God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 428

Chapter 428 – Assassination! The Situation Spirals Out of Control!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

Just as Dan Hong was engaged in negotiations with Chen Ying and the rest, the 2 Discipline Committee members were currently holding Li Jiu Ming in a small room.

All of a sudden, the door of the room was kicked open, and 4 men in special forces uniform rushed into the room, their hands wielding daggers as they attacked the 2 members of the Committee.

In a manner of seconds, the 2 employees of the committee were pierced in the hearts by the dagger-wielding assassins, and they slumped lifelessly to the ground.

Seeing the bloody scene, Li Jiu Ming’s face turned pale, as his body trembled. He raised his numb hands and asked through gritted teeth: “Who are you people?”

At this time, with an aura of elegance and the natural dominance of a leader, Gao Ming Hao came strolling into the room as he flashed a charming smile at Li Jiu Ming: “Mayor Li, don’t you recognize me?”

At that battle against the Mutant Beast horde, Gao Ming Hao had brought his men and escaped fairly quickly. He was decisive and quick, and with his luck, he only lost about a 100 men. Not a single Evolver of the Green Bamboo Triad was lost. His strength had also become much larger than that of the Heavenly Dragon Triad.

Li Jiu Ming’s face regained colour as he stared at Gao Ming Hao and coldly replied: “So it’s you Gao Ming Hao!! What’re you here for? I’ve already been stripped of my mayor role!”

Li Jiu Ming wasn’t an idiot, and he could guess the intentions of Gao Ming Hao coming here.

Gao Ming Hao laid his voice with temptation as he replied: “Mayor Li, are you going to let those people take away your power then kill you? The debt of your son’s death is still not settled, are you just going to let this go?”

The moment Li Jiu Ming was reminded of his precious son’s death at the hands of Yue Zhong, his eyes were ablaze with fury again, as he barked out: “Of course I want my revenge!”

Gao Ming Hao chuckled: “Well, there’s an opportunity in front of you now! Mayor Li, as long as you work with us, we can work together to gain control of Guilin City. At that time, to kill a single Yue Zhong, all you have to do is pass the command!”

Li Jiu Ming immediately agreed: “Fine! What do you need me to do?”

Gao Ming Hao’s pupils narrowed as he asked: “If everyone in that meeting hall was killed, how confident are you in gaining control of the armed forces and the experts in the government?”

The police force, armed forces, as well as the experts under the government control all made up part of a huge force. It was enough to thoroughly exterminate even the likes of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad. After all, the strongest powers in Guilin City were the government and military, if the government didn’t have any experts, that would truly be weird.

Li Jiu Ming thought for a while, before replying: “I have 100% confidence in controlling the experts of the Nan Ning City side. As for Guilin City, I don’t have that same confidence!”

Li Jiu Ming was after all one of the heads of Guilin City, and naturally had employed a number of experts. With his status, many people were willing to work for him.

Gao Ming Hao directly responded: “Good!! Then I’ll trouble you to go convince those troops!! Leave everything here to us! However, once this is over, the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad have to be declared as orthodox triads!”

Li Jiu Ming replied readily: “Sure! This I promise you!”

Wresting control was the most critical part, if he could gain total power, Li Jiu Ming was willing to betray anything right now.

With the agreement, Li Jiu Ming quickly left under the protection of 2 experts.

With the gathering of the 2 sides of the government, as well as the upper echelons of the military, such an important meeting was currently being guarded.

Near the meeting hall, there were 20 elite soldiers, 30 Enhancers of above Level 30 as well as 6 Evolvers standing guard. With such a tight defence, even if Yue Zhong were to lead a team of numerous experts, they would be hard pressed to breach the defence easily. If not dealt with properly, it could spell even the deaths of those on the attacking side.

Right at this time, 6 men dressed ordinarily came strolling with large steps towards the meeting hall.

“Who’re you guys?” A soldier called out warily.

A bespectacled man, who looked extremely cultured and well-mannered handed a piece of document to the soldier, saying: “I’m Tan Teng, a secretary of the Committee. These are my verification documents. The air-conditioning of the meeting hall on the 4th storey is malfunctioning! These are repairmen, I have submitted a report prior, you can check it out!”

“Please proceed!” The soldier gave a glance through Tan Teng’s documents and identification, before letting them through.

Tan Teng immediately brought the 5 other men in.

After a certain distance, Tan Teng turned around, his expression one of agony as he begged: “This should be fine right!! Please let my daughter go. She’s innocent!!”

One burly man coldly retorted: “Secretary Tan! Relax!! As long as you help us through this, we’ll guarantee the safety of your daughter and wife. Move!”

Tan Teng gritted his teeth helplessly as he led the men to the meeting hall.

The 5 of them immediately kicked down the door and rushed in.

One of them was wielding a .05 rifle and he opened fire as he sprayed wildly across the entire room.

Another male immediately activated his skill, brandishing a huge blade as he charged towards Du Shan Xiong like a spectre.

2 of the men pulled out their pistol and proceeded to fire at those officials in the room.

The remaining man pulled out a green dagger, as he made use of a strange movement technique to shorten the distance between him and Chen Ying.

Everything had happened too suddenly, and there was no time for the participants of the meeting to defend themselves, and many fell in a pool of blood as they moaned in agony.

Bai Xiao Sheng had the fastest reaction, the moment things started to go out of control, he had pulled Dan Hong towards a window and broke through it, shouting at the top of his lungs as he went: “Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”

Bai Xiao Sheng was extremely experienced, and could tell with a single glance that all 5 intruders were Evolvers. Although they were lower levelled than him, in a battle of life and death, there was the possibility of him losing immediately. Furthermore, there was no favourable impressions of the upper echelons of Guilin City, the moment he jumped out, he had no intention of helping the rest.

Hearing Bai Xiao Sheng’s shouts, the experts immediately got into action, and gathered at the meeting hall.

In the hail of bullets, many of the government officials laid in their own blood.

At almost the same time, a 1.9m-tall burly male decked in military wear leapt out behind Du Shan Xiong.

The tall burly soldier was called Du Zi Ming, and was a Strength-based Evolver, and was Du Shan Xiong’s nephew. He possessed terrifying combat strength, and could easily slaughter Type 2 Mutant Beasts like it was nothing.

Du Zi Ming blocked in front of Du Shan Xiong, while an ordinary rifle bullet landed on his body and got deflected away by the Type 2 Mutant Beast hide on him.

As long as one wasn’t an idiot, after coming in contact with the Mutant Beasts, most intelligent people would have thought to use the hide as defensive and protective wear.

Du Zi Ming watched the bullets hit him and bellowed in rage, as he swung viciously towards the Evolver wielding the huge blade.

Both weapons clashed, and emitted a shrill sound, as sparks flew, and the intruder was actually knocked back by Du Zi Ming, his blade sent flying out of his hands, and blood seeping out the corners of his mouth. It was obvious that he had suffered an injury.

Du Shan Xiong was facing an assassination attempt, but he did not lose his calm, instead diving for the bottom of the table. He was an ordinary man, and even if he wore the bullet-resistant Type 2 Mutant Beast hide, the moment a bullet hit his head, he would die as well.

Just as Du Shan Xiong was bending his waist, one of the Evolvers chuckled coldly and activated his ability.

An incredibly sharp earth spike broke out from the ground, and pierced the head of Du Shan Xiong, causing his head to be turned into minced meat.

If it had been an expert with sufficient strength, he would have felt a sense of danger. However, it was too bad that while Du Shan Xiong was a regiment commander, he was just an ordinary person, and he lost his life just like that.

“Uncle!!!!” Du Zi Ming saw Du Shan Xiong being killed right before his eyes, and his mind went into turmoil, his eyes turning bloodshot, and he became like an enraged tiger that hacked and slashed wildly at the Evolvers. His strength was immense, and every single strike of his contained a few thousand jins of strength, forcing the other Evolver back with a look of fear on his face.

“Mission accomplished! Retreat!!” Seeing that Du Shan Xiong was killed, the leader of the experts loudly called out.

At the next moment, the remaining 4 Evolvers disregarded their targets and headed for the exit, not even bothering to kill Chen Ying.

When the 5 Evolvers left, the Agility-based Evolver who was defending Chen Ying let out his breath. It had been incredibly exhausting to defend Chen Ying, and if all 5 had taken him on, in 20 seconds, Chen Ying would definitely have died.

However, things did not go as smoothly for the assassins, as when they had just left, the experts defending outside immediately charged over and engaged them in battle.

In the end, after an intense bout, 3 of the assassins lost their lives, while the remaining 2 were forced to escape from the building.

Dan Hong quickly came back to the meeting hall, and when he saw Du Shan Xiong’s corpse, his face fell, and immediately told Bai Xiao Sheng: “Quick! Let’s go back and inform Leader!! Du Shan Xiong’s dead!! Majority of the government have fallen! Guilin City is about to be chaotic!!! Chaotic!!”

What kind of person was Du Shan Xiong? He was the main pillar of Guilin City. It was him that had led the troops to exterminate over a million zombies, and saved 900,000 people. He was the leader of the border troops patrolling around Guilin City, and was an extraordinary militant.

Now that he was dead, without a leader, the border troops would definitely break up into smaller factions. Also, a number of the officials in the meeting hall had been killed as well.

Without those officials, the governance in Guilin City would likely come to a standstill. All it would take was for one person to come up to incite, and the rest of the city would follow suit into mayhem.

Although Dan Hong was not in a high position, he had an acute sense of the current events, and he could feel the underlying change of wind in Guilin City. If they were not careful, the turbulent winds could cause him and Yue Zhong to be blown to bits.

Bai Xiao Sheng did not say anything, and exerted all his strength to rush for Yue Zhong’s location.

Inside a secretive location, when Di Ya received the report from his subordinates, he laughed coldly and said: “Do it!!”

“Regiment Commander Du Shan Xiong is dead! He had been assassinated by Yue Zhong’s forces!!”

“Yue Zhong has gained control of the granary!! Everyone’s ration tickets are going to become worthless paper soon!!”

“Everybody! Let’s find Yue Zhong to settle it!! Otherwise, our ration tickets will become scrap soon!!”


Those Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad members hiding within the human crowds started to spread the rumor, trying to rile up the masses.

“What?! Regiment Commander Du Shan Xiong had been assassinated?! He was such a good man, why did Yue Zhong send people to assassinate him? What a beast!!”

“Shit!! My ration tickets are about to become scrap?”


Under the inciting of the people, the majority of the survivors began to panic, as they made their way towards the granary frantically.

If the machinations of the government was still around, such rumors would not have easily spread. However, the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad had killed almost ⅔ of the government’s upper officials. It could be said that the government was severely set back.

At the same time, Li Jiu Ming had appeared and convinced those who belonged to the Nan Ning City faction to throw their weights in with him, and he was making preparations to take over control of the entire Guilin City government.

Both sides that used to belong to the same government were currently engaged in a civil war, naturally no one would bother about the survivors.

As for the military that Du Shan Xiong had commanded, it had almost immediately split up into a few factions, the Guilin Faction, the Border Troops Faction, the Enhancers Faction, the Nan Ning Faction, the Youth Faction, the Veteran Faction and a few others. To gain command that Du Shan Xiong had left behind, all the factions were engaged in a contest of power. Some even began to fight.

There were numerous mobs that rushed to the streets, giving in to their darker sides, robbing, pillaging and even raping. Fires began to burn at various places, and there would be cries from women, or screams from men as the thugs laughed without restraint. Many of the survivors chose to hole themselves up in their rooms, as they watched hell unfold on the streets, and they trembled in their houses.

Chaos!! Huge chaos!! The entire Guilin City had been plunged in a fearsome madness, turning into hell on earth in a manner of hours once they lost stability.

Furthermore, under the prodding of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad, almost a hundred thousand survivors swarmed from all directions, gathering in front of the granary, calling for Yue Zhong.

“Yue Zhong, get the hell out here!!”

“Yue Zhong! You animal! Why did you assassinate Regiment Commander Du Shan Xiong?”

“Yue Zhong!! Open up the granary!!”

“Open up the granary!!”

“Open up the granary!!”


The large crowd of survivors were calling outside the granary, and blocking the nearby roads leading to it. Their enraged voices were calling out curses and insults, and if it wasn’t for the various heavy machine guns mounted outside the granary, they would have swarmed in to snatch their own portion of the rations.

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