is currently marching towards us now! What do we do?”

“Don’t tell me that the Heavenly Dragon Triad are truly targeting us?” Zheng Ming He was shocked, before solemnly commanding: “Command all members of the Green Stone Triad to gather at the main headquarters! Prepare for battle!!”

The elite soldier replied with a “Yes!” before immediately dismissing himself.

Under Zheng Ming He’s orders, a large number of the Green Stone Triad members gathered at the headquarters, as they prepared to engage in battle against the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

On the other side, Chen Sheng Gang was currently guarding Yue Zhong’s house nearby with 6 other experts, as they observed everything that went on around. They were in charge of the safety of Yue Zhong’s family.

One soldier suddenly pointed to a distance as he called out to Chen Sheng Gang: “Head! Those guys don’t seem right!!”

Chen Sheng Gang looked towards the direction, only to see Lu Tao leading 30 experts from the Heavenly Dragon Triad as they ran over.

Lu Tao was very clear that Yue Ming would be under protection, as he was an important character, and decided to bring along more experts, intending to kidnap the entire family with brute force.

Chen Sheng Gang saw them and his expression changed, before ordering out: “Zhao Gua!! Immediately go take 2 men and escort Boss Yue’s parents out of here!!”

Seeing those over 30 experts rushing over, a bad feeling arose in Chen Sheng Gang’s heart.

“Yes! Head!” Zhao Gua then left immediately with 2 experts towards Yue Zhong’s house.

Another elite asked Chen Sheng Gang directly: “What do we do now, Head?”

“Kill them directly!!” Chen Sheng Gang’s eyes flashed grimly as he roared and pulled out a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, aiming at them and spraying wildly.

In order to protect his family, Yue Zhong had granted Chen Sheng Gang to kill without restrictions.

The dense rain of bullets immediately barraged down on those 30-over members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

Lu Tao and the rest totally didn’t expect the usage of a heavy machine gun, furthermore, Chen Sheng Gang had not so much as asked a question, and had suddenly attacked.

In that instant, 6 of the experts were immediately ripped to shreds by the rapid fire.

“Take cover!! Kill them all!!” Lu Tao’s eyes went bloodshot as he roared, and the members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad began to dive for cover, before pulling out their own weapons and firing back at Chen Sheng Gang’s position.

The intense gunfire broke out, causing the survivors within the vicinity to hide in their houses as they trembled in fear.

Zhao Gua had led the 2 experts and reached Yue Zhong’s house quickly, shooting down the lock and bursting through the room.

Yue Ming looked at them in shock, as he suppressed the fear in his heart and questioned: “Who are you people?”

Zhao Gua shot forward like an arrow, chopping Yue Ming and his wife in the neck, knocking them out, as he muttered: “Pardon my manners!!”

The other 2 soldiers immediately carried them, as the 3 of them made their way towards the roof of the apartment building.

Zhao Gua and his party quickly arrived at the roof above the 3rd storey.

He faced the opposite building, raising his right hand, and a number of steel wires explode out from behind his back, wrapping around one of the soldier, before sending him over to the other building.

Using this method, Zhao Gua made it across with his men, as they quickly escaped from there, rapidly landing on the other building.

Like this, they crossed a number of roofs similarly, and before long, Zhao Gua, the 2 soldiers, as well as Yue Ming and his wife disappeared amongst the buildings.

Lu Tao was also a strong Spirit-based Evolver, and as he saw the rain of bullets, he quickly activated a [Psychic Barrier], blocking those heavy machine gun bullets, at the same time bellowing: “Charge!!”

The remaining soldiers immediately leapt out from their covers, charging forwards with Lu Tao.

“Bastard!” Chen Sheng Gang’s face fell, and activated his skill, as a huge wall of earth arose and blocked in front of those Heavenly Dragon Triad members. He was not aiming to kill, instead, buying for time. He had only 3 other men with him, and the 4 of them were definitely not a match against the over 20 other experts.

6 Strength-based Enhancers brought their weapons as they smashed furiously on the earth wall, causing it to break down immediately.

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