God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 424

Chapter 424 – Mobilization!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Within the building, Shang Lun looked out the window and frowned: “Things aren’t looking good. Looks like Dan Hong is about to be executed!”

Zheng Ming He eyed those soldiers and his brows furrowed as well: “Even the army came? Seems like this Heavenly Dragon Triad is not simple!”

Just as those 2 burly men brought Dan Hong towards a small ditch, 2 razor sharp bone spikes flashed by, and the heads of the 2 burly men were sent flying. Blood sprayed towards the skies, shocking everyone present.

“Ah!!!” When the 2 heads rolled over to a cowardly member of the Heavenly Dragon Triad, he could not help but scream.

The majority of the hooligans under the Heavenly Dragon Triad banner were ordinary members, and had not seen much blood. This time, witnessing the beheading of people right in front of their eyes, it was truly a terrifying scene.

The scream of the Heavenly Dragon Triad member attracted everyone’s gaze towards the direction of the small ditch.

In front of everybody, Yue Zhong stepped forward into the pool of already congealing blood, followed by Hu Yi and a large number of experts.

Dan Hong was following by Yue Zhong’s side, tears streaking down his face as he thanked profusely: “Many thanks to Boss Yue for saving my life!! Thank you Boss Yue!! From today onwards, this small life truly belongs to you Boss Yue!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at him and responded mildly: “As long as you carry your duties well for me, I will definitely not let you suffer!”

Yue Zhong naturally did not trust Dan Hong’s pledge. This was modern society, and the current people treated promises like eating rice and passing flatulence, no one had the decency to uphold promises anymore. Only through sufficient threat and rewards, as well as the power to back up one’s rules, would people truly be loyal.

If Yue Zhong had not established the Green Stone Triad, which became such a huge triad, he would have been unable to attract so many experts to join together under his banner.

Li Hong Zhi eyed Yue Zhong, laughing coldly as he ordered the nearby policemen: “You must be the Chief of the Green Stone Triad, Yue Zhong? All you useless policemen, what are you spacing out for? Why aren’t you apprehending him! You want me to flay the skin on your back?”

When the policemen heard Li Hong Zhi trying to order them like dogs, their expressions turned ugly, and although they were extremely unwilling in their hearts, they began moving towards Yue Zhong, albeit hesitantly.

In this world, anyone who could become a cop was already a matter worth mentioning to the ordinary folks. However, if their identity and status as a policeman was taken away from them, they would be nothing. Under such threats, although their hearts were brimming with hatred, they could not help but slowly inch their way towards Yue Zhong.

Li Hong Zhi, on the other hand, just hid amongst the Heavenly Dragon Triad, watching the party of Yue Zhong as he smirked coldly.

The policemen represented the power of the government, if Yue Zhong dared to retaliate, it was tantamount to going against the government of Guilin City. If he didn’t, then when he landed in the hands of the government, it was the same as being at the mercy of that Young Master Li.

Sheng Huai Guang also laughed coldly: “Yue Zhong!! Just surrender! If you kneel now and kiss the boots of Young Master Li, we can let you off with your life!! Otherwise, all your family and friends will die because of you!!”

“Yue Zhong!! Offer up your women for everyone’s enjoyment! If this Daddy is happy, I will help you seek favour with Young Master Li, and let you off with your life being worse than a dog! Haha!”

“Yue Zhong! Crawl under Young Master Li’s legs! Then let this daddy hit your bottom! I’ll help you with your arsehole, lest those in the jail cells get you first! Haha!!”


Various vicious words and insults came from the members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad. There wasn’t a single decent person within them, and the moment they began cursing, they seemed to have forgotten their bearings.

Yue Zhong’s eyes emitted a strong cold killing intent, as he pulled out a walkie-talkie and barked coldly: “Kill them all!!”

At that instant, various M4s started pointing out from the headquarters of the Green Stone Triad, and at the next moment, a torrential spray of bullets came raining down on the Heavenly Dragon Triad, policemen as well as the soldiers of Chang Yu Feng.




“It hurts!!”

“Save me!!”


Without enough time to react or defend, under the rain of bullets numerous men immediately slumped to the ground in pools of blood, and those who were not instantly killed were screaming and wailing in pain and agony.

Yue Zhong waved his hands, pulling out a .05 submachine gun and charged at the group of soldiers brought by Chang Yu Feng as he fired wildly.

The unfortunate soldiers were instantly decimated, with all of them being fired upon in a flash.

No one had expected for Yue Zhong to retaliate in such a decisive and vicious manner. He had not even spoken a single sentence to them, and immediately acted, causing his enemies to die without warning.

At the same time, from behind the group of soldiers led by Chang Yu Feng, White Bones leapt out and fired out various bone spikes in all directions, piercing the heads of the soldiers that were not yet dead.

The densely packed Heavenly Dragon Triad had immediately collapsed and scattered the moment a few of their men were fired upon, as the rest began to escape in various directions.

“Damn animal!!” Chang Yu Feng’s eyes were bloodshot as he roared out while ducking for cover. His entire company of soldiers had been steadfast comrades of his for many years! However, today they were actually killed like slaughtered animals, and he was instantly filled with fury and hatred at Yue Zhong!!

It must be known that the entire company were elite soldiers, who could hold their own in long battles. Such an elite force was actually taken out in an instant at Yue Zhong’s hands, and Chang Yu Feng was filled with fury and agony.

“How did it become like this?! How did it become like this!! Ah!!! I don’t want to die!! Save me!! Save me!!” Li Hong Zhi looked in horror at the dying or dead members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and policemen around him. He was thoroughly frightened and had pissed himself in fear, at the same time wailing in fright.

“Young Master!! Quickly, we must escape!!” A powerful Evolver appeared in front of Li Hong Zhi as he activated an [Air Barrier] and blocked the bullets. Another Evolver began to pull at Li Hong Zhi as they tried to run.

Those who engaged in the arts, culture or martial techniques, they would provide services for the royals and nobles. This was a long-time tradition in China. Many experts liked the high-flyer lifestyle, and since Li Jiu Ming was one of the top dogs in Guilin City, he naturally employed a number of experts.

Yue Zhong looked towards Bai Xiao Sheng beside him, who replied almost immediately: “I’ll go! You want him dead, or alive?”

Yue Zhong replied mildly: “If alive, I want to see him, if dead, I want his corpse!”

“Yes! Leader!!” Bai Xiao Sheng chuckled and disappeared in a flash, towards the direction where Li Hong Zhi escaped towards.

Yue Zhong made a flashy example of an entire company of soldiers, as well as a number of policemen. This was already tantamount to declaring war against the powers of Guilin City. Since it was like this, Bai Xiao Sheng had immediately discarded the pretext of calling boss, and immediately referred to him respectfully as Leader.

Chang Yu Feng, who was hiding behind a corner, bellowed out in rage: “Yue Zhong!!! Stop! Are you trying to revolt? Guilin City has an entire regiment, to deal with a terrorist like you, is simply a matter of time. It’s not too late to stop!! If you surrender now, I can seek leniency on your behalf, and definitely will not pursue this!!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze was extremely icy as he chuckled: “Enough of your bullshit! I’m giving you 3 seconds! You can choose to die with the rest of your comrades, or surrender!”

Not pursuing matters, was a lie told to bluff children. In such an era where everyone sought their own benefits, everyone knew that those in power would definitely pursue matters. Yue Zhong had already decided to take matters into his hands, and had no intention to go back.

Just as they were having their exchange, White Bones flew about with its bone blades, and numerous soldiers were dying left, right and centre. After facing a huge monster horde, White Bones had evolved to a fearsome level, and possessed incredible combat strength.

“I surrender!!”

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”


Facing that gruesome slaughter, a number of the soldiers and remaining members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad cried out as they disposed of their weapons and immediately submitted. The casualty and death toll was simply too terrifying, and even a number of experts that were brought along had been casually killed by the Evolvers on Yue Zhong’s side. They had thoroughly collapsed.

Chang Yu Feng looked at his miserable troops and the pathetic members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and gritted his teeth, before trying to get away towards the direction of the army camp: “Damn it!! Yue Zhong’s rebellion must be made known to the Regiment Commander!!”

Soon, the entire grounds in front of the Green Stone Triad was filled with corpses, and the kneeling members of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and soldiers who had lost their bravado.

Not long after, the hundreds of members of the Heaven Union who Yue Zhong brought back from the small town came and saw the carnage, and their faces fell.

One Heaven Union expert could not help but asked Yue Zhong pointedly and loudly: “Yue Zhong!! What’s the meaning of this?! Are you trying to revolt?”

When that question burst out, everyone’s eyes swivelled towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong glanced at that member and chuckled: “No! I want to control the entire Guilin City!! Those who’re willing to work with me stand on the right! Those who aren’t, go to the left!! I’m giving you 10 seconds to consider! 10, 9…..”

Right as Yue Zhong started his countdown, members of the Green Stone Triad immediately raised their guns and pointed at the crowd.

Those experts who had followed Yue Zhong loyally also stood and gazed at the crowd with an intensity.

Under those circumstances, many of the experts were smart enough to stand on the right. They might not agree with Yue Zhong’s actions, but faced with those circumstances, they could only bow their heads, and no matter how unwilling they were, they could not show it.

However, there were 15 Heaven Union experts who directly stood on Yue Zhong’s left, obviously expressing their disagreement.

One young university student stared at Yue Zhong in a righteous manner as he declared: “Yue Zhong! If you want to destroy the Heavenly Dragon Triad? I’m willing to be the first to help! But if you want to revolt, I, Zhang He, am the first to disagree!!”

Yue Zhong looked at those experts and his eyes flashed coldly, before his gaze landed on Zhang He as he said indifferently: “Since this is the case, then you guys can die! Do it!”

The moment Yue Zhong’s words landed, a sharp bone blade shot out explosively from the side, piercing the 15 experts standing on the left, spraying a huge amount of blood.

One of the Heaven Union experts who was an Agility-based Evolver had been on alert since he stood on the left side, and the moment the bone blade appeared, he had leapt upwards, intending to dart to one side.

Yue Zhong casually raised his Stinger and fired a single explosive shot, causing the Heaven Union expert to stop and be split in two by whitebones.

Another Heaven Union member brandished a blade, and a blade beam appeared, forcefully blocking the bone spike. However, another blade came towards him from his blind side, decapitating him with similarly lightning speed.

The righteous sounding Zhang He had been pierced in the heart by another bone spike.

In a manner of seconds, the dozen of Heaven Union experts had been slaughtered cleanly by Yue Zhong, their blood dying the ground red.

Witnessing this, all the remaining Heaven Union members felt their heart turn cold, and were fearful towards Yue Zhong’s decisive methods.

Yue Zhong eyed them and barked out coldly: “I know that there are some of you guys who are still not satisfied! I don’t care! I have utmost confidence in conquering Guilin City. If you guys help me, I naturally would not neglect you. If there are any of you who dares to create chaos, not only will I kill you, your family and close loved ones will become slaves and trophies of the victors!!

Zhang Zhi Hao’s brows lifted as he immediately called out: “I accept Union Leader Yue as the Leader! Long live Leader!”

“We accept Union Leader Yue as the Leader! Long live Leader!


Many of the remaining Heaven Union experts cursed Zhang Zhi Hao for kissing the horse’s ass, but they also could not help but clamour to express their loyalty. In a situation where no one dared to stand out, they could only forcefully lend a hand to Yue Zhong.

Zheng Ming He came to Yue Zhong, as he hesitated a while before asking: “Leader! Isn’t it too early to be acting now?”

Zheng Ming He had long since known of Yue Zhong’s ambitions for Guilin City, but their current foothold was not strong enough. Furthermore, that Du Shan Xiong was leading a regiment of border guards that had exterminated a huge number of zombies after all.

Zheng Ming He could not think of any way they had as a motley bunch against the elite troops of Du Shan Xiong.

Yue Zhong glanced at Zheng Ming He and ordered coldly: “Bring some men and follow me!!”

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, the entire Green Stone Triad was activated, and immediately equipped the 3 battalions’ worth of equipment.

Yue Zhong then gathered all his manpower as they made their way towards the granary of Guilin City.

In this post-apocalypse, food was the most precious resource. That granary happened to be the only weak point of Guilin City. Without food, even a 100,000-strong army would be wiped out in a battle of attrition.

Since Yue Zhong had suddenly attacked, there was almost no resistance along the way, and there was no one who could stop him anyway. He quickly brought his troops right in front of the granary.

The importance of the granary in Guilin City was known to everyone. Inside the granary, there was a company of soldiers stationed as well as 40 Enhancers of above Level 30. No matter who tried to tackle the granary, would face the instant retaliation of an elite troop.

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