God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Den of Thieves

A little boy ran up to Zhang Xin, with his big round eyes staring at Zhang Xin, said: “Beautiful big sister, if you don’t eat these things, can you give it to us? We are so hungry!”

Zhang Xin’s eyes filled with sympathy seeing the hungry little boy. She pulled out a biscuit and handed it to the boy: “How can you eat these things! This is a biscuit for you! ”

The little boy took the biscuit, expressed his gratitude and fled away: “Thank you big sister! Thank you, big sister!”

“Beautiful big sister! Please give me something to eat! I’m hungry!!”

“Beautiful big sister! You are a good person, I beg you, please give me something to eat! I’m hungry!! ”

Seeing Zhang Xin so kind, the kids quickly surrounded Zhang Xin, pleading miserably.

Zhang Xin was perplexed, but finally took out all the snacks on her body and gave it to the kids.

All the other women were also compassionate, taking out all the snacks that they had carried and gave it to the kids. They also gave the gruels to the kids.

Watching those kids eat the gruels, the women who did not suffer under the protection of Yue, felt very sad.

Zhang Xin looked at the kids devouring the gruel, gnashed her teeth and said: “This is an outrage. How can the leader here treat the kids like this? Does he have any humanity left in him?”

Wang Fang was startled by Zhang Xin’s words, she then immediately snapped at Zhang Xin: “Don’t talk nonsense! Are we not in hostile territory? Do you want to die?”

Zhang Xin glanced at Wang Fang, and did not say anything else. She is not stupid, she was just too angry. But she was clearly aware that this is Tiger Wang’s turf.

Those kids in the village ate with amazing hunger. They ate the bowl of gruel cleanly and even licked the bowl.

After eating, the kids immediately ran toward the outer courtyard.

Outside in the courtyard, a militant carrying a Type 81 rifle kicked one of the kids to the ground, causing candies and snacks to fall all over the ground.

“Small monkeys, your harvests is not bad! Biscuits, lollipops, haha, good stuff!” The militant laughed, then threatened the rest of the kids: “Take out all the good stuff, or I will beat you to death.”

Seeing the militant appeared, fear flashed in eyes of all the kids. Hesitating for a bit, the kids took out the candies and biscuits from their body, handing it to the militant.

The former police officer, Su Ru Xue, finally could not stand it any more. She stood up and shouted at the militant: “How can there be people like you? Taking the stuff from kids, do you have no shame? ”

The militant looked wantonly at Su Ru Xue, laughed out loud and said: “Big cow, my business is none of your concerns. If you were willing to play with your father’s gun here, I will give the stuff back to them. We can count it as payment for a prostitute. HA HA HA!”

Su Ru Xue’s trembling with anger, cursed loudly: “You bastard, you’re shameless!!”

Su Ru Xue received a good education, she only knew these two sentences of cursing.

The militant looked at Su Ru Xue and mocked her: “You dare to curse at your father? Hey! You can be furious here. I will have you on father’s leg, crying the next day.” [Translator Note: He is mocking her and saying he would have her on his leg, spanking her.]

After saying, the militant quickly turned and left the place.

Su Ru Xue sat back in her seat, could not help but said in anger: “What kind of place is this, how can there be such scum.”

Chen Yao smiled dryly and said: “I’m afraid they are the same as bandits. We should be in a den of thieves.”

Zhang Xuan fearfully said: “What will happen to us?”

In this place, not only do the kids have to go hungry, they were also bullied. Zhang Xuan was so scared about the future. Also, the power here did not care about equality between men and women, ladies first concept. From the food that was serve to the women, one could see that the leader of the place did not see the women as people.

Lu Wen smiled and said: “Don’t worry, big brother Yue will find a way.”

Lu Wen truly believed in Yue, she believed that he would be able to get everyone out of this place.

“It’s good, with Yue’s protection, no matter what, she would not be harmed.” Yuan Ying looked at Lu Wen with jealousy. She could see that on the way, Yue had cared more about Lu Wen. If anything happens, the ones that would be abandon would be those that does not have strong relations to Yue.

The women eyed one another, besides Ji Qing Wu and Lu Wen, the rest of the women were trapped in an overwhelming gloom. Zhao Li, who was hold her son, had fear in her eyes about the future.

Among the women, only Li Zhao and Wang Fang did not give the kids snacks. Looking at the suffering of the kids in the village, Zhao Li was full of worry for future of her son and herself.

Yue bluntly ate the white cut chicken and stir-fry dishes such as the stir-fry mollusc on that table. These common dishes in this post apocalyptic world was extremely rare. In Lei Jiang City, Yue’s meal consisted of luncheon meat, ham, sausage, and cooked chicken. He quickly forgot the tasted of those food.

Soon after, the dishes of food was nearly empty, leaving only three white steamed buns in the bowl.

Two women walked in, taking all the empty dishes away, leaving only three white steamed buns on the table.

Tiger Wang looked at Yue and smiled, then looked toward the courtyard and said: “Little brother Yue! In order to celebrate our meeting, let me give you a gift. You guys come in!”

Tiger Wang’s words had hardly faded, when six pretty women wearing makeup enter from the courtyard. The six women kneel in front of Tiger Wang and Le Chen, massaging their feet.

Wang Shuang looked at the six woman massaging the feet of Tiger Wang and Lei Chen, his eyes flashing a touch of disbelief. The six women looks quite pretty, and temperament was quite good. In the past, countless men would be courting them, but now they were kneeling in front of Tiger Wang and Lei Chen while massaging their feet. Wang Shuang could not quiet believe this.

Tiger Wang looked at Yue, chuckled and said: “Little brother Yue, out of these women, which one do you fancy. These women do have much use, but are good at warming the bed.”

Yue looked at the six women kneeling in front of Tiger Wang. He saw that even though they were beautiful, their faces had a look of numbness. Their eyes were without spirit, as if they did not have any hope left, looking like a zombie.

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