God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 432

Chapter 432 – Defeat of Zhu Lei’s Troops!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Zhu Lei eyed Di Ya, as he pointed to the various beauties in the room and chuckled: “These chicks, whoever catches your eye, just state it! Treat it as my gift to you!”

There were a total of 28 naked women standing around, their figures truly eye-catching, and they seemed to brighten up the room with their looks.

After society had collapsed due to the apocalypse, many allowed their inner demons and desires to fester. Zhu Lei was lustful and while Du Shan Xiong was still alive, he had been controlled, now he was truly unreserved in his indulgence.

Di Ya’s face put on a humble expression as he flattered: “How can this little brother covet your women, Big Bro?”

Zhu Lei’s mouth curled upwards in a smile, his eyes flashing with a perverse gaze, as he threw the voluptous woman in his embrace onto a glass table: “You’re my good brother! How is it not possible!! Come, let us have fun with this woman together!”

Di Ya’s eyes lit up in a similar obscene manner and took off his pants immediately: “Then I shall help myself!”

Right at this time, a military office suddenly charged in as he spoke in an urgent matter: “Commander!! I have something urgent to report!”

Zhu Lei had just taken off his trousers, and his rod was sticking out in excitement, and when he saw the officer bursting into the room, his expression turned to one of fury as he scolded loudly: “Get the fuck out!! Liu Xiong, do you still want your position or not?!”

The officer’s face turned a shade of green then white when he was reprimanded. He felt his anger rising, and he clenched his fists tightly, eyeing the obscene scene in front of him, before he lowered his head and replied: “Yes!”

“Come, let’s continue!!” Zhu Lei then laughed and grabbed hold of the woman before penetrating her.

On the other side, Di Ya chuckled perversely and grabbed her head.

Liu Xiong stomped back towards his office as he cursed: “Zhu Lei you fucking bastard!! You’re still playing with women at this time? You’ll definitely be buried!!”

The vice-captain Zhou Zi Xuan came up to Liu Xiong’s side and asked: “Old Liu! What did Commander say?”

Liu Xiong’s face was still steely as he replied coldly: “He told me to fuck right off!!”

Zhou Zi Xuan’s face turned pale: “What the fuck is wrong with him? Zhang Xue Wang is attacking right now! If we don’t prepare, how can we hold the fort?”

Liu Xiong mulled silently before starting at Zhou Zi Xuan: “Old Zhou!! Zhu Lei is just a bastard! I’ve decided to pull the troops out! Are you coming with me?”

When Zhou Zi Xuan heard that, his eyes went wide, and stammered with disbelief: “Old Liu! That’s treason! Traitorous!”

Men of military viewed orders with paramount importance. Such a doctrine was ingrained in every single one of them. Liu Xiong’s troops were also of the border troops in the past. Hence, although Zhu Lei was a lecherous and despotic person who got in with family relations, he was still the commander placed in charge of them, and Liu Xiong and the rest had no choice but to obey his orders, even though they did not approve of him.

Liu Xiong’s current suggestion to pull his troops away, it was proof that things had changed, and this caused Zhou Zi Xuan to be at a loss.

Liu Xiong’s face was one of disgust: “If I have to continue slogging for that kind of person! I’d rather turn against him!!”

As long as one was still upright and humane, they would be unwilling to work for an obscene and rude leader. Liu Xiong had closed one eye to Zhu Lei’s behaviour because the country and military were behind him in the past.

Now that the military was fractured, and the country on the brink of collapse, the unhappiness with Zhu Lei had been building up inside Liu Xiong’s heart, and had burst out.

Zhou Zi Xuan seemed to ponder for a while silently, before his eyes flashed with a similar glint of resolution: “Fine!! I’ll come with you!!”

“That’s great!!” Liu Xiong’s face expressed his joy.

Zhou Zi Xuan then continued asking: “What shall we do with Chen Zheng Wei?”

Liu Xiong’s eyes glinted with a ferocity: “Since we’re about to fall out with Zhu Lei, let’s just do away with him!!”

That Chen Zheng Wei was a pawn sent by Zhu Lei to watch over Liu Xiong and the rest, and both sides did not get along well.

Right at this time, Chen Zheng Wei came striding into the camp, seeing Xiong Lei, his expression became extremely ugly: “Liu Xiong! Why are you still here? Aren’t you supposed to hurry and take some troops to stop Zhang Xue Wang?”

Liu Xiong and Zhou Zi Xuan exchanged a look, as they stepped forwards: “Chen Zheng Wei!! I have something to say to you!!”

“What! It can wait! The priority now is to mobilize the troops to defend against Zhang Xue Wang’s assault….”

Before his words were even finished, Xiong Lei grabbed Chen Zheng Wei’s head and twisted viciously, with a “kacha”, Chen Zheng Wei slumped to ground with disbelief on his lifeless face.

“Let’s go!”

After killing Chen Zheng Wei, Liu Xiong and Zhou Zi Xuan quickly mobilized their own troops before escaping from the camp.

Liu Xiong and his troops had left the camp not long, when the situation became a whole lot worse.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!!

In almost an instant, countless artillery rounds blanketed the camp of Zhu Lei, and under the bombardment, countless houses were instantly destroyed, and a number of armored vehicles also became scrap metal as they combusted and exploded in balls of fire.

One particular rounds ended up beside the residence of Zhu Lei, and with an explosive sound, it decimated a building, causing the soldiers within it to be buried alive.

At the blast area, a dust cloud rose up and blanketed the area, with the debris falling around. The scene looked like the aftermath of an earthquake.

Those naked women that had been treated as trophies within the room of Zhu Lei were currently screaming and could not care about Zhu Lei’s threats, as they ran from the room.

“What’s going on? What is the meaning of this artillery fire?”

Zhu Lei had also been frightened by the sudden blasts, without even wearing his pants, he ran out naked, his face pale as he looked around for the source of the problem.

When Di Ya heard that explosive artillery, he had kicked the woman kneeling in front of him away, as he ran to the window: “Shit!!! What’s going on?”

At almost the same time when Zhu Lei and Di Ya were both shocked and trying to find out what was happening, 2 artillery rounds landed on this particular building, causing an earth-shaking blast, and the entire building was destroyed. Everyone within it were blasted to pieces, even Di Ya who was a Level 48 Evolver had his body blasted apart, without a chance to resist.


“We’re under attack!!”

Facing the sudden bombardment of heavy rounds, all the soldiers rushed out from their various buildings within the camp, of which, there were over 300 Enhancers. These 300+ Enhancers were the subordinates that Di Ya had brought over and offered to Zhu Lei’s forces. Zhu Lei had relied on these soldiers to kill a number of Mutant Beasts and zombies.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!!

5 rounds landed consecutively amidst the gathering of those Enhancers, and an entire patch of them were instantly blasted into pieces. Amongst them, there were even 2 other Evolvers that were directly bombed to death.

“Help!!! I don’t wanna die!!”



Facing the constant bombardment of artillery rounds, those originally proud and arrogant experts totally collapsed. Under the might of the heavy firepower, they suddenly felt the weakness of their pitiful existences.

However, regardless of how quick they were to discover the true threat of those heavy rounds, the blast area of each round was too large, furthermore, there were consecutive shots being fired, which caused even the faster Agility-based Evolvers to have trouble evading.

Those Enhancers were ordinary folks before the apocalypse, and the training they received was too little. Most of the time, they only had to face the dumb zombies, or battle against the Mutant Beasts, but never against other humans with modern weaponry.

As Zhu Lei, the highest commanding officer had been blasted to pieces, other than a few platoon commanders that gathered their forces to try and resist, the rest of the division had totally collapsed, escaping to various directions.

Hu Yi had led a number of soldiers to surround the troops of Zhu Lei, and those scattered Enhancers were all apprehended, and placed inside the Captive Battalion.

Yue Zhong went into the command centre and observed the plight of Zhu Lei’s troops, before turning to Zhang Xue Wang standing beside him and ordered: “Alright! Time to go persuade them to surrender!”

Zhang Xue Wang himself was watching the state of the camp, and his heart was conflicted. Not long ago, these were fellow comrades. Now, his own artillery had caused such carnage, and it caused him to be unsettled.

However, Zhang Xue Wang’s life was in Yue Zhong’s control, thus, he had no choice, and did not hesitate as he ordered a subordinate officer beside him: “Go send someone to talk to them!”

One officer held up a loudhailer and blasted his voice across to the entire camp: “The people inside, listen up! Zhu Lei had been involved in a plot to assassinate our Regiment Commander Du Shan Xiong!! He’s considered a traitor to the country and the people!! You had better surrender now, so that we can let you off with your lives! Otherwise, we will not show any mercy, and as long as we see any resistance, we will execute you on the spot!!”

By now, there were over 200-soldiers still standing guard inside Zhu Lei’s camp. They had not collapsed like the Enhancers when they were faced with the artillery attack.

With Zhu Lei’s death, the remaining troops did possess some combat strength, but without a target or fighting will, they all came out subdued and surrendered as Yue Zhong’s captives.

After thoroughly eradicating Zhu Lei’s troops and absorbing the captives, Yue Zhong did not pause and immediately ordered: “Continue! Attack Ma Fang’s camp now!!”

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, Zhang Xue Wang’s First Battalion began their advance towards Ma Fang’s camp.

Within Ma Fang’s base.

Ma Fang, who was decked in military wear, swung a cup onto the ground with full force, shattering it as he bellowed out in rage: “Fuck!! Why is that bastard Zhu Lei so weak!! He couldn’t even hold out for an hour! Fuck!! Zhang Xue Wang is also a bastard, he actually submitted to Yue Zhong!! Damn it!!! Damn it!! Fuuuuuuuuck!!”

An intelligence soldier immediately came up: “Commander!! Be appeased!! We can go and join forces with Chen Yu, Murong He and Wang He!! With the 4 of us, Zhang Xue Wang and Yue Zhong are definitely not our match!!”

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