God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 425

Chapter 425 – Snatching the Granary!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

As Yue Zhong and his troops were nearing the granary, a dense hail of bullets came raining down on them from the granary, and killed a number of soldiers who had just undergone training recently.

The moment those soldiers were killed, the 3 battalions of soldiers instantly lost their composure, dodging behind cover, with signs of collapsing.

Although Yue Zhong had 3 battalions’ worth of equipment, those equipping were people who had not yet undergone much training, and they naturally could not act like troops yet.

Larman found Yue Zhong and said: “Leader! Let me do it!”

Larman was in control of a platoon of elite soldiers, at the same time, he had chosen a few selected foreigners under him to undergo training 24/7. By now, he had a company’s worth of elite troops. These foreigners were in foreign territory, and in order to live on and gain a better life, they were extremely valiant when fighting. In the battle at the small town, many of them had achieved numerous merits. Larman’s foreign troops was one of the most capable troops under Yue Zhong’s command now.

Hu Yi also came over as he urged Yue Zhong: “Bro!! Let me do it!! As long as I can get close to them, those fellows wouldn’t even know what hit them!”

Yue Zhong eyed the direction of the granary and solemnly declared: “No need. Defend the back properly and await my orders!”

Around the granary, there were various constructions and defence fortifications erected. Without any heavy firepower, it was difficult to shake those defences. Yue Zhong was also lacking explosives. If he were to let the others attack, it would not prove to be of much difference.

After leaving his orders, he activated his [Shadow Steps] and immediately charged towards the granary with White Bones beside him.

The commanding officer of the granary defence troops looked at Yue Zhong and White Bones rushing over and could not help but grin coldly: “Fools! Open fire!”

There was, of course, a battalion stationed at the granary. The commander, Chai Zi Cang, was the brother-in-law of Du Shan Xiong and the battalion under his control was one of the stronger battalions amongst Du Shan Xiong’s troops. They were naturally unafraid of 2 attacking experts. In his opinion, it didn’t matter who came before him, facing those heavy firearms, they would be turned to ash.

In an instant, those various defence points around the granary opened fire, and all sorts of ammunition, rifle bullets, light machine gun ammo, and even grenades came flying and blanketed the entire area that Yue Zhong and White Bones were running through.

In the surrounding area of 500m, it was seemingly wiped clean. There was no cover, and it seemed impossible for Yue Zhong and White Bones to evade at all.

Just when Yue Zhong and White Bones were about to be enveloped by the barrage of flying lead and soon to be shrapnel, the Level 5 Bronze Spiritual Bell came flying out from Yue Zhong’s chest pocket and floated above his head, creating a green shield, and when the bullets landed on that shield, they bounced off.

And White Bones was basically impervious to most bullets anyway, as the bullets landed on it, they just directly bounced away as well.

When Chai Zi Cang saw the bullets having no effect on the two, his expression turned to one of horror as he immediately ordered his men. “Experts? Quick, switch to the heavy firearms!! Red Arrows!! Grenade Launchers!! Artillery!! Blast the ever living shit out of them!!”

Very quickly, rounds of heavy fire started falling on the location of Yue Zhong and White Bones.

However, the speed of both Yue Zhong and White Bones was too fast, and the moment the heavy rounds had landed on where they were, Yue Zhong and White Bones had already breached the entrance of the granary.

Yue Zhong activated his skill at the first notice, and a 70m-long Type 2 Green Jiao-Python appeared out of thin air.

When the Type 2 Green Jiao-Python appeared, it immediately spat out a huge gas of poison fog around itself as defence. Following which, it charged towards the granary like a tank, all the while swallowing the resisting soldiers along the way.

The Type 2 Green Jiao-Python was surrounded by its deadly poison, and anything that it came into contact with would immediately corrode. As it charged through the granary, it was invincible, and no one could stop it. Any soldier who saw it immediately lost their wits, as they tried to escape from it.

The might of a Type 2 Mutant Beast like the Green Jiao-Python was perfect for an all-out assault, as its size could pressure the weaker ordinary humans, at the same time, suppressing any potential resistance.

The Type 2 Green Jiao-Python spat out another round of poisonous gas, and 6, 7 soldiers hiding behind a cover immediately dissolved into a puddle. When it opened its mouth, it could easily gobble another soldier up. When it smashed into an unfortunate soldier, the impact was enough to tear the person from within, bones snapping and all. It went on a rampage amongst the soldiers, causing carnage and mayhem everywhere.

At this critical juncture, the 40 experts that had been hiding within the crowd of soldiers finally made their appearance.

“Heaven Union! Charge!!” Yue Zhong then issued a command through a walkie-talkie.

Hu Yi had been temporarily placed in control over the Heaven Union, and when he received the order, he roared out excitedly: “Everybody!! Charge!! Those who don’t, I’ll personally chop off your heads!!”

The bulk of the defences and fire points had been destroyed by Yue Zhong, and the Heaven Union followed closely behind Hu Yi as they charged into the granary.

When they saw the scene of carnage inside the granary, their hearts turned cold, and many of those Heaven Union members who were absorbed by Yue Zhong immediately surrounded the 40 military experts.

There were over hundreds of experts in the Heaven Union, and after the baptism of that life-and-death battle at the small town, everyone had emerged so much stronger. Hundreds of experts against 40 military experts, even those who were not willing to submit to Yue Zhong, easily subdued the military experts.

Collapse, total collapse. The moment the experts from the Heaven Union joined in the fray, with Yue Zhong and White Bones as the vanguards, in a manner of minutes, the entire granary had been cleared of any resistance.

Chai Zi Cang looked around at the mayhem and his face turned pale as he slumped to the ground: “It’s over!! The granary is finished!! Guilin City is finished!!”

One of the intelligence soldiers! immediately grabbed Chai Zi Cang as he shook him and exclaimed: “Commander!! It’s still not over!! Although Yue Zhong had snatched the granary! The troops in his hands are not a match for the Regiment Commander! I’m guessing that he wants to negotiate!! Let’s surrender first!!”

Chai Zi Cang immediately brightened up as he grabbed the hands of his intelligence officer: “That’s right!! Negotiations!! He will definitely want to negotiate!! Bring me to him!!”

The moment Chai Zi Cang decided to surrender, all the fighting ceased within the Granary, different companies of the soldiers immediately surrendered, and became Yue Zhong’s captives.

“I’m Chai Zi Cang, the Commanding Officer of the unit here, I want to see Yue Zhong!!”

Under the forceful request of Chai Zi Cang, 2 soldiers led him towards a room.

Only to discover that seated in a sofa of the room, there was an extremely young man, and beside him on the left was a cool-looking beauty, and on the right, an adorable loli. The cold-looking young beauty was currently cooling a cup of warm milk for the young man, while the loli was currently peeling wild grapes, and using her small hands to feed the young man.

Chai Zi Cang glanced at the young man sitting at the soda enjoying the treatment as he asked woodenly: “I’m Chai Zi Cang, the commander of the military unit here! You must be Yue Zhong?”

Yue Zhong glanced at Chai Zi Cang and pointed to opposite the sofa, as he replied indifferently: “I’m Yue Zhong, Sit!”

Chai Zi Cang sat down at the indicated place, as he stared at Yue Zhong and asked: “Yue Zhong, Why did you rebel? This will cause unrest amongst the citizens, and although you have snatched the granary now, your strength is insufficient to defend it!! The moment the army of the Regiment Commander reaches, your troops will suffer. There might be some misunderstanding between us, let’s talk properly.”

Yue Zhong smiled lightly and replied: “Commander Chai, I’ve mobilized my troops because I was forced to!! I was forced into a corner by that Li Hong Zhi and Chang Yu Feng those scum, and had no choice but to act in self-defence. Against the army of Regiment Commander Du, I know I have no way of defending against him. But what if, I decide to raze the granary to the ground! What do you think will happen?”

When Chai Zi Cang heard up to this point, his heart turned incredibly cold. In this granary, there was a few hundred thousand tonnes of rations. The entire populace of Guilin City depended on this place. If the entire place was razed, all order in Guilin City would then collapse. Without the support of rations, no matter how capable Du Shan Xiong’s troops were, his subordinates will quickly collapse, and the entire regiment would be lost.

Chai Zi Cang stood up and exclaimed loudly: “How can you do that!! If you were to raze this place, it would cause the deaths of over hundreds of thousands of people!! Are you that cruel? It’s the lives of hundreds of thousands of Chinese!!!”

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned cold as he looked at Chai Zi Cang: “I didn’t want this result! But, whoever wants my life, will have to pay the proper price! If I’m forced to a corner, then I couldn’t care less about the lives of hundreds of thousands of people!”

Chai Zi Cang looked at Yue Zhong and his expression changed numerous times, in the end he sat down in silence. He didn’t dare to provoke Yue Zhong further. If Yue Zhong truly set fire to the place, the entire Guilin City would be doomed.

Yue Zhong watched as Chai Zi Cang sat down helplessly, and his expression changed, as he smiled: “However, it’s not like there’s nothing to discuss. I personally hope to be able to have a good discussion with Regiment Commander Du! I hope that Commander Chai can help me convey a message on my behalf.”

Chai Zi Cang mulled over for a while, as his heart regained a glimmer of hope: “Fine.”

When Yue Zhong mobilized his troops and revolted, the entire Guilin City went into shock and a number of opportunists also emerged. Many people began to engage in their own forms of destruction, as a number of mobs took to the streets and plundered, and robbed, giving in to the inner demons. The entire city seemed to be plunged in chaos.

The government also responded fairly quickly, as countless policemen and special forces were dispatched to quell the chaos. Du Shan Xiong who was stationed out of Guilin City also rushed back with his troops.

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