God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 429

Chapter 429 – Chai Zi Cang submits

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
[Book 3: The South]

At this time, Zheng Ming He was in charge of the defence on the exterior of the granary. When he saw the huge crowd of humans, he trembled inwardly as his back broke out in cold perspiration, and he suddenly felt a huge sense of pressure.

This was a crowd of a few hundred thousand people, and they were gathered right here. It seemed that any small thing could set them off.

The moment they erupted, it would definitely become a scene of carnage, and the granary was likely going to be destroyed.

“I am Zheng Ming He, an Elder of the Green Stone Triad.” Zheng Ming He looked at the huge crowd as he gritted his teeth to declare loudly. “We did not kill Regiment Commander Du Shan Xiong! All of you had better leave now, otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!!”

“Dogshit!! He’s threatening us!!”

“Everyone, don’t fear!! We have a few tens of thousands of us here!! He won’t dare to touch us!!”

“Bash that bastard in!!”

“Everyone, let’s charge in!! Snatch what’s ours!! Whoever can snatch whatever, will belong to them! They won’t dare to open fire!!”

“There’re so many of us here, if each us were to spit on them, they’ll drown!! Everyone, charge!!”


Amidst the crowd of survivors, there were some hoodlums from the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad mixed in, as they tried to incite the crowd.

“Everyone, let’s charge together!! Those rations are ours!! Everyone should snatch it all back!!”


With the provocation of the joint efforts of the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad, many of the survivors began to get riled up as they inched forwards.

Zheng Ming He watched all these unfold as his head started to hurt, unsure of his next move.

Right at this time, Hu Yi’s voice travelled over, his tone resolute: “Open fire!!! Everyone, fire your weapons!!”

The various soldiers stationed at the guns exchanged looks, as they looked at the incoming crowd, not knowing what to do. If it were zombies or Mutant Beasts, they would definitely not hesitate, and immediately firing their weapons. However, they were currently facing other humans, and these were their comrades at that.

Hu Yi’s eyes flashed coldly, as he pulled out his blade and hollered coldly: “I’m the vice-commander appointed by our Leader Yue Zhong! Did you guys not hear my orders?! I’m ordering all of you to shoot right now! Kill the threats!! Those who disobey will be executed!!”

One of the soldiers could not help but say: “But Captain Hu!! These are people, they’re our fellow countrymen!! Not zombies, and not enemies! They are but just helpless ordinary citizens!”

Hu Yi glanced at that soldier, his expression icy as he continued: “I know that!! But if we don’t fire now, we’re gonna be buried right here!! Fire immediately!! Otherwise, I’ll carry out military punishment!!”

Hu Yi turned around to face Zheng Ming He as he asked solemnly: “Commander Zheng!! You don’t have any objections right?”

Amidst Yue Zhong’s established powers, it had become compulsory to use military ranks to refer to one another. Using ‘Hall Lords’ and ‘Elders’ were too triad-like and lacked the discipline and form of an actual unit.

“Open fire!” Zheng Ming He glanced at Hu Yi before shutting his eyes, and gave the cruel order.

If they still didn’t open fire, those enraged survivors would soon charge into the granary, and would destroy everything!

In an instant, all12 heavy machine guns started spewing bullets, firing wildly at the frenzied crowd below, punching holes into an unfortunate number of them.


“Quick escape!!”

“They’re firing!!”


Following the shrieks and screams of fear, the originally-enraged crowd became fearful as they saw those on the frontlines lying in pools of blood, as they tried to swarm back.

When those survivors that were coming in from further away heard the gunshots, they turned tail and ran in various directions, running for their lives.

Even before the apocalypse, there had been incidents before, where tanks were deployed to quell insurgencies, not to mention a new era where all order has been lost. When those survivors heard the gunshots, their unity crumbled totally, as individuals scrambled for their lives.

In the midst of the chaos, countless survivors were only concerned about their own survival, and the casualties mounted as a result of the stampede. Along the way, countless bodies which had been trampled could be seen.

Some time later, Yue Zhong appeared atop the granary, looking at the corpses in front of the granary, his face grim.

“Leader!” Zheng Ming He went up to Yue Zhong who had appeared, his heart shaken, as he saluted. He noticed the ugly expression on Yue Zhong’s face, and glanced at Hu Yi, before gritting his teeth and said: “Leader! I had passed the command! I’m willing to shoulder all responsibilities!”

The fact that Hu Yi was a close brother of Yue Zhong was widely known amongst those in his faction. Hu Yi was also an Evolver with a Second Order skill, and had contributed greatly at the battle of the Mutant Beast horde. He would naturally be in charge of many things, and Zheng Ming He dared not push the blame on Hu Yi.

Yue Zhong patted Zheng Ming He’s shoulders and said solemnly: “How were you wrong!! Those who were in the wrong were those bastards from the Heavenly Dragon and Green Bamboo Triads causing trouble. Even those idiots who blindly followed their instigation were in the wrong!! As long as they’re our enemies, we’re free to open fire on them, regardless of who they are. However, you could have handled it better. At the very least, you should have fired a warning shot first, after that if they still didn’t retreat, then you can fire! You shall be demoted by a rank, and your position is only vice-battalion commander. The 1st Battalion of Guilin City is still yours to lead.”

Zheng Ming He had been an ordinary person before the apocalypse, and had not experienced something like this, hence, his handling of the matter had been rigid. If it were up to somebody with experience, it would definitely have been handled better.

“Yes!” Zheng Ming He’s eyes turned red, and this moment caused him to feel extremely grateful. He had thought Yue Zhong was going to demote him to a foot soldier. After all, they had killed a number of survivors, and because of that, the resulting stampede had claimed the lives of 200 others.

Yue Zhong’s forces were still considered young, and they had just pushed on in. There were countless good fighters, but people with the skills to lead were lacking.

Just then, Hu Yi stepped forwards and said “Leader, don’t blame Commander Zheng! It was an order that I gave!”

With other people around, Hu Yi would refer to Yue Zhong as leader, only in situations without others, would he call Yue Zhong ‘Big Bro’.

Yue Zhong eyed Hu Y1 and replied solemnly: “Since it’s like this! You’re demoted 2 ranks, to a Platoon Commander! Your rank is now lieutenant.”

Hu Yi’s expression was strict as he replied: “Yes! Leader!!”

Hu Yi then asked: “Leader! What are our moves next? Guilin City is now in chaos, should we step in as well?”

Bai Xiao Sheng’s speed had been extremely fast, and had related the assassination of the upper levels of the government to the Yue Zhong.

Hu Yi did not understand, since he knew Yue Zhong to be extremely decisive, the reason as to why Yue Zhong was still not acting, instead wasting 2 very precious hours.

Yue Zhong eyed Zheng Ming He as his killing intent billowed out: “En! Zheng Ming He, I’ ll leave this place to you! You must defend this place properly, no one else other than me is allowed near the granary, any offenders, execute them on the spot!”

The granary was the most important card held by Yue Zhong right now, the moment it landed in someone else’s hands, it would become the time where it could be used against him.

Zheng Ming He faced Yue Zhong as he swore solemnly: “Yes! Leader! As long as I still have a breath left, this place will not be taken from me!”

“Good!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with satisfaction.

Just as Yue Zhong was preparing to issue the command to mobilize, Hu Yi looked out and called out: “Leader! Someone’s coming!!”

“Oh?” Yue Zhong turned around, only to discover Chai Zi Cang who was released by him, walking towards the granary with his hands waving a white flag.

Yue Zhong looked at Chai Zi Cang and his heartbeat immediately sped up: “Let him in!”

Just a single Chai Zi Cang would not be a threat to the entire granary’s forces.

Chai Zi Cang came to Yue Zhong and immediately declared: “This subject is willing to work for Leader, please accept this subject!”

Yue Zhong eyed Chai Zi Cang, and was extremely pleased: “Good! What are your requests, name them!”

Gaining Chai Zi Cang was a huge opportunity. On one hand, he could show the example of those who submitted, on the other hand, Chai Zi Cang knew the inner workings amongst Du Shan Xiong’s generals. With his support, Yue Zhong would be able to make a better judgement.

Chai Zi Cang immediately said: “I alone am weak, I hope that Leader can set my brothers free!! Allow us to work for you!”

With Du Shan Xiong’s death, the army had split up into multiple factions. In such situations, those with strength made the rules. Without Du Shan Xiong, Chai Zi Cang was nothing, and hence, upon consideration, he had decided to throw his weight in with Yue Zhong. After all, there were over a few hundred captive soldiers.

Yue Zhong frowned and asked: “Do you have confidence in convincing your brothers?”

Chai Zi Cang replied solemnly: “If Du Shan Xiong was still alive, there would be no guarantee! However, since he’s dead, I have 70% confidence in persuading them.”

Yue Zhong grinned and said: “Alright!! Chai Zi Cang, from now on, you’re the 9th Platoon’s Platoon Commander! Your entire platoon will be made up of your brothers. How’s that?”

Chai Zi Cang was overjoyed, and immediately prostrated himself in front of Yue Zhong: “I’m willing to fight to the death for Leader!!”

The moment he joined, he was immediately placed as a platoon commander, and he had the strength of his troops to boot. This was good news to him.

In such a world where strength spoke, Chai Zi Cang had just gained his subordinates again, and soon he would be able to have a say amongst Yue Zhong’s forces.

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