God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 431

Chapter 431 – xxx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South] Chapter 431: Forced Mobilization!

Guo Huai Lian had come out to receive them, it was apparent that Zhang Xue Wang was filled with wariness towards Yue Zhong.

In this post-apocalyptic world, there were some experts who could single-handedly decimate an entire troop and cause the tides of the war to turn. While Zhang Xue Wang was proud, he wasn’t an idiot, and he would not be unprepared as he accepted Yue Zhong who was equivalent to a powerful killing machine in his base.

As Yue Zhong walked, he saw numerous armored vehicles, like tanks, assault vehicles, self-propelling cannons, missile launchers, etc. Seeing these tools of war, his eyes went red.

Guo Huai Lian brought Yue Zhong to a small office, and within, there was a man of about age 32-33, wearing a crisp military uniform. He possessed a face full of pride, yet his body radiated a vigor while sitting in the office. This man was the commander, Zhang Xue Wang.

Beside Zhang Xue Wang, there were 8 men standing quietly, as they stared at Yue Zhong fixedly. They had the aura of experts as well, and they were obviously powerful enhancers under Zhang Xue Wang.

When Du Shan Xiong was assassinated, everyone got alarmed, and increased their own security. Zhang Xue Wang was no exception.

Zhang Xue Wang was also an Enhancer, however, his enhancement level wasn’t high, only about 11 or so. After all, he was the commander of the armored division, and as long as they continued utilizing their modern weaponry to annihilate any zombies or mutant beasts, he had little opportunities to strengthen himself.

Zhang Xue Wang eyed Yue Zhong coldly: “Yue Zhong, what you here for?”

Yue Zhong eyed Zhang Xue Wang as he replied slowly: “You are Commander Zhang Xue Wang right? Du Shan Xiong was assassinated! The people behind it are the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad! I hope that you can work with me to eradicate them.”

Zhang Xue Wang stared back and his expression was one of ridicule: “You’re saying that Regiment Commander Du was assassinated by the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad?! Where’s your evidence? Who’s to say that you weren’t the assassin yourself? You just come tell me this and now you want to come and tell me to catch someone else!! Do you take me for a fool?”

Zhang Xue Wang eyed Yue Zhong coldly as he continued: “The death of Regiment Commander Du, I will naturally get to the bottom of this! At that time, I will personally lead my troops to punish those responsible as revenge for Regiment Commander Du! If you’re here to waste your breath, then I suggest that you scram right back to where you came from!”

One of the experts standing beside Zhang Xue Wang suddenly came forward and urged: “Wait, commander!! Since he’s here, let’s kill him! Once he’s dead, the Green Stone Triad would collapse, and we can reclaim the granary!!”

When Zhang Xue Wang heard that, his heart rate quickened. True, it was an opportunity that was hard to come by, and it was his territory here, and there were 6 Evolvers as well as 20 other experts that were above Level 30 inside the room. If they all worked together, it was more than enough to take care of Yue Zhong. Once he was dead, the Green Stone Triad would definitely collapse. He could then swallow up Yue Zhong’s power. When he thought up to that point, he immediately came to a decision and ordered: “Capture him!!”

When Zhang Xue Wang’s words had just resounded, the Agility-based Evolver Guo Huai Lian immediately exploded forwards with an insane speed, appearing beside Yue Zhong and locking his arm.

Yue Zhong was however prepared, and as his eyes flashed, he activated his [Art of Fear] at the first moment, and sent it radiating outwards with him at the centre.

With the pressure of that strong Spirit attack, Guo Huai Lian immediately slowed down, his heart trembling at the force of that attack.

A tear appeared in space, as a sharp bone spike shot out from the tear and pierced Guo Huai Lian in between his brows, nailing him directly against the ground.

As the [Art of Fear] continued to emit outwards, of the 11 other experts standing behind Yue Zhong, 7 were immediately affected by it.

7 more sharp bone spikes shot outwards like spears and impaled the 7 experts through their heads, nailing them to the walls.

“Assassins!!! Assassins!!” In just merely a few breaths, 8 experts had died at the hands of Yue Zhong, and the proud expression of Zhang Xue Wang was replaced by one of fear, as he screamed and shouted while pummelling the glass window, breaking it and trying to escape.

At that instant, Zhang Xue Wang’s heart was filled with regret. He had never expected Yue Zhong to be this insanely strong, and had made short work of 8 of his experts. Even the strongest Guo Huai Lian under him was killed immediately.

Yue Zhong shot Zhang Xue Wang a look, and his pupils narrowed, as he focused the [Art of Fear] on him, engulfing his body.

Radiant green light emitted from Zhang Xue Wang’s body, negating the effects of the [Art of Fear]. It was obvious that there were still some powerful defences on his body. Otherwise, that single-target Art of Fear attack would have easily killed such a low-levelled Enhancer.

A Spirit-based Evolver waved his hands, as a bunch of poker cards flew like projectiles towards Yue Zhong, and in mid-air, they split into numerous more cards.

The main ability of the Spirit-based Evolver was controlling poker cards, and under his power, those weak cards could become sharp enough to slice armored vehicles, and even an L2 evolved zombie which was impervious to bullets and knives would be sliced into pieces by the poker cards.

The poker cards that were filled with power filled the entire room, and sealed off Yue Zhong’s movements. Like a rain cloud that blots out the skies, no one would be able to evade the raindrops. This was the threat of those poker cards. Many experts had watched helplessly before being sliced apart.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with coldness as he slapped his hands once, and a fearsome fireball blossomed out of thin air, shooting towards the Spirit-based Evolver.

With that fearsome blazing tornado, the cards that could slice apart armored vehicles started to burn and turn to ashes, while the flaming tornado continued in its attempt to engulf the Spirit-based Evolver entirely.

Facing the fiery carnage about to envelope it, the card-controlling Spirit-based Evolver looked on in horror.

An earthen wall immediately congealed in front of him, blocking the path of the fiery tornado. It was the work of an Evolver with the [Ground Manipulation] ability standing near the Spirit-based Evolver.

The fiery tornado assaulted the wall, and an immense explosion resulted, causing a hole in the wall, before it continued to rage on towards the card-controlling Spirit-based Evolver.

A Level 43 Enhancer quickly came up and started to activate a [Psychic Barrier] in front of the card controller, his face resolute.

The fiery tornado landed against the psychic barrier powerfully, burning for a while before finally collapsing.

This was the pros of having comrades. One by one, they managed to defend against an attack that each of them would not be able to handle singly.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The [Psychic Barrier] user had just heaved a sigh of relief, when 6 Stinger bullets came from behind the fiery tornado and exploded on his weakened barrier, immediately disintegrating it! 1 of the bullets penetrated his head, and instantly caused his cranium to be blasted apart.

A sharp bone blade came slashing out of nowhere, and the [Ground Manipulation] user was likewise decapitated, as a huge gush of blood splattered everywhere, his lifeless body slumping to the floor.

Another sharp bone spike then shot out explosively, piercing the head of the card controller, nailing him to the wall.

With the slashing of the bone blades, another 3 close-combat experts were immediately sliced apart, splattering the room with blood.

In a few moments of breath, 14 experts with decent strength had died at the hands of Yue Zhong and White Bones, and the scene in the room was like hell.

“So strong!! He’s too strong!!” Chai Zi Cang who had just exited the illusion of [Art of Fear] stood behind Yue Zhong, his body trembling slightly as he looked at Yue Zhong with eyes of respect and awe. It was the first time he witnessed someone actually making short work of 14 experts, amongst which were some Evolvers even. Yue Zhong’s strength had totally surpassed his imagination.

Yue Zhong stared coldly at the remaining experts, his gaze icy, while his aura intimidating the remaining 6 experts.

Yue Zhong had not yet activated his [Art of Fear], but being stared at like that caused an equally knee-shaking fear within the 6 experts.

One of them, an Evolver wielding a large blade could not withstand the terror of facing death and immediately kneeled as he pleaded: “I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”

Yue Zhong pointed to the other experts as he barked: “Surrender! Or die! You only have one second to consider!”

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”

Under Yue Zhong’s stern warning, another 3 experts could not withstand the fear of death, and immediately threw their weapons down and knelt down.

“Yue Zhong….” One of the experts seemed to hesitate before lifting his heads to say something.

White Bones, whose entire body was covered in the blood of the enemies it killed, charged forwards wildly with its 2 bone blades, its demonic fiery eyes flashing. The remaining 2 experts had not yet the time to bargain nor finish their words before they were sliced in 2, splattering blood all over the place.

Yue Zhong did not cast another glance at the 4 experts who had submitted as he activated his [Shadow Steps] and rushed towards the window, but not before saying: “Protect Commander Chai out of here! Otherwise, all your families will die!”

Yue Zhong then immediately leapt out the 2nd storey window, and chased after Zhang Xue Wang like an arrow.

“Assassin!! Assassin!!” Zhang Xue Wang shouted as he ran, and his heart was now filled with regret. If he hadn’t acted against Yue Zhong, then by now he would have chased Yue Zhong away.

A large number of soldiers and the remaining experts of the 1st Battalion began to gather towards them.

The 20 experts in the meeting hall only made up half of the experts within the 1st Battalion. Of course, they happened to be the elite of the elites as well.

When the soldiers saw their own commander being chased by Yue Zhong, they began to raise their weapons and fire at him.

A large number of bullets shot towards Yue Zhong, bet he did not try to evade them. Instead, the Bronze Spiritual Bell flew out from his chest, enveloping him with a radiant shield of light, blocking the incoming bullets.

In that intense moment, after barely 3 seconds, Yue Zhong managed to reach Zhang Xue Wang as he raised his hands to make a grab for the latter’s neck.

“Release the Commander!!”

“Release the Commander! Otherwise, I’ll fire!!”

When the soldiers saw Yue Zhong grabbing their commander by the neck, all of them stopped their attacks, instead surrounding them, as they stared intensely at Yue Zhong, threatening him.

When Zhang Xue Wang was caught by Yue Zhong, his fear arose, and he quickly shouted: “Yue Zhong! Let me go! I can co-operate with you!! Let’s eradicate the Heavenly Dragon Triad and Green Bamboo Triad together!”

“Good!” Yue Zhong then placed Zhang Xue Wang on the ground, not doing anything, instead ordering: “Immediately order your men to assault Zhu Lei!!”


Zhang Xue Wang could only helplessly give the order through gritted teeth.

Under Zhang Xue Wang’s orders, the entire 1st Battalion of Guilin City was activated, and the armored vehicles made their way towards Zhu Lei’s base.

Zhu Lei troops had been on standby since the start of the civil war, furthermore, there were fortifications done to enhance their defence against any potential attacks.

Within a lavish room deep inside the camp, there were 20 extremely outstanding beauties standing in various poses like decoration, while 2 men were seated and enjoying wine as they chatted.

One of them, who was burly and had a face full of beard and a mouth of yellow teeth was currently embracing a naked girl with one hand, while his other holding his wine glass. He was laughing out loud: “Di Ya! This time, you did beautifully. Du Shan Xiong that old thing is finally dead! From now on, this place is ours!”

The bearded burly man was Zhu Lei of the 6 military factions. He was violent in temper and lustful in nature. Although it had irked Du Shan Xiong, Zhu Lei truly had the strength in his unit, and thus Du Shan Xiong had no choice but to make use of him in the past.

While Zhu Lei had an explosive temper, he was not a fool, and in exchange for being a backer for the Heavenly Dragon Triad, they helped to deliver numerous experts and beautiful women, in addition to large amount of resources, allowing him to grow his forces right under Du Shan Xiong’s nose.

However, Zhu Lei had still remained fearful of Du Shan Xiong. With his death, Zhu Lei was now without fear.

Di Ya revealed a cunning smile: “Big Brother!! From today onwards, Guilin City will be under Big Brother’s control! As long as this little one gets a taste of what Big Brother has to enjoy, it will be more than enough for me!”

Zhu Lei looked at Di Ya and laughed with satisfaction, at the same time, twisting the breasts of the naked girl beside him: “Haha!! Di Ya, just follow me tightly! I won’t mistreat you!!”

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