God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 434

Chapter 434 – Gaining Guillin City

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Yue Zhong immediately saw through Murong He’s meaning and said: “Good!! Then I shall first confer upon you the rank of a Lieutenant, is that fine? Your brothers will still be yours to command!”

Murong He’s expression was one of joy: “Thank you Leader! I’m willing to die for Leader!!”

Yue Zhong then turned to the envoy sent by Chen Yu, saying: “What did Chen Yu sent you for?”

The envoy immediately replied: “My name is Luo Yang He! Leader Yue Zhong! As long as you promise us some conditions, we from the 4th Battalion are willing to submit to your command.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with an icy glint, yet his expression did not change as he replied indifferently: “Fine! Speak!”

Luo Yang He spewed out the 3 conditions at one go: “1st: You can’t dissolve our team! Second: The affairs of the 4th Battalion would be handled by ourselves. Third: We want to have the right to decline any orders that go against the interest of the people of Guilin City or betray the country.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes shone with a strange light as he replied: “Sure! Not a problem! You have my word!!”

Chen Yu wasn’t willing to hand his subordinates over, and wanted to retain his own faction, which was the same as listening but not necessarily obeying.

When Luo Yang He heard Yue Zhong’s agreement, he heaved a sigh of relief, and saluted: “Thank you Leader!”

Wang He and Murong He looked at Luo Yang He with pity in their eyes. The moment Yue Zhong gained control of Guilin City, as long as he employed some methods, he could make the soldiers of the 4th Battalion suffer. If Chen Yu could not even see past this, his governance was really too weak.

Yue Zhong observed the surroundings before solemnly declaring: “Now, our next move, will be to annihilate Li Jiu Ming for orchestrating this chaos in Guilin City! Who’s willing to be the vanguard?”

“I’m willing!!” Wang He and Murong He replied loudly.

Wang He and Murong He had just thrown in their lot with Yue Zhong, and were anxious to prove themselves.

Yue Zhong looked to Wang He and Murong He as he grinned slightly: “Then I shall leave it to Commander Wang and Commander Murong!”

“Yes! Leader!”

Upon receiving Yue Zhong’s order, Wang He and Murong He immediately led their respective troops as they advanced towards the centre of the city.

In just a few moments, numerous armored vehicles arrived in the middle of Guilin City, followed by a vehicle that was broadcasting a voice: “Li Jiu Ming had plotted to assassinate Regiment Commander Du Shan Xiong, and had betrayed the country and her people! He’s now recognized as a dangerous traitor! All those who had heard this broadcast, immediately abandon your weapons and submit to us! Otherwise, you’ll be labelled as a traitor in cahoots with Li Jiu Ming, and we will execute without mercy!!”

“That’s the military!!”

“So Regiment Commander Du was really assassinated by Mayor Li?”

“Damn it!! We were tricked!!”

Seeing those military armored vehicles rolling into the middle of town, all those police forces, special forces and armed forces that had been following Li Jiu Ming blindly, and chasing Chen Ying began to fall apart, as many of them put down their weapons, and began to submit to the army.

The moment Li Jiu Ming’s faction began to collapse, only a few trusted aides remained by his side.

The fact that Li Jiu Ming had such a number of experts by his side was because he was the mayor of Nanning City previously. Without his title, he’s nobody. Hence, the moment the army had declared him as a traitor, he had lost his position as the Mayor of Nanning City, and the forces under him would naturally not listen to him.

Li Jiu Ming saw his troops abandoning their posts and weapons, surrendering to the army, and his face turned ashen as he cried out pathetically: “Damn it!! Why did you guys betray me!!! Why!!! I’m the Mayor of Nanning City!! I’m the Mayor!!!”

One of the trusted aides pulled on Li Jiu Ming frantically as they tried to get him to leave: “Mayor! It’s time to leave!! Otherwise, they’re gonna arrest you!!”

Li Jiu Ming had been in Guilin City for so long, and naturally had a small team of loyal supporters, as they held up the nearly-insane Li Jiu Ming and made a run for it.

All of a sudden, 2 silhouettes flashed by, as 2 experts decked in military uniform blocked the path.

One of the experts stared fixedly at Li Jiu Ming as he laughed out loud: “Isn’t this Mayor Li Jiu Ming? Haha, we’ve caught a huge fish!”

Seeing the appearance of those 2 military experts, everyone present felt a chill in their spines.

“Go to hell!!” The loyal subordinate beside Li Jiu Ming suddenly pulled out a gun, and fired 2 shots at the 2 military experts.

Li Jiu Ming’s subordinate had just moved, when the 2 experts also moved at the same time.

“Die!” The military expert who had laughed unleashed a speed that was frightening, and the distance of more than 10m was instantly closed up in a second. The long blade in his hands turned into a flash of blade light that slashed in the midst of the subordinates of Li Jiu Ming, slicing them into multiple parts, and fresh blood exploded out in every which direction, dyeing the ground.

Li Jiu Ming was stunned silly by the cruel scene unfolding in front of him, as he trembled uncontrollably, screaming: “Don’t kill me!! Don’t kill me!! I’m willing to do anything!! Please let me go!!”

The military expert placed the long blade beside Li Jiu Ming’s neck, as he turned to face the other expert and asked: “Can I kill him?”

The other expert replied indifferently: “The orders were, dead or alive! It’s up to you!”

The military expert’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint, as he swung with force, instantly decapitating Li Jiu Ming, while saying: “Then, let’s just kill him! Such a disgusting politician, I hate these types the most!”

Li Jiu Ming’s head rolled onto the floor, his eyes set forever with a look of disbelief and helplessness.

The military expert who had executed Li Jiu Ming then asked his comrade: “Say, why do you think Commander led us to submit to Yue Zhong? Based on our strength, we can totally control Guilin City.”

The other cool military expert replied coldly: “No matter how strong you are, a single heavy firepower round is enough to send you to heaven. Commander’s foresight is more than what we can imagine! Let’s go!”

After which, he turned around and left quickly.

“Wait for me!!” The military expert who had executed Li Jiu Ming, called out, and chased after him.

Inside the small alley, there was only the corpses of Li Jiu Ming and his trusted aides strewn about, with blood splattered everywhere. It was truly a cruel scene.

Not long after the 2 military experts had left, a figure stepped out from the shadows in the alley, and it was precisely Green Bamboo Triad’s chief Gao Ming Hao.

Gao Ming Hao eyed the corpse of Li Jiu Ming, and lightly sighed: “What a pity!”

At the next moment, Gao Ming Hao’s eyes seemed to be ablaze with a ferocity: “Yue Zhong, it’s your win this time! Next time, I will definitely overcome you!!”

The moment the words left his mouth, Gao Ming Hao turned around, and his figure disappeared.

With the army occupying the centre of Guilin City, and Li Jiu Ming’s faction collapsing, Gao Ming Hao directly brought the remnant members of the Green Bamboo Triad and fled Guilin City.

With the suppression from the military, the troublemakers within the city were subdued quickly, and the entire city regained its former peace.

However, because of the assassination of Du Shan Xiong, the resulting chaos had cost the lives of over 2,000 people.

While Guilin City did regain its peace, there was still an unsolved issue, which was the faction led by Chen Ying within the city.

This was a faction that was made up of the police, armed forces as well as special forces, together with the various experts working for the government. While their total combined power was not a match for any of the military divisions, it was still a decent force not to be underestimated.

Within the meeting hall of Guilin City, seated at a long conference table, on one side was Yue Zhong and his numerous subordinates, on the other, was Chen Ying and the other government officials.

Yue Zhong eyed the various upper echelons of the government and used a domineering tone to speak: “I’m Yue Zhong! I’m currently the commander of the military. I hope that you guys can hand over all your weapons, and accept my reorganization! In exchange, I’ll protect your personal property.”

By now, the forces in Yue Zhong’s control was more than enough to deter any resistance, and this was why he decided to be direct and forceful as he ordered the government.

When his words came out, all the officials were instantly agitated. No one was willing to give up their power, and they turned their gazes to Chen Ying.

Chen Ying mulled for a while, before replying slowly: “Fine! We can hand over all weapons! We’ll accept your reorganization as well. However, you must promise to protect our personal property and families as well as the stability of Guilin City.”

Yue Zhong nodded when he heard that: “Sure!!”

At this time, a middle-aged man stood up in the hall and berated Yue Zhong: “Wait a moment!! I refuse!! This is Guilin City! Not yours, Yue Zhong’s Guilin City! What right do you have to demand us to surrender and accept your reshuffling?!”

Yue Zhong frowned, and a military expert immediately stepped forward to grab the man by his neck and twisted forcefully. With a ‘kacha’ sound, the man died instantly with his neck turned backwards, his eyes wide with shock.

Witnessing this, the various officials broke out in cold sweat.

Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings and asked coolly: “Is there anyone else?”

No one else dared to voice their two cents.

After Chen Ying had handed over all the forces, Yue Zhong allowed the officials to take away their personal belongings, while staying in Guilin City to live as rich men.

From the 2nd day on, Yue Zhong began reorganizing his troops on a huge scale.

The original armored division or 1st Battalion led by Zhang Xue Wang was turned into Yue Zhong’s direct battalion, with Hu Yi as the vice-Commander. He inserted a number of the experts that he brought from Tianxin District. Larman’s foreign forces troops were also integrated into the 1st Battalion. Yue Zhong then assigned the captive troops from Zhu Lei and Ma Fang, the experts from the Heaven Union as well as the various members of the Green Stone Triad into the 2nd Battalion, with Zheng Ming He as the Commander. The 3rd Battalion comprised of other members of the Green Stone Triad, as well as the experts from Zhu Lei and Ma Fang’s troops, with Ying Kai Shan as the Commander. Yue Zhong then set the elite experts of the Heaven Union, Zhang Xue Wang’s troops as well as the various elites from the other troops into the 4th Battalion, a Special Forces troop, with Bai Xiao Sheng as the commander. The 5th Battalion was made up of Chai Zi Cang and his troops, the 6th Battalion was Wang He and his troops, the 7th Battalion was Murong He and his troops, and the 8th Battalion was made up of the armed forces, special forces as well as other experts that had surrendered during the civil war. The commander was Chen Sheng Gang. The 9th Battalion was made up of the new recruits that had been trained under Zhang Xue Wang previously, and finally the 17th Battalion, made up of Chen Yu and his troops that might listen, but not entirely dependent on Yue Zhong. Other than all those, there were 4 other battalions made up of new soldiers preparing to be trained.

After a round of reorganizing, Yue Zhong could be said to have established control over the entire force.

Other than the 17th Battalion led by Chen Yu, the rest could be deployed by Yue Zhong as and when he wished. In fact, the 17th Battalion was likewise the same, however, he decided to abide by his agreement and did not take away the commanding rights from Chen Yu.

After the cleanup, Yue Zhong’s military size had now reached 10,000 people, and they could be said to be decent soldiers that were trained in modern warfare from before the apocalypse as well as experts that had become stronger through enhancements. Their combat strength was not ordinary, and regardless of Mutant Beasts, zombies or other human enemies, they would prove to be a threat.

Guilin City’s inhabitants were numerous, hence there were more Evolvers on the whole as well. After reorganizing the troops, Yue Zhong could be said to have truly established a force with numerous experts, with the ability to activate over 20 Evolvers as and when he wished.

After settling the issues of the military, Yue Zhong commanded the whole troop to undergo training, as he began to establish a government.

With regards to the government, Yue Zhong directly brought back Chen Ying whom he had stripped of all authority to act as the governor. With regards to Chen Ying, Yue Zhong actually appreciated his values and way of handling matters, especially his children, who knew not to toe the line, unlike other despotic 2nd-generation ne’er do wells. Furthermore, Chen Ying’s governance was solid, and although Yue Zhong was growing in terms of governing, compared to Chen Ying who was an old-timer, he was still lacking.

With the help of Chen Ying, the cabinet of the government was quickly established. After a few days, Guilin City not only regained its stability and peace, but even showed signs of prospering.

Furthermore, Yue Zhong made use of the time to send people to transport the countless Mutant Beasts’ corpses back to Guilin City, as it was the winter season, and the weather was much colder and harsher than normal. An entire day would feel like the inside of an industrial refrigerator, and those Mutant Beast corpses had not shown signs of decay yet.

The moment the corpses were brought back to Guilin City, under Chen Ying’s supervision, countless Mutant Beast processing plants popped up, and began to prepare the corpses into materials as well as food sources. Even the hair was used for various means.

Gaining such a wealth of resources, the entire Guilin City could partake in this huge benefit. Many found jobs, and gained more food as a result. Yue Zhong also gained more Mutant Beasts hide as well as other usable melee weapons made from the carcasses of the Mutant Beasts. It was truly a win-win situation.

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