God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 433

Chapter 433 – Continuous Submissions

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Ma Fang’s eyes lit up: “Great idea!! You, go and find them now! Go speak to them about an alliance!!”

The intelligence officer immediately acknowledged and left.

The moment that intelligence officer left, a voice through a loudspeaker came resounding throughout the camp: “To the people inside, listen up! Ma Fang was involved in the plot to assassinate Regiment Commander Du Shan Xiong! He’s now termed a traitor of the country and people! You guys had better surrender now, and you’ll be left with your life. Otherwise, we won’t show you mercy, can only treat you as accomplices to revolt and will execute you on the spot!!”

Ma Fang’s face instantly fell, as he cursed out loud: “Zhang Xue Wang that bastard!! Since when did I take part in any plot to assassinate Regiment Commander Du? We’ll fight to the death! Convey my orders. Everyone is to defend their post, not a single one is allowed to retreat. We will trade soldiers with them, and definitely not give in.”

Hearing the loudhailer, numerous soldiers within Ma Fang’s camp started to be doubtful.

The commander of the infantry unit dependent on Ma Fang immediately ran, and those soldiers who had just been training for one or two months under him also collapsed, escaping in all directions.

With Du Shan Xiong’s death, the hearts of the ordinary military men faltered, that was why there was a fracture into 6 divisions. Furthermore, there was unrest within the hearts of the soldiers, and now Yue Zhong had claimed loudly that he was carrying out judgement on those actually guilty of the death of Du Shan Xiong, this immediately led to a breakdown in the troops under Ma Fang, as they sought to escape.

A leader in these times was extremely important, the moment he was dead, the troops would collapse and follow suit. If Yue Zhong died, all his establishments would immediately be torn down, and everyone would split. Regardless of his women, or Chi yang, no one would be able to hold on to his legacy. Likewise, as the commander of the entire Guilin City’s military, with the death of Du Shan Xiong, countless ambitious people sprouted up, and caused the lower ranks soldiers to be uneasy.

At this time, a particular intelligence officer suddenly ran in urgently and called out: “Commander, not good!! Commander Zhu has just escaped. The entire 11th Infantry Battalion has just collapsed!!”

Ma Fang was in disbelief as his expression turned ugly: “What?! Zhu Zhi Hua ran?!”

Another intelligence officer came running in: “Commnader! Commander! OC Zhang has just brought his company and left!

Ma Fang was livid yet pale at the same time, as he stammered: “What? Zhang Ming Tao also ran??”

Zhang Ming Tao was an exemplary officer who had shone even before the apocalypse. During the purge of the zombies, his performance was valiant and courageous. The fact that such a military officer had taken his troops and ran, was a huge blow and reflection on their current situation.

Right at this time, a huge explosion resounded, as an artillery round landed on a nearby military building, causing the building Ma Fang was in to be affected by the blast radius as well.

Ma Fang was thoroughly frightened by that huge impact, as he muttered: “Damn it!! They’re firing already!! They’re using heavy artillery!! Shit!! Shit!! I need to leave… I need to leave right now!! As long as the mountain remains, there won’t be a lack of firewood!! If I’m dead, nothing else matters!!”

Ma Fang had been integral in the commanding of the troops when fighting against the zombies, but he had remained in the safety behind his troops, and while he possessed the experience, it was with regards to command. Now that he felt the impact of the artillery first hand, it frightened him greatly.

“Cover my retreat!!” Without any hesitation, Ma Fang immediately gathered a few of his trusted aides as he tried to escape.

“Commander, You can’t leave now!! If you leave, there will be no one to lead the troops here!!” One of the intelligence officers rushed up and tried to stop Ma Fang.

‘Hong!’ Another huge explosion rocked the earth, as an artillery round blasted another nearby building into oblivion, causing a huge dust cloud to rise, and the ground to shake.

The entire building that Ma Fang was in also started to shake, as dust began to fall and the building threatened to collapse!!

“Fuck off!!” Ma Fang became infuriated, pulled out a pistol, and pointed it at that officer before cocking the trigger.

Peng! A gunshot rang out.

A bullet hole appeared in between the brows of the intelligence officer, and his face was still in disbelief as his body slumped to the floor lifelessly.

Seeing that, no one else dared to stop Ma Fang, and they watched helplessly as Ma Fang left.

The remaining officers inside the room exchanged looks, before dropping everything and fleeing as well.

“Ma Fang escaped!!”

“Commander Ma abandoned us and ran!!”

The message was passed swiftly amongst the soldiers, and the order of the soldiers promptly collapsed, as they tried to run in various directions, or making their way towards Yue Zhong’s troops to surrender.

Yue Zhong watched the collapse of Ma Fang’s troops, and heaved a huge sigh of relief. If Ma Fang had insisted on defending the post with his soldiers, it would have been a lot tougher to conquer the base. The price to pay would not have been small either.

Yue Zhong passed an order: “Next target! Wang He’s 2nd Battalion!!”

Yue Zhong intended to subdue the fractured divisions of the military before they had a chance to regroup and form an alliance. If the military came together again, and allied with each other, Yue Zhong would be hard pressed to subdue them.

Wang He had numerous experts, but in exchange, the number of people under him who knew how to operate modern weaponry were lesser. In an exchange of firepower, their combat strength was weaker, and definitely was not a match for Zhang Xue Wang’s armored division. Even if they had assassins or top experts, Yue Zhong could deal with them himself.

With Yue Zhong’s orders, the troops adjusted their target after subduing 2 major battalions, and made for the 2nd Battalion.

“Leader!! Wang He requests an audience!!”

Just as Yue Zhong and his troops were halfway to their destination, a soldier came running up to Yue Zhong and reported.

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened up and ordered: “Bring him in!!”

Not long after, a 1.7m-tall man of about 38 with a body full of muscles and vigor, came walking towards Yue Zhong, his eyes holding a penetrating gaze.

Wang He looked Yue Zhong up and down, before saying slowly: “Hello! I’m Wang He! May I ask, if you’re Yue Zhong?”

Yue Zhong pointed to a sofa opposite him, indicating for Wang He to take a seat, as he smiled and said: “That’s right! How do you do, Commander Wang?”

Wang He sat down as invited by Yue Zhong.

Mu Xiang Ling came up with 2 cups of red tea, and served them to Yue Zhong and Wang He, before taking a seat beside Yue Zhong.

Wang He sipped the cup of red tea, and immediately spoke openly: “This time, I’ve come alone, to represent the brothers of the 2nd Battalion to submit to Leader Yue Zhong. We hope that Leader Yue Zhong will accept us!”

Zhang Xue Wang’s armored division was simply too tyrannical, with their tanks, cannons, assault helicopters, they were enough to annihilate the 2nd Battalion totally. Wang He did not wish for any of his brothers to be killed so pathetically, hence he made the decision to surrender with his troops.

Wang He was also extremely clear, surrendering voluntarily and being forced to submit were 2 different treatments. If Yue Zhong did not treat those who surrendered kindly, in the future, no one would be willing to submit to him.

Yue Zhong chuckled at Wang He: “Fine!! From now on, you’re my subordinate. How about being a Lieutenant-ranked Platoon Commander? Your brothers will still be yours to command!”

Wang He immediately saluted Yue Zhong: “Many thanks Leader! I’m willing to die for Leader!”

Yue Zhong smiled slightly and waved his hands, Wang He then sat down.

Wang He took another sip of tea, mulling silently, before suddenly asking: “Yue Zhong! If I hadn’t come, how would you have dealt with us?”

Yue Zhong chuckled indifferently, and did not mask his words: “I would have labelled you guys as traitors, then made use of the cannons and tanks to wipe everything out!”

Wang He laughed bitterly, even in death, they would have been termed as traitors, it showed how vicious Yue Zhong was.

Yue Zhong then commanded: “Wang He! Immediately go and get your troops to merge with mine. Our next target is Murong He’s camp!!”

Wang He saluted and stood up to leave: “Yes, Leader. I will not disappoint you!”

“Ge-ge!! Why didn’t you reorganize his troops?” Mu Xiang Ling, who had been sitting quietly like a doll along suddenly piped with curiosity.

Yue Zhong pinched her cheeks slightly and laughed: “He had come of his own initiative to surrender. It’s not that I can’t dissolve his troops and reorganize them, but now’s not the time. I still need their strength. It isn’t the time to be reorganizing any of the troops now!”

“Oh!!” Mu Xiang Ling nodded with understanding as she glanced at Yue Zhong.

Wang He quickly brought the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion and joined Yue Zhong, and the huge troop continued onwards towards Murong He’s base.

By this time, the total number of soldiers that Yue Zhong had completely outnumbered those from Murong He and Chen Yu’s side. However, Chen Yu was dedicated and had won the loyalty of his men, while the men under his control weren’t as well equipped as Zhang Xue Wang’s, it was still decent. Hence, Yue Zhong decided to go for Murong He first.

Just as Yue Zhong’s army was about to depart, a subordinate suddenly came up to him: “Leader!! Murong He and Chen Yu’s envoy are here to request an audience!!”

A joyous glint flashed in Yue Zhong’s eyes, yet he maintained his composure, saying: “Let them in!!”

Under the guidance of a soldier, 2 men walked into the mobile command post that Yue Zhong was in.

Murong He was an ordinary looking man, except that his nose was slightly red. The moment he saw Yue Zhong, he said: “Murong He brings the men of the 6th Battalion to submit to Leader Yue Zhong, and hopes that Leader Yue accepts us!”

Yue Zhong asked: “Good!! What are your conditions?”

Being able to conquer an entire troop of elites without using any weapons, Yue Zhong was naturally elated.

Murong He replied craftily: “We leave it all to Leader!”

Murong He naturally had numerous conditions in his heart, but at this time, not mentioning any would be best. Yue Zhong would definitely not mistreat those who submitted to him willingly.

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