God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 423

Chapter 423 – Chaos Begins!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

The earthen wall was broken, and a cloud of dust flew up. Lu Tao brought his men as they leapt across the debris, only to discover that there were no signs of people on the other side.

“Damn it!!” Lu Tao’s face fell, and quickly brought his subordinates as they charged up the apartment building.

When Lu Tao and his men broke through the place where Yue Zhong’s parents were staying, all they saw was an empty space.

“Search the place!!” Lu Tao’s eyes flashed with fury as he bellowed out.

The 20+ experts swiftly turned the place over, to no avail.

“Boss! They must have escaped! What now?” One of the experts came to Lu Tao and quickly reported.

Lu Tao’s expression was extremely grim as he gritted his teeth: “Disperse!!”

Under Lu Tao’s commands, these 20-over experts quickly retreated and left the place.

After a long while, some policemen in uniform finally sauntered over to the vicinity.

In Guilin City, the triads were numerous, and fights broke out often. As there were a number of experts in each triads, as long as things didn’t get too out of hand, the local police weren’t keen on interfering.

“Traitorous dog!! Get the hell out here!!”

“This is our Chinese territory, you traitors and dogs can fuck off!!”

“Traitors!! Disloyal bastards! You still don’t want to get the hell out?!”

“Kill all the foreigners!!”


At a part of the city, the Heavenly Dragon Triad had surrounded the headquarters of the Green Stone Triad, and a number of the Heavenly Dragon Triad members were wielding knives and wooden bats, shouting and cursing at the people within the Green Stone Triad’s building.

The Green Stone Triad had after all accepted a large amount of resources as well as the remnant soldiers of the Hong Triad. Therefore, under the right goading, the ordinary members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad were riled up enough, to call for blood, to the extent that even Yue Zhong’s Green Stone Triad has been labelled as traitorous and disloyal.

Such tactics to pin the stigma on other people have long been utilized throughout history, and the members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad did not hesitate to do the same to the Green Stone Triad.

Shang Lun stood at a window, looking down on the shouting mob outside of the building, his killing intent billowing as he asked: “Old Zheng, what do we do now? Shall we kill them all?”

Shang Lun had followed Yue Zhong for a long while, and did not blink even when taking the lives of ordinary people. Truthfully, it was a numbness that most warriors had after a long while in such a world.

In the Green Stone Triad’s headquarters, there were 3 battalions’ worth of equipment, and the moment the entire Green Stone Triad was activated, they could easily kill those senseless hooligans outside baying for blood.

All those hooligans wielding simple knives and wooden bats, how could they be a match against professional soldiers wielding modern weaponry?

Zheng Ming He shook his head and he laughed coldly: “Not necessary!! We have plenty of other means!! Old Shang, don’t worry, let’s watch!”

Right at this time, a police siren resounded from afar.

Zheng Ming He laughed when he heard those sirens, saying: “They’re here!”

A number of policemen quickly arrived at the location, and surrounded all the members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

Seeing the appearance of the policemen, the ordinary hooligans of the Heavenly Dragon Triad started to stir, and their faces fell. There were even a few who were frightened and tried to run away. A number of the higher-ranking heads bellowed in rage, and managed to control the situation, before it entirely collapsed.

Flanked by a number of policemen, Dan Hong finally appeared as he stomped to the rowdy crowd of Heavenly Dragon Triad members and roared: “What the hell are you guys doing? Gathering illegally and creating a ruckus is an offence! Don’t tell me all of you want to spend your time in jail?!”

When the Heavenly Dragon Triad members saw that it was the Superintendent that appeared, the atmosphere broke, and a number of them immediately turned and ran.

If the triads in China had no backing, they were vulnerable to the police. Any small-time hooligan would be fearful and run when they saw a policeman.

Dan Hong swept a gaze across the remaining members, as he called out in a cold voice: “Lock all of them up!! Any who dares to resist, shoot them on the spot!!”

In the post-apocalyptic world, the authority of the police was still far-reaching. Executing criminals on the spot was a common occurrence, and using strength to demonstrate was now a normal way of the world.

Although Guilin City was considered quite stable when compared to the other establishments that Yue Zhong had come across, it was still part of the post-apocalyptic world, and punishments were still severe.

“Wait a minute!!” Right as Dan Hong issued the order for the Heavenly Dragon Triad members to be locked up, one of the Hall Lords, Sheng Huai Guang, stepped forwards in strides and barked.

Dan Hong glanced at him and asked in a low voice: “Sheng Huai Guang, are you going to resort to violence to retaliate?”

Hearing those words, the policemen around got tense as they pulled out their weapons. Some even immediately brought out their assault rifles and aimed it at the crowd of Heavenly Dragon Triad.

In this world, resisting was a frequent thing. As there were countless Enhancers amongst the civilians, many policemen would lose their lives on patrol. However, those who had truly plotted against the government, had long since been wiped out by the experts of the government and the army.

Guilin City used to have 5 Great Triads, but due to the actions of one of them offending a government official, an operation was mounted to wipe all traces of that particular Triad, and everyone saw the true might of the government. If the Heavenly Dragon Triad were to resist with force, their days would truly be numbered.

Dan Hong was an asshole, Yue Zhong had chose not to kill him, precisely because he could make use of him and the threat of the government behind him.

Sheng Huai Guang laughed as he turned his body slightly, revealing a weak young man with an arrogant bearing and dressed entirely in branded clothing as he said: “I don’t dare! How could I, Sheng Huai Guang, be so bold as to go against the government? But, look who this is?”

The young man wearing branded stuff and had an arrogant look stared at Dan Hong with a provocative look: “Dan Hong! Don’t you recognize me?”

Dan Hong looked at the despotic young man, and his expression changed, as his back broke out in cold sweat: “So it’s Young Master Li! Why are you here?”

This young man was called Li Hong Zhi, and was the son of the mayor of Nanning City.

Currently in Guilin City, there was the banner of Guilin City and Nanning City, both had tremendous authority and reputation. Nanning City’s mayor Li Jiu Ming and his men had a huge hand in everything with Guilin City, and was considered a true giant within the walls of Guilin City. That was why when Dan Hong saw Li Hong Zhi, his face had changed and he was breaking out in cold sweat.

Li Hong Zhi had a condescending look as he stared at Dan Hong, before replying at though he was calling a slave: “Dan Hong!! Since you recognize me, what are you waiting for? Go get your men and round up the Green Stone Triad!! Or do you want my dad to tear the skin off your back?”

In this post-apocalyptic world, where order had collapsed, and there was no longer any supervision by the public, all the high ranking government officials had took it up upon themselves to be sons of heavens. They became extremely arrogant, and this Li Hong Zhi was one such character.

When Dan Hong was reprimanded by this Li Hong Zhi as though he was his house servant, his face also turned white and green. He was after all, a government official himself with a certain status, and being scolded like that was extremely unpleasant to him. However, Li Hong Zhi truly represented his father Li Jiu Ming, and was not someone he could offend.

However, when Dan Hong thought of Yue Zhong’s decisive methods, his heart felt conflicted. If Yue Zhong came back, he would definitely raze his entire family to the ground if he didn’t handle this matter properly.

After struggling internally for a while, Dan Hong gritted his teeth as he commanded: “Li Hong Zhi! I’m currently on government business!! Pardon my offence!! Everyone, go round them all up!!”

Under Dan Hong’s orders, those policemen immediately forced their way towards the Heavenly Dragon Triad members.

Li Hong Zhi’s face turned ugly as he shouted: “You guys dare!!! I’m the son of Li Jiu Ming, the mayor of Nanning City!!”

Hearing his explosive revealing of his status, a few policemen stopped in their tracks, their faces showing hesitation. This was the son of one of the giants in Guilin City, if they were to bring him in now, his family would just pat him a little and he would be released, but the police themselves might lose their lives.

Just then, a shout of rage travelled from afar: “Who dares tough my brother Li Hong Zhi!!”

Following that angry shout, an army officer dressed entirely in military uniform, his hands wielding a gun, a head with short hair, burly build, eagle-eyes and a hook nose, came running, his entire body armed to the teeth.

Dan Hong saw the military officer and his face truly turned ashen, his heart full of regret: “Shit!! If I’d known, I wouldn’t have stuck my neck out for Yue Zhong! This time, I’m fucked!”

Li Hong Zhi on the other hand was laughing loudly as he came up to greet the officer: “Brother Chang! You’re here!”

The officer was called Chang Yu Feng, and he was a company officer that was on good terms with Li Hong Zhi. This time, Chang Yu Feng had actually brought along a company of soldiers to assist Li Hong Zhi.

Chang Yu Feng eyed Dan Hong coldly as he issued the command: “So you want to touch my brother? Men, capture him! Those who stand in the way, kill without hesitation!”

Hearing Chang Yu Feng’s orders, 20 elite soldiers came out from behind Chang Yu Feng, as they charged towards Dan Hong.

The policemen under Dan Hong looked on helplessly as these properly-trained military soldiers came up to them and apprehended them. These were the military, the weapons in the police hands were insufficient to go against them. Even their training was on a different level. These policemen naturally did not dare retaliate, otherwise, they would truly lose their lives.

Dan Hong immediately went up to Li Hong Zhi, as he called out loudly with a pale face: “I’m from the government!! On what basis are you guys capturing me??”

Li Hong Zhi eyed Dan Hong, as he smirked coldly: “Government? Here, I’m the sky, I’m the law!! You’re just a small superintendent and you want to go against me? You’re truly seeking death!! Take him away!! Execute him!!”

Dan Hong immediately turned even paler as he shouted: “Dont’ kill me!! Don’t kill me!!”

2 burly men immediately grabbed the arms of Dan Hong and dragged him like a dog towards a small ditch.

The policemen looked on as Dan Hong was dragged into a ditch, his eyes filled with despair like a rabbit about to become the meal of a fox.

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